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Film Production WordPress Themes for Movie Lovers

7 Film Production WordPress Themes for Movie Lovers

The world of movie-making is filled with magic and surrounded by the air of mystery that continues to attract millions of movie lovers. From the golden Hollywood era to the Netflix revolution, we have witnessed the iconic movies, unforgettable movie roles, and timeless quotes we often use in our daily communication. When we need a good cry, an adrenaline boost, or a warming laugh, movies are there to take us to another universe, a better world, or another country.

However, the movie magic as we know it, wouldn’t be possible without famous movie studios such as Warner Bros., Disney, and Universal. These studios gather the most talented scriptwriters, sound producers, cameramen, directors, lighting technicians, and many other professionals who believe in film magic.

If your dream job is to produce films or to work for other companies to help them produce their desired content, this text is for you. With the help of the best film production WordPress themes or WordPress movie themes, you can introduce your works, share the list of projects or announce upcoming movie projections.

1. Coppola – Movie and Film Production Theme

Coppola WordPress Theme

…and cut! Your search for one of the best film production WordPress themes is officially over. Meet Coppola, a stunning theme crafted specifically for the movie industry. What we like at first sight is Coppola’s minimalistic dark design that perfectly fits the movie industry. Followed by eye-catching animation effects and unlimited font options, this design will surely make your site memorable.

When it comes to its template collection, Coppola hits charts as well. Packed with 13 homepages and many inner pages, this theme will let you introduce every aspect of your business in a professional manner. In other words, you can introduce your upcoming movie by sharing the premiere date, including details about the cast and adding behind the scene stories. On top of this, you can include a trailer to spark interest. Also, go one step further, and don’t forget to share image galleries and videos from the set. Finally, you will be able to sell tickets for the movie premiere.

Let’s also mention that you can display your awards, announce upcoming projections and festivals or create head-turning movie showcases. Lastly, Coppola comes with powerful shop options so you can sell promo posters, accessories inspired by your movie or other relevant items.

Features that make Coppola a great theme:

  • 13 homepages
  • Blog options
  • Portfolio layouts

2. Pelicula – Video Production and Movie Theme

Pelicula WordPress Theme

Lights, camera, Pelicula! Let’s steal the hearts of all film lovers with one of the best film production WordPress themes. Pelicula is crafted for movie, film, and video production websites. Thus, it comes with tons of templates and features you can use to present your film projects, movie studio, or movie crew.

Thanks to powerful homepages and ready-made inner pages, you can showcase your movie projects in the best possible light. Share the names of everyone who worked on the projects including writers, directors, and actors. Next, add the release date and include short synopsis. Also, you can showcase your works in horizontal, chronological order. On top of this, movie lovers will be able to read what critics have to say about the movie.

What we also like is a Director page where you can introduce your skills, education, works, and projects. Include a short bio and relevant awards, as well as short videos to introduce yourself to the world.

Features that make Pelicula a great theme:

  • Director homepage
  • Coming soon page
  • Blog elements

3. Leitmotif – Movie and Film Studio Theme

Leitmotif WordPress Theme

As one of our favorite film production WordPress themes, Leitmotif will let you direct your online classic with ease. The theme comes with a large collection of customizable templates that will meet all of your needs.

For starters, you can introduce your movie studio in detail. Display your most popular movies, add brand new trailers, and announce the latest movie news – all with complete ease.

Choose between 7 inner pages, 9 homepages, and 25+ portfolio styles and introduce your crew, movie projects, and film studio like a real professional. Thanks to the dark design and fancy animation effects, you can be sure everything will look amazing. Also, you can share the latest movie news – Leitmotif is packed with many blog layouts.

Features that make Leitmotif a great theme:

  • 7 inner pages
  • 9 homepages
  • 25 portfolio styles

4. Ftage – Filmmaker, Movie Production & Film Studio WordPress Theme

Ftage WordPress Theme

Designed for everyone in the movie industry, Ftage is a perfect example of how modern design and powerful features can come together. Before everything else, this theme features a clean, elegant and modern design, so you can promote yourself in a perfect way.

Next, you can choose between 9 customizable homepages that come in two skin tones – dark and light. Furthermore, you can use video functionality and blog features to share the movie news. Let’s not forget to mention that you can create an actor portfolio if you want to chase an acting career.

Features that make Ftage a great theme:

  • 9 homepages
  • Videos and movie news
  • Actor portfolio

5. Noxe – Movie Studios & Filmmakers Theme

Noxe WordPress Theme

What makes Noxe one of the best film production WordPress themes is its endless collection of features crafted for the movie industry in the first place. Noxe comes with 18 demos in a light and dark skin scheme, so you can cover all of your needs. Besides stunning layouts, the theme brings an advanced film search system. With it, users can filter movies and TV shows by their own criteria.

Apart from this, there is advanced cast and crew management so you can create the entire staff of movies and TV shows according to their duties. Next, the theme will let you create your own film database since it supports an advanced film database system.

Finally, the theme integrates with IMDB so you can display IMDB ratings on your pages or even let people leave their reviews, rate movies, and more.

Features that make Noxe a great theme:

  • Light and dark skins
  • Advanced film search system
  • Cast and crew management

6. Filmax – Cinema & Movie News Magazine WordPress Theme

Filmax WordPress Theme

Filmax is another theme that deserves your attention. It brings a feature-rich toolbox you can use to run a powerful online movie magazine, stylish film blog, or modern film portal. So if your passion is the movie industry, it’s the perfect time to get Filmax and share stories about your favorite movies, actors, or movie studios.

The theme offers modern layouts you can enrich with videos, photos, as well as stunning grids since this theme integrates with Essential Grid plugins. Apart from this, it offers 20+ post animations, like and share buttons so you can make the most of your movie blog.

Features that make Filmax a great theme:

  • 20+ post animations
  • Customizable blog feed
  • Post views, likes, and sharing buttons

7. Formota – Movie Studios & Filmmakers WordPress theme

Formota WordPress Theme

Formota is another responsive theme made for movie studios and filmmakers. The theme is packed with customizable templates you can use to introduce your small studio or to share all the relevant details regarding your upcoming movie projects.

Besides elegant layouts, the theme offers video functionality. It also supports YouTube and Vimeo formats so you can display your trailers and short videos with complete ease.

Features that make Formota a great theme:

  • YouTube and Vimeo support
  • Customizable templates

Let’s Wrap It Up

The movie industry is an endless pool of possibilities. Anything you could imagine can be turned into a good movie story. Thus, you have complete freedom to create new worlds, unforgettable stories, and unimaginable realities. Gather the winning team and introduce your talents to the world with film production WordPress themes that are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to stand out.

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