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Top WordPress Pricing Table Plugins that Bring Results

Top 10+ WordPress Pricing Table Plugins that Bring Results

Building long-lasting and trustful business connections is all about transparency. When people know the exact price of your services/products they are more likely to become your loyal customers. This is exactly why having professional WordPress pricing tables on your site is mandatory.

As pricing tables have the potential to grow sales and convert, they need to be simple, yet effective at the same time. When organized well, pricing tables will help your visitors choose the best service plan or product for them. Thus, they should be created with attention to detail so they sum up the most important features you offer, practical options you’re proud of, and costs. Although pricing tables seem like basic website elements, they should be developed with the best UI and UX practices to bring satisfying business results.

The Best Practices and Guidelines

If you want to make sure your pricing table has all it needs to spark interest among your target audience, make sure it’s not overcrowded with the information. When the pricing table has too many unnecessary fields, people don’t know what to focus on, thus they lose interest. So, keep your WordPress pricing tables informative, yet simple.

Highlight only the most important features of your plans and help your visitors understand the differences between the offerings. To achieve this, always communicate the differences between your pricing plans. Do this by emphasizing the special features that are available in certain plans only. For instance, you can place special features at the top of every pricing table, while the features available in every plan can be placed at the bottom. This will save people’s time and allow you to instantly capture the attention.

Apart from this, pay careful attention to price, as it’s one of the first things people want to see. Choose the font type and size that goes well with your design. Our advice is to go with larger and stronger font choices that will make your price stand out.

When it comes to design, try to keep things simple. Too many colors and elements can turn against you. Use neutral color combinations to differentiate features and highlight the most important options. You can use icons or thumbnails to present the product/service in detail.

Also, you can use illustrations and images to illustrate the difference between different plans so people can remember your offer and decide easier on the plan that meets their needs. Of course, keep your design style consistent. Each element of your pricing tables should tell the same story.

In the end, make sure your pricing tables are made to support all sorts of web browsers and adaptable to different screen sizes and device types.

Best Examples to Get Inspired

To help you get inspired, we handpicked our favorite pricing table designs.

Solid Shops

Solid Shops

Designed in a modern, purple color palette, Solid shops pricing table is well balanced in every aspect. The most important features are placed on the top of each of four tables, prices are highlighted with larger sizes and Sign up fields are designed in an eye-catching, green color style.



Zapier offers a beautifully designed, simple, yet very effective style. Combo of white and grey pricing tables’ fields works great with a blue call to action buttons. Plus there is a practical FAQ field below pricing tables so visitors can find more information about each plan.


MailChimp Pricing table

MailChimp’s pricing table is one of our favorites. Not only does it look elegant and stylish but also it includes all essential elements one pricing table needs to shine. White, minimalistic background works amazingly with eye-catching pink, yellow and green details. There is even a price calculator.



FreshDesk compares 5 different pricing tables through minimalistic, white tables. Important info is highlighted with green details that look great on white background.



Raven’s example has a specific organization. In the first section, we see the most important features, prices, and different icons for each offer. The detailed list of features is separately added below this first pricing table section.

1. Qi Addons for Elementor

Qi Addons For Elementor plugin

Qi plugin holds first place on our list for a good reason. This amazing free tool offers 60 free and 40+ premium advanced functionalities for WordPress websites so you can find any option you may need. If you need a helping hand for building amazing pricing tables, have a look at Qi.

Thanks to its custom pricing table widget you can create a whole range of differently presented WordPress pricing tables. No matter what kind of website you run or which niche your cover, you can create an adequate pricing table. Qi gives you the complete freedom to customize your pricing table following your needs.

You can choose between standard and cascading showcases. On top of this, you can adjust the title and subtitle positions, customize titles, labels, pricing table borders, and much more. The great thing is you can add the image on top of your pricing tables or include icons to make your pricing tables more visually appealing. Besides this, you can choose the vertical pricing table style where your pricing table image is placed on the right, vertical side. Lastly, you can enrich your pricing tables with ribbons and badges to communicate your special offers effectively.

Features that make Qi a great WordPress pricing table plugin:

  • Six predefined table layouts
  • Images, ribbons & badges
  • Vertical style
  • Minimal tables

2. Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Ultimate Addons for Elementor discount

Being transparent about your prices is the first step in building a lasting relationship with clients. When someone knows the details about your offer, they can plan their budget on time and easily decide whether they want to check out your competitors or decide for your offer. Ultimate Elementor plugin is a growing library of unique Elementor widgets that target your different website requirements.

Among many tools, you can find a powerful, yet simple Elementor price table list module that allows you to create any sort of pricing designs including menus, catalogs, pricing tables, product lists, and more. Besides the simplicity of use, this add-on provides many customization options and a large collection of design types.

If you run a restaurant and you want to showcase your pricing table with style, this plugin will allow you to do this like a pro. The restaurant pricing template lets you add the name of the meal, its short description, image, and price for the final touch. Moreover, there is another menu option, suitable for restaurants, cafes, or bistros. Here, you can include a detailed description of each meal together with the price to offer relevant info in one place. To make everything more appetizing, you can even add a background image that illustrates your offer.

Another great pricing table you can create with the Ultimate Elementor plugin is a grid frame listing. This kind of presentation is ideal for luxurious restaurants since it allows you to add the bigger images of your most popular meals right besides sections with the meal’s description, name, and price.

Lastly, you can decide on a WP pricing table that is the right choice for a wine or liquor store. Here you can upload one, central product image and surround it with a lot of smaller product images with pricing info. No matter what your needs are, you may be sure this plugin will meet them.

Features that make Ultimate Elementor a great WordPress pricing table plugin:

  • Versatile pricing table designs
  • Easy customization
  • Intuitive user interface

3. Essential Addons for Elementor

Essential Addons for Elementor

Essential Addons for Elementor is well known plugin in the WordPress community. It’s easy to use, flexible, and suitable for complete beginners. If Elementor is your page builder of choice, you will be happy to hear that with this plugin you can create any sort of pricing table with ease. What makes this addon a good option for anyone who wants to add the Elementor price table to his website is its large set of styling options.

Here are our favorite layout designs you might consider a good fit for your pricing table. If you prefer a more traditional approach, go with the default design style. Here you can add text about the product/service you’re selling, enable the list-icon feature to closely illustrate the offer and, of course, add price.

However, if you like a minimal, elegant approach, go with a basic, white table design. Use color contrast to highlight price and attract attention. Apart from this, you can create pricing tables enriched with header images. This can be a great tool for converting customers, so use it wisely.

Features that make Essential Addons for Elementor a great WordPress pricing table plugin:

  • Versatile layout options
  • Compatibility with Elementor page builder
  • Header image, pricing section, title/subtitle

4. WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is one of the best user-experience-focused table builder plugins that are available on the market. It allows creating any type of table you can think of since your imagination is the only limitation.

It’s a freemium drag & drop table builder plugin that offers you five free elements to create any standard table. But for creating more advanced tables, you will require the assistance of the advanced elements that only come with the premium version.

With the amazing live editor, you can drag & drop your required element into the table canvas and can see what you are making live. If you don’t feel to create one from scratch, you can choose one from the template.

Since WP Table Builder is highly capable of creating any table, you can easily create any type of pricing table. The premium version offers pre-built pricing table templates. All you need is to choose one and edit the content, and it is ready to use.

For creating incredible pricing tables, you can add images, text, icons, icon lists, buttons, links, custom HTML, ribbons & badges, etc. All of the elements of the pricing tables are highly customizable, and responsive by nature.

With the power of shortcodes, you can use the tables created with WP Table Builder using any page builder. Overall, it’s a great table builder plugin that is suitable for creating tables for the Gutenberg Block editor or any page builder.

Features that make WP Table Builder a great WordPress pricing table plugin:

  • Pre-Built templates
  • Drag & Drop pricing table builder
  • Live editor to see the live changes
  • Advanced cell management
  • Works with any page builder including Gutenberg editor
  • Tooltips for list items
  • Table import & export option

5. Easy Pricing Tables – Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin

Easy Pricing Tables

No matter what sort of services you offer, having a stylish, user-friendly pricing table is mandatory for growing the consumers’ base. Luckily, the Pricing Tables WordPress plugin is equipped with all the features you may need to create and publish attention-grabbing pricing tables. This lightweight tool works with any WordPress theme so you can use it without limitations.

What is great about this plugin is its huge collection of customization options. In other words, you can customize everything from font size and table’s colors to rounded borders and their style. Since this plugin offers an intuitive user interface, anyone can build and publish professionally-looking pricing tables within minutes. This means you can use drag and drop functionality to reorder the columns of your pricing tables. Depending on your needs, you can create unlimited pricing table rows where you can input anything from prices, service descriptions, CTA, and more.

But, if all of this isn’t enough, you can switch to Easy Pricing Tables Premium. This version supports Google Analytics so you can track your pricing table’s clicks. Also, you can choose between ten gorgeous pricing table designs or create pricing Toggles that allow switching between multiple WP pricing tables.

Features that make Easy Pricing Tables a great WordPress pricing table plugin:

  • Drag and drop table’s builder
  • Easy customization
  • Compatibility with any theme

6. Responsive Pricing Table

Responsive Pricing Table

For everyone who wants to build pricing tables fast, simple, and without coding, the Responsive Pricing Table plugin will offer intuitive, easy-to-use functionalities. Firstly, it comes with a powerful admin panel that allows you to customize each element of your pricing table. This means you can easily add features to your different plans and customize colors/fonts.

In the first place, you can add a title and subtitle for your pricing plan. For instance, if you’re selling some sort of software with different pricing plans, you can include its name in a title and describe it shortly in subtitles. Of course, you can add a more detailed product description, price, most important features, custom buttons, or product’s icon.

Apart from this, you can choose between different currency signs (€, £, ¥, $…) depending on your location and market’s needs. However, in case you offer a free plan/product you can remove the currency sign. Also, you can highlight a certain plan by including a recommendation sign.

Features that make Responsive Pricing Table a great WordPress pricing table plugin:

  • Remove currency sign (eg. for free plans)
  • Change currency sign (€, £, ¥, $…)
  • Font and color change
  • Title, subtitle, description, buttons

7. Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons for Elementor

This is another great option for all Elementor fans. Elementor Pricing Table widget is a powerful solution for any website type and business field. With it, you can create original and interactive pricing tables that follow your branding direction. Thanks to numerous customization options, you can build any kind of pricing table within minutes. Whether you need a simple, basic pricing table or you want to select certain colors, this tool will help you achieve your goals.

In other words, this plugin isn’t limited to one, specific pricing table type. Instead, it’s equipped with customization options that allow you to play with features until you are happy with the final result. But the real power of Premium addons for Elementor is in its animation effects. In other words, if you want to make your content more dynamic, this plugin will let you add Lottie animation to your pricing table for a nice and attractive look.

Features that make Premium Addons for Elementor a great WordPress pricing table plugin:

  • Animation effects
  • Easy customization
  • Flexible features

8. Pricing Table by PickPlugins

Pricing Table by PickPlugins

What makes Pricing Table by PickPlugins a perfect toolkit for creating pricing tables with ease is its long list of features. With the help of this powerful plugin, you can create unlimited pricing tables and place them anywhere on your site. Whether you want to place your pricing tables on your main website page or to dedicate one page to pricing tables exclusively, this tool will meet your needs.

The great thing about this plugin is the fact it integrates tons of styles, themes, and table items so your pricing table fully expresses your branding and presents the business in the best light. In other words, you can create as many columns and rows as your personalized pricing table requires. Another great thing about Pricing Table by PickPlugins is its unlimited customization toolset.

You can change everything from background colors to font style within minutes. Plus, you can upload a background image for the table area. Since this plugin is fully responsive you can display your WordPress pricing tables through slider or carousel form on mobile devices (a pro feature).

On top of this, the premium version of this plugin offers 25 ready-made themes you can use right away as well as a practical currency switcher and amazing column animation functionality.

Features that make Responsive Pricing Table a great WordPress pricing table plugin:

  • Unlimited columns & rows
  • Header description text
  • Price Description text
  • Display image for each column
  • Background Image for table area

9. ARPrice – WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

ARPrice plugin

When we talk about the pricing table WordPress plugins, we have to mention ARPrice since it integrates a huge set of powerful options. Besides, 300+ beautifully designed pricing table templates you can use to create pricing tables of your dreams; this plugin offers many other features you may find useful. What makes this tool unique is its real-time editor. Thanks to it you can build any kind of pricing table effortlessly. Just choose a template and customize with drag and drop builder.

To put it another way, you can add an unlimited number of columns, change colors, choose fonts, upload background images or add ribbons for highlighting special deals (discounts, new products, etc.). The best part is you can preview every change you make so you can instantly see the results before hitting the Save button. What we also like about this advanced plugin is its set of animation effects that can make your pricing tables more dynamic and playful.

Choose between different hover, fade, swing or slide animation types to make your pricing tables more original. Lastly, this plugin lets you integrate videos (from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) into your pricing table or surprise customers with weekly/monthly/yearly toggle switches.

Features that make ARPrice a great WordPress pricing table plugin:

  • 300+ options are included
  • Realtime editor
  • Animated pricing tables included
  • Responsive pricing tables design
  • Supports videos
  • Toggle switch

10. Go Pricing – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables

Go Pricing plugin

Go pricing is another tool that holds a special place on our list of the best pricing table WordPress plugins. When you want to create pricing tables with unique characters, Go Pricing will let you do it with joy. Not only does it allow you to create an unlimited number of pricing tables, but also it’s packed with an intuitive admin interface. Here, you can adjust everything from texts and colors to icons so each element expresses your business personality.

Apart from this, you can boost your pricing tables by integrating versatile content types such as audio, video or maps. What is also worth mentioning is Go Pricing’s set of column animation. Anyone who wants interactive pricing tables will be happy to hear that this plugin offers 39 animation types so you can choose the effect that meets your requirements.

Furthermore, this plugin integrates 2000+ font icons so you can be sure there is an option suitable for your design style and business niche. Finally, there is live preview functionality so you can test how your pricing table will look in real-time.

Features that make Go Pricing a great WordPress pricing table plugin:

  • 2000+ Font Icons
  • Easy to Use Admin Interface
  • Various Media Types
  • Live Preview
  • Column Animations

11. Pricing Table — WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

Pricing Table — WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

If we have to choose one WordPress pricing table plugin, we would decide on the Pricing Table. Not only does this plugin cover all the latest and most efficient pricing display trends, but also it includes a wide array of options for creating different pricing combinations. The great thing is you can preview each table on your site, so you can easily decide which one will work best for you.

When you want to turn your pricing table into an original, yet informative website section, choose one of the layouts this plugin provides. For instance, you can display your pricing plans in column layout – this is a classic and most popular way for sharing pricing templates. Apart from this, you can go with a grid layout if you need a more refined, elegant pricing table style.

On top of this, you can use a table layout that allows you to display your pricing plan in a table with a table header. With the right visual in the hero image, you can further raise trust and engage people to purchase. Finally, you can customize everything from colors, rounded column colors to fonts.

Features that make Pricing Table a great WordPress pricing table plugin:

  • Any number of columns
  • Easy to apply custom colors
  • Rounded column corners
  • 3 predefined features looks (clean, divided, and striped)

Let’s Wrap It Up

Pricing tables are one of the most important website elements. No matter what kind of business you run, having detailed, well-designed pricing tables is useful for many reasons. When website visitors know the price of your services/products they are more likely to turn into customers. We hope our selection of pricing table WordPress plugins will help you find the solution that covers all your needs and that will help you increase sales.


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