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Professional WordPress Wiki Plugins Worth Trying

5+ Professional WordPress Wiki Plugins Worth Trying

Good customer experience is something everyone strives for. Fast, secure and well organized website became an ordinary thing. To attract website visitors, nowadays, you need more than a beautiful, yet simple WordPress theme, responsive design and high-quality content. You need website elements that will provide users with crucial information and save their time. One of them is a knowledge base. This practical website tool allows customers to find answers they need without contacting your support team.

Once you create helpful instructions and offer answers for common questions, you will be able to save both yours and your customer’s time. With the help of an educational and detailed knowledge base, you can offer solutions to customers’ problems even before they call you and contact your team.

Luckily, you don’t need advanced coding skills to create a professional knowledge base. With these WordPress Wiki and knowledge base plugins, you can create any sort of knowledge base with no effort:

1. WordPress Knowledgebase Plugin – WP Knowledgebase

WordPress Knowledgebase Plugin

As a real professional, you surely want to offer great user experience. With WordPress Knowledge Base plugin, you can create an amazing knowledge base that offers essential and detailed information. This easy to customize plugin, works with any WordPress theme and even provides a template library you can choose from. For instance, you can customize everything from colors and sidebar layouts to the number of articles you want to display. Customization is important since a knowledge base is the first place where people often look for answers. With professional design and good structure, you will be able to leave a good first impression. Also, you can decide whether you want to display customers’ comments on your knowledge base articles or not. And, in a case you want to improve navigation, you can integrate breadcrumb functionality into your knowledge base. This fully responsive plugin works across all major browsers and devices.

Features that make WordPress Knowledge Base a great WordPress wiki plugin:

  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Super Fast Search, With Predictive Text
  • A Selection of Sidebar Widgets
  • Drag & Drop for Custom Ordering of Articles and Categories

2. Yada Wiki

Yada Wiki

As you know, knowledge base can be a game-changer for many businesses. Especially for those that offer products and services used by thousands of customers. Since knowledge base operates 24/7 and is the first place where your customers will look for the answers, make sure it’s equipped with all necessities. One of the wiki WordPress plugins we really like is Yada Wiki. Not only does this tool provide wiki post type, custom tags and categories, but it also integrates a table of contents option.

All it takes to get this plugin up and running is to install it via WordPress.org directory or by uploading the files to your server. After the plugin is installed, you can activate it through the plugin’s menu with a single click. Besides easy installation, this plugin integrates flawlessly into any theme, brings detailed documentation and provides an excellent support team in case you need assistance.

Features that make Yada Wiki a great WordPress wiki plugin:

  • Easy Installation
  • Wiki Post Type
  • Custom Tags and Categories

3. Very Simple Knowledge Base

Very Simple Knowledge Base

Those who offer products and services that require assistance from support teams know that a knowledge base can be life-saving. With properly organized knowledge base, customers will be able to find the answers before they contact support team. Very Simple Knowledge Base is ideal option if you want to create any kind of knowledge base, bulletin board, FAQ, Wiki or Link Portal. This lightweight plugin includes numerous powerful features. Plus, its ease of use is what sets it apart from competitors. Just insert a shortcode on a desired page or use the widget to display your categories and posts. Next, add specific attributes to personalize your knowledge base and customize it to your preferences. For instance, you can list categories and posts from a custom post type (such as “product” or “event”).

Features that make Very Simple Knowledge Base a great WordPress wiki plugin:

  • List Categories and Posts
  • Easy Customization
  • Versatile Features
  • Bulletin Board, FAQ or Wiki Functionalities

4. Encyclopedia / Glossary / Wiki

User Switching

Encyclopedia is another WordPress wiki plugin you don’t want to miss. This tool allows you to create, manage and customize any type of knowledge base including encyclopedias, lexicons, wiki pages or dictionaries. But what makes it a top-notch knowledge base plugin is its large collection of practical features. Here are our favorite functionalities. First of all, you can classify important information through tags and categories. This will help your customers find info they need with ease. Besides this, you can include everything from user comments, featured images, related items and excerpts into your knowledge base. What is also great about this wiki WordPress plugin is the fact it automatically generates index page with all items that are stored alphabetically. Thanks to this, finding specific info will become faster and easier. On top of this, Encyclopedia supports WordPress menus and enables you to add all components of your knowledge base to any menu. Finally, the plugin is SEO ready and fully translatable.

Features that make Encyclopedia a great WordPress wiki plugin:

  • Automatically Generated Index Page With All Items
  • Tags and Categories
  • Selectable Content Types (Pages, Posts, Media, Custom Posts Types)
  • Completely Translatable
  • User Comments and Featured Images

5. KnowHow – A Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

Multisite Language Switcher

Detailed knowledge base provides answers and essential information in one place. As a result, customers will find solutions quicker and purchase with confidence. Made to offer your customers all the relevant resources in one place, KnowHow is a great WordPress Wiki and knowledge base tool. This easy to manage plugin allows you to set up any sort of knowledge base in WordPress and to customize it to your brand’s character. Apart from this, KnowHow is made with best SEO practices, and will make sure your knowledge base looks amazing on all devices. Lastly, this plugin integrates a well-equipped FAQ section. With it, you can share frequently asked questions, so users can find info regarding their issues or doubts right there in your knowledge base.

Features that make KnowHow a great WordPress wiki plugin:

  • FAQ Page Included
  • SEO Optimization
  • Ease Customization
  • Practical Features

6. Helpie WP

Helpie WP

Helpie WP is a powerful yet easy-to-use plugin for creating the wiki and similar sites. It makes collaboration with your team or your community smooth and stress-free. It allows you to configure both internal and external wiki sites quickly. You don’t have to worry about whether it’ll match your website style as it works well with all types of WordPress themes and you can style it using the Elementor Page Builder. It is also compatible with WooCommerce, and you can add more functionalities to it easily as it also integrates with third-party WP plugins.

Features that make HelpieWP a great WordPress wiki plugin:

  • Partial Keyword Match
  • Dynamic Capabilities
  • Content Prioritization and Weightage

Let’s Wrap It up

Knowledge base is one of the website elements that can transform user experience. No matter what sort of business you run, this website section can really make a difference. We hope our selection of WordPress wiki plugins, will inspire you to find the tool that fits your needs the best.

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