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Best WooCommerce CRM Solutions

Top 5+ Best WooCommerce CRM Solutions

In any online store, customers are the all in all that determine the revenue they make. Without a good business-customer relationship, a business venture will be suffered and steadily decrease. So it is important to handle customer relationships properly. To seriously address this issue, WooCommerce store owners need a customer relationship management (CRM) tool installed while running their WooCommerce site. Without such tools, it is quite difficult to oversee customer activity and this can lead to a reduction in the site’s conversion rate and traffic.

What is WooCommerce CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software basically helps online businesses, particularly eCommerce websites, to sync, manage, and organize every aspect of retail including customer data, product information, orders, support, and other minor information that directly affects the relationship of the online shop with its customers. CRM makes it easy to access the information so that you can optimize your site’s performance and improve customer relationships.

CRM software for WooCommerce comes in all shapes and sizes, fits all business sizes from the small ones to the big ones. Some WooCommerce CRM plugins are made for small businesses, while others handle millions of contacts for enormous companies.

Top Best WooCommerce CRM Software

Metrilo is a CRM platform specifically developed for WooCommerce so as to increase compatibility and also improve analytics solutions. It helps eCommerce store owners analyze and grow utilizing their data. It will give you all the insights you need to make data for marketing strategy while the CRM and email functionalities help you act on that information.


Outstanding features:

  • Metrilo is originally built and developed for the WooCommerce platform; however, it can also be perfectly integrated with other platforms like Magento or Shopify.
  • It allows you to send emails, manage customers, and also check analytics data from the dashboard.
  • The plugin allows you to measure product performance, total revenue, and customer retention. You also get to investigate useful details like cart abandonment, customer interaction with products, and customer segmentation.
Metrilo pricing

Metrilo offers 3 pricing plans. The Essential plan does not offer CRM for eCommerce. To get customer relationship management for your store, you can start at $199 per month with the Pro version. The Premium Plan costs $299 per month, including all Metrilo features such as eCommerce analytics, CRM, email marketing, and more. Before picking up a suitable plan, you are allowed to use the trial version to consider which one fits most in your store.

Agile CRM is one of the best customer management tools generally designed for small to midsize companies. This is a cloud-based software that focuses on customer management, integrating sales, marketing, social media, and so on to create one centralized hub for customer reports, analytics, and marketing. Like Metrilo, although it’s specially designed for WooCommerce integration, this plugin can be used on many popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommere, Magento, and Shopify.

Agile CRM

Outstanding features:

  • The whole CRM system accommodates every aspect of e-commerce including marketing, service, sales, and extra.
  • It converts the website visitors directly to subscribes in the CRM.
  • It integrates with social media channels like Twitter and uses a variety of techniques to connect with your customer base
  • It manages and control customer behavior and get real-time alerts for customer activity.
  • Manage help desk tickets with customer’s history saved under a single system.
  • It allows you to view customer data from various business apps under one page using extensive integrations and widgets.
Agile CRM pricing

Agile CRM offers a variety of plans including Free and Pro versions. You can choose the free version for small businesses with up to 10 users, which may make the plugin more popular than other tools.

Since you can set up a free account, there’s no free trial for the higher plans. The starter plan ****costs $14.99 per month per user, the regular plan is priced at $49.99 per month per user. And the enterprise plan ****comes in with some cool extras at $79.99 per month per user.

ZBS is one of the most simple & fastest all WordPress CRMs. It helps shop owners manage their customer relationships, make more profit, and maintain happier business relations. Zero BS CRM uses their own custom tables and indexes to avoid the scaling problems with large volumes of transactional data.


Outstanding features:

  • It’s extendible, familiar, quick, simple & intuitive, and works on phones/tablets.
  • You can turn off parts of the CRM you don’t use
  • Well Integrated with an API & Zapier
  • It allows to add ****a customer quickly & not overcomplicated
  • Invoicing & getting paid online
  • It is flexible because you can turn off stuff you don’t need in the free CRM core. It will save you much.
Zero BS CRM pricing

It offers core features for free. To get advanced features, users can take the paid plugin version starting at $5.4 per month. Zero BS CRM comes with 4 different pricing levels including freelancer plan, entrepreneur plan, elite plan, and reseller plan. The details of each plan are shown as follow:

  • Freelancer license: $11 per month per site, 1 site only, access to 4 CRM extensions
  • Entrepreneur license: $11 per month per site, 1 site only, access to all CRM extensions
  • Elite license: $30 per month per site, 1 site only, access to all CRM extensions
  • Reseller license: $5.4 per month per site, 10 site, access to all CRM extensions

All plans are paid annually and include a year of support and update, and access to Slack community.

WP ERP is the first full-fledged ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system which combines both small and large enterprise with a CRM, HRM, and Accounting solution. This WordPress CRM plugin is made up of different modules such as CRM, HR Manager, Accounting & Project Management.


Outstanding features:

  • User-friendly Frontend with Easily Customizable Backend
  • The plugin comes with 22 extensions to extend your store functionalities.
  • Smoothly integrates with popular platforms like Zendesk, HelpScout, PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, Salesforce, HubSpot, MailChimp, and more.

Get a unique interactive experience of managing your business independently with the most reliable information Storage & system of record on WordPress.

WP ERP comes with free and paid versions, and it offers a free trial for the paid ones. WP ERP’s free version has all the important features you need to manage the basics of your business. WP ERP pricing starts at $149.00 per year, per user.

WP ERP plugin provides 3 separate pricing plans for each solution, so you just need to pick up the functionalities you want.

WP ERP pricing

Regarding CRM, you can get started with the Starter license at $149 per year including awesome support sync, document manager, Hubspot sync, MailChimp sync, SMS notification, and more.he Essentials license costs $399, including all features of the Starter package, and Gravity Forms, Help Scout Sync, Custom Field Builder, etc.

The highest plan, Bussiness, is priced at $599. Besides all features of the smaller packages, it is extended with lots of interesting features like WooCommerce, Workflow, Zendesk Integration.

WP ERP pricing plan

Or if you are controlling big business, you can go for the bundle of a package including HRM, CRM, and accounting, starting at $399 per year.

With its flexibility, you can pick the tools you need for your business don’t need an ERP solution that costs more and has features that you don’t need. This will definitely save you lots of budgets.

WordPress WooCommerce Salesforce Connector plugin is an ideal suggestion WooCommerce CRM, which helps to sync all your WooCommerce products, categories, users, and orders to Salesforce using eShopSync developed on Salesforce.

The tool operates by connecting SalesForce to WooCommerce. It syncs with your WooCommerce products while your customers are directly connected to the SalesForce platform. It also supports all SalesForce versions and provides you with real-time data.

WordPress WooCommerce Salesforce Connector

Outstanding features:

  • Its customer support is quite impressive
  • It basically links the most popular WordPress plugin
  • The orders are synchronized at the checkout process.
  • It creates a global network for your e-commerce business via cloud computing.

This plugin is priced at $199, which is a one-time fee. You can signup for additional support periods to get regular support, but it may increase your cost. Besides, there’s even an installation fee if you cannot complete the process yourself.


These are the top 5 best WooCommerce CRM plugins for online business. Hopefully, this will be a help for you to choose the best CRM tool for you to manage customers and your store.


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