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Professional WordPress Schedule Plugins Worth Checking Out

5+ Professional WordPress Schedule Plugins Worth Checking Out

Staying on top of the game requires constant innovations. The transition from analog to the digital age brought many amazing advantages for customers. Online booking is one of them. This option not only saves time but gives people the freedom to choose dates, duration time, or services that work the best for them. Whether you run a restaurant, fitness center, or a beauty salon, or you offer law services – allowing your target audience to reach you via online schedules is crucial.

Thanks to easy to use WordPress schedule plugins, you don’t need to hire developers to get this functionality. On contrary, anyone can use them with zero coding knowledge. With the right strategy, you can increase appointment booking on your site, which can have great benefits for your business. Your company’s revenue will grow and your customers can purchase services at any convenient time.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the most powerful plugins on the market:

1. WordPress Appointment Booking by MotoPress

WordPress Appointment Booking by MotoPress

When it comes to appointments, you definitely don’t want to miss this hourly booking plugin by MotoPress. Their booking solutions are known for splendid performance, flexible functionality, and the easiest customization.

The next appointment booking plugin fits all services based on hourly booking, whether they are performed online or offline. Those can be either a tutoring class, a coach session, or a doctor’s appointment. It can be optimized for a website of one specialist only or an entire team of employees.

WordPress Appointment Booking offers a WordPress booking calendar that allows users to track the booked slots. Users can make direct bookings from the website without the need to confirm them through phone calls, chats, or emails. You can have as many employees, locations, and types of services on your calendar as you need.

Features that make WordPress Appointment Booking a great WordPress schedule plugin:

  • Suitable for appointment-based services
  • Hourly appointment booking (min time slot is 15 minutes)
  • Multiple employees & locations & services
  • Flexible employee schedules (with lunchtimes, breaks, and days off)
  • One-page service client booking wizard

2. Timetable and Event Schedule by MotoPress

Timetable and Event Schedule by MotoPress

With the digital age came a digitization of processes in almost every niche we can imagine. This is what the creators of the Timetable and Event Schedule plugin had in mind when they launched this amazing tool. Whether you organize festivals, conferences, formal parties, and concerts or you run gyms and private schools, you will be able to create amazing online schedules for single or multiple events.

What we especially like about this plugin is its set of customization options. This means you can change the appearance of each event and add elements such as date, time or description. Apart from this, you can fully control the color of your scheduling forms. Highlight important activities, or adjust color schemes so everything perfectly fits your website’s design.

On top of this, the plugin integrates advanced event filtering, so people can easily find the events they are interested in. To make the navigation through events more user-friendly, this plugin provides an Upcoming events widget. Use it to keep your sidebar in order and your page clutter-free. Also, you can add event tags and categories, which is another step in making navigating events easier. When you want to instantly attract the attention, use featured images for individual events, as this functionality really makes a difference. Lastly, Timetable and Event Schedule plugin is optimized to be viewed perfectly on different devices.

Features that make Timetable and Event Schedule a great WordPress schedule plugin:

  • Featured images for individual events
  • Ability to add event tags and categories
  • Several filter styles: drop-down list and tabs
  • Customizable event parameters
  • Featured images for individual events

3. Simply Schedule Appointments

Simply Schedule Appointments

This easy-to-use and customize tool is on our list of best WordPress schedule plugins for a good reason. Designed for accepting any sort of appointments through your website, the Simply Schedule Appointments plugin justifies its name. Its simple options allow your customers to book appointments fast and easy.

If you’re an online teacher, coach, business expert, or fitness instructor, you can allow people to reach you without using phone calls. Specify when you’re available and when you don’t want to be disturbed or limit how many daily appointments you accept. Depending on your business type, you can offer different types of appointments. People can book short or long meetings with or without phone calls. On top of this, the Simply Schedule Appointments plugin is a good choice if you want to provide an amazing customer experience. As it’s beautifully designed, your customers will surely enjoy every step of the scheduling process. In the end, Simply Schedule Appointments is built with the latest technology – including Vue.js and the WordPress REST API. Thus, UI is a dream come true for any user out there.

Features that make Simply Schedule Appointments a great WordPress schedule plugin:

  • Limiting the number of appointments
  • Different types of appointments
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy and detailed customization

4. Easy Appointments

Easy Appointments Plugin

From law to medicine, this plugin can be used with complete ease in any industry. This extremely flexible tool is equipped with amazing features that allow you to manage any aspect of your appointment booking form. With Easy Appointments you can create detailed forms for one specific location, service, date/time, or worker. Another great functionality of this plugin is the email notification option. Thanks to it, you can send email notifications to your employee, after someone books an appointment. Also, you can inform customers in case there have been some changes in the events they had booked. Moreover, people can confirm the booking with a link you can provide inside the email. On the other hand, they can cancel booking the same way, if something unpredictable happens.

Features that make Easy Appointments a great WordPress schedule plugin:

  • Dedicated calendar for one location/service/worker
  • Multiple time slots
  • Bulk connections builder
  • Extremely flexible time table
  • Email notifications

5. Appointment Hour Booking – WordPress Booking Plugin

Appointment Hour Booking

If you search for a well-equipped plugin that can be used for versatile niches, have a look at the Appointment Hour Booking plugin. In the first place, this plugin allows you to easily configure the data of your calendars and schedules. For example, you can define the starting time for a specific appointment or emphasize its duration. Besides this, people can select multiple services on the booking they make. Also, availability for certain dates will be managed automatically, so you can prevent double booking. Another amazing functionality is automatic price calculation. This is especially practical for hotels, fitness couches, or lawyers, as people get the info about expenses in advance. If needed, people can also print certain appointment lists. Finally, Appointment Hour Booking provides you with multiple date formats and supports 50+ languages.

Features that make Appointment Hour Booking a great WordPress schedule plugin:

  • Calendar available in 53+ languages
  • Multiple date formats supported
  • Printable appointments list
  • Automatic price calculation
  • Customizable email notifications

6. Amelia

Amelia Plugin

Amelia is an ideal choice for everyone out there! Made to help you set up a fully-featured automated booking system on your website, this tool provides a smooth and slick user experience. If your business depends on stable appointment booking processes, you will be happy to hear that Amelia Lite is built with the newest Enterprise-level of technology on front-end and back-end. In other words, it not only works perfectly but also looks amazing on different devices. On top of this, Amelia is easy to install and configure. And, in case you need assistance, you can have a look at detailed documentation or reach the support team.

Features that make Amelia a great WordPress schedule plugin:

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Fully responsive
  • Built with newest Enterprise-level of technology
  • Powerful features

7. Start Booking

Start Booking

Allow your customers to start booking your services right away with the Start Booking WordPress plugin. Created for individuals and businesses that want to accept booking through their site, this tool is an amazing option. With this plugin, you can easily add and manage services, configure users or staff members or define opening hours, and manage every detail about your customers and appointments. What is also great about Start Booking is its ease of use. It’s created for complete beginners, which means you don’t need to have coding knowledge to use it to the fullest. After you install and configure it through your WordPress dashboard, you can continue using Start Booking’s cloud interface. What we especially like about this plugin is its flexibility. For instance, you can integrate your personal Google Calendar account and create and manage appointments from there.

Features that make Start Booking a great WordPress schedule plugin:

  • Accepting unlimited bookings/appointments
  • Managing appointments from the cloud dashboard
  • Assign specific services to specific staff members
  • Appointment reminder emails
  • Check customers in (for physical appointments)
  • Integration with Google Calendar

8. Bookly PRO – Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System

Bookly PRO Plugin

In a nutshell, Bookly PRO provides an automated online booking and scheduling system for WordPress sites. Not only does this plugin integrate endless features and options, but also it’s compatible with amazing add-ons and other plugins. Whether you want to create filterable, sortable, and searchable booking lists, or to allow your customers to print their booking, it’s all fun and games with this tool. Besides this, you can create an unlimited number of staff members with details such as prices, individual working schedules, and an online booking calendar. Also, you can add an unlimited number of services and group them into categories or set unique colors for easier navigation in Bookly Calendar. Packed with built-in analytics with booking statistics as well, this plugin is great if you want to analyze your booking processes. Finally, the plugin is translation ready, compatible with WooCommerce, and works amazingly with Google calendar.

Features that make Bookly PRO a great WordPress schedule plugin:

  • Printable booking lists
  • Unlimited number of services
  • Unlimited number of staff members
  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • 12 languages included

Let’s Wrap It Up

Having a functional, flexible, and user-friendly booking system can be a game-changer for your business. No matter which niche you cover, WordPress schedule plugins are great for building amazing appointment booking forms. Customize the colors; add elements that are relevant for your company or services you offer. Also, you can connect your Google Calendar and integrate it with your site with a click. Hope our selection of WordPress schedule plugins will help you find the tool that meets your needs perfectly.

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