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Best Gift Card Plugins for WooCommerce Shop

5 Best WordPress Gift Card Plugins for Your Shop

Finding a perfect gift for our loved ones sometimes can be a real challenge. Sometimes we are not sure what someone likes, other times we have doubts about sizes and product dimensions. Frankly speaking, many times we don’t have enough time to wander around and search for the ideal gift. Also, there are times when we browse through great online stores, but we can’t decide on one, particular item. In situations when we want to surprise someone, yet buy something useful, memorable and original, there is no room for risks. This is where gift cards enter the scene. Gift cards allow us to purchase store credits and give them away to friends, employees, or family members as a gift. We can even purchase gift cards for ourselves when we want to treat ourselves for our special days or holidays. On the other hand, if you run a company and want to surprise your employees for birthdays, Christmas, or similar occasions, gift cards are the option you can’t go wrong with.

When we talk about small business owners who want to boost revenue, gift cards can be a great tool for doing this with ease. During some periods of the year (Christmas, National holidays, International Women’s Day, etc.) gift cards can be the right choice for companies that hire huge teams. When you go with gift cards instead of traditional gifts you don’t have to worry about wrapping, delivery, or potential damages. On top of this, gift cards can help you overcome difficult times. When the economic crisis hits, you can use gift cards to sustain your business.

With all being said, it’s obvious that gift cards can benefit your online store in many ways. Whether you use free WordPress themes for eCommerce or you run a tailor-made online shop, gift card plugins are surely among the best WooCommerce plugins you could use. Now let’s have a look at our favorite gift card plugins you can use with joy.

1. Yith Woocommerce Gift Cards

yith gift plugin

Whether you’ve just started your online store or you’ve been part of the game for a long time, the YITH WooCommerce gift cards plugin deserves your attention. In short, this tool allows you to sell gift cards in your shop, so you can increase earnings and attract new clientele. It can be especially beneficial during holidays when a lot of people stress about gifts and search for gifts that will make a difference. YITH WooCommerce gift cards plugin is both easy to use and flexible. This tool allows you to create digital or printable gift cards of any amount. Thus, your customers won’t be limited in any way.

Apart from this, there is a user-friendly interface where you can create and customize your gift cards. In other words, you can personalize gift cards or adapt them to specific branding or design style. Thanks to different templates you can choose from, you can easily create seasonal gift cards or go with gift cards tailor-made for certain holidays or important occasions. There are some other user-friendly options worth mentioning. For instance, the plugin lets your customers schedule the delivery of the gift cards and also allows them to send them to multiple recipients. This is great when they want to surprise someone for a birthday or anniversary.

The great part is YITH WooCommerce gift cards plugin notifies your customers when the recipient has received and used the gift cards, so you can follow up the whole process. On the other hand, you can even integrate smart coupons into gift cards for additional gift options. What is also worth knowing is the fact this plugin allows you to sell physical gift cards at your store. The customers can also download to PDF format and print the gift cards.

Features that make YITH WooCommerce gift cards a great plugin:

  • Smart coupons integration
  • Downloadable and physical gift cards
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Full customization

2. PW WooCommerce Gift Cards

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards

If you install this plugin now, you can start selling gift cards for your WooCommerce store in 5 minutes. PW WooCommerce Gift Cards is made with the idea to help you increase your sales organically and offer gift cards in a practical, convenient way. The plugin is equipped with some great user-friendly features that will make purchasing gift cards all fun and games. In the first place, the purchase of the gift cards with this plugin is similar to that of purchasing the Amazon gift cards. All it takes is to enter the amount for the gift card, add the recipient’s details and once the purchase is made, you will be informed about the purchase time. Also, the recipient can receive their gift card just by clicking the link provided through the email.

The plugin is easy to set up and provides many flexible customization options. This means you can choose any theme and design that follows your website design. Apart from this, there is a guest checkout option so website guests can receive gift cards without having to create an account. PW WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin works with some of the best multi-currency plugins so your customers can create gift cards in any currency, based on their location.

Finally, there is the Pro version of the plugin that allows you to sell physical cards, add funds to the gift card, set a default amount, and more.

Features that make PW WooCommerce gift cards a great plugin:

  • Multi-currencies supported
  • Physical or digital gift cards
  • Email delivery
  • Ready-made themes for design

3. Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards

Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards

Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards has a long list of features, which makes it a really good choice for any kind of online store. This plugin allows you to create, sell and manage gift cards with complete ease. The best part is that it gives your customers a chance to send the gift card via email, SMS, or WhatsApp to the person they want to surprise. Plus, it allows you to easily download gift cards if you want to print them and use them in physical form. When it comes to customization, this plugin won’t disappoint you either. You can customize predefined gift card templates; change the coupon code length, usage, prefix, expiry date, and more. Plus you can create and sell gift cards in your native language and in your local currency, which is especially great if you operate only on the local market. On top of this, gift cards offer four types of pricing – default price, range price, selected price, and user price – so you can be flexible and cover different options depending on the user’s needs. Also, you can include or exclude a product from a discount, which adds to a great user experience as well.

Features that make Ultimate WooCommerce gift cards a great plugin:

  • Flexible Delivery Options
  • Offering in Your Local Currency
  • WPML Multilingual Support
  • Easy customization

4. Gift Up – Gift Cards for WordPress and WooCommerce

Gift Up Gift Cards for WordPress and WooCommerce

Gift up is easy to set up and packed with all the necessities for selling gift cards with success. Gift Up plugin allows you to sell gift cards on your WordPress site and via social media platforms and gives you complete freedom over gift cards’ design. For starters, you can customize gift cards so they reflect your branding. Just change the colors and add your logo or choose from hundreds of unique designs. Also, you can sell products and services with pre-set amounts or let customers input a custom amount that works for them. Plus, the gift cards can be created with expiry dates so they can be used in the predefined time frame. This plugin allows you to sell gift cards in any currency so people from around the world can use them with joy. After someone purchases a gift card, the plugin will handle everything, from processing payment to delivery of digital/physical gift cards. Everything is fully automated, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Features that make Gift up a great plugin:

  • Full customization
  • Automated email delivery of gift cards
  • Multiple currencies
  • Predefined amount on gift cards

5. Gift Cards (Gift Vouchers and Packages)

Gift Cards

Gift Cards plugin is designed for everyone who wants to create and sell gift vouchers on WordPress/WooCommerce powered sites. It’s flexible, easy to use, and feature-rich so it’s a great choice for both beginners and WordPress experts. No matter which business niche you cover, the Gift Cards plugin gets you covered. So, if you want to sell fitness packages, event tickets, spa vouchers, or beauty coupons, use this tool to do this with ease. The best part is you can customize your gift cards to follow your branding or to reflect the vibe of a certain occasion (birthday, Valentine’s day, new year, etc.) Once the gift card is bought, you can track its delivery, send it via email or via post basis. Your customers can decide between digital or printed gift cards/certificates depending on their needs. Apart from these free options, there are many great premium features. Let’s name a few. For starters, you can allow customers to schedule when a gift card will be delivered or set an expiration date according to your choice based on the purchase date. Also, you can charge an additional amount on every voucher order of customers or show the barcode on vouchers and redeem at the store easily.

Features that make Gift Cards (Gift vouchers and packages) a great plugin:

  • Schedule delivery
  • Barcode on vouchers
  • Expiration dates

Let’s Wrap It Up

Gift cards are a powerful sale tool that can grow your revenue and give your customers more gift options when they lack ideas. Thanks to the gift card plugins we analyzed in this article, anyone can create, sell and customize gift cards with complete ease. Since these plugins cover different currencies, you can use them in every market, no matter where you are located.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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