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Author: Nenad Obradovic

Senior Web Developer [email protected]

Having shown a keen interest in information technologies and coding at a very young age, Nenad’s natural curiosity could not be quenched through formal studies alone. As a passionate autodidact, Nenad believes most of his vast knowledge came from long hours spent in front of the computer screen researching different programming languages and alternative approaches to informational problem-solving.

Professionally, Nenad has been in web development for seven years. He feels that he found his home in the exciting and ever-changing world of WordPress development, where he can both exercise his extensive knowledge and stay in the loop with the comings and goings of this popular CMS. As a Senior Web Developer and Team Lead in one of the top WordPress theme companies, Nenad is both an invaluable asset and a much-appreciated coworker. Quick-witted and warm-hearted, he is his colleague’s favorite office guy and someone you can always approach whether you need advice about a complex code-related issue or you simply want to hear a good joke.

Currently, Nenad’s sharp focus is on using WP-CLI to develop applications and services to do the hard labor for him. Service development using REST API is another pet project of his. Recently, Nenad also started developing new blocks and plugins for the freshly introduced Gutenberg editor.

Privately, Nenad is an extremely outdoorsy type. He found the perfect counterbalance to programming in sports, both actively and as a supporter.

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