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Top Dance Studios WordPress Themes

10+ Toe-Tapping Dance Studios WordPress Themes

Dance, dance, dance! It’s 2020, sitting is the new smoking, and healthy living is on the rise, so get involved with this trend. Reach new clients, ensure a constant influx of new customers, and get them moving to your dance studio.

How will you do this? Why, with a fantastic site and our list of dance studios WordPress themes of course! Over 90% of people use the internet to find a local business. Your website is a marketing tool. It’s there to let people know that you exist and to build trust by providing concrete, helpful information about your business. And make sure you are easy to find by following some basic SEO tips to improve ranking.

Now, dancing is a performing art form, and so you need a site with a bit of an artistic flair. That is why our list of dancing school WordPress themes is marked by striking visual design and effects. Moreover, all our picks are responsive and retina ready. You can be sure that your website will look its best no matter the screen size visitors may use to look at it. So let’s delve into the selection!

1. BeatMove – Modern Dance Studio Theme

BeatMove Wordpress Themes

BeatMove is a modern dance studio theme that caters to the needs of modern dance studios and academies. With its contemporary and trendy design, BeatMove provides a visually captivating platform to showcase your dance studio and engage with your audience.

Ideal for modern dance studio and academy websites, BeatMove offers a range of layouts specifically designed for various dance classes and schools. From hip hop to Latin dance, salsa to Zumba, pole dance to tango, and ballet schools, BeatMove has templates tailored to suit different dance genres. This allows you to effectively represent your dance classes and attract potential students.

The theme offers six predesigned homepages, each with its own unique layout and style, providing you with options to choose the perfect design that resonates with your dance studio’s identity.

Moreover, BeatMove is highly customizable when it comes to typography settings. You have full control over the fonts, font sizes, and font styles used throughout your website, allowing you to create a consistent and visually appealing experience for your visitors.

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive customization options, BeatMove empowers dance studio owners and administrators to effortlessly create a stunning online presence that reflects the vibrancy and energy of their dance studio.

Features that make BeatMove a great WordPress theme:

  • Easy-to-Use Powerful Admin Interface
  • Elementor Page Builder plugin compatible
  • Timetable Events List shortcode

2. Vibez – Dynamic Theme for Dance Studios and Instructors

Vibez WordPress Theme

Whatever type of dance your studio is offering – Vibez has you covered! This fabulously designed theme includes 7+ different home page layouts. It’s here to help you with your business whether you are into modern dance, children’s ballet, hip-hop, Latin, pole dancing, or any other type of dancing.

Besides its effective visual design, Vibez contains numerous very practical features. It includes a user-friendly calendar thanks to the Events Calendar plugin. It can be viewed as a list or set to display a monthly or daily overview. Hovering over an event in the month view will provide a quick look with further information. Accessing the actual event description opens a page with room for images, text, and specs like address, venue, contact and more. You also have the option of letting your visitors import the event to Google Calendar or export it as an .ics file type (universal calendar format).

This theme provides room for a lot of content but manages to evade overwhelming the visitors thanks to its clever design and clean layouts. So, you can introduce your team to potential customers and let them get to know their trainers before signing up. To help you with the presentation you can take advantage of the predesigned “Our Instructors” page (one of the many that the theme supplies you with). Your team can share their competencies and interests and include links to their social media channels. Of course, for proper showing off, Vibez incorporates a portfolio section with varied layout options.

Make sure to include your best performance pictures and clips. Let your visitors get a sense of what joining your studio would be like so that they might actually transition into clients.

Features that make Vibez a great WordPress theme:

  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress Included (you save $45)
  • Extensive Custom Shortcodes
  • Pricing Packages

3. Arabesque – Modern Ballet School and Dance Studio Theme

Arabesque WordPress Theme

As intricate as its namesake decorative pattern and as elegant as the ballet position – the Arabesque is a marvelous pick for any dance studio. It comes with six different home page examples and multiple inner pages. There are several blog post layouts available (with sidebar or without) as well as options for including various types of media formats.

A great feature of this theme is the inclusion of the Timetable Responsive Schedule plugin. It gives you room to show a neat weekly schedule of your dance school’s classes. Visitors can choose whether they want to have an overview of everything that’s on offer or select only a specific category/course for view. From there, interested parties can access additional information on pages set aside for each class. You have the option of two layouts: one more minimalistic and concise, and the other, more elaborate and informative one. These pages can host your venue info, a Google map with the location, times, and dates along with images, descriptions and more.

Features that make Arabesque a great WordPress theme:

  • Various Portfolio Layouts
  • Parallax Sections
  • Optional Social Share Functionality
  • Translation Ready and WPML Compatible

4. Dance Studio – Music, Art School

Dance Studio Wordpress Themes

Dance Studio is a niche dance and music WordPress theme designed specifically for music and art schools. With its focus on dance, this theme provides a comprehensive solution for dance studios looking to create a captivating online presence.

With Dance Studio, you have the ability to create dynamic and interactive pages using various modules such as tabs, accordions, buttons, and tooltips. This allows you to showcase information about your dance classes, schedules, faculty, and other important details in an organized and visually appealing manner.

One of the standout features of Dance Studio is its integration with WooCommerce, which enables you to sell your dance courses, dresses, and accessories directly from your website. This opens up new opportunities for monetizing your dance studio and expanding your business.

Creating pages with Dance Studio is a breeze thanks to the Visual Composer and custom Dance Theme shortcodes. With just a few clicks, you can build stunning pages that reflect your dance studio’s unique identity and engage your audience effectively.

Features that make Dance Studio a great WordPress theme:

  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Yith Wishlist
  • 3 styles of Class Details page

5. Bard – A Theatre and Performing Arts Theme

Bard WordPress Theme

If hearing the name “Bard” makes you think of Shakespeare rather than old-timey music composers and entertainers, think again! This WordPress theme is designed to support a website for any branch of the performing arts. In fact, it features a demo site just for dance troupes and dancing performances.

Given that Bard is intended to back different kinds of performing arts, it is designed to be visually effective. This theme is bursting with parallax effects, smooth sliders, animations, hotspot images and more. It’s slick and glossy but its power lies in more than mere surface appearance. It is equipped with several really neat functionalities that would be useful for dance studio websites. It has predefined inner pages to make a team list, introduce individual team performers, or keep a record of events. And those event records include buttons so visitors can buy tickets for your dance presentations or competitions immediately.

Features that make Bard a great WordPress theme:

  • 6 Home Page Examples (Repertoire, Artist, Troupe…)
  • Compatible With Tickera and WooCommerce
  • Custom Shortcodes for Role List, Show List, Working Hours, and Many More
  • 7 Amazing Font Icon Sets

6. Dance Studio – WordPress Theme for Dancing Schools & Clubs

Dance Studio WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a clean, modern theme for your WordPress site, the Dance Studio is a splendid choice. It boasts interesting design and several useful features that would serve any dance school well.

For one, this theme includes support for one-page sites. So if you want to keep everything short and sweet, Dance Studio is the way to do it! There is no need to create a million pages when one can be used to entice people to come to your studio in person. The wealth of custom shortcodes will help you display everything you need, so create tabs, tours, toggles, accordions, and more with ease.

For another, you can sort your content into groups, and use the section options to make blanket changes to the appearance of all content in a given group. After that, you can make content templates and reuse already customized settings instead of starting from scratch every time.

Features that make Dance Studio a great WordPress theme:

  • Different Blog Layouts With Custom Settings
  • Timetable and Events Calendar Compatible
  • Mega Menu Plugin Included
  • Header Layout Options

7. Emanuella – Dance School Responsive WordPress Theme

Emanuella WordPress Theme

A great streamlined dance school theme to help you set your site up comes in the form of Emanuella. The designers remarked that they “made a huge effort to keep site owner away from things with confusing names like PHP, functions, classes, CSS and other geeks’ stuff”. So you can be a total WordPress beginner and still build an amazing dancing studio website with this theme.

Emanuella includes many handy features, from custom blog post formats to the predefined schedule page with a monthly class overview and view filtering options. Whatever requirements you might have for your website, this theme is here to help you with them. It possesses a large selection of elements; whether static or dynamic, there is something for every taste.

And, since we wouldn’t get far without traffic, Emanuella includes a social sharing functionality to help you with that. It supports sharing to all the most popular networks, but it also covers less ubiquitous ones like vk.ru, ok.ru, Skype, and Dribble.

Features that make Emanuella a great WordPress theme:

  • Cherry Plugins
  • Multiple Layout Options
  • 500+ Google Fonts
  • Content Modules

8. Educator – Education Theme for University & School

Educator WordPress Theme

The Educator is a multifunctional, schooling-oriented theme with powerful functionalities. Since it is aimed more broadly at training, teaching, and learning in various areas, it includes extensive customization options. This WordPress theme’s drive for edification doesn’t stop at academics, so it comes with a ballet dancing school demo included.

Thanks to its breadth of niches and the functionalities that support them, the Educator is a perfect choice for any dance studio website. For example, it has a home page section for your weekly schedule and a page for the events calendar. On top of that, there is a predefined “Courses” page that lets you display your course offerings as three columns with sidebar or four columns without sidebar.

Moreover, the single class view can be used to display everything from descriptions and features (like class duration, attendants’ age bracket, number of sessions…) to images and social share icons. Alternatively, allow for user registration, login, and dashboard activation so your visitors can keep track of everything from within.

Features that make Educator a great WordPress theme:

  • Compatible With the bbPress plugin
  • Anchor Functionality for One Page Sites
  • Integrated Learning Management System
  • Multiple Portfolio Options and Customizable Layouts for Portfolio Single Items

9. Bridge – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Bridge Dance Studio

In the vein of multifunctional themes, here’s a real knock-out. Bridge is so adaptable there is little point in numbering the industries and applications it can be used for. It would serve us better to mention that it has 430+ demos; so you can imagine how versatile this WordPress theme really is.

Of course, it made our list because, among its plethora of demos, there is one for a dance studio. And that’s not all: features from different industry demos can be combined to make your ideal dance studio website.

With a full-width layout (and 24 layout concepts in Bridge overall), bold contrasts and neon details, this theme is popping! You can include discreet sign-up forms, customer testimonial sliders, gallery sections, or more on the home page alone. And if that’s not enough real estate for you, the urban dance studio demo includes a couple of predesigned inner pages: About, Gallery, and Contact.

Features that make Bridge a great WordPress theme:

  • Open-Ended Customizability
  • Premium Plugins Included – the Wpbakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution, Layer
  • Slider, & Timetable Responsive Schedule (You Save Over $100)
  • Enhanced Demo Import Module
  • Ajax Transition Animations and CSS3 Animations

10. Fitness Club – Health & Gym

Fitness Club WordPress Theme

The Fitness Club is, as its name suggests, an excellent choice for any health-conscious business. It has seven different home page layouts, and two of those are dance-themedthe Ballet Club and the Dance Club.

This WordPress theme includes many useful inner pages, and we really like the Cost Calculator one. Here you can set everything up for your visitors so they get a quote quickly. No need for making direct inquiries and waiting on a response. Thanks to the cost calculator, potential clients can select the options they’re interested in (type of course, frequency of training, AM or PM class …) and immediately find out how much the dance studio subscription would cost.

Beyond the existing options, this theme can be easily customized with no coding knowledge required. You can choose to include light or dark headers, switch accent colors around, reposition the menu, utilize the custom icons, and more.

Features that make Fitness Club a great WordPress theme:

  • Integrated Custom Drag-And-Drop Page Builder Plugin
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Full Static Page Support With Shortcodes
  • Various Header Layouts Including Sticky Header

11. InMotion – Dance School WordPress Theme

InMotion WordPress Theme

InMotion is a modern and sleek theme designed for dance studios. This WordPress theme can help you create a unique site thanks to its great customization features and multiple layout options. You can even save whatever layout you put together to a library and reuse it later on.

Of course, beyond the visual design, this InMotion possesses several very valuable features. For one, let your customers make class bookings directly via site thanks to the appointment manager plugin. Given that schedules (your customers’ and your trainers’) can change swiftly, it’s very important to make sure everyone is up to date with any openings or cancellations. There is a predefined schedule page to help you with that. Let your dance schools’ attendees be in charge of their schedules and help your instructors follow and plan for varying class numbers in one stroke.

Features that make InMotion a great WordPress theme:

  • Content Modules
  • Custom Widgets: Simple Slider, Post Carousel, Etc.
  • SEO Friendly
  • Easy-To-Follow Documentation and 24/7 Support

12. Dance WordPress Theme – Dancing Academy

Pirouette WordPress Theme

It’s all about dance with this theme. Dancing Academy has four homepage layouts, all designed with various dance studios and dancing schools in mind. Be sure that your home page content will wow the viewers and keep them coming. To help with that, topmost home page sections support anything from images to animations to video.

There are also rather nice effects when perusing class details. You can view them from the home page section, the sidebar or the timetable page. And those views include an overlay so that your information display will be unencumbered and to-the-point. Furthermore, the image and text boxes include parallax effects. This lets visitors scroll through the text without losing sight of the image. Add a mail-to link to the class description text to make it easier for potential clients to contact you with questions or session requests.

Features that make Dance Academy a great WordPress theme:

  • 7 Schedule Layouts
  • Fully Translatable
  • Xtender Plugin for Added Custom and Customization Options
  • WordPress Multi-Site

In Conclusion

Having a website forms the basis of your online identity. In fact, given current consumer tendencies, your business won’t get far without a website. It can legitimize your business by showing you are actively working away and adapting your offer. It can be an advertisement or a platform for sharing know-how. But most importantly, it can be a source of new clients for your dancing studio. So don’t wait – grab this opportunity and pick a theme from our selection to get you started with your website!

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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