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Top Promising WordPress Community Plugins

10+ Promising WordPress Community Plugins

With a breakthrough in social media, it became obvious that the online world will affect every industry and business type in the years that followed. Interaction with peers through social media brought not only impressive emoticon collections but also new rules in communication in general. In an attempt to adapt to a digital age, many businesses have recognized the power of online tools and platforms. Now, it’s hard to imagine a business meeting without Skype, learning without e-classrooms, and brands without online shops. Also, if you plan to start a new company, or to promote your works, having a modern WordPress website is mandatory. Luckily, there are many WordPress resources, plugins, and themes you can turn to. If you plan to start an online forum, membership site, or community platform, WordPress community plugins will help you do it with ease. Below, we had handpicked the best options on the market. So, have a look and start transforming your website.

1. Ultimate Member – User Profile, Registration & Membership Plugin

Ultimate Member

Online platforms changed traditional classrooms, especially during the corona crisis. If you still search for a professional solution that will help you grow your online community, have a look at Ultimate Member. This amazing plugin is ideal for creating an advanced online community and membership sites. With it, you will be able to allow your students to create profiles, register with a click, and log in within seconds. Also, you can assign them with specific user roles, allow them to create public and private notes, or to bookmark content from your website. On top of this, your students will be able to send private messages, follow each other, and join groups dedicated to certain topics. If you want an amazing tool, that looks and works amazingly, search no more.

Features that make Ultimate Member an amazing WordPress community plugin:

  • Front-End User Profiles
  • Front-End User Registration
  • Front-End User Login
  • Custom Form Fields
  • Conditional Logic for Form Fields
  • Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • User Account Page

2. Users Ultra Pro – Membership, Users Community and Member Profiles With PayPal Integration Plugin

Users Ultra Pro

Creating advanced communities is easy as it gets with the second WordPress community plugin on our list. No matter what WordPress theme you use, this plugin will work without limitations. Besides very simple customization, Uses Ultra offers an endless set of features for building online communities and social networking websites. This plugin not only integrates with WooCommerce and PayPal payment system but also it offers a broad range of user-friendly options. Our favorites are private messages, photo uploader, user reviews, and integration with social media.

Features that make Users Ultra Pro an amazing WordPress community plugin:

  • Auto Sync with WooCommerce.
  • WooCommerce Order Status Module.
  • Private Messages.
  • Post/Page Protection
  • Partial Content Protection
  • Paypal Membership System
  • User Reviews
  • reCaptcha Spam Protection

3. wpForo Forum

wpForo plugin

Building forums is a real adventure with wpForo Forums. As a powerful, yet light forum solution, this plugin will help you build any type of forums or online community. At first place, it’s packed with multiple responsive forum layouts and design style. Each layout can be used for small, niche forums or extremely large forums/communities. Thanks to this tool, your users can create detailed user profiles, subscribe to a certain course, or get fresh notifications about the latest news. They can, as well, rate other users or get special badges as they progress in learning and build their status on the forum.

Features that make wpForo Forum an amazing WordPress community plugin:

  • Designed for small and extremely large forums/communities
  • Four different forum layouts and designs
  • Six sets of forum color styles including dark style
  • Super responsive forum on all kind of devices
  • Live user notification system

4. Wise Chat

Wise Chat

Wise chat is another WordPress community plugin worth having. As other plugins we previously mentioned, this tool allows you to create a social network and increase user engagement on your site. Thanks to its easy customization and the list of features that constantly grows, you can offer everything from real-time private messages, powerful chat rooms, and custom emoticons to Facebook-like sidebar mode, and modern avatars. On top of this, you can offer Facebook and Twitter login, since users can integrate their social media into their profiles. Finally, Wise Chat comes with 3 modern themes you can choose from. Of course, you can further adjust their style if needed.

Features that make Wise Chat an amazing WordPress community plugin:

  • Easy Installation
  • Mobile Ready
  • 3 Nice Themes
  • Unlimited Chat Channels
  • Private Chat Channels

5. Asgaros Forum

Asgaros Forum Plugin

This is another WordPress plugin that connects powerful features and user-friendly design. Ideal for everyone who wants to extend the website with a lightweight discussion board, Asgaros Forum is easy to set up and works smoothly on any WordPress site. Besides tons of functionalities dedicated to user profiles such as photo upload, search option, user profile, etc. this plugin brings powerful website administrators. For instance, you can approve users’ requests or ban inappropriate content. Apart from this, Asgaros Forum supports live user notifications, ads management, and features simple content management.

Features that make Asgaros Forum an amazing WordPress community plugin:

  • Simple Content Management
  • Profiles & Members List
  • Notifications & Feeds
  • User Reactions
  • Photo Uploads
  • Ads Management
  • Guest Postings

6. bbPress

bbPress plugin

bbPress is a famous player in the field of WordPress community plugins. When you want to integrate an elegant and streamlined discussion board into your website, go with this plugin. Trusted by 300 000+ customers, bbPress is developed by WordPress experts with relevant background. As it comes with a robust theme-compatibility, it works on any WordPress theme. Plus, you can style its features so everything fits into your branding perfectly. Equipped with tons of options for scaling online communities, bbPress comes with built-in support for Akismet and BuddyPress – two of the well-known WordPress plugins.

Features that make bbPress an amazing WordPress community plugin:

  • Easy Customization
  • Works With Any theme
  • Supports Akismet
  • Endless Options

7. Simple:Press – WordPress Forum Plugin

Simple Press Plugin

If you’re planning to start a forum on your website, this is another great option. Packed with powerful features, this tool can help you scale your forum to thousands of users. All the features included with Simple: Press are produced in-house, by one organization, meaning you don’t need to deal with multiple vendors when you need the assistance. When it comes to features, this plugin won’t disappoint you as well. Besides private and public forums, you can create unlimited forum groups or sub-forums. If needed, you can lock forums as well.

Features that make Simple:Press an amazing WordPress community plugin:

  • Works With Any Themeunlimited Forums
  • Forum Groups
  • Sub-Forums to Any Level
  • Private and Public Forums
  • Custom Icons for Each Forum
  • Lock Forums
  • Pin Forums

8. Youzer – Buddypress Community & WordPress User Profile Plugin


As the number one BuddyPress plugin on Envato Market, Youzer comes with vast features and advanced options. The idea behind this plugin is simple: it’s crafted to help you transform your website into a compelling social platform with a community-centered forum. What makes it a superb choice is its list of functionalities. It not only offers a secure membership system and unlimited profile widgets but also brings a powerful Ajax admin. This means you can customize every aspect of your platform. It’s easy as it gets with 700+ options, among which we especially like social network icons, profile info fields, membership registration fields, custom profile widgets, ads on profiles, and many more.

Features that make Youzer an amazing WordPress community plugin:

  • Powerful admin panel
  • Secure membership system
  • Custom profile widgets
  • Ads on profiles
  • Social network icons
  • Membership registration fields

9. Ultimate Membership Pro – WordPress Membership Plugin

Ultimate Membership Pro

Unlimate Membership Pro brings good value for money. The great thing about this plugin is the fact it allows you to protect your membership website. With content restriction options, your forums, community platforms or online classrooms can benefit in the long run. Create private content, restrict access to specific topics, or allow the users to interact with each other – all with a few mouse clicks. This plugin is an amazing solution with an advanced membership management system plus it’s compatible with WooCommerce. This is especially great if you want to grow revenue and earn by selling services through your platform.

Features that make Ultimate Membership Pro an amazing WordPress community plugin:

  • Restrict Content
  • Membership Managements
  • Private Content
  • WooCommerce Membership

10. UserPro – Community and User Profile WordPress Plugin


UserPro will help you create beautiful front-end user profiles and community sites in WordPress. From searchable membership lists, customizable login/registration forms, and multiple member lists, to public/private user feeds – this WordPress community plugin covers all the necessities one membership website may need. On top of this, UserPro supports the integration of social media and gives you the power to uplift your viral marketing. You can, as well, restrict content to specific users or award users with badges after they reach a new level.

Features that make User Pro an amazing WordPress community plugin:

  • User Badges
  • Multiple Member List Displays
  • Viral Marketing
  • Content Restriction
  • Public/ Private Feed

11. Chat – Support Board – WordPress Chat Plugin

Chat Support Board

If you run any sort of community website, Chat – Support Board is a tool to check out. With it, you can automate your customer’s communication, thanks to artificial intelligence-driven bots and chat systems. Sounds interesting? It surely is! Apart from this, you can engage users with 6+ message types, or even combine them to create surveys. What is specific about this tool is its full integration with Slack and Dialogflow – two of the most popular apps for business communication. Lastly, this WordPress community plugin brings all sorts of user notifications.

Features that make Chat an amazing WordPress community plugin:

  • Awesome User Chat
  • 6 Rich Messages Types
  • Complete User Management
  • All Sort of Notifications
  • Integrates with Slack and Dialogflow

12. ARMember – WordPress Membership Plugin


Last but not least – here is ARMember a promising tool that deserves your attention. No matter what kind of membership or community website you want to create, this plugin will be your helping hand. Made for complete beginners, it doesn’t require any knowledge of programming. Now, let’s name a few of its features that can help you build an awesome site with membership features. In the first place, there is a built-in template editor that allows easy customization. Secondly, ARMember comes with tons of membership models of all kinds. Moreover, it’s compatible with WooCommerce and works with multiple payment services. In the end, this plugin supports user-wise private content, beautiful login/signup forms, and much more.

Features that make ARMember an amazing WordPress community plugin:

  • Membership models of all kinds
  • Most beautiful login/signup forms
  • Multiple payment cycle
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Built-in template editor
  • User-wise private content

Let’s Wrap It Up

If you don’t want to miss out on opportunities that the digital age brings, go with WordPress tools that can truly transform your website. Made for community and membership websites, WordPess community plugins will help you offer options and features that can truly boost user experience. Allow people to interact with each others, connect in a click or follow interesting content – it’s all fun and games when you have practical options at your disposal. And, if all of this isn’t enough, you can always boost your site with live chat WordPress plugins that can make a true difference on community websites.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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