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Twitter WordPress Plugins Worth Having

5+ Twitter WordPress Plugins Worth Having

Did you know that there are over 185 million daily Twitter users? Did you know that over 500 million people visit Twitter each month without logging in? These crazy numbers tell enough about Twitter’s relevance. As the perfect channel for fast information flow, this social media platform is used by brands, influencers, politicians, and news portals on a daily level. The reason for Twitter’s popularity is in its short, yet effective content form that can reach thousands and millions of readers within seconds.

If you want to build a stronger bond with customers and make website content more engaging, you may consider incorporating a Twitter feed on your website. This will make your content more engaging and give you the chance to grow user-generated content. More than ever, today’s users want content that is engaging, entertaining, and educational. They don’t want to just consume content; they want to benefit from it. By adding a Twitter feed to your site you will allow people to engage and interact with your brand. Since the Twitter feed changes all the time, your website will become more dynamic. Thus, your visitors will get informative and engaging content in real-time.

To embed Twitter on your site you don’t need to change your code or hire experienced developers. All you need is one of the Twitter WordPress plugins we handpicked below. But, before we dive deeper into each plugin, let’s not forget to mention that you can also embed Instagram feed on your site since it’s another great platform.

1. Custom Twitter Feeds (Tweets Widget)

Custom Twitter Feeds

Custom Twitter Feeds plugin is an amazing tool for embedding Twitter feed on any website. What makes this plugin special is its set of customization options, so you may be sure your Twitter feed will completely match the style of your website. Thanks to this plugin your Twitter feed will look good on any device and screen size, plus this type of content will be noticed by search engines. In short, Custom Twitter Feeds allows you to display the Twitter feed from any user, your own Twitter account, share feed from those you follow, or include a feed from a specific hashtag. The great thing is you can display multiple Twitter feeds from different Twitter users on multiple pages or widgets. Your visitors will be able to infinitely load more of your Tweets since this plugin offers a powerful ‘Load More’ button. This plugin has multilingual support so your feeds will work great in every language. Apart from these free features, the plugin also offers some pro functionalities. For instance, you will be able to display photos, videos, and Twitter gifts and view them in a popup lightbox directly on your site. The PRO version of the plugin also offers masonry, carousel, and sideshows layouts for displaying your Twitter feed with style.

Features that make Custom Twitter Feeds a great Twitter WordPress plugin:

  • Infinitely load more
  • Multiple Twitter feeds
  • Completely Customizable
  • Fully internationalized and translatable

2. Feed Them Social – for Twitter feed, Youtube and more

Feed Them Social

If you want to increase social engagement between you and your customers or get more followers by displaying your Twitter content directly on your site, you need a tool that will help you with this. When you include Twitter feed, you will get a better engagement since your users will be able to reply or like your Tweets directly on your site. Feed Them Social is much more than a tool for displaying the Twitter feed. This easy to install and easy to setup plugin gives you a chance to embed your Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter feed wherever you please. You can add as many social feeds as you want and display social feeds on any post, page, or website sidebar. The great thing is your social feeds will look amazing on any device or screen size. Plus you can customize font colors so everything fits into your design.

Features that make Feed Them Social a great Twitter WordPress plugin:

  • Easy to Install and Setup
  • Responsive Social Feeds
  • Customize Font Colors
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube Feeds

3. WP to Twitter

WP to Twitter

WP to Twitter is a simple plugin that allows you to display your recent tweets or tweets from other accounts with ease. This tool gives you complete freedom to place your Twitter feed whenever you please. The best part is you can shorten URLs in your tweets so they look more stylish. The plugin is compatible with Google Analytics so you can follow the engagement rates and plan your further content actions based on that. In case these basic features don’t cover all your needs, you can always switch to WP Tweets Pro. With the help of this plugin version, you can schedule tweets, set up automatic reports, feature images in Twitter feed, and more. Additionally, you can fully customize your Twitter feed so it blends perfectly into your website design.

Features that make WP to Twitter a great Twitter WordPress plugin:

  • Easy installation and customization
  • Support for Google Analytics
  • URL shortenings

4. JM Twitter Cards

JM Twitter Cards

JM Twitter Cards is another great Twitter WordPress plugin worth mentioning. As other plugins we’ve previously mentioned, this tool is suitable for complete WordPress beginners and packed with all necessities for displaying Twitter feeds. When you want to include a Twitter feed into your posts, just install JM Twitter Cards in a few steps. Next, customize your Twitter cards and preview everything before applying changes. Moreover, this plugin is compatible with the leading SEO plugins so your content will benefit in every sense. Lastly, there are some great add-ons that can enrich the basic features of this plugin. For example, one of them allows you to use the first image found in a post’s content instead of a featured image in your Twitter feed.

Features that make JM Twitter Cards a great Twitter WordPress plugin:

  • Gutenberg compatible with a custom sidebar
  • SEO ready
  • Easy customization

5. Shared Counts – Social Media Share Buttons

Shared Counts

Shared Counts is another example of a user-friendly, easy-to-use plugin that can be used for sharing your content via Twitter with a single click. So, if you need a simple solution for creating fresh tweets, you can consider this plugin as a promising option. Thanks to Shared Counts you can customize Twitter share buttons by picking the perfect look for your site. On top of this, you can automatically insert the share buttons before and/or after the post content. By sharing social share buttons, you will increase traffic and engagement and reach new potential followers. What is important to have in mind is the fact that this plugin covers almost every social platform over there. Besides the Twitter button, this plugin lets you display Facebook, Pinterest, Yummly button, and many others.

Features that make Shared Counts a great Twitter WordPress plugin:

  • Facebook share button
  • Pinterest pin button
  • Twitter button
  • Easy customization

6. Revive Old Posts – Social Media Auto Post and Scheduling Plugin

Revive Old Posts

This is another plugin that allows you to share your website content via social platforms. Unlike plugins made for displaying the Twitter feed on websites, Revive Old Posts helps you go the opposite direction. With this plugin, you can share your posts and website content across networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. The amazing thing about this plugin is its post-scheduling feature. When you want your posts to be automatically published to your social media channels, Revive Old Posts will do this for you. Plus you can add amazing filters when you want to filter out the posts you don’t want to share to social media.

Features that make Revive Old Posts a great Twitter WordPress plugin:

  • Scheduling posts
  • Post filters
  • Works for many social platforms

7. Better Click To Tweet

Better Click To Tweet

Better Click to Tweet is the last tool on our list of best Twitter WordPress plugins. The logic behind this plugin is simple: all you need to do is to insert a simple shortcode or go with the Gutenberg block where you can place a Twitter button. With this plugin, your readers can easily tweet your blog posts. Better Click to Tweet allows you to create professional ‘click to tweet boxes’ and the rest is up to you.

Features that make Better Click to Tweet a great Twitter WordPress plugin:

  • Ease of use
  • A simple click to tweet boxes
  • User-friendliness

Let’s Wrap It Up

As one of the most popular platforms in the World, Twitter is used by millions each day. Its short-form, fast and simple information flow and popularity among celebrities and influencers, make it one of the leading platforms for sharing news, trends, and updates. If you want to use Twitter’s potential and make your website content more engaging, start by installing one of the Twitter WordPress plugins we previously analyzed and the results will come.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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