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Most Helpful FAQ WordPress Plugins

Top 5+ Most Helpful WordPress FAQ Plugins

A lot of thought goes into the design of a website, doesn’t it? You want to make sure it is the best possible fit for your visitors’ needs, that it loads correctly and quickly, and that your visitors have no trouble navigating it and finding exactly that which they came to you for in the first place. These FAQ WordPress plugins can help with that.

One way of addressing your visitors’ needs is by installing a user feedback plugin. But some of these issues may be in-built or dictated by the structure of the website itself, or you may feel it unnecessary to compromise your design solution to suit some users to the detriment of others, while, at the same time, new visitors might require some additional guidance. This list of WordPress FAQ plugins is meant to help you with that.

FAQs are there to help address some of the most common questions a visitor may have, all in the service of clarity and user experience. A well-organized FAQ, however, does more. It can also increase the visibility of your website by optimizing for certain search items, and you can also use it to link to individual project or product pages.

Before we begin with our list, one final consideration: it should go without saying that different users have different needs and expectations. This is by no means a ranked list. Before installing any plugin, check its functionalities and features in order to make sure it suits your needs.

1. Accordion FAQ

Accordion FAQ Plugin

Accordion FAQ offers a more dynamic FAQ option for your WordPress website. Its clean design allows for a more aesthetically pleasing way to display your FAQ items. The questions are arrayed as a collapsible list of neatly framed items, so the visitor only sees what they really need by selecting each question, without ploughing through needless passages.

The developers have included some modifiability to the basic version of the plugin. For instance, the colouration of the plugin itself can be easily adjusted to work with whichever colour palette you are using, but font support is limited to the Pro version.

The plugin is easy to set up, with both versions offering a drag-and-drop API. This means that each element (question and its answer) may be shuffled around easily. Accordion FAQ also seems to adapt seamlessly to various device sizes. However, some users have noted issues with the plugin when migrating to a different domain. The developers suggest using WordPress’ export/import option as a workaround..

Features that make Accordion FAQ the best FAQ plugin for WordPress:

  • Responsive Design
  • Easy Sorting
  • Colour Options
  • 500+ Google Fonts (Pro Version Only)

2. Ultimate FAQ

Ultimate FAQ Plugin

The most popular plugin on our list (with over 40,000 active installations and an average rating of 4.5 stars), Ultimate FAQ is a versatile tool fit for many types of users. It’s especially useful for any text that can benefit from being hidden until it’s clicked, such as contact listings or recipes. The default version of the plugin,, looks plain and simple, which is fine, but Ultimate’s real advantages lie in its customizability. Unfortunately, some of the more interesting options are reserved for the Premium version of the plugin.

Ultimate FAQ allows you to create an accordion-style FAQ page, which means that users will only see the answer to a question after clicking it. This also gives your page a dynamic interactivity. The FAQ text can be assigned tags and categories, so you can arrange your questions into groups. The plugin itself is responsive and looks good on all devices.

Especially worth noting is the counter option that lets administrators see how many times each FAQ item had been clicked, and then rearrange them to feature the more popular ones more prominently.

The developers have also thought to include a full walkthrough and comprehensive help documentation.

Features that make Ultimate FAQ the best FAQ plugin for WordPress:

  • Unlimited Tag And Category Support
  • Bulk Import From Spreadsheets
  • Comments On Individual FAQs
  • Ability To Be Integrated With WooCommerce (Premium Version Only)

3. Ultimate Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

Ultimate Blocks Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

With over 40,000 active users, Ultimate Blocks is one of the biggest Gutenberg block plugins in the market currently.

This Gutenberg blocks plugin comes with 18 content blocks that can help you create engaging content for your website.

The Content Toggle (Accordion) block is one of the blocks available in their collection of Gutenberg blocks. With this block, you can create engaging FAQs for your website.

The plugin lets you create both opened and closed accordions. You can also add an icon to the left or right of your accordion title.

Overall, the Content Toggle block in this plugin has a lot of customization options and is very simple to use.

If you’re already using Gutenberg, then this plugin is the best choice as you don’t have to rely on shortcodes to insert your FAQs.

Features that make Ultimate Blocks the best FAQ plugin for WordPress:

  • It Comes For Free
  • Very Easy To Use
  • Responsive Design
  • Gutenberg-Based

4. Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs

Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQ Plugin

Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs does what it set out to do: provides a comprehensive plugin suitable for all kinds of FAQ styles. The free version has over 100 customizable options out-of-the-box and all the features you could possibly need. Its clean and professional look appeals to the eye, and it comes with a handy wizard tool to help you with the setup process.

This plugin’s multitude of display elements is entirely flexible and very easy to configure using the integrated editor, making it especially appealing for new users. It comes with 16 predefined color themes, but these can all be tweaked better to fit in with any existing theme.

Also interesting are the ability to add tags to each item and to create branching FAQ trees using categories and subcategories. And if you happen to stumble upon a problem, the developers have an active presence on the WordPress forums, and the plugin itself is very well documented.

Features that make Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs the best FAQ plugin for WordPress:

  • Table Of Contents
  • Bulk Import From Spreadsheets
  • Comments On Individual FAQs
  • Replace Articles With PDF, Video, and More (With Professional Add-ons)

5. WP Responsive FAQ With Category plugin

WP Responsive FAQ With Category Plugin

The simple WP Responsive FAQ With Category plugin offers a very basic but effective way of addressing your FAQ needs. It is clean, easy to use, and the basic version lets you create a FAQ page without a hitch. You can also add individual FAQ items as posts, and group these into categories. The smoothly animated accordion functionality allows the user to show and hide individual items as needed.

This plugin’s notable features also include transition speed settings and the ability to limit the number of items shown at any given time.

The Premium version does a lot to expand on the free one, adding such potentially useful features as drag-and-drop order change, order functions (by date, title, etc.), and support for use in WooCommerce product FAQs.

Features that make WP Responsive FAQ With Category the best FAQ plugin for WordPress:

  • 15 Pre-Defined Designs (Premium Version)
  • Gutenberg Block Support (Premium Version)
  • Various Shortcode Parameters (Premium Version)
  • Custom CSS Editor (Premium Version)

6. Quick And Easy FAQs

Quick And Easy FAQs

Quick And Easy FAQs does exactly what it says on the tin: provides you with the ability to add FAQ items as custom post types, quickly and easily. This simple plugin allows you to display all your FAQ items as a simple list of questions and answers, in groups by topic, or in two modes of toggle displays: plain (which can also be sorted into groups) and filtered.

We find that this pared-down style works best for small and simple FAQs: If you want an FAQ that loads fast and doesn’t overwhelm your users with massive walls of text, this is the plugin for you.

The developer has also supplied it with clear and simple documentation in case you encounter an unlikely hitch.

Features that make Quick And Easy FAQs the best FAQ plugin for WordPress:

  • Multiple Simple FAQ Post Styles
  • Colour And Text Style Options
  • Translation-Ready
  • RTL (Right-To-Left Language) Support

To Conclude

Whether you use an FAQ page for its original purpose of addressing common user issues (and cutting down on support tickets) or use more advanced plugin options to animate or manipulate text in a different context, knowing your way around FAQ WordPress plugins can be useful.

Reach out to your visitors, especially if they feel a little confused, and show them you have them in mind first and foremost.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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