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Essential Addons for Elementor to Improve Your Website

10+ Essential Addons for Elementor to Improve Your Website

Elementor paga builder is already one of the most popular page editors for WordPress, but its popularity is still rising. With over 4.000.000 active installations, there must be something to it.

Elementor’s free version already has a lot to offer. However, it is not perfect. To truly make the most of it, however, we have compiled this list of essential addons for Elementor, so you can make your website exactly what you want it to be.

Now, don’t get us wrong: the free version already has a multitude of useful and attractive options. However, to go to the full extent of what Elementor has to offer, you might want to give it some extra oomph with one (or more!) Elementor addons from this list.

1. Qi Addons for Elementor

Qi Addons For Elementor plugin

If we have to name one tool that covers it all, it would definitely be Qi. For a lot of reasons, Qi deserves first place on our list of the best essential addons for Elementor.

This versatile plugin covers every aspect of features Elementor users may need. Created in the famous Qode Interactive WordPress lab, this plugin brings an endless list of features. No matter what functionality you need to boost your site, Qi gets you covered. Whether you want to create banners, user testimonials, blog pages, pricing tables or clients list, you can do it with complete ease with the help of this plugin.

On top of this, there is a large collection of widgets dedicated to shop and portfolio websites. From before/after comparison slider, image gallery and masonry image gallery to product lists and sliders, you can create any website element as per your needs. Also, there is a large number of typography widgets. If you need any sort of help, you can check out detailed documentation with all the guidelines.

Qi Addons for Elementor offers 60 free and 40+ premium widgets to choose from.

Features which make QI Addons for Elementor a great plugin:

  • Professional support
  • Typography widgets
  • WooCommerce widgets

2. Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro

What else can we kick off this list of essential Elementor addons with, but Elementor Pro, the paid version of the page/building plugin. As it stands, the Elementor Pro is the Swiss army knife of website-building.

This visual builder not only makes constructing a website quick, it also makes websites that load faster. The workings behind Elementor are optimized to generate fast-loading, SEO-friendly code for your website. Its modular design allows you to create bespoke websites, WordPress pages, and sections with what you find in the kit box.

But this can more or less be said of the Free version, too. The Pro version not only brings more ready-made elements (over 80 in total), you also get a larger Elementor template library with ready-made solutions for websites for various businesses and services, as well as comprehensive tutorials for website creation using Elementor. To top it all off, you can use Elementor’s Hello theme as a starting point and be sure that all the new features, for every new version, have been tested on it.

Features which make Elementor Pro a great plugin:

  • Available In 50 Languages
  • WooCommerce Builder and Shop Widgets
  • Popup Builder
  • Parallax and Mouse Effects

3. ElementsKit


ElementsKit is a sophisticated addon that provides extensive capabilities for developing websites with Elementor. A powerful freemium plugin with a variety of useful and functional features. ElementsKit Pro offers 70+ free and premium widgets, 45+ Pre-designed Header & Footer templates, 35+ ready pages, 500+ ready blocks or sections, social media integration, and many other exciting features that are frequently updated.

Even the Lite version comes with a competitive bundle that includes 150 ready blocks, advanced Contact Form 7 forms, 18 ready pages, 42 widgets, WooCommerce elements, and many more! Apart from all these wonderful widgets and features, ElementsKit for Elementor is fully compatible with any theme and plugin. It also has a 24/7 support center that will assist you anywhere, anytime!

On the whole, ElementsKit has one of the largest collections of Elementor widgets available in WordPress. With ElementsKIt you’ll be able to create a remarkably fast, smart, and better website.

Features which make ElementsKit a great plugin:

  • Megamenu builder
  • Header and footer builder
  • Cross-domain copy-paste
  • Ready templates, blocks, and landing pages

4. Happy Addons for Elementor

Happy Addons for Elementor

Happy Addons for Elementor is a tool crafted to uplift your WordPress webpage editing & designing capabilities. When you need additional customization options for Elementor Page Builder, use Happy addons’ numerous options.

The first thing you will notice about this tool is its collection of 35+ free, powerful widgets. Thanks to their versatile functionalities, you will be able to boost any aspect of your website customization and add a lot of creative elements. In addition to this, Happy addons integrate the Happy Templates import feature. This means you can choose between 400 ready-made templates depending on your business niche and website type.

In a case of need, you can, however, upgrade to Happy Addons Pro where you can find even more template options. But, what sets this tool apart from others is its set of free built-in extensions for an unprecedented web-page designing experience. Let’s name a few. Firstly, there is a Background Overlay extension. With it, you can add images, colors, and icons behind a widget.

Moreover, you can choose from Happy Icons library that integrates 500+ icons. Tiny details like icons will surely add to your website’s character. Finally, you can both manage column order and their width with complete ease.

Features which make Happy Addons for Elementor a great plugin:

  • 400 Ready-Made Templates
  • 35+ Free Widgets
  • Built-In Extensions
  • Ease of Use

5. Droit Addons for Elementor

Droit Addons For Elementor

With Droit Addons for Elementor, you can easily create robust dynamic websites with ease. This amazing plugin comes with an extensive feature set that truly improves your Elementor Page Builder experience, with its 70+ Free/Pro widgets you can easily create dynamic blog content, review sections, sliders with various types of content, advanced tab functionality, Parallax/Lottie animation elements and so much more.

And not only that, Droit Addons for Elementor comes with over 25+ template pages that are designed for various scenarios. And can be customized further with Elementor to suit the user’s needs.

This plugin also comes with over 250+ blocks/elements that will make your website building experience smoother by enabling you to create stunning web pages with ease.

Features Which make Droit Addons fro Elementor a great plugin:

  • 70+ versatile widgets
  • 250+ preset elements
  • 25+ pre-built template pages designs
  • Live Copy-Paste
  • Lottie animation support
  • Header, Footer, & Mega Menu Builder

6. Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Ultimate Addons for Elementor

The Ultimate Addons for Elementor (UAE) is a powerful premium plugin for Elementor that adds 40+ widgets and extensions, over 100 templates and over 200 section blocks to the Elementor page builder. Used on over 640,000 websites, UAE is easy to use, simple to install and delivers more creative freedom to design your site your way.

New to UAE is cross-site copy paste, an innovative tool that enables you to copy the properties of any element and paste them anywhere on any website. That saves time and a lot of effort if you’re reusing resources.

The templates are all professional-quality and deliver fully working websites you can customize as much as you want. With excellent reviews and a program of constant updates and improvements, Ultimate Addons for Elementor is the only addon you need!

Features Which make Ultimate Addons for Elementor a great plugin:

  • Impressive selection of widgets, templates and blocks
  • Designed to be lightweight and not impact page speed
  • Cross-site copy and paste function to save time
  • Fully compatible with other Elementor plugins

7. Master Addons for Elementor

Master Addons for Elementor

Master Addons enhances customization ability. It’s a perfect combination with the Elementor Plugin. This plugin packed with some unique and handy elements, & Extensions.

Master Addons comes with a rich Template library, Custom CSS extension, & most of on-demand element. Import any landing page or section using the template library in one click. The custom CSS will help you to control your section, column, and element design. Customize elements in your way using Selector property.

Most of the element has it’s own style panel with multiple variations and unlimited customization possibilities. That means you can edit any typo, set color, manage margin – padding, Border, border-radius. It allows enabling multiple extension at the same time. For example- you can enable an animated gradient while using particles for a section background. Master Addons compatible with most of the popular elementor Theme like Hello, Astra, and so on. The Nav menu element with the Mega Menu extension will help you to arrange your navigation menu.

Features which make Master Addons for Elementor a great plugin:

  • Domain Checker
  • Container Extra
  • Image Hotspots

8. Essential Addons for Elementor

Essential Addons for Elementor

With Essential Addons for Elementor, you can add over 100 blocks, templates and sections to your Elementor website. The free version gives you, for instance, widgets for tabs, a filterable gallery, testimonials, sticky video, and Twitter and Facebook feeds. The free version also contains Contact Form 7 forms and a WooCommerce product grid.

With the Premium version, you get even more advanced option, especially insomuch as carousels are concerned – you can get them to display your Twitter feed, team roster or posts, for instance – but also some useful widgets. For instance, the Premium version includes the Instagram gallery and feed widget and Advanced Google Maps, with colour options, overlay and route functionalities, too. The developers also suggest Flexia as a companion theme.

Features which make Essential Addons for Elementor a great plugin:

  • Fast Loading
  • Easy Form Building
  • Event Calender
  • Mailchip Compatible (Premium Version)

9. Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons for Elementor offer 50+ highly customizable widgets – at least in its Pro version. As far as the free version goes, it sports a customizable Google Maps widget, with custom markers and skins, gallery grid widget, Contact Form 7, and pricing table, to name a few. You also get access to the developers’ section template library, so you can import a template you like with one click.

With the Pro version, you get several more options, especially with the graphics widgets: you can add hotspots, animate them in layers, or arrange them in an accordion style, and use parallax effects or particles for some really eye-catching design solutions. The pro version also introduces social feed widgets for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Behance, as well as review and testimonial widgets that work with Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews.

Also noteworthy are the messenger widgets for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, allowing your visitors to message you directly from your website, so your website can really benefit from your social media activities and presence.

Features which make Premium Addons for Elementor a great plugin:

  • Social Media Ready
  • WPML Ready
  • Chart and Table Widgets (Pro Version Only)
  • Video Tutorials

10. Exclusive Addons for Elementor

Exclusive Addons for Elementor

Here comes a complete package of Elementor addons. Exclusive Addons powers up your ability to build fast loading, responsive, and working website with a wide range of functionalities. The plugin is a perfect combo of quality and quantity. While it has a collection of 85+ widgets and extensions, each of them is well-optimized, lightweight, and fully functional elements.

Free Widgets: Modal Popup, Dual Button, News Ticker, Image Magnifier, Filterable Gallery, Team Member, Testimonial, Dual Heading, Accordion, Google Map, Pricing Menu, Animated Text, and so on.

Pro Widgets: Lottie Animation, Mega Menu, Post Navigation, Slider, Demo Previewer, Image Hotspot, Instagram Feed, and a bunch of Woo-Commerce widgets like Woo Product, Woo Category, Woo Cart, Woo Mini Cart, Woo Checkout.

Designwise, the addon shows it topnotch creativity with their 23+ pre-build templates and over 700 readymade blocks. They have proved their name worthy with some exclusive features rare to find with other essential addons for Elementor. Like their icon library for Elementor. With 3000+ high-quality, well-crafted icons, the Exclusive Icon Library is something to look forward to.

Features which make Exclusive Addons for Elementor a great plugin:

  • A powerful & versatile design system
  • Wide range of widgets and extensions
  • Inline Editing
  • Real-Time Preview
  • Skilled and Super friendly support team
  • Excellent Pricing Scheme

11. Crocoblock – Advanced JetPlugins for Elementor

Crocoblock Addons

With Crocoblock you can build excellent websites in Elementor. Crocoblock has various JetPlugins, which allows you to: create dynamic content, implement booking functionality, create popups, add reviews, comments & rating, and design the whole website structure. Plenty of JetPlugins features help you to set up any website or shop you need from a membership site to a car dealer website.

There are also the Crocoblock free addons for Elementor: WP Query generator, JetSticky widget, Kava theme, etc. Furthermore, you don’t need Elementor Pro for using Crocoblock. Enjoy the free Elementor version and get any functionality you need with JetPlugins.

Features which make Crocoblock a great plugin:

  • A bunch of useful plugins
  • Dynamic content creation
  • Stylish visual effects
  • Nonstop updates and reliable support

12. Mighty Addons for Elementor

Mighty Addons

Enhance your Elementor page-building experience with the powerful and easy-to-use Mighty Addons. The plugin is packed with irresistible features that every Elementor user is looking for. Developed and tested by our dedicated team of professionals, we are on a constant mission of providing great support and functionality to our users.

This versatile plugin is loaded with more than 45 ready-to-use blocks and 150+ Elementor sections that can be imported into your webpage with a single click, providing you greater flexibility and a lot of ease. However, Mighty Addons’ free version offers similar features but with lesser numbers.

Additionally, you can speed up your website designing process with the highly responsive and fully customizable pre-designed template kit. Moreover, all of these templates are specifically designed with SEO-optimized code and work seamlessly with all themes.

Replicating the entire design can take a lot of time and effort. Thanks to its Cross-Domain Copy Paste feature that easily lets you copy the entire piece of content from one domain to another.

Another great feature of Mighty Addons that makes it extraordinary is the Pixabay and Unsplash Integration with Elementor. With the integration, you can now access more than 1 million stock images from the media manager.

In addition to those mentioned above, Mighty AddOns also provides you with multi-layered shadow elements, content-visibility controls, FAQ schema integration, multi-location Google Map, Open-street map, image hotspot widget, Whatsapp chat, click to call, and much more. You name a feature, and Mighty Addons will take care of it.

Features which make Mighty Addons a great plugin:

  • Ready-to-use pre-designed template kit
  • Flexible with any theme
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Fully customizable
  • SEO friendly code

13. Easy Elementor Addons

Easy Elementor Addons

Easy Elementor Addons consists of a set of creative widgets to take the design possibilities of your website into a whole new range. With the high-quality elements present in the addon, you can easily create and curve any web page/website beyond. Furthermore, you can personalize each element according to your needs before making them live on your site.

Features which make Easy Elementor Addons a great plugin:

  • 40+ Highly Quality Elementor Widgets
  • Pre Designed Styles for Most of the Widgets
  • Fully Customizable As Per Your Need
  • 100% Translation Ready

14. The Plus Addons for Elementor Page Builder Lite

The Plus Addons for Elementor Page Builder Lite

The Plus Addons comes in two versions: paid and free. The free version alone builds considerably upon Elementor’s free set of building blocks with text options and text animations, buttons, tabs, social icons and the like, if you want to doll up your pages.

With the Premium version, you not only get more website elements (over 60), you also get more features for the free widgets, too. Apart from some interesting image effects, such as tooltips, masking, scrolling, parallax, and cascading, you also get a number of free page templates for easy modification using Elementor.

The Plus Addons is also compatible with popular free WordPress themes, and the developers claim compatibility with some premium themes as well.

Features which make The Plus Addons a great plugin:

  • Several Blog and Gallery Layouts
  • Contact Form 7
  • Advanced Background Options (Paid Version Only)

15. HT Mega – Absolute Addons for Elementor Page Builder

HT Mega

HT Mega is truly mega – with over 360 ready-made blocks and 80 widgets, it offers you a wide gamut of possibilities. And that’s not all – included are over 90 ready-made, easily importable pages which you can use with minimal modification. These include simple but effective design solutions for corporations, charities, shops, clinics, political and many other organizations. With some tweaks using Elementor, you can make each and every one of these all your own.

The free version of Elementor does not come with editable headers and footers. With HT Mega, you won’t encounter this problem, as its header and footer are fully editable and customizable. The same goes for any menu – and mega menu – too.

Features which make HT Mega a great plugin:

  • Theme/Template Builder
  • Multiple Image and Post Grids
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Mailchimp Compatible

16. Elementor Addon Elements

Elementor Addon Elements

If you need simply to add a few new widgets to your page builder, consider Elementor Addon Elements. While Elementor’s basic elements are enough for some basic webpage-building, with Elementor Addon Elements you can spruce up your website design with text animations, popups, buttons and progress bars. You may also want to add a filterable gallery to your website – and with Elementor Addon Elements, you can.

As with any new software, there are some kinks that still need ironing out. Some users have reported compatibility issues with Elementor Lightbox, as well as sever errors. Still, the developers are updating it constantly, and subsequent updates might fix the problem altogether.

Features which make Elementor Addon Elements a great plugin:

  • Progress Bar
  • Animated Background Color
  • Google and Snazzy maps
  • Twitter Feed

17. Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks

Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks

Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks is a great option if you are satisfied with Elementor’s free options except for the absence of header and footer. With this addon, you can easily and quickly create layouts for your website’s header and footer. This plugin also adds another area above the footer – a “before footer” area – which you can use for another layout, allowing you much more flexibility with footer designs.

And that’s not all: as the name suggests, you can also use this plugin to make custom Elementor blocks which you can place anywhere on your page, making this tool more versatile than you’d expect. And with over 300.000 active installations and a five-star rating over more than 100 reviews, you can be sure we’re not alone in this opinion.

Features which make Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks a great plugin:

  • Easy Editing
  • Flexible Footer Design

Our Favorite Theme With Elementor Features

Brunn WordPress Theme

Fully compatible with one of the most popular frontend page builders out there, Brunn is a great choice for any niche. It not only supports the intuitive drag-and-drop Elementor Page Builder plugin, but it also integrates tailor-made shortcodes made to help you enrich the basic Elementor features. This means that you won’t need additional addons to get all the functionalities you may need. For this reason, Brunn is an ideal choice if you’re looking for superb Elementor options and cutting edge theme layouts & functionalities.

Besides the stunning collection of homepages, this theme offers many blog, shop, and portfolio styles. With these options, you can showcase your works, share the latest stories, and sell products online with ease. Plus, you can customize every element to your preferences, even if you are a complete beginner. Make the most of 800+ Google fonts, unlimited color options, and tons of shortcodes made by experts.

In Conclusion

Elementor, especially its free – fuss-free, too – version, is a great WordPress plugin to start using WordPress and building your own websites, especially if you have no building experience. With one or more of these essential addons for Elementor, you can supplement Elementor’s basic set of building blocks, and really make your creation – and your business, portfolio, organization or project – stand out. In the end, don’t forget to check out Elementor template kits as well, since they provide amazing elements you can use right away.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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