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WordPress Like Button Plugins Worth Having

5 Best WordPress Like Button Plugins Worth Having

Whether you write a personal blog, run an online store, create content for the company’s site, have a digital portfolio, or do anything online, you already know that it’s all for nothing if customers won’t “like” your content and page. After Facebook launched the Like button back in 2009, it became the most powerful tool among marketers and sales experts. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine blogs, websites, and business pages without this practical functionality. Likes on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks determine the destiny of products, services, or even whole businesses. In other words, the like button has grown to become the essential online tool with the power to influence interpersonal communication, decision-making, and building brand images. If you plan to create your first blog post, or to start a business website, don’t miss out to include the like button into your content. With it, you will be able to collect the info about people’s preferences or to test if your sales messages really work. Luckily, you don’t have to be a WordPress expert to add this feature to your website or blog. With easy-to-use WordPress like button plugins, you can do it with a few clicks. Let’s have a look at our favorite WordPress like button tools you need to check out.

1. WP ULike – Most Advanced WordPress Marketing Toolkit

WP ULike plugin

WP ULike plugin brings endless possibilities to content creators of any kind. Thanks to it, people can vote for any type of content on your site. From posts, comments, and bbPress topics to elements on your online store – WP ULike allows you to add both like or dislike buttons anywhere you want. This will help you receive precious feedback or collect relevant info about users’ preferences. What we like about this tool is its collection of features. Firstly, this WordPress like button plugin comes packed with 20+ beautifully-crafted templates you can customize with ease. Secondly, it’s equipped with powerful statistical tools thanks to which you can track what your users love or don’t like at all. In other words, you can extract reports in tables, charts, or pie charts – all without confusing steps. Apart from this, there is an exclusive toolset reserved for premium plugin version only. Here are our favorites. If you want to go one step further, allow people to create profiles they can use to like/write a review or rate your products in more detail. Also, a pro version of WP ULike is equipped with tons of SEO options. WP ULike Pro adds a Metabox to your posts so you can easily generate your custom rich snippets which can be game-changing for good SEO results.

Features that make WP ULike an amazing WordPress like button plugin:

  • 20 + Templates
  • SEO Options
  • User Management Profiles
  • Flexible Features

2. All-in-one Like Widge

All-in-one Like Widget plugin

Like button plugins need to be quick and easy to install and use – just a simple way to display that like button so your visitors can let you know they appreciate your website. All-in-one Like Widget is a simple plugin that will let you add a Facebook Like button in several different ways. You can choose between displaying a simple Like box with a profile picture, or elements that include a timeline stream, pictures of friends who liked the page, as well as all of the above. The widget supports over 70 languages, with the settings screen available in English and Dutch.

Features that make All-in-one Like Widget an amazing WordPress like button plugin:

  • Language selector
  • Set your own height
  • Display options
  • More than 70 languages supported

3. Like Button Rating ♥ LikeBtn

Like Button Rating Plugin

This WordPress like button plugin is a great choice for any website type. Not only does it bring tons of functionalities, but also it allows you to customize elements with ease. Like Button Rating plugin allows adding like/dislike buttons to your posts, pages, WooCommerce products, comments, etc. Apart from this, this plugin integrates UltimateMember user profile functionality, which is great if you want to allow people to create unique profiles in order to vote or write a review. Besides these basic functionalities, this plugin integrates many advanced options but in its premium version only. For instance, it’s equipped with 42 theme designs, available in 40 languages and GDPR ready. On top of this, you can sort content by likes, check out the voting statistic, or create real-time reports. Moreover, the premium version allows you to get email notifications about new votes or to track voters by their IP or device address.

Features that make Like Button Rating an amazing WordPress like button plugin:

  • UltimateMember User Profile
  • 42 Theme Designs
  • 40 Languages
  • Voting Statistics

4. Social Like Box and Page by WpDevArt

Social Like Box and Page plugin

Another plugin that lets you easily add a Facebook Like button to your website, the Social Like Box and Page by WpDevArt is user-friendly and tested with plugins and themes to ensure compatibility. Using it is as simple as adding the widget to a sidebar and checking that all the settings are good, and that’s it! The plugin will let you add a popup or a stick box, set the height and width of the widget, and show or hide friends’ faces. If you opt for the premium version, you’ll also be able to show posts from your Facebook page, set border color, and access 39 animation effects for the widget.

Features that make Social Like Box and Page an amazing WordPress like button plugin:

  • Responsive design
  • Display the like button anywhere
  • Popup and sticky box
  • Animations included with premium

5. Comments Like Dislike

Comments Like Dislike Plugin

Our list of best WordPress like button plugins wouldn’t be complete without the Comments Like Dislike tool. This free plugin allows you to add both like and dislike buttons in a specific order, following your needs. The best part is you can choose from 4 premade icon templates including thumbs up/down, heart/heartbeat, right/wrong, and smiley/frown. Moreover, you can restrict this Like option for specific IP addresses or website cookies. What is also great is its set of customization options. Adjust the color of your like icon or upload your own icon design with a few clicks.

Features that make Comments Like Dislike an amazing WordPress like button plugin:

  • 4 Pre Available Icon Templates
  • Like Dislike Restriction
  • Custom Like Dislike Icon Upload Feature
  • Icon Color Configuration

Let’s Wrap It Up

Staying on top of the game requires constant upgrades. Whether you run a blog, news portal, webshop, or any other sort of website, allowing users to like what they like the most is mandatory. Luckily, with WordPress like button plugins, you can integrate this functionality into your online presentation with zero stress. So, wait no longer and upgrade your website right away.

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