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Order Tracking WordPress Plugins for Your Shop

5+ Order Tracking WordPress Plugins for Your Shop

In the last decade, online shopping has become the norm. As it’s no longer reserved for big brands and huge sellers, everyone has a chance to create a shop that constantly grows. However, as more and more brands join the game, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out. For this reason, understanding customers and their needs is essential for offering a better user experience.

When people shop online they want to be sure that the quality of the product they ordered matches the description. Also, they want it delivered on time, without damage. This is why more and more brands offer order tracking functionality.

In a nutshell, the order tracking notifies the customers about the order’s current status. In other words, it removes stress from the shopping process as it keeps the buyer and the seller on the same page. When people know when to expect their order they are more likely to repeat the purchase. This means that order tracking has the power to boost retention and loyalty, brand equity, or even store revenue.

If you want to improve the user experience and equip your store with this essential functionality, you don’t have to hire a team of developers. There are numerous order tracking WordPress plugins you can turn to. Combine them with the best customer-friendly WooCommerce themes and get ready to grow your sales.

1. Qi Addons for Elementor

Qi Addons Premium

Qi Addons for Elementor is a plugin that comes with 60 free and 40+ premium widgets that will let you uplift every segment of your site. This modern plugin is packed with a useful premium Order Tracking Form widget anyone can use with complete ease. Use it to let your customers get informed about their order’s journey and expected arrival.

All it takes to track the order is to enter the Order ID in the predefined field and hit the Track button. The Order ID is given in the order confirmation email every customer receives after the purchase. Besides intuitive features, this widget lets you pick the look of your order tracking forms by adjusting input fields. In other words, you can input titles or choose to hide or show form text. On top of this, you can adjust typography, and colors, input additional fields or add labels.

Features that make Qi Addons for Elementor a great tool:

  • Order Tracking Form widget
  • Easy customization
  • 2 predefined input fields

2. Order Tracking – WordPress Status Tracking Plugin

Order Tracking plugin

Order tracking functionality is no longer reserved for exclusive, highly professional brands. Nowadays, every store that wants to keep customers and offer a great user experience should think about enabling this feature. Thanks to Order tracking WordPress plugins, this is easier than ever. Let’s start with the Order tracking plugin.

In short, this plugin allows you to easily manage the status of your orders, projects, shipments, or any other item. All the order tracking updates or tickets will be visible through the front end of your site. Now, let’s take a closer look at its key features. This plugin allows you to set up searchable orders or ticket numbers for customers. Plus, you can create custom statuses tailored to your business or send an email to a customer whenever the order is created or updated.

On the other hand, you can require users to enter email addresses to view order update information, hide or delete orders, or use customizable CSS for a memorable user experience. Besides these free features, the plugin offers a premium WooCommerce tracking integration, which allows you to automatically create new orders whenever someone checks out via your WooCommerce shop.

Features that make Order Tracking a great tool:

  • Hide or delete orders
  • Responsive and customizable CSS
  • Order update information
  • Searchable orders

3. Orders Tracking for WooCommerce

Orders Tracking for WooCommerce

Orders Tracking for WooCommerce is one of the best order tracking WordPress plugins. Created specifically for the WooCommerce stores, this plugin allows shop owners to add, edit, import, export the order tracking numbers and tracking URLs of every item and order.

Next, the plugin can send the orders tracking emails, SMS, or add the tracking information to PayPal transactions. On top of this, the plugin integrates the order tracking information with other tracking services. All of this means that you can easily manage tracking orders and inform your customers about the orders journey.

Additionally, the plugin allows you to select the carriers you want to use. The great thing is it supports over 80 carriers. The best part is you can add custom shipping carriers by entering the carrier name and tracking URL.

Once the order is made, you can send a tracking email to the customer – you can change the tracking email subject, heading, and content. This plugin includes features that will let you display customer names, order IDs, and shipping information in an email. What we especially like about this plugin is the fact it provides a sandbox option that allows you to test the feature with a Paypal Sandbox account before using it with your live account.

Features that make Order Tracking for WooCommerce a great tool:

  • More than 80 carriers integrated
  • Custom shipping carriers
  • Tracking emails supported
  • PayPal Sandbox supported

4. Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

When we analyze the best order tracking WordPress plugins, we have to mention Advanced Shipment Tracking for the WooCommerce plugin. This tool is packed with everything you will need to manage and automate order tracking. When it comes to its key features, it won’t disappoint you either.

For instance, there is a tracking info widget that allows you to send the customer their shipping information and a way to track their order. Next, you can add multiple tracking numbers to the same order or send the shipment information to your customers when adding the tracking information. On top of this, you can select your preferred shipping providers as this tool covers 300+ shipping providers. Plus, you can use the shipment tracking API endpoint to update the tracking numbers generated by 3rd party services.

Features that make Advanced Shipment Tracking a great tool:

  • Tracking info widget
  • 300+ shipping providers
  • Shipment tracking API

5. WordPress Shipping Tracking Plugin for WooCommerce

5+ Order Tracking WordPress Plugins for Your Shop 1

WordPress shipping tracking plugin for WooCommerce lets you assign shipping orders to one or more companies. On top of this, you can assign tracking numbers for each order and their required details like delivery date, time, rates, etc.

Besides this, your customers will get detailed information about their order via email notification. They will be notified about the carrier’s name, dispatch date, as well as tracking URLs. The best part is you can customize emails and order details with HTML snippets. Finally, the plugin supports 40+ shipping companies so you can choose your preferred options.

Features that make WordPress Shipping Tracking Plugin a great tool:

  • Customizable Emails & Order Details
  • Tracking URL
  • 40+ shipping companies

6. WooCommerce Shipping Tracking

WooCommerce Shipping Tracking

WooCommerce Shipping Tracking plugin is a tool that will let you connect every order to the shipping company and tracking numbers. This plugin will display tracking info directly in the Complete Order email and View Order page. So tracking orders with this tool is as easy as it gets.

Use this plugin to associate one or more tracking codes and shipping companies. For every shipping, you can specify a dispatch date and custom text. Also, the plugin covers 40+ shipping companies you can choose from. Apart from this, you can customize the email notifications with the help of templates you can access directly from the admin menu.

Features that make WooCommerce Shipping Tracking a great tool:

  • Customizable email notifications
  • Date and time delivery fields

Let’s Wrap It Up

If you want to grow your revenue, you need more than good offers and quality products. You need to put your customers and their needs in focus. With practical features such as wishlist functionality and order tracking, you can be sure your customers will feel more secure and appreciated. So, get your favorite order tracking WordPress plugin and get ready to grow your revenue.

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