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WordPress Quiz Plugins

10+ WordPress Quiz Plugins To Surprise And Entertain

If you’d like to make a quiz for your WordPress website and aren’t sure how to go about managing that, we’re here to help! As with most WordPress features that aren’t included in the initial installation or don’t come included with your theme, the solution is plugins. So, we’ve taken a look around and put together this list of awesome WordPress quiz plugins for you. Guided by ease-of-use as an important feature, we put together a list that combines both free and premium options.

Beyond being attractive to visitors, quizzes can have a direct and positive effect on websites that use them. They are a great way to improve engagement, keep visitors on the page for longer (bounce rates can affect your SERP ranking!), generate more click-throughs, mine data, and so much more. We assume you already have an amazing website in place, but if not—you can take the time to make your site fabulous, add a quiz (or several), and follow some basic SEO tips to rise through the ranks.

So, why don’t we dive in?

1. Quiz And Survey Master – Best Quiz Plugin for WordPress

Quiz and Survey Master WordPress plugin

The Quiz And Survey Master is an easy-to-use, feature-rich plugin. It has over 30,000 active installations and an average rating of 4.9 stars. The QSM is free, but for extended functionalities, you have the option to buy premium add-ons. When installed, and once activated, this plugin will show up on your admin dashboard menu.

With the QSM there’s a multitude of options you can use and combine to create any kind of quiz you can think of. The plugin is pretty straightforward to work with and all the options are clearly labeled and explained. Moreover, you get really useful features like usage tracking or IP address collection. On top of that, there is an option to email results to users which will give you an excuse to gather email addresses. You can use them to do newsletter campaigns or lead generation later on. And it’s really easy to track the statistics for quizzes made with the QSM plugin. There is an option to display information about submissions as a daily, weekly, or monthly view.

Moreover, there are all kinds of questions you can create since this plugin comes with numerous built-in options. There’s a straightforward dropdown menu where you can pick the type of question (multiple choice, dropdown, number…), i.e. answer you want for your quiz. Combining different types of questions is also allowed. You can even make a captcha query for your site using this plugin.

The best thing is, the QSM plugin itself is totally free. It does have the option to buy bundled add-ons for $99. Alternatively, you can purchase individual ones starting from as little as $8, or get one add-on free by signing up for ExpressTech’s newsletter.

Features that make Quiz And Survey Master a great WordPress quiz plugin:

  • Fill in the blank questions
  • Multiple results pages for each quiz
  • Grading with incorrect/correct or a points-based system

2. WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin

Quiz Maker Plugin

If you are trying to find the most user-friendly, entertaining, and advanced Quiz Plugin for WordPress then the Quiz maker plugin by Ays Pro is a perfect find.

The Quiz Maker plugin allows you to quickly create powerful and engaging quizzes, tests, and exams. This WordPress plugin provides a variety of options for creating fully customizable and advanced-level exams. There is no limit to the number of quizzes and questions you can create. It has a responsive design and an easy-to-use interface, so your website visitors will enjoy taking your quizzes.

This amazing plugin has 10K+ active installations and all of the happy customers and positive reviews are proof that getting this plugin will become a valuable investment for your business.

There are some wonderful features that make this plugin stand out among others.

First of all the questions are fully customizable. you may create questions that are completely customizable. It offers you the chance to quickly and easily format the text. Questions with images, sounds, and videos can be added. If you’re a techie, you can satisfy all your needs by using your HTML and CSS knowledge. Not to mention, you can add a shortcode from another plugin to the query.

Furthermore, the quiz settings give the possibility to take your quizzes to another level by making them more fun and interesting.

Finally, you are free to choose what your visitors should see after completion of the Quiz, Exam, or Test.

This amazing plugin has many features that can not be listed just in one paragraph s do not hesitate and give this plugin a try.

Features that make WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin a great WordPress quiz plugin:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Fully customizable
  • No limit to the number of quizzes

3. ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs Quiz Maker

If you’re looking for a user-friendly WordPress quiz plugin with lots of features and customization options, you can’t go wrong with ProProfs Quiz Maker. With a clean and intuitive user interface and a massive one million+ strong question bank, this powerful quiz software lets you create engaging quizzes and tests in minutes.
You can use ProProfs to create quizzes and assessments for any requirement, such as social engagement, lead generation, secure exams, student assessment, hiring, training, student/employee engagement, etc.

ProProfs lets you create 15+ types of questions, including multiple-choice, checkbox, video-response, and hotspot. You can add images to questions and answer options and provide instant question feedback to help learners. You can also set up branching logic in the questions and tag questions to get topic-wise results.

If you’re conducting exams, you can utilize several anti-cheating settings. You can enable remote proctoring, shuffle questions and answer options, disable tab switching, printing, and copying, add time limits, and leverage question pooling. The question pooling functionality lets you create a pool/bank of questions from which questions are selected randomly to present different tests to different quiz takers.

Another great thing about ProProfs is that it offers an excellent reporting mechanism. Reports are instantly and automatically generated, and you can have them mailed to any email address or export them in popular formats. You can also view visual statistics that give valuable insights on problematic topics and questions.

To embed ProProfs quizzes in your WordPress website, you need to install the ProProfs Embed plugin, which is a plugin for embedding quizzes, courses, and surveys created with ProProfs. To embed quizzes, all you need to do is copy and paste a shortcode into the HTML editor of your WordPress account.

ProProfs offers multiple pricing plans, starting from a free plan with basic functionalities. Premium plans start at $ 20/month (billed annually).

Features that make ProProfs Quiz Maker a great WordPress quiz plugin:

  • Question bank with one million+ ready-to-use questions
  • 100+ smart quiz settings and configurations
  • 100+ scored and personality quiz templates

4. Formidable Form Builder – Contact Forms, Surveys & Quiz Forms Plugin for WordPress

Formidable Form Builder WordPress plugin

The Formidable Form Builder is here to help you create any type of form you can imagine. Of course, that includes quizzes, surveys, contact forms, and much more. It has over 300,000 active installations and hundreds of glowing reviews. Formidable Form comes in two versions – lite and premium. Once you’ve installed it, this plugin will appear on your admin dashboard, underneath the “Comments” option.

Now, a really great point to be made in favor of this plugin is the mobile responsiveness. Formidable Form is completely responsive so your quiz will look great no matter the device used. This means people will be able to participate in your quizzes whether they are on the go, at home, or vacationing with a tablet. This makes it a great choice for your site to increase user engagement.

With this plugin, you can make your questions answerable via checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists, or more. Furthermore, in the actions and notifications section, you have the option to send emails with results to users after quiz completion. This is a simple way to gather email addresses both to contact visitors later on and to mine data.

With the pro version, you get MailChimp integration so that you can run email campaigns. Moreover, the paid version will let you make changes directly in the front end so your quiz will match the layout of the website. Or you can easily design it to contrast and grab attention if you prefer. And as far as design options go, the pro version of this plugin has a powerful form builder wizard that will let you create complex forms with ease. You’ll even be able to schedule when they become accessible or close for website visitors.

Features that make Formidable Form Builder a great WordPress quiz plugin:

  • Includes pre-built templates
  • Add hidden field option
  • Export your forms, entries, views, and styles as XML or CSV

5. HD Quiz

HD Quiz WordPress plugin

Easy to use and adaptive, the HD Quiz plugin is a great choice for making quizzes for your website. It has a five-star approval rating and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Once installed and activated, this plugin will show up on your admin dashboard, right under “Posts”.

This quiz-making plugin is not only mobile-friendly, but it is also touch-friendly. The options are designed to make using this plugin on touch devices simple and easy. And the latest update contains custom actions for developers. You might or might not be a developer, but it’s worth noting that this option will give you a wider range of plugin adaptability.

The HD Quiz includes a great usability feature. Namely, as soon as you create, i.e. name a quiz, the plugin generates a shortcode unique to that quiz. With it, you’ll be able to simply pick a page or post you’d like to put your quiz on and just paste the code to place it in your preferred location.

With this plugin, you can make different types of questions. Unfortunately, there’s no option to make questions with checkbox or radio button answers, but you do get image-based answers. These will let users select a picture from the provided set as their answer. And another handy feature comes in the form of the „Use Pool of Questions” option. With it, you can prepare numerous questions and set a condition for how many should be randomly grabbed and displayed as part of a quiz.

Harmonic Design, the makers of HD Quiz, have also created a free add-on for this plugin. It will enable you to save basic results from the completed quizzes. In doing so you can keep up with engagement and user metrics like scores, which quizzes are most taken, etc.

Features that make HD Quiz a great WordPress quiz plugin:

  • Quiz timer
  • Option to highlight what the correct answer was
  • Share quiz results via Twitter or Facebook buttons

6. ARI Stream Quiz – WordPress Quizzes Builder

ARI Stream Quiz WordPress plugin

The ARI Stream Quiz plugin is simple, streamlined and functional, with the accent on lead collection. With it, you will be able to create unlimited quizzes of different types. It has a five-star rating and will appear in your admin dashboard menu, near the bottom when you’ve activated it.

ARI doesn’t put much stock into swamping you with options. What you get with the free version is to-the-point and practical – there are options for “Quizzes” and “Settings”. Now, the actual quiz-making options provided are very straightforward. The results, questions, and all settings are arrayed in tabs and picking one will let you edit your quiz by navigating a list of options displayed in accordions.

You will be able to pick a style (referred to as “theme” within the plugin) so your quiz can take on a standard look or resemble Buzzfeed instead. Of course, you will be able to create your own theme if you’d like.

Moreover, there is an option that will reload the user’s browser for each question page, meaning that page views will increase (always good for SERP) and they will then load with different ads. Another useful feature that can help you with SERP is the social share functionality. The theme you’re using might already have it, but the ARI Stream Quiz plugin includes its own quiz results share options for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and VKontakte.

You can run lead generation thanks to the email functionality. It is integrated with email marketing tools (MailChimp and AWeber) that will provide you with an excellent range of choices that you can employ.

Features that make ARI Stream Quiz a great WordPress quiz plugin:

  • Fully translatable backend and frontend parts (contains English, French, Polish, Russian and Turkish translations)
  • See quiz results with user answers on the backend
  • Show “Play Again” button

7. WP Quiz – Best Quiz Plugin for WordPress

WP Quiz WordPress plugin

The WP Quiz plugin (modestly entitled the “best quiz plugin for WordPress” by its developers) is lightweight and feature-filled. Once activated, this plugin will show up mid-way through your admin dashboard menu (unless you have other plugins that displace it, it should pop up just above “Appearance”). There is a free and a pro version of this plugin.

The WP Quiz possesses three preset types of quizzes you can make: trivia, personality, and flip. The flip has the option to display answers in the form of images with flip effects on them. It adds a bit of liveliness, and it might further boost your user engagement.

And you can work on making your quiz go viral with some social sharing buttons. The plugin comes with predefined options for Facebook, Twitter, and VK. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the opportunity to make vote-style quizzes. No wrong or right answers, simply a choice between different options. This way you can appeal to different digital tribes or pit two groups against each other in the style of Marvel’s campaigns leading up to the release of Civil War to drum up engagement and interest.

The paid version of the WP Quiz plugin has several handy features. For example, you can integrate with Google Analytics and track quiz-related metric changes from there. The pro version also has the option to reload the page after a set number of questions, which can be very helpful with your page visit stats. Another nifty feature is the mail service that will let you reach out to registered users. Now, licenses start from $57 annually (applicable for one site only) and there is an option to pay only $37 for annual renewals.

Features that make WP Quiz a great WordPress quiz plugin:

  • Make flip card type quizzes
  • 3 quiz types each with demo data
  • Restart option to retake quiz

8. LearnDash WordPress LMS Plugin

LearnDash WordPress plugin

The LearnDash is a multifunctional and feature-rich plugin that can be used for making quizzes for all kinds of purposes. It is primarily designed as an LMS (learning management system) plugin, so it will provide you with a range of powerful quiz-making options. Once installed and activated, LearnDash will appear on your admin dashboard near the very top. Now, before we get any further into it, we need to mention that LearnDash is a premium plugin with annual licenses starting from $159 for one website and there are no free versions.

Now, this plugin made the list not just for its ease of use but because it includes some great features. For example, you’ll get an entire demo-site that you can download and build on to help you set up. Additionally, there is an option to award certificates, badges, or points to engage visitors and encourage them to stay on your site and engage more. There are also engagement triggers like automatic emails that can help you connect to your visitors and build rapport. In fact, with this plugin, you will also get the option of letting visitors open their own profiles and use them to track their activities and results. Use it to make sure they don’t waste time doing the same quiz twice when there will be others that could use an increase in click-through rates.

LearnDash offers detailed reporting that can help you keep track of your users and their results and performance. A really great feature of this plugin is that it is compatible with any modern WordPress theme so integrating it with your site will be quite simple. However, if you do run into any issues, its designers offer both support and updates for the duration of the subscription.

Features that make LearnDash a great WordPress quiz plugin:

  • Randomly display both questions and the available answers
  • Eight different question types with customization options
  • Provide multimedia hints

9. Interact Quiz Maker

Interact WordPress plugin

Generate leads and increase traffic with the help of the Interact plugin. This is a great pick for anyone looking to create quizzes and improve engagement with an easy-to-use plugin. Interact has several pricing options and is free to try and use with limited functionalities. Subscriptions are monthly and you can get a lower rate if you commit to maintaining your subscription for a year.

Now, you get access to different features depending on your plan, but we’re taking this opportunity to highlight all the advantages of this plugin, regardless of price package. For example, if you decide to use it for data mining it’s worth noting that this plugin is GDPR compliant. This means that you will be able to operate in accordance with the EU data protection act and avoid incurring steep penalties arising from improper treatment of your EU visitors’ data. On top of that, it has some great reports and analytics features. You’ll be able to track conversions thanks to integration with Google Analytics and built-in Facebook Pixel.

But in order to generate reports, you’ll first need something to track. This is why the Interact plugin offers you the choice to promote your quiz as a Facebook ad. Take advantage of this great functionality to improve your traffic and work on your site’s virality. Moreover, you will be able to promote the quizzes within your website with popups and announcement bars that come provided with this plugin. Additionally, Interact-made quizzes can be embedded on sites outside WordPress. So, if you ever decide to migrate to a platform other than WP, you won’t have to worry about data corruption or issues with the move.

And setting up a quiz is a breeze thanks to Interact’s numerous quiz templates. There are 40+ categories with several demo quizzes set up for each, totaling over 800 individual predesigned quizzes. All are available for subscribers to copy into their Interact account and adapt for their own use.

Features that make Interact a great WordPress quiz plugin:

  • Display analytics results as a sales funnel
  • 3 quiz types: personality, assessment, and scored
  • Drag-and-drop builder and customizable colors and styles

10. WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

WordPress Viral Quiz plugin

Another great quiz-making choice is the WordPress Viral Quiz. It’s a popular and highly rated plugin that boasts many attractive features. You’ll be able to access the plugin setup options from WordPress’ main admin menu—it will show up as an option underneath “Tools”. This plugin only comes as a premium, so you will need to part with $36 to get access to it.

However, it does include many great features. Each quiz you create with this plugin will get its own automatically generated shortcode so embedding it anywhere you like on your site will be a breeze. On top of that, there are several customization options that will help you adapt it to your general site layout. To start with you will be able to choose between two skins for your quiz – Buzzfeed or Modern Flat.

As part of the plugin options you can use during quiz creation, there are virality and marketing tabs with some nifty choices. The options provided there will let you choose whether to add social sharing buttons to your quizzes. Or ask visitors directly for information such as their email address. If you don’t want to be pushy, there is an option that can make such queries ignorable for visitors.

Since being appealing and keeping the user experience smooth is one of the priorities of every website, the WordPress Viral Quiz plugin includes useful features like “appreciation on results”. With it, you can set up a message (or multiple messages for different result brackets) along with an image for the Facebook share box to send your users.

Features that make WordPress Viral Quiz a great WordPress quiz plugin:

  • Fully responsive
  • Display multiple quiz results with percentages
  • MailChimp/AWeber/ActiveCampaign sync

11. Forminator Payment, Quiz and Contact Form Plugin

Forminator WordPress plugin

If you are looking for a straightforward and simple quiz plugin, then the Forminator might be the choice for you. This is a free plugin that, once installed, will appear on the bottom half of your admin dashboard.

Create personality or knowledge-type quizzes with this plugin and decide whether to display correct answers in real-time or once all of them have been submitted. And for users who’d like to brag about their erudition, there are social share buttons. Forminator is already set up with share buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. An interesting feature is the option to disable submissions storing, or just set a period for how long the information would be kept in the database. You can decide on that depending on your users’ privacy settings and preferences, or on local regulations if need be. But this plugin will let you keep track of the overall number of submissions.

Also, if you manage to build a mutually beneficial relationship with your visitors, you can use this plugin to build polls and query their opinions on matters like future quiz topics they’d be interested in. And, since it is designed to cover several forms of online interaction besides quizzes, the Forminator is compatible with (and can be connected to) several different apps. Tie it to MailChimp, Google Sheets, Slack, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and more. Your visitors are sure to appreciate the wider pool of options. And if you ever decide to remove this plugin, no worries—you can choose to keep the gathered data in your database for future use/analysis.

Features that make Forminator a great WordPress quiz plugin:

  • Front-end user post submissions
  • Google ReCAPTCHA
  • Both Classic Editor and Gutenberg compatible

In Conclusion

Quizzes are a very useful feature to have on your site for several reasons. Maybe you’d like to create viral content, boost visitor engagement, or perhaps you are doing a survey and gathering data. You might be running online courses and need to test attendees’ knowledge. Whatever your reason may be, you’re sure to find something for yourself on our list!

And quizzes are also a great way to have fun – both you as the maker, and your visitors as the users. They are an inexpensive and extremely popular way to improve user experience. So why not try your hand at making one today? Just grab a plugin from our selection and get cracking.

And we’re sure your site will quickly become a hit, so it would be a good idea to have good hosting in place to support the spike in traffic and demand.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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