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Top Elementor Portfolio WordPress Themes for Creatives

20 Top Elementor Portfolio WordPress Themes for Creatives

The creative industry is rapidly growing. A digital revolution that changed the way we communicate and consume content allows designers, illustrators, and artists of any kind to reach millions of people from their sofa. It also means that without an online portfolio, their works and talents will be completely invisible. Thus, no matter how talented and skilled they are, their expertise will be unknown to the world. However, as most creative souls are unfamiliar with coding and website development, they often decide to go without a site. Complicated procedures, lack of time, and the fact that building a website requires finances doesn’t help.

However, today more than ever, having a site is no longer a matter of choice. If you want to succeed, grow your sales, reach new clients and share your portfolio with a broader audience, you need to have a site that reflects your branding, personality, and business values. This is where the Elementor page builder enters the scene. Thanks to its intuitive drag and drop interface, anyone can build and customize website pages within minutes. When you combine it with feature-rich, beautifully designed WordPress themes, you will get the perfect Elementor portfolio combination that changes it all. In this article, we will have a look at portfolio themes made specifically for the Elementor page builder.

1. Gracey – Creative Portfolio Theme

Gracey WordPress theme

Creativity is freedom! Gracey is designed for free, brave souls who want to grab the attention with vibrant colors, modern design, and head-turning animation effects. First of all, this theme offers tons of lovely portfolio templates you can use to showcase different types of creative works and projects. You can choose between portfolio lists or single project layouts – lists are great for presenting multiple works in one place. On the other hand, when you want to put a spotlight on one particular project go with a portfolio single template. Choose between horizontal or vertical layout style, try sliders or carousels or decide on a full-width option. What makes this theme a great choice for the creative industry is its large set of animation effects. From hover effects, parallax scrolling, and kinetic typography to other powerful animations, Gracey covers it all. Apart from this, the theme offers unlimited customization and color options, endless typography, and useful shop and blog elements. In other words, you will have everything you will ever need to showcase your works in their full beauty with Gracey.

Features that make Gracey a great WordPress theme:

  • Portfolio lists and singles
  • Numerous animation types
  • Unlimited customization options

2. Zermatt – Multi-concept Agency Theme

Zermatt WordPress Theme

Designers, artists, and creative illustrators are all about aesthetics. Zermatt is made for everyone who puts contemporary style first. This easy-to-use theme is fully compatible with Elementor and integrates tons of portfolio layouts. This Elementor portfolio combo is a winning formula for showcasing works with style and ease. Choose one of 25 contemporary, original portfolio layouts and customize colors, fonts, and other elements with complete ease with Elementor. Add one of 5 hover animation types to make your presentation more interactive. Apart from this Zermatt includes 12 innovative homepages – some of them are also made for showcasing works and illustrations. If you need the right fit for sharing your creative works with the world, search no more.

Features that make Zermatt a great WordPress theme:

  • 12 Innovative Homepages
  • 25 portfolio layouts
  • 5 hover types

3. Lekker – Portfolio WordPress Theme

Lekker WordPress Theme

This is another theme that is a perfect Elementor portfolio mixture. Designed in an eye-catching manner with a focus on red, pink, orange and grey, Lekker is an ideal choice for designers, illustrators, freelancers, and creative studios. In the first place, this theme comes packed with some pretty amazing portfolio templates. Organize your works in up to 6 portfolio columns and choose one of 5 hover types to bring some life into your showcase. If you want to catch the attention of your audience use vertical or horizontal portfolio sliders. On top of this, Lekker integrates numerous homepages organized as a portfolio, so you can find the option that works for you with ease.

Features that make Lekker a great WordPress theme:

  • Multiple portfolio templates
  • 5 hover types
  • Vertical and horizontal sliders
  • Elementor page builder

4. Malgre – Creative Agency Theme

Malgre WordPress Theme

Malgre is yet another theme with a smart Elementor portfolio toolbox. Not only does it integrate with one of the best page builders out there, but also it includes tons of portfolio styles so you can showcase your works and projects with zero effort. If you’re a fan of contemporary design style with a dominance of grey, Malgre’s collection of portfolio examples will work even better for you. Choose between different layout types you can easily customize in Elementor and see every change right away. Also, you can select a specific color, change fonts or layout organization within minutes. So, if you value aesthetics the same as ease of use – consider buying Malgre.

Features that make Malgre a great WordPress theme:

  • Hero intro effect
  • Dozens of portfolio layouts
  • Scrollable interactive links
  • Fullscreen presentations

5. Remake – Minimalist Portfolio Theme

Remakel WordPress Theme

Minimal design style never goes out of fashion. If you agree on this, have a look at Remake. This minimalistic portfolio and creative agency theme will take your showcase to the next level. In the first place, it’s compatible with drag and drop page builder – Elementor, so anyone can create and customize portfolio pages easily. For this reason, we won’t make a mistake if we call Remake a real Elementor portfolio theme. What makes it great is its set of 10 built-in templates you can use to showcase everything from illustrations to business projects. It also offers 7 different project sliders so you can really make the most of your presentation.

Features that make Remake a great WordPress theme:

  • 10 portfolio templates
  • 7 project sliders
  • Elementor page builder

6. Trydo – Agency & Portfolio Theme

Trydo HTML Portfolio

This agency and portfolio theme is another good example of how Elementor and portfolio layouts can do wonders for your business. The theme is packed with 17+ home demo pages, numerous inner pages, 30+ custom widgets that will fulfill your needs, and amazing blog elements. You can even switch to the dark mode style to showcase your works and projects in a darker color palette. Apart from this, Trydo is responsive, SEO-ready, and suitable for even the complete beginners.

Features that make Trydo a great WordPress theme:

  • Elementor and Gutenberg builders
  • 17 home pages
  • Dark skin mode

7. Marceau – Creative Portfolio Theme

Marceau Unique WordPress Theme

Marceau is a beautifully designed theme full of vivid colors and vibrant details. Crafted for creative industries and designers of all types, this theme integrates some great layouts and functionalities for presenting works and projects. Before everything else, it’s packed with an endless collection of portfolio templates. Choose the different layout design types and combine desired Elementor widgets to create a showcase that sums up your values and branding. Marceau is equipped with 14 homepages, tons of portfolio layouts, blog and shop features, and advanced animation styles so you can cover every angle of your business, like a pro.

Features that make Marceau a great WordPress theme:

  • 14 homepages
  • Dozens of portfolio layouts
  • Full-screen presentations
  • Custom animations & hover effects

8. Emeline – Creative Agency Elementor Theme

Emeline WordPress Theme

Emeline is yet another modern, minimalistic but feature-rich Elementor portfolio theme. If you want to present your drawings, design projects, artistic works, or illustrations originally, Emeline is the theme you should check out. For starters, it’s packed with a stunning collection of portfolio templates including masonry and horizontal portfolio galleries. There are, also, layouts for showcasing personnel and the company works so everyone from freelancers to creative studios can benefit from Emeline. The best part is you can customize each template with Elementor page builder and select your brand colors, fonts, and images.

Features that make Emeline a great WordPress theme:

  • Contemporary style & animations
  • 12 homepages,
  • Portfolio full-screen presentations

9. Wixi – Creative Portfolio Elementor Theme

Wixi WordPress Theme

Wixi is an ideal choice for everyone who needs a clean, easy-to-use theme that requires zero coding knowledge. Packed with some amazing layout options, this theme is a great fit for creative agencies, design studios, illustrator freelancers, and other creatives who want to showcase works with style. In case of need, you can build many more unique pages, thanks to the thousands of options that come with the 60+ pre-made Elementor page builder widgets. With the flexibility of their structure compatible with WordPress plugins, you can easily build pages such as forms, videos, single products by using the drag and drop feature.

Features that make Wixi a great WordPress theme:

  • 60+ Elementor widgets
  • Versatile layout styles

10. Sixten – Minimalist Portfolio WordPress Theme

Sixten WordPress Theme

Sixten is modern, minimal, and powerful, so it can be used in any creative niche. Whether you’re an artist, designer or illustrator you can create a visually appealing portfolio with zero stress and within minutes. Packed with multiple pre-designed pages, this theme allows you to showcase your services, create image and video galleries, write blogs, and much more in just a few clicks. Plus it’s 100% responsive and ready to look stunning on every screen size.

Features that make Sixten a great WordPress theme:

  • Portfolio and blog layouts
  • Elementor page builder

11. Qudos – Portfolio & Agency

Qudos WordPress Theme

To stand out from the crowd, you need a beautifully looking, feature-rich, and easy-to-use theme. Have a look at Qudos. Created for freelancers, designers, and creative studios, this theme will help you introduce your creative skills and works in an original manner. Packed with 8 portfolio styles (full width, full screen, without sidebar, minimalist style, flat style, top section style, urban style, and creative side style), Qudos allows you to express your unique brand and business personality. Apart from this, it’s compatible with the Elementor page builder, which makes it a good Elementor portfolio theme.

Features that make Qudos a great WordPress theme:

  • 8 portfolio layouts
  • Blog and shop elements
  • Elementor page builder

12. Bifrost – Simple Elementor WordPress Theme

Bifrost WordPress Theme

This is another clean WordPress theme that can meet your needs. Built for users that have no previous website building knowledge, this theme will help you create any website type without frustration. Bifrost is packed with numerous features you can use to uplift your online portfolio. From numerous portfolio layouts, tons of typography options, different color schemes, to blog and shop features, this theme covers everything you will ever need to present and grow your business online. On top of this Bifrost is compatible with the Elementor page builder, so you can see the result of any change you make right away. Also, you can customize your pages with the drag and drop feature at most ease.

Features that make Bifrost a great WordPress theme:

  • Portfolio layouts
  • Blog and shop features
  • Ease of use

13. Vokial – Creative Agency Theme

Vokial WordPress Theme

Vokial is one of our favorite Elementor portfolio themes. Not only does it look lovely, but also it runs flawlessly. Designed to attract attention, this theme is an ideal toolkit for creatives who want to leave their personal mark in their online showcase. Firstly, it’s packed with numerous professional portfolio styles including portfolio slider, masonry, justified gallery, and many others. Plus, there are vertical and horizontal slider showcase options. Vokial is also packed with 3 hover types – full overlay, info overlay, and zoom out – so you can uplift your presentation with style. Compatible with essential plugins including WooCommerce and Elementor, this theme is an ideal choice for WordPress newbies.

Features that make Vokial a great WordPress theme:

  • Dozens of portfolio layouts
  • Horizontal scroll
  • Fullscreen presentations
  • Animated typography

14. Litho – Multipurpose Elementor WordPress Theme

Litho WordPress Themes

Whether you are a creative freelancer at the beginning of your career journey or a professional with a long list of clients, Litho may be the right theme for you. This responsive, creative, and feature-rich theme comes packed with 36+ homepages, 200+ elements, and inner pages. The best part is it integrates with Elementor page builder so anyone can easily customize and style pages and elements following their personal branding and style. Apart from this, it integrates many portfolio templates that will help you showcase your projects, products, and art crafts, in a stunning manner. Choose between single and multiple project templates, organize your works in masonry, grid, or carousel style, and don’t forget to experiment with different hover types. Additionally, Litho integrates blog, shop, and business templates so you can level up your showcase with ease.

Features that make Litho a great WordPress theme:

  • 36 homepages
  • Multiple portfolio layouts
  • Elementor page builder

15. Me Voy – Photography Portfolio Theme

Me Voy WordPress Theme

Me Voy is made for photographers of all kinds. Thanks to its vast assortment of predesigned layouts, including fullscreen, masonry, and interactive templates, any photographer can showcase their skills and works in a variety of captivating ways. The theme is packed with distinct photo gallery layouts as well as powerful gallery options and elements that can be customized to fit your style and needs. On top of this, Me Voy is fully compatible with the Elementor Page Builder, enabling you to build and customize any type of portfolio showcase. Choose between different portfolio lists and single page layouts and select one of 4 hover types to make your presentation more dynamic.

Features that make Me Voy a great WordPress theme:

  • Portfolio lists and single page layouts
  • 4 hover types
  • Photo gallery templates

16. Olema – Creative Agency Theme

Olema Photo Gallery WP theme

If you prefer a contemporary design style, Olema is the theme you should have a look at. Responsive, packed with tons of layouts and features, and ready to work with the leading page builder – Elementor, this theme is the good choice for everyone who wants an elegant, yet effective presentation. Olema is packed with a large array of portfolio layouts including those with horizontal scroll galleries, full-screen templates, etc. Also, there is a huge set of hover effects that can truly transform your presentation.

Features that make Olema a great WordPress theme:

  • Elegant contemporary style
  • Horizontal scroll gallery
  • Fullscreen presentations
  • Animated typography

17. Borgholm – Marketing Agency Theme

Borgholm Unique WordPress Theme

Borgholm is more than you could imagine. This Elementor portfolio theme is designed for all types of agency websites. Introduce your marketing, SEO, branding, or creative agency with tons of homepage layouts, inner page templates, and portfolio styles. Whether you want to introduce your products, projects, or recent works, Borghalm will help you do it with style. It integrates portfolio lists and single portfolio templates so you can choose the example that is suitable for your unique showcase.

Features that make Borgholm a great WordPress theme:

  • 12 Homepages
  • Multiple portfolio layouts
  • Different gallery types

18. Honshi – One page Elementor Portfolio WordPress Theme

Honshi WordPress Theme

Although Honshi is a one-page Elementor Portfolio theme, you can use it to share everything about your business in one place. The theme is clean, yet fresh, compatible with the Elementor page builder. In other words, anyone can use it without previous website building experience. Since Elementor integrates all essential features and elements, you can make your presentation professional in every aspect. Apart from modern design, this theme offers amazing font options and customization possibilities so you can style every detail to your preferences.

Features that make Honshi a great WordPress theme:

  • Modern design
  • One page template
  • Elementor integration

20. Éternel – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Eternel WordPress theme

Eternel is another amazing portfolio theme suitable for Elementor users. This contemporary theme can be used for different creative niches since it brings tons of portfolio layouts and modern animation effects. So, if you’re a designer, artist, web designer or you run a creative agency you should pay attention to this theme. Besides different gallery types, there are multiple portfolio single project templates and custom hover animations. In other words, you will be able to showcase different types of works and projects. You can, as well, use video functionality to make your presentation more interactive.

Features that make Éternel a great WordPress theme:

  • Versatile portfolio styles
  • Different animation types
  • Video functionality

Let’s Wrap It Up

You don’t have to be an experienced website developer to build a portfolio of your dreams. As we already said, you need the Elementor page builder and beautifully crafted WordPress theme. Just choose the template you like the most, customize it in Elementor and you’re ready to go!

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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