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5 Best Artist Portfolio Wordpress Themes

5 Best Artist Portfolio WordPress Themes

Long time ago, artists used to depend on patrons and wealthy individuals to provide them with the material means in order to be able to work. Their art was going nowhere unless there was someone to support them and help them promote it. Obviously, it was a difficult position that only a few lucky artists were able to actually reach.

Fortunately, today that’s not the case. The entire world is online. The web is a virtual marketplace for art, an auction house of sorts, a museum, a gallery. Today, the artists no longer have to rely on the rich and the famous to promote their work. All they need is a proper website, and the best, easiest and the most-cost friendly way to do it is to get yourself a WordPress theme for artists.

WordPress is a truly democratic platform that everyone can use. It does not require extensive funding, it’s readily available and everyone – but literally everyone – can use it. In fact, with a good WordPress portfolio theme for artists, you can make a stunner of a website that will get you places you never even imagined.

Portfolio themes represent a special niche. Their purpose is to showcase an artist’s work in a way that is flattering but unobtrusive, clean but not basic, efficient but not too pushy.

A good portfolio theme has to be able to help you organize your artwork so its best attributes get instantly recognized. Furthermore, it has to encompass premium design, extensive and rich typography and a variety of options, from animations and sliders to hovers, parallax and, of course, gorgeous galleries.

You want your website to impress your visitors but without shifting their attention and admiration away from your actual work.

It’s a delicate balance that only the best artist portfolio themes for WordPress can achieve. Right now, these are the themes that do just that:

Penumbra WordPress Theme

One of the most gorgeous, meticulously crafted artist portfolio themes you will ever stumble upon, Penumbra is a striking combination of style, modernity and functionality. Like most good portfolio themes for WordPress, its vibe is minimalistic, adding a contemporary touch to the entire website. Minimalism is always a great idea for portfolio sites as the design allows the actual artwork to shine.

Penumbra comes with two skin styles, dark and light, and a variety of premade homepages. The design of both styles is exceltional. If your artwork is more colorful, then the dark one is probably a better choice for you as it will allow your images to really pop out. The light skin style is ideal for monochromatic works and works that need an airy vibe.

Penumbra comes with a variety of menu styles too, which just adds on the flexibility of this remarkable theme.

As for the homepages, it all depends on what story you want to tell with your style. We recommend you check out the Case Study Slider homepage. Its minimalistic design is an excellent vehicle for your art to speak for itself in the best possible way, without unnecessary distractions. In addition, the modernity of this homepage will definitely leave a great impression on your visitors.

Penumbra is a portfolio theme that pays a particular attention to the sliders. The effect they produce is the one of professionalism, creativity and style. With a good slider, your homepage doesn’t really need much else. The sliders used for this page are modern, minimalistic and cool. They are very hip but still somehow unpretentious. The animations are exceptionally well-crafted and flattering for your content.

Penumbra Portfolio

As we said earlier, the dark skin style of the homepages is ideal for creating a contrast between the pages and your actual work. Plus, black is an evergreen color, the one you can never really go wrong. It conveys elegance, sophisticated taste and sense of style.

Penumbra Theme

Penumbra is a theme that will help you create a perfect portfolio website, regardless of your particular niche. It is especially suitable for designers, freelancers and design agencies, but you can also use it for fine arts and photography. Under the hood, it’s a robust, fully responsive and complex theme that is surprisingly easy to use.

Features that make Penumbra the best artist portfolio theme for WordPress:

  • Background subtitles
  • 5 header types
  • Full shop functionality
  • Free Visual Composer and Slider Revolution
  • Social Share functionality
Agava Wordpress Theme

There are certain elements that we automatically associate with modern design, such as minimalism and interesting dynamic effects, but Agava somehow manages to go one step further and break new grounds when it comes to modern portfolio design.

This innovative artist portfolio theme for WordPress is packed with surprises. One look at more than ten homepages that come with this theme, and you will immediately realize the amount of craft and style the developers and designers have invested into this theme.

One of the things that should be mentioned right away is the fact there are eight different hover types for your portfolio here. Hover effects are always a great addition to any site. All you need to do is pick one that you like and that you feel that fits your style the best.

We recommend you check out the Projects Reel homepage. The style is exceptional here – quiet but impressive, modern but with a touch of classic sophistication.

The images change on hover, displaying not one but two images in a dynamic, exciting manner.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. In addition to changing images completely or partially, the hover also changes the cursor itself, displaying the caption or whatever other thing you want it to display. Customization options are almost unlimited. With some imagination, which we’re sure you’re not lacking, you can use these effects to create an unforgettable effect and impress your visitors.

Agava Portfolio

Agava also includes a special Instagram shortcode. Instagram is an essential platform for artists, especially designers. Naturally, you want to integrate it into your website for a complete experience. A simple link to your Instagram profile is where most designers stop, but Agave takes it one step further and allows you to create a virtual business card with your Instagram images.

With this shortcode, you have complete control over what you want to tell about yourself as an artist and, more importantly, to display your most representative works. This will leave your visitors impressed and wanting to see more of you and your art.


This artist portfolio theme for WordPress comes with an impressive selection of amazing sliders, an online store and a gorgeously designed blog page. You can customize everything. And there’s a terrific selection of shortcodes to help you build a perfect portfolio style with minimum effort.

Plus, if your line of work is such that you have set prices, Agava will help you display them in a cool, minimalistic manner. On top of that, you also get to showcase the clients you are most proud of.

Agava is truly a keeper and the perfect way for an artist of any kind to share his or her art with the world.

Features that make Agava the best artist portfolio theme for WordPress:

  • Artist vCard
  • Extremely rich typography
  • Parallax sections
  • Custom post formats
  • Mikado search functionality
Sekko WordPress Theme

Sekko is a portfolio theme that is especially suitable for designers and agencies with a contemporary, playful vibe. The coolness of its design, combined with the selection of features, make it one of the all-time best design portfolio themes for professionals and businesses that not only carefully keep track of new trends, but also make new trends on their own.

This incredible theme comes with more than 30 portfolio pages for you to pick from, as well as several ready-to-use homepages. Our favorite is the Portfolio Slider, a dynamic homepage where your work is put in the very center of attention using a premium slider with an impressive effect.

Other homepages don’t lack in creativity and functionality either. Specifically, the Floating Projects page is soft and clean. Portfolio Blocks is interesting in its geometrical vibe. And Portfolio Pinterest is ideal for fans of the world’s most popular image-based platform.

Sekko doesn’t lack in interesting and innovative solutions for displaying your work and telling your story. For instance, there is the super-interesting, custom designed side menu.

Agencies can use it to list the artists on their roster and individual artists can use it to display their best works. The menu is interactive and, in addition to the images, also allows users to view additional information by clicking on the button in the lower right corner.

Sekko Interactive Link

Categories are important for every portfolio site, but they often turn out a bit boring and bland. Sekko is a portfolio theme that changes the game in this department, by offering a fresh, exciting take on how you can display your categories.

The categories are revealed in the center of the screen as the user hovers above the image that illustrates it. All this just adds to the already dynamic approach this theme has to user experience. This is one of Sekko’s best assets and something we are certain can be beneficial to your site.


On top of all this, Sekko is compatible with WooCommerce and YITH WooCommerce wishlist plugin compatibility, allowing you to build stunning shop pages and sell your artwork and design services.

Features that make Sekko the best artist portfolio theme for WordPress:

  • Select Instagram list shortcode
  • Testimonials shortcode
  • Video background
  • Side area
  • Highly customizable typography
Rolly WordPress Theme

All artists understand one crucial thing – it’s very important to stand out, otherwise you won’t get anywhere. You need a website that sets you apart from others, and this is particularly true for those working with the art of design. Rolly is an artist portfolio theme for WordPress that has been created with this particular need for individuality in mind.

The theme is perfect for designers, freelancers, agencies, artists and creatives with a modern, contemporary sensibility and a slight penchant for quirkiness. It’s playful and bright, but also quite elegant. On top of that, Rolly is a powerful theme with premium features. It’s packed with all the right tools, and highly customizable, too.

It’s particularly impressive how the developers of this portfolio theme managed to combine the portfolio sections with other sections that provide information on the artist, artwork, jobs, and so on.

This is perfect for artists and agencies who have a compelling story to tell. Instead of simply slapping some text on the page arranging some images around, you can create an exciting symbiosis of interchanging text and images for a far more impressive result.

Rolly also features some interesting hover effects. For instance, you set it so that blog titles and categories, with links, of course, are revealed when hovering upon an image. You’ll have to agree it’s way more interesting than simple, more “traditional” solutions.

Rolly Portfolio List

Many theme designers fail to pay due attention to the footer. It’s a very important part of any page and, if you play your cards right, can do wonders for the promotion of your art. Rolly is one of the artist portfolio themes for WordPress that got this part right. The footer is designed with great craft and blends perfectly with the rest of the page.

The footer is packed – or can be packed – with important content, from a short About Me and contact info to Instagram feed and the newsletter signup. The visitors will be drawn to this footer, thanks to its beautiful design, and they will be more likely to interact with you.

Rolly Footer

As you can see, Rolly is a portfolio theme that just looks cute and cuddly on the outside but is a true beast under the hood. Like all top-tier themes, it’s 100% responsive, fast, the code is clean and it’s even SEO-optimized.

Features that make Rolly the best artist portfolio theme for WordPress:

  • 16 homepages
  • Advanced side menu
  • Coming Soon and custom 404 pages
  • GDPR-ready
  • Free Visual Composer
Amadeo WordPress Theme

Advertised as “every creative’s dream come true,” Amedeo might be just that. And it’s not just because of its supreme design and gorgeous style.

This artist portfolio theme for WordPress is great for designers and agencies but it’s especially suitable for fine artists and creative individuals. In fact, anyone who is looking for a way to showcase their art in the most efficient way possible could benefit from using Amedeo on their site. One of the main reasons is the impressive collection of shortcodes the developers have included in this theme.

Plus, it comes with free WPBakery page builder that allows you to place those shortcodes (and more) anywhere you want. The excellent elements of this theme can be arranged and rearranged as much as you want, until your website becomes your art’s true home.

Speaking of homes, the Art Gallery homepage is particularly striking. You get a selection of beautiful sections to display your work and artist info, plus there is an excellent side area where you can place your social buttons and your Instagram feed arranged in a way we don’t see too often with other themes.

Checking out other pages of this theme, particularly the shop and the blog, not to mention portfolio pages, reveals the kind of attention to detail that was paid to crafting this extraordinary product.

There’s one shortcode that deserves our special attention here, and that’s the Interactive Link Showcase.

Hovering above the categories, images are revealed in a way that invites the visitors to click and explore more of your artwork. This kind of solution is ideal for those who have grown a little weary of the usual Slider Revolution that’s already built into pretty much all portfolio sites around.

It helps you display your art in a way that is interactive and dynamic and thanks to the shortcode it’s extremely easy to implement on your site.

This would be a good time to mention that everything you see in Amedeo as a theme can be implemented on your site with extreme ease. You don’t have to know how to code – just copy the shortcode and use the benefits of the intuitive WPBakery builder and create a perfect portfolio site for yourself.

Amadeo Link Showcase

There’s another excellent shortcode worth mentioning here. The custom developed Slider Carousel shortcode adds an interesting, seldom seen animation with an innovative vibe.

You can use it on your home or any other page you want. Basically, any part of the site you feel could benefit from an innovative way of displaying content.

Amadeo Slider Carousel

Amedeo is ideal for artists and designers with sophisticated sensibility who are eager to explore all the amazing features a WordPress portfolio theme can provide.

In addition, this theme comes with WooCommerce compatibility and a customizable Google Map. Finally, it promises one-click demo import and 100% responsive pages that look great on all devices.

Features that make Amedeo the best artist portfolio theme for WordPress:

  • Image or SVG source options for logo
  • Custom widget areas
  • Rich typography
  • Enable Lightbox for portfolio images and videos
  • Child theme included


Clearly, the WordPress theme market doesn’t lack in high-quality portfolio themes for artists of all kinds. These themes are designed with the sole purpose of bringing art to the world.

Now, all you need to do is decide which of them resonates the best with your artistic sensibilities. As for the “technical stuff,” we made sure each of the themes in this article has everything a premium theme should have – and more. Now we’re eager to see your art displayed in one of these gorgeous galleries and sliders. Keep us in the loop!

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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