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How to Add Testimonials with Easy Testimonial WordPress Plugin

How to Add Testimonials with Easy Testimonial WordPress Plugin

Testimonials are the best way to build a reputation and prove your credibility in the online world. When you share your customer’s opinions and reviews, you share real experiences that can inspire others to use your services or buy the products. They are especially great when you’re new on the market and have to build your brand identity from scratch. Testimonials are also a good way to attract new clients and potential business partners. So, don’t miss out the opportunity to boost your business and grow sales – add testimonials with your website in a few simple steps. Although there are many testimonials WP plugins on the market, we will now focus on Easy testimonials WordPress plugin, since it’s one of our favorites tools.

Easy Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Easy testimonial WordPress plugin is a great way to share testimonials on your website. Created by experienced developers, this plugin is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Easy Testimonials Plugin

Easy Testimonials WordPress plugin allows you to add testimonials to the sidebar, as a widget, or to even embed testimonials into a page or post using the shortcode. With it, you can insert a list of all testimonials, output a random testimonial, or create a sideshow of testimonials on any page of your website. This plugin allows you to add images, so you can display the photo of the testimonial author for more authenticity. Now let’s see how you can easily add testimonials using this plugin.

After you install the plugin, the two new options will appear in the menus. The first is Testimonials field that allows you to input testimonial content and its categories. Another is Easy Testimonials Settings where you can customize testimonials as you wish.

Testimonials Plugin Dashboard

Before you insert the testimonial’s text, add author and his attributes (email, address, profession, etc.), you need to group testimonials in specific categories. This is perfectly suitable if you want to share the specific testimonial categories on more website pages. You just need to create a separate category for each group. Furthermore, in each category you can create as many separate testimonials as you need.

Plugin Testimonials

Category’s name has an important place in testimonial’s creating. So, pay special attention to it. When you need to add testimonials with a specific category, you will add it by its name. You can as well create subcategories (parent categories). Also, you can add the description with the information about each category. You can create as many categories as you want/need, just click on Add New Category.

Testimonials Add Category

The list of all categories you have created can be seen in Testimonial Category field. Here you can also see a field with shortcode you can use to add a testimonial on a specific page.

Category Shortcode

After you create categories go to Testimonials and click Add New Testimonial in your WordPress admin area. Here, you can input all the information you want to share in the testimonial. Write the text you want to share as a testimonial in the editor field. Also, you can add additional information below.

Insert the Client Name, E-Mail Address, Position or web address. There is also a field Other you can use to add further relevant information about the testimonial’s author. Don’ forget to include these amazing options in the testimonials – Location Reviewed / Product Reviewed / Item Reviewed and Rating. Also, there are fields for excerpt and slug.

Add Testimonial

If you can’t see some of the options we mentioned, navigate to the right corner and click on Screen Options. Here you can activate all the options in a case they are not visible at first. Moreover, here you can add the featured image, which is essential for an overall testimonial’s vibe. On the right side, you can find the Shortcode field for the testimonial you are creating. Above it is Testimonial Category field where you can add the category of the testimonial you want to share.

Add Testimonial Options

After you enter all the information, copy the shortcode on the page where you want to display the testimonial.

Testimonial on Page

This is how our testimonial will look like by default, without any further adjustments.

First Testimonial

You can as well add a shortcode for you testimonial directly via the option on the page. Here you can choose the type of testimonial you want to share.

Testimonial Page Shortcode

Single Testimonial – this is the best option if you want to focus only on one testimonial. There are some great options for customizing. Choose the elements that will be shown in the testimonial (title, featured image, date, location, etc.). You can as well set the width for your testimonial. Additionally, you can choose the position of the rating that can be displayed.

Single Testimonial

Random Testimonial – This type of testimonial is suitable for a variety of purposes. Choose the categories you want to include and set the testimonial’s style and width. Based on the categories you choose here, plugin will randomly select one testimonial that will be displayed. You can also display the rating.

Random Testimonial

List of testimonials – This is the great option if you want to place testimonials one below the other. Option Testimonials per page allows you to set the number of testimonials that will be displayed.

List of Testimonials

Grid of Testimonials – With this option you can organize your testimonials in columns. Choose the number of columns, filter testimonials or show rating. Advanced Options allow you to set the width of the grid or make the testimonials in each row the same height.

Grid of Testimonials

Testimonial Cycle – If you want to organize the testimonials in the more dynamic way, this option is for you. With it, you can create a slider that allows your website visitors to easily navigate through testimonials. In the Slideshow Options you can set the navigation and manage the animation effects.

Testimonials Cycle

Easy Testimonials Settings

If you want to customize the testimonials following your needs, you can do it with no effort by going to Easy Testimonials Settings. Here you can change the default settings and adjust every option so it can perfectly fit your website’s design and your overall branding. From image options, slidershow options to width options and custom field options – everything you might need is covered with care. Since our default image size is 50x50px, we will change it by selecting another image size that goes better with our testimonial’s style.

Testimonial Image size

Authors of Easy Testimonials WordPress plugin paid attention to every detail. For example, you can manage navigation through testimonials with some amazing options.

Testimonial Example

One of the options that deserves your attention is related to text that appears below the testimonial sliders (Prev/Next). Based on your needs, add any navigation text you want.


In a case you want to change the default testimonial style, you can experiment with different options and use preview to see all the changes.

Testimonial Style

Advanced Options

Besides free version that includes great options, Easy testimonials WordPress plugin has a Pro version as well. It’s a good choice if you want more styling options and additional settings. But the good news is you can customize your testimonials in more detail with these simple tricks. Just go to Appearance, click on Customize and find Additional Css.

Wordpress Custom Css

After you click on Additional CSS, you will see the field on the left side in which you can enter the code you will use for the stylization. On the right side you will be able to follow the changes.

Wordpress Additional Css

Change the text color, font or add text shadow and decoration with complete ease. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a coding expert to do this. This is simple even for the beginners, just add the values you want. This time, we decided for these:

.easy_testimonial {
color: red !important;
font-family: alias;
text-decoration: underline;
text-shadow: 0.5px 0.4px #ff8600;
Testimonials Additional Css

If you want you can use the code to change the color of rating stars. Thanks to this, everything can be in line with your design and style.

.stars .dashicons-star-filled {
color: #c1e7d9 !important;
Testimonials Star Css

Let’s sum up!

Testimonials are practical for so many reasons. They help you build your reputation and grow credibility in the online world since many customers love to see other people’s opinions and experiences. With Easy testimonials WordPress plugin you have unlimited options for customizing testimonials so they match your branding, visual identity and website’s style.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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