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Top 5 Free and Helpful Translation Plugins for WordPress

Top 5 Free Translation Plugins for WordPress Multilingual Websites

The moment has come. You have worked hard on a project and now you are ready to share it with the world. Since English is the modern day’s lingua franca, you most likely wrote your content in English. However, the number of people who do not speak English at all is quite large, and you should not let that fact slip your mind. If you would like for your content to go proper viral, it is of utmost importance to build a multilingual website. There is literally a plethora of WordPress translation plugins to choose from, so we would like to make things a bit easier for you. We have done our research and we have narrowed the choice down to top 5 free and helpful translation plugins for WordPress.

1. Polylang

Polylang Plugin

Polylang is a multilingual plugin that is widely used by many. You can download it for free or buy the Polylang Pro (from 99.00€ – 495.00€). In this article though, we will tackle down the characteristics of the free version.

It has a rating of 4.6 stars and, according to the official website, more than 400.000 active installs. This plugin enables you to add languages to your website, and to manage the translation process as well. You can choose between manual or automatic translations, and even hire professionals through the plugin for further assistance. This is possible because Polylang integrates with the Lingotek Translation plugin, which ensures machine, community and professional translation.

In general, Polylang’s main interface is quite similar to the one of the prevalently used premium plugin – WPML. It is very easy to use, which is one of its main advantages. Polylang can translate posts, tags, pages, categories, custom taxonomies, media, custom post types, as well as menus and widgets. Regarding the WooCommerce content, the free Polylang version does not cover it. In order to translate it, you would need to install the Polylang for WooCommerce plugin (from 99.00€ – 495.00€). As with many free plugins, user support is not included and is available only to Polylang Pro users.

This is a great free translation plugin that lets you create multilingual websites with ease. It comes with almost the same features WPML has, but you might need to activate the Lingotek Translation plugin in order to use them all.

2. qTranslate X

qTranslate X Plugin

qTranslate X is another immensely popular free translation plugin with the 4.6 star rating that enables you to effortlessly create multilingual websites. Its predecessor is qTranslate, but the new version has been significantly improved, so there is not much resemblance between the two plugins.

Functionality-wise, it is similar to Polylang. Once you install it, you will see that there are several languages already set up, which can be enabled or disabled, depending on your needs. You can also make some modifications to each language and add additional ones to the list through the Language Manager.

qTranslate X lets you write content in multiple languages at the same time, without needing to constantly reload the page. You can translate titles, menus, posts, pages, custom fields, and other parts of your website with utmost ease and also designate which fields precisely are going to be multilingual. Language switchers can be added to your site so the visitors can choose which language they want to display the content in.

qTranslate X is compatible with several plugins that can enhance its overall potential, such as qTranslate Slug. this plugin lets you create URLs for each language version. This is important for SEO, so you should definitely consider installing this add-on. There are more SEO-related plugins that qTranslate X is compatible with, which can largely improve the total traffic of your website.

3. TranslatePress Multilingual

TranslatePress Multilingual Plugin

This is a multilingual WordPress plugin that actually lets you translate texts from the front-end, and this is its biggest plus. It comes with a 4.9 star rating and with more than 30k installations. Free and premium versions are both available (pricing plans range from 79.00€ – 199.00€).

Its translation interface is user-friendly and it comes decked out with powerful features that facilitate the creation of multilingual websites. TranslatePress Multilingual is also self-hosted, which means that you will own all your translations. It is good to note that, unlike Polylang, it supports WooCommerce as well without using additional plugins. Custom post types are also supported, and it comes compatible with all the themes and plugins. Translation is displayed in real-time. If, at any point, you have to modify your pages, you will get live previews of how the altered content would look like.

TranslatePress Multilingual also integrates with Google Translate. This means that you can set up not only manual but also automatic translation, by using your Google API Key. If you wish to add more languages to the list, you can also install the Multiple Languages add-on and choose from more 221 secondary languages.

Translated content is SEO-friendly, but of course, as with aforementioned plugins, you can install some additional SEO-related plugins to bring traffic to your website.

4. GTranslate

gTranslate Plugin

GTranslate is a Goggle Translate plugin and, with a rating of 4.8 stars, is among the most popular ones. Premium versions are also available, and the cost varies from $5.99 – $34.99 per month.

It comes with more than 103 languages available and with loads of widgets that can help you build a remarkable multilingual website. This plugin also hides the ‘Suggest better translation’ pop-up and the Google top frame once translation is completed. Users can open translated pages in a new window and then switch between original content and translation. GTranslate includes a multilingual interface and it lets you translate posts, pages, categories, tags, menus, widgets, themes and plugins.

Content is translated automatically with this plugin. If you wish to make any manual changes and correct translations, that is available only if you upgrade to one of the paid versions, which would also enable you to add human translations. One of the many great features of GTranslate is that it integrates with Google Analytics. This tool is essential if you wish to measure and understand the visitors’ behavior on your website.

5. Transposh

Transposh Plugin

Transposh is the final free translation plugin for WordPress that we will include on our list.

This plugin is also widely used and it has a 4.3 star rating. What sets it apart from others is that it allows website visitors to edit non-English texts and to translate your content at any time. They can simply select desired texts and add translation. Who will have the option to make edits can be entirely up to you. Transposh actually has a feature that enables you to choose which users you will give the editing permission to. This option comes in handy if you happen to realize that not everyone has submitted quality translations.

Transposh supports more than 110 languages (RTL/LTR layouts included) and it translates literally all the content on your website, including comments.


With the choice of the right translation plugin, multilingual website creation can be as easy as 1-2-3. You could reach a global audience and some very lucrative markets, all of which could potentially help you further develop your business. By choosing any of the selected free translation plugins for WordPress, you definitely cannot go wrong.


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