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WordPress Read More Plugins Any Blogger Needs

5+ WordPress Read More Plugins Any Blogger Needs

Once reserved for enthusiasts, blogging is nowadays a mainstream marketing skill. Not only does it improve Google ranking, but also it has the power to generate revenue. It’s not surprising the number of blogs grows from day today. In almost every marketing department, we can now see talented content creators, specialized in a certain niche. With all this in mind, it’s obvious that the blog deserves a special place on your website, no matter what business field you cover. On the other hand, if you want to focus on blogging only, having a professional blog is essential.

Start by choosing your unique blog name. If you lack inspiration, try advanced blog name generators. Next, decide on your design direction and blog style. Before you create WordPress blog post, don’t forget to allow the reader’s comments and to add estimated reading time. But, if you want to go one step further and offer an amazing reading experience, provide your readers with a short summary of your longer articles. With read more option, you can easily inform your readers that best is yet to come. Thanks to easy-to-use WordPress read more plugins, you can easily activate and customize this feature. Below, we took a closer look at some of the best WordPress read more plugins on the market.

1. Read More by Edmon – Show-Hide Plugin

Read More by Edmon

As a blogger, you already know that first-class content comes first. You also know that user experience comes second. If you want to keep your standards high, don’t forget to include read more features into your posts. With Read More by Edmon plugin, you can do it easily, even if you don’t have advanced coding knowledge. On the contrary, it’s simple as it gets. Whether you want to show or hide your long content, this tool is all you need. But how does it work? Basically, the part of the page you don’t want to be seen immediately will be hidden after you insert it in the shortcode. Of course, it will open after clicking the button. This will allow your readers who are really interested in the text to keep reading. What we like about this WordPress read more plugin is its collection of options. For instance, you can customize everything about your Read more button. From its type, dimensions, and font size to animation effects – everything can be changed with a click. If this is not enough, there is a PRO version, as well. With it, you can change both the color of your button or a background color only. Also, it provides you with a button border-radius for a more professional appearance.

Features that make Read More by Edmon the great WordPress read more plugin:

  • Button type
  • Inline Type
  • Link button type
  • Link type
  • Button dimension mode
  • Font size – button custom font size
  • Button background color – custom color

2. Read More Without Refresh

Read More Without Refresh

Read More Without Refresh is a good choice if you like constant improvements. As its creators always work on new updates, it may be a tricky choice if you want a finished solution. But if you like to contribute and leave feedback that can truly lead to change, this plugin is for you. The mechanic behind this plugin is simple. Through a shortcode, you can hide the predefined text based on your choice, leaving the remaining one visible to the search engines. What is specific about it is that the page won’t reload after people hit the Read more button. Apart from this, you can add this functionality anywhere on your site, starting from pages, posts, widgets, etc. When it comes to customization options, this plugin is a good choice. Change its colors depending on your branding and get a more personalized button.

Features that make Read More Without Refresh the great WordPress read more plugin:

  • Simple shortcode
  • Full flexibility
  • Easy color changes

3. Ultimate Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

Ultimate Blocks Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

Ultimate Blocks is a free Gutenberg blocks plugin that comes with 18 awesome content blocks for the Gutenberg editor.

With over 40,000 active users, this plugin is one of the top choices for Gutenberg users.

One of the blocks available in the plugin is the Expand block which lets you create a read more toggle in your posts and pages.

The block has very simple functions which makes it very easy to use. You just insert the block into your post or page and then add your content inside it.

The best part about this is that you’re not just limited to text inside the read more area. The plugin lets you any Gutenberg block inside the expand section.

Moreover, you can also add content that you want to show partially along with the read more button.

The block lets you align the content inside the expanded area and is fully responsive, giving a great experience across all devices.

Apart from that, the Ultimate Blocks plugin comes with many other useful blocks that can be a great addition to your WordPress site.

Features that make Ultimate Blocks the great WordPress read more plugin:

  • Easy to use
  • Completely Free
  • Gutenberg-based
  • Very lightweight

4. Auto Limit Posts Reloaded

Auto Limit Posts Reloaded

Auto Limit Posts Reloaded is another plugin that deserves a place on our list of the best WordPress read more plugins. This free, user-friendly plugin will provide you with a toolset for cutting down your posts in Index / Home, Categories, Archive, and Search sections, without providing a “more” tag each time you compose a post. The best part is you can just activate the plugin and use the options without any additional changes. However, if you prefer a more personalized approach, you will be happy to hear that this plugin is extremely easy to adjust. Depending on your blog’s type, you can format references to the full text of your post. For instance, you can go with a specific reference text – Read More, Read Full Text, etc. Also, you can predefine colors, letter spacing, type of button’s borders, and much more. What is characteristic about this plugin is it cuts a post to an exact number of letters. This is done at the end of a word that is close to that number of letters, or at the end of the first paragraph. This is an amazing option if you want to keep your site in order, clutter-free.

Features that make Auto Limit Posts Reloaded the great WordPress read more plugin:

  • Different color options
  • Easy customization
  • The predefined number of letters is Read more section

5. Read more

Read more

When we talk about the best WordPress read more plugins, we need to mention Read more by Adam Skaat. This plugin is equipped with many practical features. When you want to add Read more functionality to your posts, you probably want to do it fast, secure, and without complications. This plugin exactly does this. With it, you will be able not only to edit the button’s height, weight, and font – but also to set the type of animation that will appear after people click Read more. On top of this, you can change the color of the button and its background. What we especially like is a mobile-friendly version of this plugin available with pro or paid packages. If you want your read more button to look great on mobile devices, don’t miss out to try this option as well.

Features that make Read More by Adam Skaat the great WordPress read more plugin:

  • Mobile friendly PRO version
  • Endless customization options
  • Ease of use

6. Gosign – ReadMore Toggle Text Block

Gosign – ReadMore Toggle Text Block

The last but not the list – here is Gosign! With this plugin what you see is what you get. Besides the modern, minimalist design, this plugin offers many interesting features bloggers will like. If you equally value content quality and the way it looks, Gosign may pleasantly surprise you. Apart from essential features, each read more plugin covers, this plugin comes with amazing customization options. Make your articles more stylish and eye-catching with the simple, yet powerful Read more button. Choose refined colors, set your preferable fonts and you’re ready to go!

Features that make Gosign the great WordPress read more plugin:

  • Add Text Block
  • A lot of Styling options for button and text
  • Animation and Speed configurations
  • Custom Styling and labels for Read More button

Let’s Wrap It Up

Being a blogger is a dream job for many talented writers. If you dream to share not only high-quality content but also to do it with style, WordPress read more plugins are all you need. Based on your preferences, WordPress knowledge, and blog style, you can choose from our list since it includes some great examples.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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