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Best Newsfeeds Widgets to Enrich Your Website’s Content

6 Best Newsfeeds Widgets to Enrich Your Website’s Content

The design of any website should be balanced and uniform throughout all of its sections, pages, and elements. Any detail that doesn’t fit the overall aesthetics damages the site’s look as well as the user experience. That’s just the reason why in spite of the fact that WordPress already comes with a built-in RSS resource you should consider adding the newsfeeds widgets.

The native WP RSS can’t be customized, there’s nothing you can do about its appearance, but with the right plugin, you can create both stylish and engaging newsfeed that will help you attract and keep your target audience. Newsfeeds widgets plugins add non-native functionalities and allow you to personalize the news feed content.

1. WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator

The WP RSS Aggregator is a very popular and user-friendly solution to add a news widget to your website. It lets you import, customize and display news feed on your website without a line of code.

This plugin allows you to fetch content from other resources such as third-party blogs and websites and keep them in your CMS database. Managing the feeds is also very simple, you can have full control over the news feed from a single admin page as well as customize and style its display. You can also import and display playable Youtube videos on your site. On top of it all, this tool is totally free.

2. Feedzy RSS Feeds

Feedzy RSS Feeds

Feedzy RSS Aggregator is a simple and robust tool that allows you to display posts from a feed on your website. Its installation is very fast and takes just a few steps. Plenty of customization options is also included so that you can style the feed to fit your site’s design.

Its feed to post feature lets you filter which posts you want to include when used on your website as well as to include or exclude posts based on keywords and control the number of feed items that get imported.

The plugin is also responsive in the sense that it will adapt the content for all screen sizes. Plus, it will enhance the page loading times with editable shortcodes. Images are also supported which is great for attracting your audience’s attention.

3. RSS Includes Pages

RSS Includes Pages

RSS Includes Pages plugin lets you add the news feed widget quickly and easily without hustle. There’s no need for special settings or configurations you just activate it and you’re ready to go. With this tool, you can include not just posts but whole pages which is particularly convenient for all those who use WordPress as a CMS.

This plugin is also free but does have a premium version that comes with some more advanced features like the ability to include only pages and not posts in feeds, include or exclude specific posts and pages by ID, and add custom post types such as WooCommerce products or Avada portfolios.

4. RSS for Yandex Turbo

RSS for Yandex Turbo

The RSS for Yandex Turbo enjoys huge popularity and has more than 50.000 active installations. It is very reliable and easy to use. It works in such a way that it automatically creates a new RSS feed (or several feeds) for the Yandex. This plugin is in full compliance with the technical requirements of Yandex. Bear in mind that after installing the plugin, you need to adjust the settings to “Settings\Yandex.Turbo”.

5. RSS.app


The Embed Custom RSS News Widgets to your HTML Website provides you with a quick and easy way to add an RSS news feed widget to your website. It is fully customizable so you can create a news wall widget that is completely in line with your website style. You also have the option to aggregate multiple feeds in one widget using bundles and collections. It supports large images and lazy loading so you can enrich your feed with amazing content.

As for style, you can choose between several beautiful presets or create your own. Your feed will also be well structured as it comes with built-in pagination with an option for loading more content as needed. The widget is responsive so your feed should look just as well regardless of the screen size.

6. Elfsight RSS Feed

Elfsight RSS Feed

Elfsight RSS Feed is a fully customizable widget that comes with an array of attractive layouts to choose from Carousel, Collage, Masonry, List, Slider, Grid. You can easily change the number of elements, columns, and rows to make the widget fit your website perfectly.

The plugin includes a configurator that comes with five-card styles and provides you with total control over the content you display. You can easily switch on or off any element in the post from the author’s name to an image, share button, and everything in between. What’s also great is a popup feature that allows you to highlight specific content as per your needs. The popup mode includes two variations of posts display – feed and slider.

This plugin is free for use on one website, but if you want to use it on more than one site you have the option to upgrade to several plans that cost from $5 to $25 per month.

In Conclusion

If you want to intensify user engagement, expand the content reach and boost the conversion rate all at once, then adding a customized news feed widget is just what you need. Relevant news and blog content are proven recipes to keep your audience engaged and attract more people. Newsfeed is also a great way to present your products and services as well as satisfied customers’ feedback.

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