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Author: Marko Dimitrijevic

WordPress Developer [email protected]

Marko began creating static websites as a hobby very early on, but after discovering the power of CMS back in 2009, his focus shifted and he began working on some of the most popular CMS platforms of that time.

In 2012, he started focusing only on WordPress, and was building websites for people, non-profits and businesses by using free themes and creating custom ones.

As he says, the main advantage of websites built on WordPress platform is that they are easy to manage and update for clients. Not only that, but WordPress also offers an excellent mix of problem solving, building, and learning experience to its users. And when it comes to web development, there's always plenty to learn.

While offering reseller Web Hosting plans to his clients, he also became very proficient with hosting environment, services and standards. During this time Marko constantly worked with WordPress through companies in this niche. He also started working as a WordPress themes support hero for a UK based company, then continued this role for one of the premium theme sellers on the largest global marketplace, eventually becoming a support department deputy.

The experience he gathered with support role while solving problems for end users gave him an additional insight and broadened his knowledge when it comes to development of front and back end functionalities. His passion, motivation and hard work brought him a position of developer, and he is currently working on development of premium WordPress themes with his team. In his spare time he is writing handy WordPress tutorials for the blog.

Marko lives with his wonderful wife, and enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Some of his other favorite activities outside of work include eating delicious food, drinking coffee, and travelling.

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