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WordPress Testimonial Plugins That Bring More Customers to Your Website

5+ Top WordPress Testimonial Plugins That Bring More Customers to Your Website

There is no better commercial than a sincere recommendation from a satisfied customer. No matter what business you are in, you can never go wrong with testimonials. They are just perfect to show your potential customers that your business is trustworthy. What’s also great is that testimonials often provide you with the opportunity to highlight specific features or convincing reasons why customers should consider doing business with you. Not to mention how positively they can impact conversion rates on your website. That’s why investing in a good testimonial plugin is always a good idea especially if the WordPress theme of your choice isn’t already bundled with a testimonial feature.

Since there are so many WordPress testimonial plugins around, you may be wondering how to pick the right one and what your decision should be based on. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We handpicked top testimonial plugins that will suit any WordPress theme perfectly:

1. Qi Addons For Elementor

Qi Addons For Elementor plugin

Qi Addons for Elementor is a powerful, versatile, and very easy-to-use tool that adds an air of elegance besides functionality to your website. It is currently the largest collection of free add-ons on the web and includes 60 free widgets that make it easy even for complete beginners to enrich their websites with effective elements without any coding knowledge necessary. The great news is there is a premium Qi addons version now, packed with 40+ game/changing new widgets.

Two testimonial widgets are included in the collection so you can choose between adding classic and carousel testimonials to your pages. The plugin allows you to add many details into the testimonials, but also to keep them as simple as possible with just the necessary info if you prefer so. You can set the background, add images, set the font style, and create a completely customized testimonials section in just a few clicks.

2. Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials

Easy testimonials is a reliable testimonial plugin with a proven track record and 30,000 + active users. As the plugin’s name suggests, the Easy Testimonials is indeed easy to install and use. It enables you to add a customer feedback form on your website and collect testimonials. The plugin also offers the option to enter the testimonials manually from your WordPress admin area. It is bundled with 25 beautiful, professionally designed free templates and many powerful features like the ability to display responsive testimonials, output a fading testimonial widget, show a random testimonial in your sidebar on every page load, display a testimonial with rating and even more. Not only that you can embed testimonials into a page or post, but you can also be sure that they will look great and suit your website style. The plugin also allows you to add images to testimonials so that the author of the testimonial can be seen which definitely adds credibility points to your website.

What also makes this plugin great is that it comes with five custom Gutenberg blocks. Furthermore, the plugin comes in a free and a pro version, which offers additional customization options and many other benefits such as even more themes, new testimonial notifications, spam prevention and many more.

3. Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonials is a plugin popular mainly for its customizability. It includes one testimonial form with custom fields. You can change its properties, add or remove fields so that it perfectly suits your goal. What makes the plugin unique and incredibly easy to use even for total beginners is its editor, which allows you to display testimonials without having to memorize or write shortcodes by yourself. It comes with multiple display options including grid layout, testimonial slider, single-column layout, masonry layout, and more. As for the style, Strong Testimonials comes with a few designs and some basic variations of background and font color, while the rest is inherited from your WP theme. If you want more customization options for fonts, borders, and margins, you can use custom CSS. The paid version of this tool also allows you to embed reviews from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and similar.

4. Testimonial – Best Testimonial Slider Plugin for WordPress

Testimonial Plugin

The Testimonial plugin is a lightweight tool that enables you to create unique, good-looking testimonials on your website. What makes it different from other similar tools is its shortcode generator. Thanks to this feature you can create amazing testimonials, reviews, or display quotes with responsive layouts and customize their style to perfectly suit your website. Both coders and non-coders will find the user panel very friendly and easy to use. It provides plenty of customization options while its basic testimonial design is elegant and minimalistic. It also allows you to introduce the star rating system to your website, which is very handy in some niches, especially in eCommerce. It is compatible with any WordPress theme and fully responsive and mobile-friendly, so you can be sure it won’t jeopardize your site’s look, no matter the device. This plugin also comes in a free and a premium version.

5. Testimonial Rotator

Testimonia Rotator

The Testimonial Rotator is a great plugin that makes managing the testimonials on your website really easy. It provides you with the ability to create rotating testimonials anywhere on your website. Adding photos, job titles, feedback and similar customer information into testimonials is simple and easy with this tool. To create single or multiple rotators, you can use the shortcode or the widget that you get with the plugin. That way, you can place your testimonials either on your pages and posts, or in various widget areas of your site, such as your sidebar. This plugin is pretty flexible and customizable too, you can easily change and adjust all the rotator settings in the admin panel and make custom templates. And on top of it all, this plugin is completely free.

6. Testimonials

Testimonials Plugin

The Testimonials plugin is a fully responsive tool with clean design and quality coding. It is bundled with four different themes for your testimonials, and allows you to add them to the sidebar, as a widget, or to any page or post using a shortcode. What is interesting is that this plugin allows you to output a random testimonial or insert a list of all testimonials, and it also comes with the option to filter all the testimonials and sort them by date or any other custom order. What you get with it is also a full 24/7 customer support which is very convenient if you are new to this. And you can choose between a regular (free) and a pro (paid) version.

7. BNE Testimonials

BNE Testimonials Plugin

BNE Testimonials is a very practical, simple, and user-friendly testimonial plugin that will provide you with all the necessary features for adding testimonials to your website. With this plugin, you can display testimonials in a slider or in a plain list layout. The testimonials adjust to your theme’s style so you’ll be wasting no time on making them fit your site’s aesthetics. You can add testimonials or reviews to any page using a shortcode, or to the sidebar using a widget. What is included in every testimonial is a tagline, image, title, website URL, and message. You also have the option to sort all the testimonials into different categories. All of this is included in the free version and if you need more advanced features you can also have them in the paid version.

8. Testimonial Slider – Free Testimonials Slider Plugin

Testimonial Slider

The Testimonial Slider plugin is a great way to improve your website’s user experience as it enables you to add beautifully designed testimonials to sliders. It allows you to customize the style and color of the slider with five different layouts. You also have the option to display testimonials in an elegant list which you can further customize. The tool is responsive to all kinds of mobile devices so you don’t have to worry about how the sliders and testimonials will affect your website’s look and functionality. Furthermore, it is easy both to set up and use and does not require any coding skills, not to mention that this tool is completely free.

In Conclusion

Now, even though all of these plugins might seem similar to you, as they all provide you with a great and easy way to showcase testimonials on your website, you will notice the differences in admin panels, design and features and how they all differ in terms of what is offered in a free and what in a premium plan. We recommend you to analyze which one of them will best suit your website and your needs and make a decision based on these insights. Besides users’ testimonials, you should also pay attention to other types of feedback. Try user feedback plugins for collecting users’ feedback professionally. Being transparent about feedback will surely strengthen the bonds with customers. Good luck!

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