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Blue WordPress Themes for Any Kind of Business

5+ Blue WordPress Themes for Any Kind of Business

Blue is the color we all love. Its fresh vibe brings a sense of summer, freedom, and positivity. Used in interior décor, fashion, and design, blue is known for its unisex character and wide array of shades. Both women and men like to surround them with a blue color palette. So, it’s not surprising we often see blue in fashion collections for every genre. Apart from this, blue is described as a color that awakens feelings of trust and reliability. For this reason, some of the leading financial services (PayPal), and social media platforms (Facebook) use blue as their main branding color. Also, famous medical and pharmaceutical companies focus on blue as it’s often seen as the first-choice color for any health niche. No matter what business type you plan to launch, blue is a safe choice. Creatives, lawyers, photographers, and doctors – they all prefer blue. So, if you don’t know what’s the best option for your online presentation and overall branding, go with this color.

These days you don’t need to hire professional developers and branding experts to create a website that has it all. Since you can learn WordPress for free, and easily customize ready-made blue Word themes, creating a website is easier than ever.

1. MultiOffice – Coworking Space Theme

MultiOffice blue WordPress theme

Another blue WordPress theme that deserves your attention if you’re looking for a modern, yet powerful solution for your business, have a look at MultiOffice. This theme is a good example of smart blue color usage. Besides buttons, you can see the blue in texts, website sections including those with parallax fields and social share sections. What makes this theme a great fit is its big collection of layouts and business elements. Apart from numeros homepages, MultiOffice offers many blog and event templates. Use them to showcase your projects, introduce services and tell more about your team. Add image galleries and play with animation effects to leave the long lasting impression.

Features that make MultiOffice a great blue WordPress theme:

  • Blue Sections
  • Blog and Events Templates
  • Unlimited Customization Options

2. Ion – Creative Portfolio Theme

Ion WordPress Theme

Ion combines white, black, and darker blue to offer outstanding design solutions. Made for creative souls with free spirits, this theme features blue in detail. From blue buttons, and fonts to illustrations with blue elements – Ion is great if you want blue in a small dosage. So, although the blue color isn’t dominant in Ion, it makes a real difference. Apart from lovely blue details, this theme brings 11 pre-made homepages and 6 inner pages, and 25+ portfolio layouts that are perfect for showcasing works, arts, and projects.

On top of this, Ion integrates extensive typography options and unlimited color variants. This means you can choose style and color shade that expresses your authenticity. With Ion, you can as well, sell your products online, since it is compatible with WooCommerce plugin. Finally, Ion comes with drag and drop page builder and one-click demo import so anyone can use it with ease.

Features that make Ion a great blue WordPress theme:

  • A Large Collection of Home and Inner Pages
  • Import Demo Site With One-Click
  • Extensive Typography Options
  • Portfolio List Shortcode
  • Various Portfolio List Layouts
  • Portfolio Gallery Layout
  • Portfolio Masonry Layout

3. Grafik – Architecture and Design Portfolio Theme

Grafik WordPress Theme

Grafik is another blue WordPress theme that brings professional layouts and options. Blue color has a special place in this theme as well. Although it’s not dominant, blue is used in fonts, buttons, icons, and some sections. So, if you love blue, but you don’t want it to be present everywhere on your site, Grafik will fulfill your needs. This theme is primarily created for presenting and showcasing projects and works. Particularly, Grafik is made for architects and designers who want to highlight their works using elegant style followed with sophisticated blue tones. Besides a large collection of portfolio templates, this theme integrates multiple header & footer widget areas, standard and vertical header type, and advanced animation effects. If you want to highlight a specific product, we recommend you go with a full-screen slider with parallax functionality enriched with blue elements. It will work perfectly no matter your niche. Plus, there is a video functionality, so your showcase can truly attract attention.

Features that make Grafik a great blue WordPress theme:

  • Full-Screen Select Slider With Parallax Functionality
  • Image/Video Slides in Select Slider
  • Image Movement Animation in Select Slider
  • Standard and Vertical Header Types
  • Main Menu Entry Animation
  • Multiple Header & Footer Widget Areas

4. Atmosphere – Bold Portfolio Theme

Atmosphere WordPress Theme

The Atmosphere is a true example of how blue can be used for professional purposes. Not only does this theme features blue in many sections and illustrations, but also it uses this color in almost every website element. For instance, this theme brings a Google map with blue color shade followed with progress bar functionality that also has blue parts. Thanks to blue elements, this theme has a specific eye-appealing atmosphere. When it comes to theme options, the Atmosphere will surprise you as well. It comes with a collection of more than 20 beautiful portfolio elements, and it also includes a set of masonry, Pinterest and carousel layouts. Atmosphere’s astounding features (some of which include the split slider, fullscreen showcase, and many more) enable you to create an astonishing website and to showcase your work in a spectacular manner that is sure to capture everyone’s eye! Thanks to its beautiful blog & shop templates, you can share your ideas with the crowd, and also set up an online store with the utmost ease.

Features that make Atmosphere a great blue WordPress theme:

  • Expanded Gallery Shortcode
  • Blog List Shortcode
  • Blog Slider Shortcode
  • Blue Website Elements
  • Clients Carousel
  • Testimonials Shortcode

5. LabtechCO – Laboratory & Science Research WordPress Theme

LabtechCO WordPress Theme

Medical and scientific institutions often choose blue, since it stands for reliability and trust. LabtechCO illustrates this pretty well. This professional laboratory and science research theme features dominantly blue design. Here, blue sections are dominant on every layout, plus you can see blue in buttons, icons, sliders, etc. As per other theme elements, LabtechCO shines as well. First, it’s equipped with 50+ pre-designed section templates. This means you can cover every corner of your business – from presenting your services to introducing your team. And, when you want to emphasize certain news or offers use a full-width or boxed view in order to catch the attention. Furthermore, LabtechCO offers premium plugins WPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution, advanced admin panel, and many other useful tools.

Features that make LabtechCO a great blue WordPress theme:

  • 50+ Pre-Designed Section Templates
  • WPBakery Page Builder Plugin Included
  • Slider Revolution Plugin Included
  • Compatible With Contact Form 7
  • Advanced Admin Panel
  • 500+ Google Fonts
  • Full-Width and Boxed View

6. Anders – Design Portfolio Theme

Anders WordPress Theme with Slider

Anders features baby blue that works surprisingly well for any design portfolio. This gentle color won’t steal the attention from your projects. On the contrary, it will help your works pop out and get noticed. Since Andres isn’t a dominantly blue theme, this blue tone brings a sort of freshness and makes showcase modern & elegant at the same time. When it comes to portfolio elements, this theme is a good choice as well. Andres comes with tons of portfolio styles including masonry, grid, and Pinterest portfolio layouts. On top of this, you can present works in a stylish manner with the help of beautiful pre-designed portfolio single project layouts. In case you want to display your work in an alluring way, Anders will help you with portfolio lists and sliders. With this theme, you can basically create any kind of portfolio including a personal portfolio. So if you are a freelancer or run a creative agency, architect studio, or web design business, search no longer. Anders will help you make the most of your creativity.

Features that make Anders a great blue WordPress theme:

  • Powerful Options for Easily Customizing Portfolio Lists
  • Enable Category Filter on Portfolio Lists
  • Choose Between 3 Distinct Pagination Types for Portfolio Lists
  • Content Loading Animations on Portfolio Lists
  • Multiple Customizable Layouts for Portfolio Single Items
  • Portfolio Single Images Layouts

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7. Blu – A Beautiful Business Theme for Agencies and Individuals

Blu WordPress Theme

As its name suggests, Blu is built around blue color. It’s visible in buttons, fonts, shop sections, website boxes, etc. Also, some of the home page layouts are a completely built-in blue color. If you prefer this color, or your business type can benefit from it, you will surely use Blu’s Coming soon, vCard, and App templates since they are all blue. Besides amazing blue design, this theme offers an effortless website creation and it includes a variety of modern, blue portfolio, blog and shop templates that can be easily tailored depending on your style and needs.

This is an excellent choice for any creative agency, corporation, and all those who would like to showcase what their business is about in a striking and professional manner. With Blu, you get many spectacular features and shortcodes that have been carefully selected for the aforementioned businesses.

Features that make Blu a great blue WordPress theme:

  • Versatile Blue Website Sections
  • Vast of Portfolio Styles
  • Spectacular Features
  • Responsive Design

8. Convertible – Business WordPress Theme

Convertible WordPress Theme

Business people often like blue since it’s both professional and easy-going. Creators of Convertible know this pretty well. This modern theme brings blue in website boxes, small sections, and buttons. In combo with white and grey, blue creates a nice visual balance ideal for displaying important business info. When it comes to theme features, Convertible is a good option as well. Apart from drag and drop page builder, 5 different header layouts, and 5 menu options, it includes unlimited sidebars and color choices. Also, the theme offers many custom post types made for a variety of purposes. If you want to introduce your team, clients, or share customer’s testimonials, Convertible will help you do it with style and ease.
Features that make Convertible a great blue WordPress theme:

Features that make Convertible a great blue WordPress theme:

  • 5 Different Header Layouts
  • 5 Different Menu Layouts
  • Pre-Made Skins
  • Custom Post Types
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Unlimited Sidebars

Let’s Wrap It Up

As you’ve already read, the blue color is an amazing choice for many business types. It’s modern, fresh, corporate, and visually appealing. Whether you want to showcase your works or to introduce your services, websites with blue elements can help you do it in a stunning fashion. Luckily, with the help of ready-made blue WordPress themes, you can introduce your business like a pro.

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