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Best WordPress Weather Widgets to Keep Your Website Sunny and Bright

5+ Best WordPress Weather Widgets to Keep Your Website Sunny and Bright

There are many ways to offer your site visitors relevant and useful content. Having a well-designed WordPress weather widget on your website definitely adds points to the quality of user experience and is bound to leave a positive impression. The weather widget is a convenient and handy widget that you can add to your website’s header, sidebar, footer or any other widget area to show current weather information. Whatever your line of business, this kind of info is always welcome – everyone wants to know if they’re going to need an umbrella. In some industries, like tourism, event management and similar, they are of essential importance. It will definitely go perfectly with any kind of travel website. But, whatever your reason for placing a weather widget on your site might be, you can easily make it look like a beautiful design element without any coding knowledge. To make it easier for you to choose the perfect weather widget in line with your niche and needs, we came up with this versatile list of WordPress Weather Widgets:

1. Awesome Weather Widget

Awesome Weather Widget

The Awesome Weather widget is characterized by a clean design so that it easily fits any type of website or blog. It is easy to set up and even easier to use. It provides you with the weather data from the OpenWeatherMap or Dark Sky and presents them in a practical, concise and elegant manner. Note that both weather services require an API key, but it’s free in both cases. You can display the weather data either using a widget you get from the plugin, or, if you want to display it on your pages or posts, you can use a shortcode, which you also get from the widget, but need to set up using attributes. It is good to know that this is a completely free plugin.

2. Weather Atlas Widget

Weather Atlas Widget

The Weather Atlas Widget is a beautiful, highly customizable widget that you can modify in terms of its looks and form to perfectly suit your website. It is also responsive so it will adjust to the look of your website on any device. Bright colors (which you can modify and adapt) and clean design make the widget look elegant on any page. It is also important to mention that this is a smart widget meaning its borders and background adapt to the current temperature while the font size automatically adjusts to the widget’s placement on the page. It shows all the important weather info such as hourly forecast, temperature, UV index, wind, humidity, pressure, and as well as sunrise/sunset time for the location. Plus, it is free.

3. Weather Station

Weather Station

The Weather Station plugin is quite handy as it allows you to display the weather info from a variety of weather stations. It requires no coding knowledge and you can set it up quite easily. The variety of weather data it can show might come as a surprise since the plugin seems so simple. It can show astronomy details, pollution, indoor comfort, fire risks and similar if the weather station you choose provides this type of data. On top of all that, this tool is completely free.

4. wp-forecast


The wp-forecast plugin is another well-structured weather widget that uses the data from AccuWeather.com or WeatherBug.com, depending on your preferences. It allows you to customize the kind of weather info you want to display, so you can, for instance, choose to display the temperature, pressure, wind pollution, and avoid other data that you don’t find relevant. You also get to choose the metric system and since many translations are available there is a fair chance you’ll be able to use it in your own language, not to mention that you can also add your own translation. On top of it all, this one too is a free plugin.

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5. Location Weather

Location Weather

The Location Weather is an easy to use weather plugin whose minimalistic design and practical features make it very popular. It allows you to add as many weather widgets to your website page or sidebar as you like and customize its look in just a few clicks. It provides real-time weather forecasts and is compatible with any WordPress theme. It comes in a free and a pro version which will provide you with even more choices and details on weather conditions to show.

6. Astero – WordPress Weather Plugin

Astero - WordPress Weather Plugin

The Astero WordPress Weather Plugin’s design is what instantly catches the eye – it is modern, stylish and responsive. This tool uses the Ajax technology and local caching to provide fast loading of weather forecasts. It enables you to create beautiful weather widgets with animated backgrounds or custom images. In case you wish to create widgets by yourself that is also possible thanks to the shortcode builder. This plugin is not free but is available at an affordable price of $19.

7. Weather Forecast – WordPress Weather Plugin

Weather Forecast - WordPress Weather Plugin

The Weather Forecast is a very user-friendly weather plugin that comes with five design options to choose from. You can easily turn a weather widget into a gorgeous design element completely in line with your website’s aesthetics. You also get to choose the type of weather data you want to have displayed on your website and embed it anywhere you want on your website or sidebar. It will work with any WordPress theme and even though it is not a free tool, its price is quite reasonable bearing in mind all the options that come with it. What makes it worth it is the excellent code quality, premium support that comes with it, and not to mention that there is a Gutenberg block for it too. Moreover, if you prefer to use Visual Composer or Elementor you can easily build in this widget into any page you create. You can also track all the changes you make while customizing it in the live plugin editor that also comes with this plugin.

In Conclusion

Depending on styling and customization options, the choice of weather stations and other features, and, of course, your budget, you can decide which of the plugins and widgets will work best for you. All of these enable you to seamlessly incorporate a weather display into any page, post or sidebar on your website with just enough customization options to make it fit your WP theme. They are all easy to use and require no coding knowledge and will work with any WordPress theme, so whichever you decide for we are sure it will add value to your website experience.


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