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Author: Aleksandra Kovacevic

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As someone who has studied fine arts and has originally wanted to pursue this creative field professionally, Aleksandra has stumbled upon WordPress CMS purely by accident. The sheer practicality of this platform and all the possibilities it can bring to their users has driven her to immerse herself into studying WordPress in further detail. Through this process, she was fascinated to learn that WordPress can be used for all types of purposes, be they artistic, commercial, personal, or even a mix of all three.

After almost three years of getting familiar with most of the aspects of WordPress theme development, including providing of technical support, input of content, cross-browser and cross-device testing etc., it is safe to say that now she has WordPress down to a fine art.

Over the years, Aleksandra discovered that her true passion is helping others. That’s why nowadays, she works as a WordPress support agent and enjoys fixing problems users have with their websites. In this way, she also aims to reduce technophobia among her customers.

In her spare time, she engages herself in new media art and occasionally has art exhibitions of her own. Currently, her ultimate goal is to buy a fluffy dog. She likes to relax by lounging around and watching cartoons.

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