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Best Team Plugins for WordPress Websites

5+ Best Team Plugins for WordPress Websites

The power of every business lies in its team. When you hire experts with outstanding knowledge, great creative talents, and innovative ideas, you have more chances to come up with business solutions and products that can make a change. The more professionals you gather, the more you’re likely to become a leader in a certain field. This is especially important if you’re starting a business from scratch, without a previous well-established reputation.

By introducing the team behind certain products and services, you will be able to build a closer relationship with potential clients. Relevant information about your team brings credibility to your organization and prevents misconceptions. Plus, the team you gather will tell a lot about your work culture, values and assure clients your company can solve any of their problems.

So, if you want to avoid making common WordPress mistakes, don’t forget to present your team members. You can either create separate sections dedicated to your team members or dedicate a whole page to showcasing their skills and career achievements. Also, you can create individual team member pages, with detailed information about each professional. To do this with ease, you need zero coding knowledge. With the help of easy-to-use team WordPress plugins, you can introduce your team in a great style. Below, we handpicked our favorite team plugins for WordPress, so keep reading.

1. Qi Addons for Elementor

Qi Addons For Elementor plugin

Your team deserves to be presented in a great style. With Qi, you can be sure every detail of your team member sections will shine. This amazing tool comes with 60 free and 40+ premium powerful widgets you can use to target different website functionalities. Now, let’s talk about free Qi Team members widget.

This practical add-on provides you with a wide selection of varied ways to showcase all members of your team. Packed with 5 team layout styles, this plugin gives you the freedom to choose the option you like the best. Go with a minimal team section style if you prefer a minimalistic approach or choose the image overlay option if you like a more interactive style. You can, as well, use rounded or square image options depending on your needs. Simply provide a name, a role & an image for each team member, pick a layout and customize away. Of course, change colors and typography in just a few clicks if your website design requires.

To help you do this, you can check out a detailed guide to the Team Member widget from our top pick, or follow along with the video tutorial for it.

Features that make Qi a great team WordPress plugin:

  • Five layout styles
  • Team widget
  • Hover info
  • Change colors & typography

2. Essential Addons for Elementor

Essential Addons for Elementor

Elementor WordPress plugin is one of the best-known page builders out there. If you already use it, we have great news. Essential add-ons for Elementor offer unlimited features you can use to turn your site into a little piece of art. Team members addon lets you introduce your team members in every aspect. If you need a short, yet effective team showcase, this plugin gets you covered. Just upload the profile image for each team member, add a short profile description, and include links to social media. This will help you strengthen credibility, plus people will be able to follow your team members via social media and learn more about them through their posts and stories.

The best part is that this tool offers different design options so you can find the solution that fits your branding and website’s look and feel. For instance, you can go with a simple team member style layout if you prefer minimalistic, basic team member sections. Apart from this, you can use a centered style layout, which allows you to align elements and decorate image cards with gradient style. Moreover, you can experiment with overlay layout, as well, which allows you to change the color of the overlay to make your team sections more interactive. On top of this, you can choose between square and circular styles, depending on your needs.

Team members carousel addon, on the other hand, allows you to catch the attention by using the carousel showcase. Besides basic features, this add-on offers many premium functionalities that can boost your team presentation. For instance, you can enable overlay effect, add side arrows, and style each part of your team section as per your needs. Plus, you can use circular image style or go with square shape – just change the width, border radius, and overlay color.

Features that make Essential addons for Elementor a great team WordPress plugin:

  • Customizable elements
  • Multiple team member designs
  • Image, bio, social icons

3. Team Plugin

Team Plugin

As its name suggests, the Team plugin is a great tool for creating team member displays in WordPress. Fully responsive and mobile-friendly, this plugin will make sure your team sections will look amazing on any device type. Since it offers 6 layout types (4 grid, 1 isotope, and 1 carousel slider style) you can choose the design that will help you express your site’s character. Choose grid style for more basic team sections or go with a carousel slider for a more dynamic user experience. Moreover, you can choose between square or rounded profile images, so your team showcase can fully follow your design vibe. You can customize the colors of your team sections as well.

But this is not all. The Team plugin allows you to set the primary color, change the image size, or define how many team sections you want to display. In other words, you can use this plugin for both small teams or for large team families. Besides the team member’s name, you can fill in his/her position, add a profile image, or enter a short/detailed bio. Also, you can include social media links so people can find your team members on social platforms. Lastly, you can add contact email as well as location.

Features that make Team plugin a great team WordPress plugin:

  • 6 Different layouts (4 Grid and 1 Isotope, 1 Carousel Slider)
  • Color control
  • 3 types of ordering title/ date/ menu order
  • Social links (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+)

4. Team Members with Slider

Team Members with Slider

Team Members with Slider is another great team WordPress plugin you should check out if you’re considering creating team sections. Whether you want to create a team showcase in sliders, this lightweight tool will help you do it with complete ease.

Team Members with Slider allows you to build a staff directory and categorize each of the team staff profiles by adding a unique profile picture and relevant biographical facts. What makes this tool different is the combination of powerful features and simple customization. In a nutshell, your team sections will consist of team member’s names, positions, career summary, and links to social media. With the help of social media icons, you can connect a certain team member to his/her social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Skype, and YouTube.

Suitable for different business niches, these team sections will give you the flexibility to introduce as many team members as you please. Slider functionality is especially great for smaller screen sizes since it allows people to scroll through your content with ease. Besides user-friendliness, your team members’ slider will give your site a more professional look and feel. Also, you can use a popup with profile details for a more innovative team member presentation.

Features that make Team Members with Slider a great team WordPress plugin:

  • Title/Name, bio, contact email
  • Popup Profile Details
  • 35+ social icons including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, and Youtube)

5. Heroes Assemble – Team Showcase WordPress Plugin

Heroes Assemble

With the right team member showcase, your business will gain trust and your customers will learn more about the creative power behind your company. Heroes Assemble is equipped with functionalities that will give you the chance to create professional sections dedicated to your team members. Whether you want to integrate team sections into an existing page or to create a team showcase through a dedicated page, this plugin will help you do this without obstacles.

What makes this team plugin specific is category functionality. Use it when you want to divide team members into different categories based on position or responsibilities to help visitors easily find specific people. No matter how many team members you want to add and introduce, Heroes Assemble gets you covered. This means you can create an unlimited number of team sections, which is great both for small businesses and big companies.

When it comes to design, this plugin won’t disappoint you either. The elegant style reflects in details, color combinations, and fonts. Depending on your business and brand requirements you can choose between 12 different color skins. Plus you can select one of 10 available grid styles based on your personal preferences. There is, as well, a large set of built-in social media icons you can use to connect your team member’s profile with social platforms. Lastly, you can make your team profiles more professional by adding a built-in skill bar that visually shows the most representative skills of your teammates.

Features that make Heroes Assemble a great team WordPress plugin:

  • Elegant design
  • 10 different grid style
  • 12 different color skins
  • Built-in skill bar

6. The Team Pro – Team Showcase WordPress Plugin

The Team Pro

As other team WordPress plugins, we’ve mentioned before, The Team Pro comes with versatile features for introducing team members in the best light. Equipped with 8 design layouts and tons of styling options, this tool gives you the freedom to customize your team member fields like a true professional. Just install the plugin and start building team fields with color patterns and design elements that can present your team in a stylish manner.

The Team Pro offers 3 image shapes you can use for individual team members or a larger group of team members. Choose between square, circular, or hover overlay and showcase team members so your presentation captures the attention right away. Finally, this plugin supports leading page builders including Gutenberg, WPBakery, and Elementor, so you can make any change with complete ease.

Features that make The Team Pro a great team WordPress plugin:

  • Responsive and Touch Enabled
  • Number of style options for each presets
  • Clean design
  • 8 Unique presets

Let’s Wrap It Up

If you’re proud of your team, don’t forget to introduce it to the world. Share the most important information on each team member including short bio, skills, list of clients or anything else you may find interesting. Also, include the profile images and links to social media platforms so anyone can connect with your great team of experts!

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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