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Creative WordPress Themes to Start With

5 Creative WordPress Themes to Start With

Creativity is more than the ability to craft something original. It’s a way we see the world, and the power to find the hidden patterns in ordinary, everyday things. Most importantly, creativity doesn’t only belong to those who thrive in creative industries. Or to those who have exceptional creative talents. All the contexts that require out of the box thinking can trigger our creativity and motivate us to look at things from different angles. This basically means that all human beings are born creative. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean we are all born as artists, ready to come up with something that never existed before. Although we’re all creative at a certain level, only special ones have exceptional talents and the power to find inspiration everywhere. If you can transform your ideas into reality, you know what we talk about. Whether you create music, write or cover visual or movie arts, you will need a helping hand to showcase your work in an original, stylish manner. Fortunately, there are many resources you can use to uplift your presentation. From photo stock websites and platforms with free and premium icons to creative WordPress themes made especially for artists and creatives of any other kind.

Here, we handpick themes meticulously crafted to help you stand out and put your creative work in the spotlight:

1. Smiltė – Simple Portfolio WordPress Theme

Smilte WordPress Theme

The more you create, the more chance you have to create a masterpiece. Smilte theme is not only the authentic portfolio masterpiece, but a creative WordPress theme with all the essential features one creative needs. Inspired by ancient aesthetics and warm summer color palette with a Mediterranean vibe, this theme is perfectly suitable for presenting products and works in a captivating manner. Modern design and illustration with traditional antique direction make a perfect mixture of different styles. The theme is packed with a collection of multiuse inner page templates and a broad range of homepages.

Each layout is a little piece of art. Let’s start with portfolio styles. Pay attention to portfolio scattered. What makes this layout special is its amazing hover effect. When you navigate across the image, the illustration will transit to the name of the project. Another interesting option is switch images template. Here, you can present 2 graphics, images or other artworks – as you navigate across the image, one will switch to another which will bring more dynamics into your showcase. Another layout that will make your content more interactive is interactive links homepage. It’s ideal if you need an original way to present projects, while being minimalistic and informative at the same time. As for the inner pages, they are designed with attention to details as well. Take contact page as an example. Its authentic style with characteristic, lovely animations will surely make a difference.

Features that make Smilte the best creative WordPress theme:

  • Interactive Text Shortcode
  • Interactive Blog List Shortcode
  • Multiple Customizable Layouts for Portfolio Single Items
  • Woocommerce Dropdown Cart Widget
  • Parallax Images in Sections

2. Kalόs – Portfolio WordPress Theme

Kalos WordPress Theme

Elegance never goes out of fashion. Kalos theme is the best proof. This minimalistic multipurpose WordPress theme with the touch of golden details is a great option for creatives that want simple, yet very effective work presentation. Fully-responsive, SEO ready and compatible with all the essential plugins one website may need, Kalos is a great choice if you want a simple, powerful solution to build a website with ease. It’s packed with a neat set of ready-made, beautiful inner pages and homepages that can be used for a variety of purposes. Most important, each layout is made with the idea to help you present your creative prowess in a unique way. Also, Kolos’ is a perfect business partner for any artist or creative who wants to attract new clients.

We recommend you to check out Trina layout. This full-width template is the right option if you want to put your artworks in focus. Use it to share your creations in the horizontal sliders. We also liked Arvid. This template allows you to showcase your works on the right side, and share the basic info on the left. The best part is you can scroll down through the works. Lastly, have a look at Hedvig. This simple template combines amazing animation, product image and a short description. It’s perfect if you need an elegant way to present your talents. Kolos comes with a broad range of portfolio layouts great for displaying your projects so you can showcase your works in an exciting manner. If you need a creative portfolio that has it all, search no longer and share your talents with the world in a great style!

Features that make Kalos the best creative WordPress theme:

  • Extensive Admin Interface
  • Simple One-Click Import of Demo Content
  • No Coding Knowledge Required
  • Big Custom Shortcode Collection
  • Responsive & Retina Ready
  • 18 Homepage Examples

3. UltraViolette – Design Portfolio Theme

UltraViolette WordPress Theme

Ultraviolette theme is made by creatives for creatives, and you can see it in its every detail. Beautifully crafted, easy-to-use and packed with a professional toolset any creative may need, this theme is ultra-powerful in its all aspects. What makes it unique is the perfect balance of typography, trendy color palette and bold design elements. Ultraviolette comes with a large collection of homepages and a fully-customizable spectrum of inner page templates.

Now, let’s take closer look at its layouts. One of our favorites is vCard home. In case you want to introduce yourself in a unique style, this is a way to go. Mix short bio, your image and contact information with advanced animations for the best result. You can as well add the link for CV download. Another stunning template is a floating portfolio. It’s an amazing way to present work. As you scroll the images you shared with be outlined and followed with the number at the top, and product name at the bottom of it. Moreover, there is the interactive links layout. Here, the animation is key. It’s used smartly to help you present your works in an outstanding manner. As you scroll down the copy line, new artwork will appear. Finally, we want to mention its Main page as it sums up the aesthetics of the whole theme. The combination of pink color, violet stylish and minimalistic details and transparent elements is what Ultraviolette is all about. So, if it meets your style and needs, jump in!

Features that make Ultraviolette the best creative WordPress theme:

  • Extensive Typography Options
  • Easy Color Change
  • Various Portfolio Single Layouts
  • Multiple Blog List Layouts
  • Video Backgrounds
  • Translation Ready

4. Maribel – Alluring Portfolio Theme for Creatives

Maribel WordPress Theme

Most of the artists have a strong desire to stun the crowd and share their works in awe-inspiring way. This is where Maribel theme enters the scene. Made to suit the needs of any creative out there, this creative WordPress theme is a highly practical toolkit ready to help you display works in an exceptional manner. At first look, Maribel looks like a modern, feminine theme. But it’s far more than that. The theme features 15 homepages and dozens of portfolio layouts so if you want to stylishly exhibit your latest works, Marbel will be your helping hand. Whether you are a photographer, designer, artist or illustrator, you will have a huge collection of portfolio templates that are sure to catch the attention. Apart from this, Marbel features 3 portfolio list pagination types, various parallax and animation styles, different header types and video backgrounds. When it comes to other options, this theme is a true treasure as well. For example, Marbel covers blog and shop functionalities and layouts so you can both share your story with the world and sell your artworks around the world.

Finally, it’s fully responsive on all devices and screen sizes. With its powerful elements, you can build a remarkable website and make a beautiful creative portfolio that is sure to amaze the crowd!

Features that make Marbel the best creative WordPress theme:

  • No Coding Knowledge Required
  • One-Click Demo Content Import
  • Retina Ready
  • Fully Responsive
  • Multiple Portfolio List Hover Types
  • Portfolio List Item Entry Animations
  • 3 Portfolio List Pagination Types

5. Illustrator – Illustrator, Designer and Artist Portfolio Theme

Illustrator WordPress Theme

As its name suggests, Illustrator theme is a perfect match for the illustrators. But, it’s much more. As the ideal match for book illustrators, animators, concept artists, storytellers and freelancers of any sort, this theme offers flexible features and lovely design. Packed with 15 alluring homepages and 10 incredible portfolio single templates for displaying your artwork, Illustrator will help you build the online presentation that shines. The best part is you can easily alter its every element depending on the needs of the user. The theme includes animation, storytelling, exhibition, game app and 3d studio templates, and many more.

Now, let’s dive deeper into our favorite layouts. Firstly, there is Illustration home. Organized in vertical slide order, this lovely template is all about cute elements made especially for book illustrators. Use it to introduce your work, describe your upcoming book or add a contact form. You can as well add shop button, so customers can purchase with one click. Furthermore, Illustrator comes with game app home. Ideal for detailed app presentation, this layout is all you need to introduce your new product, share the info about its features, price, and more. In addition to this, you can add download buttons so anyone can get it on App Store or Google play. Illustrator carousel layout also caught our attention. Here, you can combine the menu on the left side with the carousel work presentation. Finally, Illustrator is equipped with an endless set of features that will make you love every step of website building.

Features that make Illustrator the best creative WordPress theme:

  • One-Click Import of Demo Site
  • Loads of Creative Home and Inner Pages
  • Large Collection of Custom Shortcodes
  • Multiple Customizable Layouts for Portfolio Lists
  • Various Slide Animation Types

Let’s Sum Up

If you’re a leader with a great political vision and reliable program, be ready to spread the word and reach your supporters at any moment. With professional, easy-to-use WordPress political themes you can easily create a website in line with your character. Make sure the theme you choose includes a variety of layouts, donation & event elements, contact forms, and blog styles.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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