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Author: Dusica Popovic

Copywriter [email protected]

Dusica has always been very passionate about writing. In 1st grade she started writing poetry and hasn’t stopped ever since. She didn’t, however, become a professional poet. After several years of doing various types of jobs, about a year ago she decided to try and land herself a first copywriting job. Always willing to learn, open to new experiences, and with a knack for writing, she saw it as a great opportunity to finally do something she loves for a living. She was also very eager to gain more knowledge about all things WordPress and website building. Now she’s learned so much not just about WP, but she’s also picked up a lot about SEO and social media marketing along the way.

Aside from being a poetry writer and an epistemophile, she also translates to and from Italian language. Dušica is also an avid painter, and she almost ended up going to art school. She also loves science, biology in particular, and she likes to keep tabs on the latest scientific discoveries. Music and dancing are her great passions, she enjoys the feeling of freedom she gets on the dance floor and at concerts.

If you would like to contact Dušica to talk about WordPress, Sharon Van Etten’s latest album, or anything really, feel free to drop her an email.

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