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Best Coming Soon WordPress Themes for Any Website

10 Best Coming Soon WordPress Themes for Any Website

When you want to announce a website redesign, big sale on your online store or to invite your customers for store opening, you need more than a good idea. To do this like a professional, you should spark both people’s interest and their imagination. But, the question is how to achieve this when you have nothing to show visitors? This is where WordPress “Coming soon” layouts come in handy. In short, a Coming Soon page is a place where you share with the world that something new is coming. This informs your customers about your plans and keeps them interested in your upcoming projects. A typical “Coming soon” page includes the countdown and a short, relevant info for your customers. Although it’s pretty simple, you still need coding knowledge to build it. But if you’re a complete WordPress beginner, or don’t have time to code, you will be happy to hear there are many WordPress Coming soon themes you can turn to. Packed with custom-made “coming soon” layouts, these themes are ideal if you need a professional solution for announcing projects that are around the corner. However, if you already have a website you like, but still need a “coming soon” page, try coming soon WordPress plugins that have all the features you could wish for. Now, let’s take a closer look at coming soon WordPress themes you should check out.

1. Bolge – Artist Portfolio Theme

Bolge Coming Soon WordPress Themes

Bolge is a theme every creative dream of. The amazing color combination of blue, gentle pink and grey creates a perfect atmosphere for presenting works and projects. Packed with 18 professional homepages, 25+ portfolio layouts, and many shop templates, this theme is an amazing toolkit for freelancers, designers and artists. What we especially like about Beige is its coming soon page. This lovely layout is a true piece of art by itself. Nice balance of gentle pink and white color works great if you want to announce website maintenance with style. Also, this coming soon layout brings a button that leads to an existing website showcase. Apart from this, Bolge is fully responsive, SEO-ready and feature-rich, primarily focused on presenting works and projects. For this reason, it brings vest portfolio functionalities and endless animation possibilities, so you can build a website that shines with complete ease.

Features that make Bolge a great WordPress coming soon theme:

  • 25+ portfolio layouts
  • Lovely coming soon page
  • Countdown

2. Panadería – Bakery and Pastry Shop Theme

Panaderia Coming Soon WordPress Themes

Panaderia holds a second place on our list of best WordPress Coming soon themes for a reason. This lovely theme is specifically made for bakeries and pastry shops so its coming soon layout reflects this pretty well. This visually appealing coming soon page is a full screen image with a big countdown. When you want to announce the opening of your new pastry or bakery in town, this layout is a perfect tool for doing this professionally. Besides this, Panaderia brings tons of shop and portfolio options. Thus, you can present your sweet delicates with complete ease. Whether you want to showcase your tasty creations or to introduce each ingredient in detail, Panaderia will pleasantly surprise you. If you like white, beige or dark color scheme, this theme may be the right choice since it integrates both white and dark skin options.

Features that make Panadería a great WordPress coming soon theme:

  • Vintage Style
  • Shop elements and menu lists
  • Blog layouts
  • Dark and light skin

3. Gravity – Multi-Purpose Coming Soon Theme

Gravity Coming Soon WordPress Themes

In the first place, Gravity is an easy to use premium coming soon / under construction WordPress theme. This means it’s specifically crafted for announcing maintenance mode, launch of a new website or opening of new stores. Equipped with tons of versatile coming soon templates, Gravity is one of the best WordPress Coming soon themes on the market. What we like about these layouts is their structure. Here, the coming soon template is organized in sliders that include contact page as well. Besides this, Gravity offers audio/music player, 404 page and tons of shortcodes. If you like minimalistic design and innovative features and need a theme for announcing your upcoming projects, this theme is for you.

Features that make Gravity a great WordPress coming soon theme:

  • Minimalistic style
  • Audio/Music Player
  • 404 Page
  • Visual Composer Shortcodes
  • Translation Ready

4. Måne – Creative Portfolio Theme

Mane Coming Soon WordPress Themes

Everything about Måne is beautiful including its coming soon page. As with the rest of this theme, a coming soon template is modern, creative and tailor-made for creative industry. Its exotic vibe reflects in a floral image that serves as canvas for your countdown. Also, this template perfectly matches the rest of the layouts included with Mane. Besides 15 homepages, numerous shop pages, and tons of portfolio styles, this theme offers dozens of features for every creative. In other words, it allows you to showcase your creative artworks and design projects with complete ease. Mane comes with 6 inner pages and practical blog & shop styles. This is how you can present your business, share stories about industry trends or sell products online.

Features that make Måne a great WordPress coming soon theme:

  • 15 Homepages
  • Interactive Layouts
  • Multiple Custom Sliders
  • Dozens of Portfolio Layouts
  • Fresh coming soon page

5. EventMe – Corporate Event Landing WordPress Theme

EventMe Coming Soon WordPress Themes

What is specific about this theme is its coming soon functionality. Unlike in other examples we’ve previously mentioned, EventMe integrates a coming soon slider on the main homepage. In other words, it doesn’t bring the coming soon layout as an independent template. Instead, coming soon features such as countdown are incorporated in the main website page. This is a good approach if you want to highlight upcoming website launch, special promo or opening of your new store right there on your main page. Apart from this, EventMe is well equipped with features for all sorts of events. Some of our favorites are event scheduling, notifications and timelines that tend to keep people informed. In the end, this responsive theme brings many blog elements you can use to share your stories and promote your business professionally.

Features that make EventMe a great WordPress coming soon theme:

  • Crystal clear pricing table
  • Highlights Section for earlier events
  • Separated blog section
  • Timelines to keep you updated

6. Educator – Education Theme for University & School

Educator Coming Soon WordPress Themes

As its name suggests, Educator is a theme for every educational website. Thanks to its numerous features crafted for online schools, colleges and universities, you can create any sort of educational platform. But, let’s first have a look at Educator’s coming soon page. As it combines modern countdown with newsletter sign up form, it’s suitable for growing your customers’ base. On top of this, Educator offers tons of practical options you can use with ease. Display offered courses, create lectures, timetables, and pass the website creation with flying colors – all with zero coding knowledge. Also, you can allow people to join the specific events, schedule classes or contact you online.

Features that make Educator a great WordPress coming soon theme:

  • Learning Management System
  • Events Calendar
  • Schedule features
  • Contact Forms & Blog elements

7. Webify – All-in-One Elementor WordPress Theme

Webify Coming Soon WordPress Themes

Webify is a clean, super flexible and fully responsive WordPress Theme. It’s coming soon page is clean as the rest of the website design. Minimalistic, yet professional, this layout is a good option for any niche and website type. Besides this, Webify brings a plethora of options so you can modify layout, styling, colors and fonts with ease and joy. Use this theme to customize your own templates or use one of 14 predefined templates. In addition to this, you can present your works or share articles and latest news. Since Webify integrates different post formats (video, gallery or audio), you can present your content in versatile forms.

Features that make Webify a great WordPress coming soon theme:

  • Different post formats
  • Portfolio templates
  • Blog options
  • Coming soon layout

8. Barista – Modern Theme for Cafes, Coffee Shops and Bars

Barista Coming Soon WordPress Themes

In short, Barista is modern and powerful. It’s a great choice if you would like to build an amazing website for your bistro, coffee shop, cafeteria, or any other type of bar. Among many features, this theme brings 9 homepages you can play with. One of them is the Coming soon page. This layout includes a company’s logo, image background and a countdown. Use it to spark people’s imagination with style. On top of this, Barista offers menu functionality you can use to showcase all of your beautiful drinks and food. Also, it’s equipped with a WooCommerce plugin, 3 header styles, working hours feature, and OpenTable functionality.

Features that make Barista a great WordPress coming soon theme:

  • 9 homepages
  • Coming soon page
  • WooCommerce plugin
  • 3 Header types
  • Multiple Header behaviors

9. Scape – Multipurpose WordPress theme

Scape Coming Soon WordPress Themes

This amazing multipurpose theme is on our list of Coming soon WordPress themes thanks to its large collection of features. But, let’s first take a closer look at its Coming soon template. Its minimalistic design is followed with newsletter subscription form, social share button and a big, attention-grabbing header. Use it for important announcements. What we also like about Scape is its set of blog options. Use one of 5 available blog styles, each with dozens of options, add pagination or lazy post loading, customize layouts of your posts and empower them with rich post media format support (YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Spotify, as well as self-hosted audio & video players).

Features that make Scape a great WordPress coming soon theme:

  • Library of 250 section templates
  • 11 header layouts
  • 6000+ pixel-perfect SVG icons
  • Customizable Google Maps

10. Mountain – Exclusive Coming Soon WordPress Theme

Mountain Coming Soon WordPress Themes

We are finishing our list of best WordPress coming soon themes in a good style. Let’s take a closer look at Mountain – modern coming soon page that brings an amazing coming soon layout. It includes contact form, Google Maps, subscription form and it’s also organized in parallax sections. If you need a theme with a coming soon page that has it all, this theme is for you. What we also like about Mountain is a huge collection of functionalities. Besides versatile color schemes, video support, and simple contact form, this theme includes WPBakery Page Builder and MailChimp plugin.

Features that make Mountain a great WordPress coming soon theme:

  • YouTube Background
  • Vimeo Background
  • Detailed coming soon page
  • Contact form

Let’s Wrap It Up

When you need to announce big dates or huge projects such as website redesign, use Coming soon WordPress themes that include modern “coming soon” layouts with everything you will ever need. Just find the example that fits your branding the best and spread the buzz about upcoming projects like a true WordPress expert!

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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