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BuddyPress WordPress Themes to Check Out

Top 5+ BuddyPress WordPress Themes to Check Out

It’s hard to imagine everyday communication without online communities and forums. As the popularity of Facebook and LinkedIn groups continues to grow, it’s obvious that these types of online gatherings play an important role in online communication. What makes these platforms so popular is a combination of flexibility, user-friendliness, and intuitive features that allow easy communication and information flow.

In a nutshell, an online community is a group of people who share the same or opposite views on certain topics and who use online platforms to communicate with each other. Online communities have their own rules and guides, followed by careful moderation and user management. These types of communities can be independent or run by organizations as part of websites.

If you want to start an online forum, discussion group or chat room, or to make your site equipped with these functionalities, we have good news. Thanks to professionally created BuddyPress WordPress themes, compatible with the leading community plugin – BuddyPress, anyone can create any kind of online community. Moreover, you can play with other WordPress community plugins that offer some other, cool features to turn these themes into your dream community websites. Now, let’s take a closer look at our favorite BuddyPress WordPress themes you can use to create an online forum in a few steps.

1. Join Up – BuddyPress Community Theme

Join Up WordPress Theme

Social networking is popular more than ever. With Join Up you can create any sort of community website, forum or social network with complete ease. This theme integrates with BuddyPress and bbPress plugins so you can get all the community features in one place. First of all, you can let your community members start discussions and share their experiences and thoughts on certain topics. Secondly, people will be able to create personal profiles, comment on others’ posts, share statuses or join groups. Apart from this, you can announce all your events in a practical calendar template and create captivating showcases for single events. Join up integrates a great set of event layouts & full The Events Calendar plugin support. Lastly, this theme is compatible with Elementor page builder so you can easily create and customize any sort of layout.

Features that make Gorgo a great BuddyPress WordPress theme:

  • Member profiles
  • Member groups
  • Compatibility with BuddyPress plugin
  • Blog layouts

2. Gorgo – Community BuddyPress Theme for Writers & Readers

Gorgo WordPress Theme

Building online communities doesn’t require advanced knowledge. Thanks to Gorgo, community BuddyPress theme for writers and readers, anyone can create a superb online community. Whether you want to gather book lovers ready to discuss their favorite works or to give writers/bloggers a chance to share writing tips and recommendations, Gorgo will give you the freedom to build forums, member directories, groups, social walls, and more. Once someone creates a member profile he/she may be able to join a discussion, share opinions, or to interact with others. Besides these amazing community features, this theme includes versatile blog options. This means you can organize your articles in different categories, add the estimated reading time, introduce your authors and allow people to connect with them. The best part is your bloggers can connect with other authors, join groups or check out someone’s activity. Also, they can like statuses or mention someone in a comment. To put this differently, this theme offers tons of options that allow you to create communities that remind of Facebook interface and structure but are more focused on a specific audience and their needs. Apart from compatibility with BuddyPress, this plugin integrates with Elementor page builder, Paid Membership PRO plugin, BP Profile Search plugin, etc.

Features that make Gorgo a great BuddyPress WordPress theme:

  • Member profiles
  • Member groups
  • Compatibility with BuddyPress plugin
  • Blog layouts

3. Besocial – BuddyPress Social Network & Community WordPress Theme

Besocial WordPress Theme

Besocial is another great example of a community toolkit. This modern theme is compatible with BuddyPress so you can use any of numerous community and social network features. Whether you want to start a forum, allow people to join groups on your site, or integrate community platforms into your site, this theme will help you do this without obstacles. Firstly, your site will give people the chance to create profiles with their basic info. Secondly, after a member profile is created, the website visitor will be able to send/receive friend requests, send private messages, or get notifications on others’ activities. Apart from this, people can start discussions in user groups they’ve previously joined to share different views on certain topics with their peers. This means they can like or dislike someone’s comments or statuses. Besides this, people will be able to use the profile search functionality to find someone who they are searching for. Of course, there is a social sharing button option, so the discussion can be distributed via social media as well. Since this theme allows anyone to simply login/register, you may be sure your online community will grow rapidly.

Features that make Besocial a great BuddyPress WordPress theme:

  • Member profiles
  • User notifications
  • Groups
  • Profile search

4. Mikado One – Multipurpose Business Theme

Mikado WordPress Theme

Mikado One is so rich in demos and features that it has the potential to be the only theme you will ever need. Packed with 37 modern, beautifully designed demo options, this theme is suitable for any business niche out there. Responsive, SEO-ready, and packed with amazing customization options, Mikado One is suitable for both WordPress newbies and experienced professionals. The great thing about this theme is its flexibility. Not only does it allow you to create sites for all kinds of businesses, creative showcases, and personal presentations, but also it integrates with the BuddyPress plugin. This means you can enrich any website type with community features. In other words, you can start forums, discussion groups, member profiles, and much more. For instance, if you run a small business focused on a specific niche, you can gather everyone interested in the same field, join the discussion with like-minded people, and more. Finally, this theme offers many blog, shop, and portfolio elements so you can cover any aspect of your needs.

Features that make Mikado One a great WordPress theme:

  • 37 Demos with different styles
  • Portfolio, shop, and blog
  • BuddyPress Integration
  • Forum options

5. Beehive – Social Network WordPress Theme

Beehive WordPress Theme

Beehive is one of the best BuddyPress WordPress themes on the market. All thanks to its huge collection of community features. No matter what kind of community website you want to build, Beehive gets you covered. For starters, this theme allows you to build any sort of social network website, forum, or discussion board within minutes. After a user joins your online community and creates a private profile, he will be able to follow news feeds to stay up to date about what’s happening with friends and around the world. Apart from this, all the images posted by users will also appear in the photo feed, so they can be followed as well. Apart from comments and photos, people can post videos to illustrate their opinions or share something interesting. On top of this, users will be able to search for other users and connect. Also, they can create and join groups they find interesting. But what we like the best is the instant user chat feature. This option allows people to share private messages or use group chat for discussions in real-time. Lastly, users can comment, like/dislike and follow private notifications all in one, a user board designed by professionals.

Features that make Beehive a great WordPress theme:

  • Photo feed and video feed
  • User groups
  • Private and group chat
  • Comments and notifications
  • Forums

6. PowerMag – Bold Magazine and Reviews WordPress Theme

PowerMag WordPress Theme

Although PowerMag isn’t strictly a BuddyPress WordPress theme, it fully integrates with the BuddyPress plugin. In other words, this theme is primarily made for online magazines, but it can be easily turned into a forum, discussion group, and community website. Designed in modern style, PowerMag offers all essential features for sharing news and blog articles. From vertical and horizontal sliders to boxed and full-width layouts, this theme is suitable for any sort of blog, magazine, or small business website focused on sharing news and actualities. Thanks to essential blog elements, numerous widget areas, and a built-in review system, people will be able to enjoy reading and express their thoughts on the topic they find interesting. Also, if they want, they can join discussion groups and forums where they can share their opinions in detail. Besides member profiles, there is member group functionality where people can connect with their peers.

Features that make PowerMag a great BuddyPress WordPress theme:

  • Classic Blog View with 2 styles
  • Dual Slider Support
  • 14 Custom Widgets
  • Member profiles and groups

Let’s Wrap it Up

Building online communities is easier than ever when you have the right BuddyPress WordPress theme compatible with the BuddyPress plugin. From member profiles, private messages, real-time notifications, to groups and forums, this plugin covers all the necessities for creating any sort of online community. Depending on your site’s type and business niche, you can create any kind of online community or forum. Just find the theme designed to support your needs and you’re ready to go!

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