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Top 5 WordPress Parallax Plugins

Top 5 WordPress Parallax Plugins

You want to add a cool parallax effect to your WordPress website but have no idea how? We got you covered, just read on.

Adding the parallax effect to your website is best if done using a plugin. That way you (mostly) get to avoid messing with the code and the entire process is usually very straightforward.

As such, parallax plugins are ideal for WordPress beginners and intermediate users, but there is one thing to keep in mind. Most of these plugins do require some degree of knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Jquery.

However, don’t let that throw you off. Even if you aren’t adept in these technologies, the best plugins come with quality support from the developers. Not to mention the excellent tutorials for adding parallax plugins that you can consult.

This is especially important having in mind that parallax effects are almost a norm on the market of WordPress themes. Parallax scrolling makes the website content more dynamic and provides visitors with interactive, more interesting user experience. The good news is there are just so many WordPress themes with parallax effect you can choose from. And in a case your theme doesn’t come with parallax scrolling, you can always add it with the help of a plugin.

Here are some of the top WordPress parallax plugins that we have found to be relatively easy to use but that do bring a lot to the table:

1. ScrollMagic


ScrollMagic, previously known as Superscrollorama, is probably the most popular parallax plugin. This feature-rich JS library allows you to make some truly interesting scrolling effects, including animation based on scroll position. The effects are handily divided into Basic, Advanced and Expert, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties finding the ones that work for you. This plugin is also very lightweight, which we are sure most users will appreciate. In addition, ScrollMagic probably has the best documentation of all parallax plugins around.

2. Advanced WordPress Backgrounds

Advanced WordPress Backgrounds

Advanced WordPress Backgrounds is an excellent and extremely user-friendly plugin that you can use to set exciting parallax effects using different background types, from image and video to pattern, locally hosted video and even YouTube and Vimeo. This plugin’s parallax options are powered by Jarallax, which is a high-performance JavaScript plugin. It comes with a wide set of options and a visual shortcode maker. Finally, it is Gutenberg-supported, which is a major plus.

3. Parallax Scrolling Enllax.js

Parallax Scrolling Enllax

Another very popular parallax plugin, Parallax Scrolling Enllax is an excellent solution for anyone looking for a super-lightweight yet powerful tool to add some pizzazz to their website. With Enllax, you can add parallax to any scrolling element on your website. Plus, you can do it in both directions – horizontally and vertically, that is. The plugin works on almost all browsers, except for a few obsolete versions. On top of all that, it is also touch-compatible and mobile. The documentation is not the most extensive one, but it’s decent enough.

4. Parallax Image

Parallax Scroll

Those of you who are looking for a very simple but super-reliable full-width parallax scrolling image tool should check out Parallax Image. This is a very simple solution for implementing simple parallax image without too many bells and whistles. It’s simple, but it gets the job done. It won’t put any extra weight on your website performance, which, for a plugin, is always welcome. Another cool thing about this tool is that it is one of the rare parallax effect plugins that provides a full image scroll shortcode that works in a <div/>.

5. Parallax Scroll

Parallax Scroll

If your wish is to employ the same or the similar parallax image scroll effect as the one you saw on Spotify, then Parallax Scroll is the right tool for you. It is rather simple and easy to use, and if you get stuck, there are some pretty good explanations and tutorials available. With this plugin, you can create a header with the parallax scrolling background, or a full parallax section. In fact, you can add parallax scrolling background to just about any element on your page. The plugin can be implemented straight into your theme using .php, or you can use a shortcode, if you prefer.

Bottom Line

That’s it, the cream of the crop of parallax plugins. Our researchers made sure to suggest the plugins that won’t let you down, won’t make you pull your hair out in a blind rage because they suddenly decide to quit working, and will, instead, help you add a cool, modern touch to your website. If you need help deciding if parallax is the right choice for you, check out some of the best websites using parallax and get inspired.

We hope that you found this article to be helpful. If you liked it, please feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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