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Author: Jelisaveta Sapardic

Copywriter [email protected]

As someone who has always had a high passion for languages, writing and technology, Jelisaveta has found her calling in content writing. Over the years she has had an opportunity to take part in different marketing projects that included direct work in WordPress. She has also written different types of content on numerous topics, such as digital marketing, health and lifestyle, nutrition, education, and more. During this process, she has discovered all the benefits this platform can bring to freelancers, marketers and creative enthusiasts alike. Ever since then, she has been using it for both private and professional purposes and likes to stay up-to-date with most recent WordPress developments.

Since she has always been a people-helper, today Jelisaveta aims to share all her knowledge with others about the latest WordPress trends, themes and plugins and helps them reach their goals when it comes to digital marketing. Jelisaveta firmly believes that learning is a lifelong journey and she strives to live by this philosophy by constantly expanding her knowledge in various fields.

In her spare time Jelisaveta is an avid consumer of Japanese and Korean pop culture, she engages in creative writing and frequently visits concerts with her friends.

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