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20 Trendy eCommerce WordPress Themes for Any Business

20+ Trendy eCommerce WordPress Themes for Any Business

The number of digital buyers is rapidly rising. It’s estimated that there will be over 1.9 billion people who shop online this year. Younger generations make the majority of those who prefer to shop without leaving the couch. This is a great opportunity for everyone who runs a small business or wants to reach new customers. With great online presentation, nowadays you can boost your business easier than ever. Thankfully, there are some amazing eCommerce WordPress themes on the market that can cover the needs of every business type. Whether you run a fashion shop or sell tech gear, there is a theme made to help you hit the market. But with so many options, sometimes is hard to find the perfect fit. If you don’t know where to start, check out our selection of 20 trendy eCommerce themes.

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1. La Comète – Fashion and Clothing Store Theme

La Comete WordPress Theme

As the perfect mixture of contemporary design style and the finest coding practices, La Comète is the eCommerce theme out of this world. It’s not only designed to turn heads, but it also covers all the features an online store may need. Firstly, the theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin and designed to look beautiful on all device types and screen sizes. Decked out with alluring shop lists and single product layouts, La Comète is perfectly suitable for fashion stores and fashion brands. What caught our attention is amazing Split showcase layout, ideal for an original fashion presentation. Organized in vertical slider, this template is great for presenting your products in an effective, minimal manner. Shop minimal is another unconventional shop layout you should check out. It’s an ideal fit for anyone who wants to highlight products with style. It allows you to display separate product categories while focusing on a beautiful presentation. La Comète also integrates essential shop functionalities – user cart, order tracking & wishlist. The theme includes a variety of hover types which can turn any product presentation into real art. In the end, let’s mention contact forms, newsletter, and testimonials you can use to attract more buyers.

Features that make La Comète the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • Numerous shop layouts
  • Various hover types
  • Contact forms
  • Newsletter functionality
  • Beautifully designed pages
  • Endless color scheme

2. Depot – A Theme for Online Stores

Depot WordPress Theme

This theme is a toolkit full of powerful shop features that will help you create a truly amazing online shop. Depot includes a wide array of features made particularly for eCommerce websites. Firstly, it comes with numerous, clean, easy-to-customize shop and product layouts. Thanks to this, you can showcase your product in detail, following your needs – just choose standard, grouped product or downloadable product template. Moreover, you can highlight new, on sale or out of the stock products, to attract potential buyers. Included with Depot also are functionalities created with users in mind – order tracking, quick look, price filter. In addition, this theme is equipped with different payment options, intuitive user dashboard, account and shopping cart. Depot also allows you to present products with alluring portfolio layouts.

Features that make Depot the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • Collection of shop & product layouts
  • Order tracking
  • Different payment options
  • Price filter
  • Clean design

3. Bazaar – eCommerce Theme

Bazzar WordPress Theme

Bazaar posseses a huge collection of shop elements so you can create any kind of online store with complete ease. Included with this theme are filter by color and size, users wishlist, user dashboard and user reviews. Furthermore, Bazaar is packed with a stunning lookbook, order tracking and promo product banners. But what is truly great about this theme is the fact it comes with beautiful shop layouts. For example, there is a great product pair layout that is ideal for presenting different items that make the perfect combo (dress/shoes). Another layout that caught our attention is the animated list that is great for sunglass and jewelry shops. Additionally, Bazaar includes Instagram widget that is great for displaying your feed directly on your website. There is also a practical video button that can help you present the items you sell in a professional manner. In the end, this theme comes with 12 modern homepages and various inner pages you can use for a variety of purposes. For instance, you can introduce your team, display your payment plans or gift vouchers, etc.

Features that make Bazaar the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • 12 homepages
  • Promo product banners
  • Filter by color & size
  • User wishlist
  • Many shop layouts

4. Nels – An Exquisite WordPress Theme for Online Shops

Nels WordPress Theme

This theme has both beauty and functionality. At first place, Nels is equipped with all elements you need to build an amazing eCommerce WordPress website. From product pages, product filter functionality, quick view popup to zoomable product gallery. But this is not all. Nels comes with powerful store management and built-in coupon system so you can easily organize your online shop as you please. This theme will help you highlight your products following your needs since you can display related and featured products, or mark new, hot, out of stock items. Furthermore, you can present your products with amazing video feature. There is also a Catalog mode option which allows you to switch off the eCommerce functionality from the theme customizer and use it for catalog purposes only.

Features that make Nels the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • Build-in coupon system
  • Zoomable product gallery
  • Quick view pop-up
  • Catalog mode option
  • Video feature

5. Gioia – Modern Fashion Shop

Gioia WordPress Theme

If you prefer a contemporary design style, this theme deserves your attention. A large assortment of home and inner pages, elegant portfolio lists and singe portfolio templates and alluring blog styles are incorporated into the theme. Besides modern design, Gioia has amazing shop features. There is a powerful quick view functionality that allows customers to preview products from your lists with one mouse click. Furthermore, Gioia includes side cart which lets customers have a practical overview of their items at all times. Another interesting feature is newsletter pop-up, great for sharing your latest news, offers and sale information. In the end, you can feature new arrivals or any other product you choose in a dropdown menu, or show off your top selling items.

Features that make Gioia the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • Side cart
  • Newsletter pop-up
  • Dropdown menu
  • A set of shop features
  • Blog layouts

6. The Hanger – Versatile eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce

The Hanger WordPress Theme

If you search for the ultimate eCommerce WordPress theme, search no more. The Hanger is optimized for Gutenberg, fully responsive and translation ready. What we love about this theme is its advanced customizer with live preview, so you don’t need to juggle between back-end and front-end while you customize your website. Another important thing is the fact this theme includes light, dark and custom layouts, unlimited color options, and font combinations. Besides search by category, intuitive filters, quick view tool and video product presentation, The Hanger has a practical Zoom tool, controlled with a mouse movement. This theme allows your customers to easily find the items they like, confirm the order or even to check their orders history. Finally, The Hanger requires zero coding knowledge, so anyone can create a great online store in minutes.

Features that make The Hanger the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • Unlimited colors & font options
  • Search by category
  • Advanced customizer with live preview
  • Video feature
  • Light, dark & custom layouts

7. Kona – Modern & Clean WordPress Theme

Kona WordPress Theme

This modern, minimalistic theme offers anything you might need for a successful eCommerce platform. This theme is packed with shop features every type of online store needs. From a variety of product layouts to premade single product styles, Kona has a variety of options to suit your needs. Created for a fast & smooth shopping experience, this theme comes with an amazing set of features including user dashboard, wishlist option, quick view, and many more. Also, there is a size guide chart option perfectly suitable for everyone who is not sure what size to choose. With it, you can display the waist, height, inside leg dimensions of your clothing items. Another interesting thing about Kona is its set of cart icons that allows you to choose between 4 different mini cart icons following your website’s design.

Features that make Kona the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • Size guide chart option
  • 4 mini cart icons
  • The fast & smooth shopping experience
  • User wishlist
  • Numerous product layouts

8. Walker – WooCommerce Theme

Walker WordPress Theme

This theme is all-in-one-solution for any type of online shop. Walker is packed with 15 trendy shop homepages and tons of innovative shop elements. Let’s start from 30 shop lists and singles carefully made to help you present the products you sell in detail. Furthermore, Walker is equipped with loads of header styles, so you can choose the one that goes perfectly with your design. Included with this theme many other useful features. Product zoom functionality lets users quickly gain an up-close by simply hovering over the image with their mouse. Included with the theme also are user login widget, pop-up subscription form, order tracking functionality and various blog & portfolio layouts. Walker is your ultimate choice when it comes to creating an astounding WooCommerce website!

Features that make Walker the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • 15 homepages
  • 30 shop lists & singles
  • Product zoom feature
  • Many blog & portfolio styles
  • Pop-up subscription form

9. Nantes – Creative Ecommerce & Corporate Theme

Nantes WordPress Theme

Ideal for fashion brands and clothing stores, Nantes covers all you need to create a modern eCommerce website. With this theme, you get some amazing shop features from advanced user reviews, user wishlist to off-canvas cart and navigation. The theme is translation ready, fully-responsive and designed in a clean, minimalistic style. It requires no coding knowledge. Another great thing about this theme is its large blog and portfolio collection. Choose full-width portfolio layout or decide for different carousel templates to show each detail of your products. There is also a practical set of light/dark header and footer styles. Finally, Nantes allows you to introduce your team members or to display users’ testimonials about their shopping experiences.

Features that make Nantes the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • Advanced user reviews
  • Off-canvas cart and navigation
  • Light/dark header & footer styles
  • User reviews & testimonials

10. Tonda – Elegant WooCommerce Theme

Tonda WordPress Theme

Tonda is a synonym for eCommerce elegance. This beautiful theme comes with 6 easy-to-customize home and 9 inner pages that will fit your versatile needs. It’s fully responsive, retina ready and made with the best coding practices. Tonda is packed with endless shop options such as user dashboard, wishlist, shop cart, order tracking, product zoom, quick view and much more. Besides powerful shop features and layouts, the theme includes Instagram and Twitter feed widgets, 800+ Google fonts, different header styles and animation effects. In addition, Tonda includes counters functionality so you can share the number of your products, happy clients, or brands you sell. In the end, this theme allows you to easily showcase products with standard, grouped, variable, virtual, external or downloadable product layouts.

Features that make Tonda the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • Instagram & Twitter feed widgets
  • Product zoom
  • Wishlist
  • 800+ Google fonts
  • Many header options

11. Halena – Minimal & Modern eCommerce WordPress Theme

Helena WordPress Theme

This minimal theme combines modern design and advanced shop features to provide your customers with the great shopping experience. This feature-rich theme comes with a plethora of elements every shop needs. From the shopping cart, checkout, and product filters to top related product widgets. With this theme, anyone can create an alluring product showcase since it allows you to show a short video clip or 360-degree view of each product. Plus, there are awesome hover, zoom and lightbox gallery features included with this theme, so you can make the most of every product presentation. Moreover, you can use the Catalog mode with or without purchasing the ability to show off your latest collection. In the end, Helena is packed with wishlist and quick view options that really make a difference during online shopping.

Features that make Helena the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • Ajax shop pagination
  • Quickview
  • Wishlist (YITH wishlist)
  • Single product 360 degree image
  • Single product video
  • Customized product lightbox
  • Single product Color swatches

12. Grayson – Clothing Shop Theme

Grayson WordPress Theme

If you plan to start an online clothing store, Grayson is for you. Firstly, it comes with a large collection of shop features. With the dropdown cart, users always have an overview of the products they’ve put in their cart, while product zoom feature allows users to view more details by hovering over product images. Also, Grayson is packed with captivating effects and awesome animations, so you can make your content more dynamic and interesting for the users. You can, as well, place your top products, sign-up forms, and any other widgets in the side area, which is another benefit for overall user experience. Grayson has 20+ modern homepage layouts for you to choose from, all of which are completely customizable. There are also blog and portfolio styles that will help you boost your traffic and showcase your offer like a real professional.

Features that make Grayson the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • A set of shop features
  • 20+ homepages
  • A collection of portfolio styles
  • Product zoom feature
  • User cart

13. Mr.Bara – Responsive Multi-Purpose eCommerce WordPress Theme

Mr.Bara WordPress Theme

Mr.Bara is a perfect toolkit for any type of eCommerce business. Not only does it comes with powerful store management, live AJAX search and filter by attributes, but it also includes amazing shop layouts. Choose from 46 predefined homepage templates or showcase your products with 12 product page styles. Mr.Bara is equipped with 3 search form style – vertical, horizontal, pop-up, and 2 types of the cart – one with dropdown and another with canvas. Additionally, this theme is powered by color & label swatches so you can present the same products in different colors or sizes. Another reason for choosing this theme is its built-in coupon system. Thanks to it you can give away coupons with special discounts. But, this isn’t all. Mr.Bara allows you to add promo banners with the countdown on the top bar, so your customers are always informed about your promo offers.

Features that make Mr.Bara the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • 46 homepage templates
  • 3 search form styles
  • Colors & label swatches
  • Built-in coupon system
  • Promo banners

14. Cocco – Kids Store and Baby Shop Theme

Cocco WordPress Theme

Cocco is made particularly for kids store and baby shop websites. This lovely theme is designed in a gentle color palette and comes with a large collection of pre-made layouts ideal for presenting children clothing collections, toys, and accessories. Packed with Cocco is a set of 6 home templates and many blog elements, this theme is great for presenting children’s products in detail. Choose between shop layouts with or without sidebar, use banners to display special offers or display your bestselling products. You can as well create stunning image galleries that will surely grab the attention. Cocco also allows you to share your offers, best deals, and favorite items via practical newsletter. Lastly, with this theme you can announce your working hours or store location – it comes with Google maps functionality.

Features that make Cocco the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • Gentle color palette
  • Shop layouts with/out sidebar
  • Promo banners
  • Many image galleries

15. Orson – Innovative WordPress Theme for Online Stores

Orson WordPress Theme

Over 20 ready-made and highly-customizable homepages, 30+ custom shortcodes and a large set of shop features, make this theme an amazing choice for any sort of eCommerce websites. Orson requires no coding knowledge, yet provides you with everything you may need to create an online shop like a pro. From advanced typography options, parallax image and video background sections to awesome portfolio templates. Moreover, Orson allows you to highlight the bestselling items or to mark those products that are on sale. You can, also, share testimonials of your happy customers or add video presentation of your products. Have in mind that Orson is retina ready and made with the best coding practices so you can import the whole content with One Click Demo Import option.

Features that make Orson the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • 20 homepages & 30+ custom shortcodes
  • Modern portfolio templates
  • Video background sections
  • Testimonials
  • Easy customization

16. Fashion Lezada – Fashion WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Fashion Lezada WordPress Theme

Lezada is of our favorite WooCoomerce themes for a reason. This theme is not only designed in a beautiful manner but also comes with an endless list of shop features. From a quick view, AJAX live search, off-canvas cart, pop-up view to one-click installation and demo import. What is special about this theme is amazing Bundle purchase feature. Use it to enhance your customers’ experience by making suggestions on sale combo for better prices, or fashion items that could perfectly fit together. Included with this theme are 600+ Google fonts, multiple sidebars, and premium pluginsWPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution. Also, Lezada comes with 19 alluring homepages made for different store types and with 7 single product layouts for presenting any type of products. If you love minimalist style, elegant color palette, and interesting animations, you won’t make a mistake with Lezada.

Features that make Lezada the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • Elegant, minimal design
  • Bundle purchase feature
  • 19 homepages
  • Pop-up product view
  • Off-canvas cart

17. Calla – Elegant Home Decoration Shop

Calla WordPress Theme

Although Calla is made for home décor shops and interior design stores in the first place, it can work for any other kind of online stores as well. This theme comes with an elegant set of decoration & home decor layouts and it’s perfect for showcasing products of any kind. In addition, you can present your crafts or products in a stunning manner with Calla’s collection of portfolio layouts including portfolio sliders & single item layouts. Plus, Calla is completely decked out with a set of classy shop lists & singles, allowing you to gorgeously display your products. Also, this theme allows you to enable product rating & reviews, add filter by price and category or describe any item in detail. Compatible with the most famous eCommerce plugin –WooCommerce, Calla is all your online shop may need.

Features that make Calla the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • Numerous portfolio layouts
  • Elegant shop lists & singles
  • Product rating & reviews
  • Filter by price & category
  • Compatible with WooCommerce

18. Xing – Business / ecommerce WordPress Theme

Xing WordPress Theme

If you prefer the clean and minimalist design, you should definitely pay attention to Xing. This responsive, easy-to-use and WooCommerce ready theme will help you sell any kind of products with complete ease. Xing is equipped with essential features for eCommerce websites. For example, it is packed with filter by categories, shopping cart, user reviews, product description and many more. What is also interesting is the fact this theme has 8 portfolio templates and 2 blog layouts. In the end, have in mind that Xing supports WordPress custom backgrounds and that it includes exclusive sidebar and header widget areas.

Features that make Xing the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • User reviews & product description
  • 8 portfolio templates
  • Powerful sidebar
  • Custom backgrounds

19. Gon | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Gon WordPress Theme

Gon is more than an eCommerce theme. This multi-purpose theme includes a wide array of layouts and options for presenting every aspect of products you sell. For instance, it’s packed with various product layouts, filter by color, and product quick view option. Included with Gon are unlimited sidebars, many header options and social share buttons. Another thing that can really make your web shop shine is Gon’s collection of homepages. Thanks to them, you can present your business and introduce your shop with style. Have in mind that this theme supports catalog mode, as well, which is great for announcing the upcoming clothing collection, for example.

Features that make Gon the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • Unlimited sidebars
  • Social share buttons
  • Product quick view
  • Filter by color
  • Catalog mode

20. Shopping WooCommerce Responsive WordPress Theme

Shopping WordPress Theme

As its name suggests, Shopping is a theme made for online shops. This feature-rich, SEO ready and fully-responsive theme works perfectly on any sort of devices and screen size. Shopping comes with 4 different skins you can choose from depending on your design and branding. You can as well create your own skin type with Live Theme Editor. Organize your products in categories, and allow your customers to easily navigate through your content. With Shopping you can display the bestselling products, or announce the big sale to catch the eye. Add user reviews or highlight products on sale. It’s all fun and games with Shopping.

Features that make Shopping the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • 4 different skins
  • SEO ready
  • Product categories
  • Many shop features
  • Fully responsive

21. Elessi – WooCommerce AJAX WordPress Theme – RTL support

Elessi WordPress Theme

This WooCommerce theme will be your helping hand in building an online store that has it all. Firstly, Elessi is designed in a beautiful manner in a clean, modern style. Secondly, it has a large set of features crucial for a great shopping experience. For instance, there is a practical shop filter that allows users to filter your products from the top sidebar. Also, Elessi has AJAX quick shop functionality thanks to which users don’t need to open the product in a new window to purchase it. Another great feature is a product image scroll. With it, customers can scroll product images with sticky information. Besides powerful shop features, Elessi also has 8 alluring homepages that will really turn your online store into a real piece of art.

Features that make Elessi the best WordPress eCommerce theme:

  • AJAX quick shop functionality
  • Product image scroll
  • 8 homepages
  • Product filter


Building a stunning online shop isn’t reserved only for developers thanks to so many eCommerce WordPress themes on the market. Choose the theme rich in shop features and layouts, made to look great on all screen sizes and made with the best coding practices. Don’t forget to pay attention to the theme’s design as well. Good luck with the sales!

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