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5 Best Dark Mode WordPress Plugins for Stylish Sites

5 Best Dark Mode WordPress Plugins for Stylish Sites

The dark mode is popular for a reason. It’s elegant, sophisticated, and timeless. Thus, it doesn’t have an expiration date. Besides visual beauty, the dark mode has amazing practical benefits. First of all, it’s good for the eye’s health. For this reason, it’s used on mobile devices and computers to decrease the amount of white light from the screen.

By adding dark colors in the background, dark mode provides a more enjoyable reading experience. This is essential in the age of smartphones when we spend more and more time on our phones. If you plan to use the dark mode on your site, all you need is one of the dark WordPress themes or one of the best dark mode plugins. In this article, we will focus on dark mode WordPress plugins, but before we do it, let’s go through dark mode tips.

Dark Mode Tips and Benefits

The dark mode gives your site a professional and luxurious feel. Also, thanks to it, you can draw visitors’ attention to specific images, texts, or products easier. When you put vibrant colors on dark mode canvas, it definitely stands out. On top of this, dark mode decreases eye strain and dryness, so is especially useful for professionals who spend a lot of time on screens. If you decide on the dark mode you may be sure you will differentiate from your competitors as most people use a light design style.

Although the dark mode has some amazing benefits, it’s not a good fit for every brand. So, before you build your site, take some time to evaluate your brand story, character, and color palette. Think about the benefits you will get by using this mode and have in mind the context of your offering and the product’s features. Also, you don’t have to necessarily use pure black only. Instead, you can achieve a lot with dark grey as well.

Use color contrast smart. If there is not enough contrast, your design will look too dark and muddled. On the other hand, too much contrast will be hush and hard to consume.

The Best Dark Mode WordPress Plugins for Your Site

Now that we are aware of the essential dark mode benefits, we can jump to the best dark mode plugins you have to check out.

1. WP Dark Mode

WP Dark Mode

The beauty of WP Dark Mode is in its list of features. Firstly, you can use it bot for your backend (WordPress dashboard), as well as your frontend. Of course, without any coding involved.

Furthermore, this plugin offers multiple dark mode switch buttons, which you can display for your users in case they want to turn on or off the dark mode. Choose between seven animation effects that will make the dark mode switch more interesting. Plus, you can add CTA text on your dark mode switch.

What we also like about this plugin is the time mode functionality. In some cases, you have to schedule time for a dark mode. WP Dark Mode Pro will do this for you – it will turn your website into dark mode based on the local time of the user.

Features that make DarklupLite a great plugin:

  • 3 color presets
  • 3 switch styles
  • Many customization options

2. Darklup


Darklup is one of the dark mode plugins you have to check out. This amazing tool supports all famous page builders including Elementor, WP Bakery Page Builder, Gutenberg, etc.

Same as WP Dark Mode, this plugin will let you switch between dark mode to default mode using the floating switch button. With this plugin, you will be able to choose between 3+ predesigned color presets and 3+ switch styles. Depending on your needs, you can even schedule the dark mode for a particular time frame so your site will enter and exit the dark mode automatically.

Thanks to many customization options, you can style your site so it perfectly matches up with dark mode color. Change color palette; customize icons, buttons, or their position. You can, also exclude or include specific posts or products.

Features that make Droit Dark Mode a great plugin:

  • 10+ color presets
  • Dark mode backend and frontend
  • Pro features

3. Droit Dark Mode

Droit Dark Mode

This is another dark mode plugin that will let you play with dark mode on your site. Droit Dark Mode will let you use the dark mode on the website’s frontend as well as backend. Besides the ease of use, this plugin provides some great features.

In other words, you don’t have to be familiar with coding to enable the dark mode. You can enable it with a few clicks from the dashboard. On top of this, this plugin provides 10+ color presets so you can easily change the dark color from the color palette.

Additionally, you can display the floating switch button to improve the user experience even more. Plus, there are multiple switch styles so you may be sure every detail on your site is in perfect balance.

Besides basic features, there are some additional options available with the pro plugin version. For instance, you can increase or decrease image brightness and contrast or define particular pages, posts or products that will appear in dark mode.

Features that make Droit Dark Mode a great plugin:

  • 10+ color presets
  • Dark mode backend and frontend
  • Pro features

4. Night Mode for WordPress

Night Mode for WordPress

Our list of the best dark mode WordPress plugins won’t be complete without Night Mode for WordPress. This simple plugin will do what it promises. Basically, it allows you to add night mode to the entire site and adjust settings so your texts, images, and other elements are readable and neat.

In other words, you can change the color of the links, texts, buttons, or other elements that appear on your site. So, in case you need a free, reliable plugin that covers all you may need, search no more.

Features that make Night Mode for WordPress a great plugin:

  • Easy customization
  • Many great features

5. Dark Mode For WP Dashboard

Dark Mode For WP Dashboard

Simple, yet powerful, Dark Mode for WP Dashboard will let you enable dark mode right there in your WP dashboard. Besides intuitive usage, this plugin offers many useful settings so you can have complete control over the dark mode on your site. Plus, the plugin works with many other plugins such as Jetpack, Nested Pages, Yoast SEO, and WooCommerce.

Features that make Dark Mode for WP Dashboard a great plugin:

  • Compatibility with other plugins
  • Intuitive features

Let’s Wrap It Up

The dark mode is a great choice for some brands and niches. If you like it, you can easily enable it on your site with the help of dark mode plugins. Prepare your images, texts, and CTA messages – dark mode plugins will take care of the rest.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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