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Top Elementor Slider Plugins You Need to Explore

7 Top Elementor Slider Plugins You Need to Explore

Sider is a sideshow on a website that allows you to display photos or products in an eye-catching style. As a very popular design element, sliders can be seen on all kinds of sites. However, they are ideal for business sites wanting to show multiple projects and services or creative portfolios that integrate multiple works. In other words, sliders give us the freedom to organize our content in a visually appealing manner while keeping it professional.

Also, thanks to sliders we can show multiple information in one place, so people can find crucial info without wandering around. When the information is placed in sliders, website visitors can navigate through a range of content quickly. As you may know, the Slider Revolution plugin is a gold standard for creating sliders in WordPress. But in case you use Elementor page builder there are many plugins that can help you create head-turning sliders with ease.

Here is our selection of Elementor slider plugins that will allow you to build amazing sliders even if you have zero previous knowledge.

1. Qi Addons for Elementor

Qi Addons For Elementor plugin

Qi addons for Elementor is an amazing tool created by the award-winning Qode team. Packed with 60 free and 40+ premium widgets that cover every WordPress functionality you can imagine, Qi offers responsive, beautifully designed elements. When it comes to slider features, this plugin will pleasantly surprise you as well. It integrates multiple slider widget types so you can choose based on your preferences.

For starters, there is the Slider Switch widget. This widget is ideal for displaying double-image slider presentations with predefined or custom image flames. Ideal for shops or product showcases, this slider type is a great choice if you want to create captivating two-image slider presentations with ease. The great thing is you can use predefined device-styled image frames or add frame images of your own.

Besides the Slider Switch widget, there is a Device Frame Slider widget. With it, you can insert your images into a slider with predefined image frames. All you have to do is to add the images you wish to display and pick one of three predefined device-styled frames or add a custom device frame to feature images in. On top of this, you can customize the device frame width, set the border radius for images shown in the slider, and much more. Additionally, you can enable slider loop and autoplay to make your sliders more dynamic, feature customizable navigation arrows or pagination bullets.

Next, there is a Device Frame Carousel widget. It’s built for creating remarkable carousel sliders with multiple images and device-styled frames. This slider widget is especially suitable for showcasing multiple projects or products.

There is a Preview Slider widget that lets you create dual image sliders that always look modern and fresh. Also, check Before/After comparison slider, Image Slider, Cards Slider, Fixed Project Slider, Stacked Item Scroll, Product Slider and other creative widgets.

Features that make Qi addons for Elementor a great plugin:

  • Various slider widgets
  • Modern design
  • Many animation effects

2. Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 is a responsive, SEO-optimized, and feature-rich plugin that will let you create sliders that leave a lasting impression. What makes this tool a great choice for beginners is its easy-to-use live slider editor. Thanks to it you can build and customize sliders with zero effort – just drop layers after each other and structure them with rows and columns.

The great news is you can customize headings, text, images, buttons, or even video so everything fits your site perfectly. Apart from this, there is a practical slide library where you can choose ready-made slider designs.

When it comes to customization options, this plugin offers many possibilities. You can style background animations, the type of navigation, autoplay timing options, and much more.

Features that make Smart Slider a great plugin:

  • Slide library
  • Intuitive slide creation
  • Autoplay timing options

3. Prime Slider

Prime Slider

Prime Slider is one of the Elementor slider plugins you can use without worries. This plugin offers 30+ slider demos you can use right away. Everything is ready to be used by complete beginners so you can just install the plugin, replace content and start creating modern sliders. This tool comes with a header and hero sections with lots of variations so you can easily adapt everything to your personal needs. Additionally, this plugin allows you to include social share buttons, titles or subtitles in your sliders.

Features that make Prime Slider a great plugin:

  • Social share buttons
  • Titles and subtitles
  • 30+ slider demos

4. PowerPack


Although PowerPack isn’t solely focused on sliders, it deserves a place on our list of best Elementor slider plugins. This powerful plugin comes with 70+ widgets you can use to upgrade different functionalities. Apart from this, there are many useful slider widgets that perfectly work with Elementor. For starters, there is a practical Magazine slider widget ideal for displaying posts in sliders.

Next, PowerPack brings a beautiful card slider format. This widget is ideal for displaying featured posts, announcements, and the latest posts. Moreover, PowerPack includes an Image Slider widget loaded with advanced functionality and extensive styling features.

Features that make PowerPack a great plugin:

  • 70+ widgets
  • Card slider format
  • Image slider widget

5. Unlimited Elements For Elementor (Free Widgets, Addons, Templates)

Unlimited Elements For Elementor

Unlimited Elements for Elementor is one of the Elementor slider plugins we have to mention. As this plugin comes packed with 100+ free widgets, you will surely find everything you need to create a professional website. When it comes to slider functionalities, this plugin gets you covered. With it, you can create a simple slider that works great for professional websites.

Next, there is an image and video content slider that will make your content more dynamic. Lastly, you can use a thumbnail slider that will help you create a slider with thumbnail navigation to your Elementor website.

Features that make Unlimited Elements For Elementor a great plugin:

  • Image and video slider
  • Thumbnail slider
  • Simple slider

6. HT Slider For Elementor

HT Slider For Elementor

HT Slider for Elementor allows you to create any kind of slider using Elementor’s drag and drop addons. Besides custom styling options, this tool brings complete ease of use so it doesn’t require previous knowledge. You create static sliders or enable slider autoplay with one click. Plus, you can set navigation elements and pagination type right away.

Features that make HT Slider for Elementor a great plugin:

  • Custom styling options
  • Slider navigation and pagination
  • Slider autoplay on/off option

7. Livemesh For Elementor

Livemesh For Elementor

Livemesh for Elementor is equipped with tons of features that will let you create amazing sliders. To save you time, creators of this plugin-included ready-made template styles you can easily adapt to your needs. There are different slider types to choose from. In the first place, there is a post slider you can use to display your blog posts or any custom post types.

Next, there is a practical testimonials slider ideal for sharing your customers’ feedback. Finally, Livemesh offers an Image slider option (in PRO plugin version) ideal for photography or portfolio sites.

Features that make Livemesh a great plugin:

  • Post slider
  • Image slider
  • Testimonials slider

Let’s Wrap It Up

If you want to make your content more interesting, a slider showcase can be a great choice. Thanks to Elementor slider plugins, anyone can create stunning slider sections with zero coding knowledge. Just choose your favorite tool, customize elements as per your needs and you are ready to go.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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