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Author: Ivan Djurdjevic

Copywriter [email protected]

Ivan always had a knack for writing and drawing, the former of which becoming the main focus of his uni years where he studied English literature. In his past time he likes to do exactly what he does all the time, which is read, write, listen to a lots of music and ruminate about what he’s heard, written or read recently. Copywriting has been his passion as well as his bread and butter for almost a decade now.

Ivan likes art in all shapes and forms, and believes everything from Schiele & Tristan Tzara to Muhammad Ali can be considered real art.

So where does WordPress come in to play here? Well, ever since he first learned a thing or two about this system, it’s become clear to him – in terms of the sheer scope of possibilities and the ease of accessibility, there’s little you can’t do with WordPress as a medium. Ever since the early days of the platform, Ivan likes to dabble in everything WordPress and expand his knowledge about it.

Feel free to drop Ivan a line if want to talk about anything WP-related, or to say how excited you are about that Dune film reboot.

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