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Gamification Plugins for WordPress You Should Try

5 Gamification Plugins for WordPress You Should Try

Gamification is the spoonful of sugar that makes anything from working out to learning go down much more easily. Wherever there’s a boring or difficult task, adding some game elements to it can make it much more appealing and easier to perform. Throw in a reward system or a competitive element, and you got yourself a tool that can work for online courses as well as an eCommerce website.

Thanks to WordPress gamification plugins, you can quickly get started with adding some game elements to your website. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best WordPress gamification plugins you should try if you want to bring some fun to your website.

1. GamiPress – The most flexible and powerful gamification plugin for WordPress


Advertised as the most flexible and powerful gamification plugin for WordPress, GamiPress’ main goal is to let you create a more rewarding website interaction experience for your users via gamification. To that end, the plugin will help you set up requirements, assessment options to ensure users meet them, as well as different types of awards.

GamiPress allows you to define different types of points, achievements, and ranks, with automatic point awarding and custom requirements. The plugin will log the workings of your awards systems, let users share their achievements via social media, and notify them via email about new awards.

GamiPress is a free plugin – you can download it and use it from the WordPress.org depository. Certain add-ons, however, are premium-only. If you want to award users for sharing your content on social media, for example, or organize a leaderboard, you’ll have to get the corresponding premium add-ons.

2. myCred – Points, Rewards, Gamification, Ranks, Badges & Loyalty Plugin

myCred plugin

Need to boost the brand loyalty of your online store’s customers and think a rewards program could help? In that case, myCred is just the plugin you need – its gamification features were created to reward people in different ways – including giving them some of their money back.

With myCred, you can easily set up point awards based on trigger events. You can set up starting dates, point deposit intervals, and recurring point deposits. The point transactions are tracked and logged even if they’re automatic, and the users will have access to the number of points they have at any moment. Of course, you’ll be able to create several different types of points, as well as the badges people are awarded.

Thanks to the cashCred addon, your users will be able to redeem their points for real money. You’ll be able to set up the exchange rates and options such as limits and fees. If you want to expand the plugin’s capabilities even more, you’ll be able to do so using addons.

3. WP Optin Wheel – Gamified Optin Email Marketing Tool for WordPress and WooCommerce

WP Optin Wheel plugin

In some cases, you can require plugins to bring specific gamification elements to achieve specific goals. If the gamification element in question is a wheel of fortune, and the goal you want to achieve is lead-capturing, then WP Optin Wheel is just the plugin for you.

WP Optin Wheel lets you create multiple wheels with beautiful pre-made themes, ready to show up when you need them the most. The plugin captures email addresses into MailChimp, and it allows you to fully customize each of the 12 slices of the wheel – including the chance of winning each one of them.

The plugin also has some advanced features available with the premium version. These include seasonal themes such as those for Christmas and Halloween, a form builder, WooCommerce coupon integration, the ability to offer replays, and more.

4. BadgeOS

BadgeOS plugin

BadgeOS is another gamification plugin designed to award your users for the interactions they have with your website. It relies on points, ranks, and digital badges while giving you the freedom to customize what gets rewarded and how much.

Some of the activities you can reward your website visitors for include publishing posts, commenting on posts, logging in, visiting specific pages, and many more. BadgeOS allows you to issue Open Badge-compliant badges, allowing their owners to share their achievements via social networks. The plugin integrates easily with plugins such as LearnDash, MemberPress, and Zapier.

If you want to add additional features and functionalities to the plugin, you can do so using addons. They’ll allow you to add leaderboards, reporting, referral links, and point transfers, among other features.

5. Giveaways and Content by RafflePress

Giveaways and Content by RafflePress

Technically not a gamification plugin, RafflePress’ Giveaways and Contests will still let you bank on the action-reward dynamic. It’ll do it in a slightly different way – instead of playing a game or being awarded for actions, visitors become eligible for rewards by performing actions.
RafflePress is a mobile-friendly plugin that lets you build giveaways easily, using a drag-and-drop builder. You’ll get access to giveaway templates, too, and benefit from social media and marketing and CRM integrations. Visitors will enter the giveaway with one click, performing an action of your choosing, and they might be awarded a bonus based on sharing the giveaway.

The full, pro, version of the plugin includes features such as email marketing integrations, landing pages for giveaways, goal-based templates, and many more.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

When looking for ways to boost engagement or get more people to perform certain actions on your website, making it into a game is a great way to ensure you get what you want. Among the gamification plugins for WordPress we’ve listed here, you should be able to find one that works for you regardless of the type of website you have.

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