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Professional WordPress Rating Plugins

7 Professional WordPress Rating Plugins

Customer reviews tell a lot about the company. Based on them, we can judge the overall satisfaction, the quality of service, or product characteristics. Generally speaking, reviews and ratings provide insightful information that can seal or break the deal. When positive feedback dominates, other people are more likely to become your customers as your credibility is based on social proof. On the other hand, when people rate your business poorly, you are in danger of losing potential clients.

The positive ratings are especially important for the new firms that are struggling to find their place in a certain niche. Thus, they give new businesses the chance to stand out from more established competitors. Moreover, ratings give customers the voice and the opportunity to honestly express their impressions. If you want to be professional, always use WordPress rating plugins to include customers’ ratings in your posts, pages, or shop pages. Combine these plugins with review WordPress themes for the best result.

1. Qi Addons for Elementor

Qi Addons Premium

Qi Addons for Elementor is a must-have plugin for everyone who wants to boost a site without spending a dollar. Created by professionals at Qode Interactive, this plugin covers everything you may need to make your site powerful, beautiful, and user-friendly. This amazing tool comes packed with 60 free and 40 + premium widgets that will let you upgrade every aspect of your website. Whether you want to showcase your work, sell products online, create tons of versatile forms for messaging, comments & subscriptions or elevate all your textual content to the next level, Qi addons get you covered.

Rating custom widget is a premium widget. Thanks to it, you can add your ratings anywhere on your site. For instance, you can include ratings for each service you provide. Also, you can include the ratings for products you sell or for the services you analyze in your blog. In other words, if you write an article about books, you can include the rating for each book you have mentioned. The best part is that you can customize every element of the rating – from icon type to colors, size, and more. So, if you as a blog author or website owner want to rate certain products or services, try this easy-to-use widget.

Features that make Qi Addons for Elementor a great plugin:

  • Over 100 fully customizable widgets
  • Full Woo plugin compatibility
  • Modern Design

2. kk Star Ratings

kk Star Ratings

WordPress rating plugins should be flexible, intuitive, and packed with all the necessities for creating visually appealing, professional user ratings. Kk Star Ratings plugin is created specifically for WordPress sites and brings all the features you may need to easily display customers’ ratings.

First of all, this plugin will give you complete freedom over your customers’ ratings. In other words, you can include the ratings in your posts, pages, or custom post types. In case of need, you can disable star ratings in posts that belong to certain categories. For instance, if you run a beauty blog you can only allow reviews in posts where you recommend beauty products.

Apart from this, you can choose where to show the ratings. From your homepage to the custom post types, you can display them anywhere following your needs. Next, you can restrict one rating to one IP address to prevent spam and keep things professional.

Additionally, you can fully customize the appearance of your star ratings. Adjust the number of stars, customize the position of star ratings, and more – it’s all fun and games with kk Star Ratings.

Features that make kk Star Ratings a great plugin:

  • Disable or enable ratings in certain categories
  • Restrict ratings per IP address
  • Easy star rating customization

3. Site Reviews

Site Reviews

When we talk about the best WordPress rating plugins, we have to mention Site Reviews since this tool covers it all. Not only does it bring all the features you could ever dream of, but also it’s simple to use, intuitive, and user-friendly.

For starters, you can manage, customize and adjust every aspect of your star ratings. This means you can assign ratings to certain categories, decide to display ratings on certain posts or pages or assign reviews to specific users on your site.

Moreover, you can make your star reviews beautiful in every sense. This plugin integrates with the WordPress Gravatar service, so your reviews will look great with avatar functionality. Besides this, you can control the reviews to make sure everything that appears on your site is in line with your values, business policy, etc. So, you can require review approval, ask visitors to be logged in to write a review, or send custom notifications on a new submission. Lastly, you can block review submissions that contain specific words, phrases, IP addresses, names, or emails.

Features that make Site Reviews a great plugin:

  • Email notifications
  • Full control over ratings
  • Avatar functionality

4. Reviews and Rating – Google My Business

Reviews and Rating

The list of the best WordPress rating plugins wouldn’t be complete without the Reviews and Rating – Google my Business plugin. In a nutshell, the plugin will collect the data about your current customer reviews and let you display them on your website. Apart from this, it allows you to point customers to post reviews and ratings on Google.

What we like about it is its huge collection of customization options. This means that reviews and ratings on your site will surely match the look and feel of your branding. For instance, you can show or hide any element following your personal needs. Customize the appearance with columns, adjust the order, hide or display avatars, format date, or name of the person who left the rating. Next, you can upload SVG vector graphics to make the reviews even more professional.

Moreover, you can adjust fonts, choose between dark and light backgrounds, select one of 14 color schemes or adjust animation effects (swipe, smart keyboard navigation, pause view on hover).

Features that make Reviews and Rating a great plugin:

  • Extensive customization options
  • SVG vector graphics
  • Dark and light background
  • 14 color schemes

5. WP-PostRatings


WP-PostRatings is another tool for displaying ratings on your shop, site, or blog. Like other WordPress rating plugins, it’s user-friendly, simple, and easy to use. This means you can decide where your ratings will appear – in posts or pages.

Also, you can embed ratings so they catch the eye and get notices if they are placed in the right place. Plus, you can define which rating will appear based on their unique IDs.

Features that make WP-PostRatings a great plugin:

  • Ease of use
  • Embed rating functionality
  • Limit rating appearance

6. Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials is another tool you can use to display ratings on your site. Although this plugin is primarily created to help you display traditional testimonials, it also allows you to display testimonials with ratings. So, if you want to go one step further, include testimonials that contain customers’ ratings.

When it comes to other features, Easy Testimonials is compatible with Gutenberg page builder, brings 25 professionally designed themes you can use, allows you to upload the image to the testimonials, and more.

Features that make Easy Testimonials a great plugin:

  • Gutenberg page builder
  • Image with testimonials
  • 25 themes

7. StarCat Reviews

StarCat Reviews

StarCat Reviews is another WordPress review plugin, worth having in mind. With it, you can create product ratings for your WooCommerce stores that are great for increasing conversions and sales. Of course, you can display ratings on other website pages or posts.

With this plugin, you can change the rating icons and colors to make them more personalized. Also, you can specify certain review criteria depending on your specific needs. Plus, users will be able to reply to other reviews, filter, or search others’ reviews.

Features that make StartCat Reviews a great plugin:

  • Multiple Review Criteria
  • Rating Icons and Colors
  • Rating in any Posts and Pages

8. Starfish Reviews

Starfish Reviews

With Starfish Reviews, you can create funnels that encourage positive feedback from clients, particularly their reviews. After you create the funnel, you can customize it so it fits your website design.

Features that make Starfish Reviews a great plugin:

  • Intuitive features
  • Ease of use

Let’s Wrap It Up

User reviews are powerful. They can inspire others to try your services, visit your restaurant or buy your products. Thus, they can boost your credibility and help you stand out from competitors. With one of the WordPress rating plugins, you can easily display, manage and add user ratings to your posts, pages, or shop sections. Choose the one with the best features and customization options and finish everything within minutes.


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