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Unforgettable Entertainment WordPress Themes

10 Unforgettable Entertainment WordPress Themes

Life is boring without entertainment! As an integral part of life, entertainment brings joy into our busy days filled with hectic schedules or unbearable responsibilities. Entertaining activities can refresh your mind and boost your energy. When we listen to music, watch our favorite movie, or go to the theater, our energy is restored and our mood uplifted. If you agree or operate in this niche, you know that being visible is essential for success.

So, a professional, user-friendly website is the starting point for everyone in the entertainment industry. The best part is there are many entertainment WordPress themes you can use to present your business. From movie WordPress themes to WordPress themes for musicians – you can choose any that goes with your branding and personal preferences. Below, you can have a look at our favorite entertainment WordPress themes.

1. Coppola – Movie and Film Production Theme

Coppola WordPress Theme

Hello there, movie lovers! Yes, we agree – movies are the most entertaining thing in the world! With Coppola, a theme crafted for the movie industry, anyone can build an amazing movie website. So, if you operate in this niche and you want to reach a broad audience, have a look at this theme since it’s on our list of the best entertainment WordPress themes for a reason.

First of all, it’s packed with 13 unique homepages you can use to introduce your movie work. For instance, you can share critics’ reviews, display awards, or announce the movie premier. Next, you can let people buy tickets online or watch trailers before going to the cinema.

Besides this, Coppola offers many portfolio styles. Combine them with different hover effects for the stunning final result. This means you can showcase each movie in detail and spread the buzz about upcoming projects. Don’t forget to share your movie stories as well. This theme comes packed with many blog features.

Features that make Coppola a great theme:

  • 13 unique homepages
  • Video integration
  • Wide variety of portfolio styles
  • Different hover types

2. Micdrop – Music WordPress Theme

Micdrop WordPress Theme

Can you imagine the world without music? We can neither! With Micdrop you can introduce your music festival, record label, band, or music store in detail, with zero stress. As one of the feature-rich entertainment WordPress themes, Micdrop comes with everything you may ever need to showcase your music projects.

For starters, it integrates 12 homepages you can easily customize as per your needs. Each consists of elements tailored to musicians. However, if this isn’t enough, you can use discography layouts to present your new album, song, or music collaboration. Embed your music with ease and let people enjoy the power of music. On top of this, Micdrop offers event layouts so you can announce your upcoming music shows. In the end, this theme is packed with blog and shop elements so you can share your music news or sell tickets online.

Features that make Micdrop a great theme:

  • Discography layouts
  • Event layouts
  • 12 homepages

3. Theater – Concert & Art Event Entertainment Theme

Theater WordPress Theme

Some people need fun to feel entertained, others need art. If you are a theatre fan or you organize art events, then you have to take a look at Theater. As one of the art entertainment WordPress themes, Theater is equipped with tons of features created for artists, operas, actors, and art lovers.

Packed with advanced portfolio functionality, this theme will let you display theater plays and entertainment events in detail. Include image galleries and promo videos for the best impression. Also, you can introduce your cast – the theme includes a profiles functionality, which lets you showcase your theatre actors, opera singers, and performers.

Additionally, there is events calendar functionality ideal for announcing upcoming art events. Also, you can sell the tickets for your events online, so people can get them from their sofa. Finally, Theater is packed with blog layouts that are ideal for attracting more attention.

Features that make Theater a great theme:

  • Portfolio layouts
  • Blog options
  • Events calendar

4. Cinerama – A Theme for Movie Studios and Filmmakers

Cinerama WordPress Theme

Cinerama is on our list of the best entertainment WordPress themes for a reason. The theme is created for movie studios and filmmakers. However, it’s equipped with an amazing set of ready-made layouts and customization options.

In short, this theme will help you put your work in the spotlight and get the show on the road with its endless features and layouts. For instance, it’s packed with various portfolio types, which allow you to insert trailer showcase, pre-production footage, and behind the scene moments. Apart from this, you can use hover effects to make your showcase even prettier. Moreover, there is an amazing animated horizontal timeline functionality that will let you sort everything in chronological order and introduce the movies you’ve worked on.

Features that make Cinerama a great theme:

  • Great hover effects
  • Portfolio layouts
  • Horizontal timeline

5. Plaxer – Gaming and eSports WordPress

Plaxer WordPress Theme

When we talk about entertainment WordPress themes, we have to mention Plaxer. This theme is created for the gaming and eSports niche, meaning you can introduce your new games and gather gamers in a stunning online place.

Whether you want to showcase your upcoming gaming project, stream eSports tournaments, share gaming news, or introduce your team members. Equipped with 7 homepage variants, an advanced menu, unlimited portfolio templates, and a coming soon page, this theme has everything you need to stand out from competitors.

Features that make Plaxer a great theme:

  • 7 Home page variants
  • Advanced side menu
  • Custom portfolio pages
  • Coming soon page

6. Mixtape – Music Theme for Artists & Festivals

Mixtape Festival WordPress Theme

Mixtape is crafted for artists, bands, and music festivals. Thus, it’s one of our favorite entertainment WordPress themes. Not only does it look great, but is equipped with tons of useful features you can use to introduce artists, bands, festivals, or nightclubs.

Besides the vibrant discography and album pages, this theme offers a useful tour date template where you can display all of your tour dates, along with locations and ticket availability. Also, you can announce the upcoming events in full detail – Mixtape integrates a single event page you will surely love.

Features that make Mixtape a great theme:

  • Vibrant discography and album pages
  • Tour dates layout
  • Single event page

7. Burbank – Entertainment Theme for Actors & Stars

Burbank WordPress Theme

What makes Burbank specific is its minimalist and fresh design that catches the eye. This entertainment theme created for actors and stars is packed with customizable layouts you can use to introduce your crew, share the info about their most iconic roles, display details about their film careers, and much more.

The theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin so you can sell movie accessorize, promo materials, or merch online. Also, it integrates with Elementor page builders so anyone can use it with complete ease.

Features that make Burbank a great theme:

  • Minimalist and fresh design
  • Elementor page builder
  • WooCommerce ready

8. Muzze – Museum Art Gallery Exhibition WordPress Theme

Muzze WordPress Theme

Our list of the best entertainment WordPress themes wouldn’t be complete without Muzze. This modern museum theme is all you need to open the doors of your museum in style. Firstly, it comes with 10 ready-made demos ideal for showcasing art galleries, announcing exhibitions, and introducing artists.

Create the presentation of an impressive artwork with Muzze’s set of pages that are designed for memorable showcases. On top of this, you can collect donations, announce upcoming events or let people book their tickets online.

Features that make Muzze a great theme:

  • 10 predefined demos
  • Flexible event management system
  • 3 event list pages

9. ConFix – Expo & Events WordPress Theme

ConFix WordPress Theme

ConFix is a fresh and clean theme created for expo centers and event organizers. However, as it’s completely customizable, it can be used for other entertainment industries as well. Besides 3 homepage examples, this theme is packed with amazing gallery layouts you can use for showcasing your business from every angle. For example, it’s packed with an event calendar, advanced contact form, many news and gallery layouts. Plus, there is a variety of blog options so you can share your stories

Features that make ConFix a great theme:

  • 3 bold homepage styles
  • Advanced contact forms
  • Event calendar plugin

10. Overworld – eSports and Gaming Theme

Overworld WordPress Theme

Overworld is another eSports theme that will win the game. With this theme, you will get all you need to create a gaming magazine or present your team, gaming tournament & so much more.

What we like about this theme is its set of showcase layouts. Use them to showcase single match results in a detailed manner – including match summaries, screenshots & more with this stunning premade layout. Also, you can display info from the gaming world you wish, all the way from leagues, teams, and tournament timetables.

Features that make Overworld a great theme:

  • Tournament single
  • Match list
  • Player list

Let’s Wrap It Up

Entertainment WordPress themes are created for everyone who wants to share quality, fun content in an eye-catching manner. They are the ideal choice for music industry, movie studios, eSport sites or even for theatre and museum institutions. As they are completely customizable, they can be easily used by complete beginners. So, if you want to save time and budget, wait no longer and start building a site of your dreams today.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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