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Best WordPress Table Plugins with Gutenberg Blocks

5+ Best WordPress Table Plugins with Gutenberg Blocks

When you need to present data in a clean, easily digestible way, using a table is one of the best, if not the best, options you have. That’s why you can notice tables everywhere. Your favorite online store might show shipping options and pricing in a table. Your bank can use it to show rates. Coffeeshops can use them for menus, subscription-based businesses can use them to show the benefits of different membership tiers, and the list doesn’t end there. Wherever there’s information that needs to be presented with clarity, a table could be used.

The problem with tables, however, is that they’re not always easy to create from scratch. WordPress users, however, can rely on table plugins to help them out. Given how the CMS is becoming more block-oriented by the day, we’ve compiled a list of Gutenberg-friendly WordPress plugins with table blocks, any one of them ready for you to include it on your list of practical Gutenberg plugins that make your life easier. The list includes:

1. Qi Blocks for Gutenberg

Qi Blocks for Gutenberg

Qi Blocks for Gutenberg is more than just a table plugin for WordPress – it’s a collection of blocks you can use to do some pretty awesome things in the block editor. With Qi Blocks, adding dividers, buttons, and team member info to your website becomes a breeze, and so does adding tables.

The plugin has not one, but two separate table blocks you can use in the Gutenberg editor. The pricing table block comes with six predefined layouts, the ability to add images, ribbons, and badges, and create wonderful minimalist tables if that’s what you like. The data table block lets you easily create tables, even multi-page tables, and add images, text, and backgrounds to them. Both blocks will give you enough customization options to keep you busy for a while, and if you use the tools they give you well, you’ll never lack a nicely-designed table for your website.

2. Ninja Tables – Best Data Table Plugin for WordPress

Ninja Tables plugin

Ninja Tables is a Gutenberg-friendly WordPress table plugin packed with useful features. The plugin was created with user experience in mind, and it boasts good speed and an inviting editing environment. The tables you can create with it are responsive, and the plugin will let you configure them, import data to the tables, export data from them. Whether you need to create a data table, a member list table, or a pricing table, Ninja Tables has you covered.

The plugin comes with a Ninja Tables block, to facilitate use with the Gutenberg editor. It’s available in a free and a premium version, with the premium version adding great features such as live connect with Google Sheets, WooCommerce product tables, and more. The paid version’s pricing starts at $49 yearly for a single site.

3. wpDataTables – WordPress Tables & Table Charts Plugin


When you have an Excel file or a similar source of data in your hands and you need a quick way to convert it into a nice-looking table for your WordPress website, wpDataTables is just the plugin you need. The plugin lets you easily create responsive tables from scratch or with some of the commonly used spreadsheets and data-presenting files. The plugin will also let you create responsive charts, on top of providing great customization options and functionalities such as pagination, search bar, and filtering.

The Premium version, which starts at $69 per year, brings many more things to the table. Support for MySQL-query based tables, use of Google spreadsheets as data source, server-side processing, as well as table filters and front-end table editing are the things you get with the Premium version. Whether you choose to use it or not, you’ll get full Gutenberg support and a handy block to help you add your tables with the block editor.

4. Visualizer – Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

Visualizer plugin

If tables and charts is what your WordPress website needs, then the Visualizer: Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress plugin is worthy of your attention. Not only will it help you create some of the prettiest charts you’ve ever seen on your website, but it’ll also give you some great table-building options. The functionalities you can expect to get with this plugin include design customization, sorting abilities, pagination, and even a search function. And you get all of that in a Guttenberg-ready package, waiting for you to add it to your website using the block editor.

There are some differences between the regular and the Pro version, which starts at $99 per year. The Pro version gives you fifteen different types of charts to use, the ability to import data from other charts, graphs, and tables, and let visitors edit the charts.

5. Easy Pricing Tables – Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin

Easy Pricing Tables

Pricing tables are one of the most common use cases for table plugins, so it stands to reason that some people will want a plugin that specializes in that application of tables. To them, we offer the Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin, ready to be used along with the block editor to show your customers and clients the pricing information they expect to see on your website. The tables you create with it are responsive, they fit with every theme, and are easy to edit.

With the Premium version of the plugin, which starts at $39 per year, you get access to six beautiful table designs, comparison tables, full gamut of customization options, and pricing toggles. And yes, the Premium version also includes one- click WooCommerce integration.

6. Tablesome – Responsive Table, Forminator, WPForms DB, Contact Form 7 Database (CFDB7), MailChimp For Forms

Tablesome plugin

Tablesome is a WordPress table Gutenberg-ready plugin that lets you do a couple of interesting things with tables. Apart from letting you actually create them, the plugin will also let you save contact form submissions, import and export tables, and export data to third-party services such as MailChimp or Notion. As for the table creation, the plugin will let you build a responsive, SEO-friendly table you can further customize to your liking.

Some of its options, however, are only available with the Pro version of the plugin. These include exporting data as CSV files, table duplication, adding call-to-action buttons to tables, and many more. The Pro version is available on a seven-day trial, after which it costs $38 per year.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Tables are indispensable tools for data presentation, and not being able to use them can hurt your website’s ability to communicate with its visitors effectively. That’s why using any one of these WordPress table plugins for Gutenberg is a great idea – any one of them will make adding and editing plugins a breeze.


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