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5 Amazing Film & Theater WordPress Themes

5 Amazing Film & Theater WordPress Themes

Building a website for your film project, studio or artistic organization is a creative challenge. You want something that will reflect your unique artistic style, mission, and the way you work.

Using predesigned WordPress themes will help you achieve all of this without writing a single line of code. Just pick the right template, customize the site by importing your videos, images, and text, and you will have an amazing online presentation that will impress even the most avid movie or theater-goer.

And don’t be afraid of the word “template”. It won’t stifle your creativity because the film and theater WordPress themes we selected for this list are all highly customizable. So let’s begin!

1. Leitmotif – Movie and Film Studio Theme

Leitmotif WordPress Theme

The Leitmotif theme is a great blend of movie-inspired design and practical features that team up to create a dynamic, interactive user experience. It is a good choice for film studios and artists.

This WordPress theme offers a choice of 9 distinctly designed home pages. However, they all have one thing in common – dark background that mimics a perfect “movie screen” for showing off your best work. You can enrich homepage text, images, and videos with interesting hover and sound effects.

Homepage animations are possible thanks to the premium Slider Revolution plugin, which comes for free with this theme.

Film work is always teamwork, so the Leitmotif theme pays special attention to giving credit to your team members. The Team shortcode enables you to present and promote your colleagues with a mix of amazing photos, hover effects, and social media icons.

There is also a rich selection of portfolio layouts. You can organize your best works as a standard list, gallery, Pinterest-inspired board, as well as interactive scrolls, links, sliders, and showcases. For example, horizontal scrolling is a pretty stylish and expectation-defying way to show off your best works.

Multiple video integration options are another strong feature of the Leitmotif theme, giving you the choice to upload videos to the site or embed them from external sources.

Features that make Leitmotif the best WordPress theme for film and theater:

  • Various slide animation types
  • Variety of portfolio shortcodes
  • 3 side area types
  • Parallax images in sections
  • Content entry animations

2. Cinerama – A Theme for Movie Studios and Filmmakers

Cinerama WordPress Themes

The Cinerama theme possesses a bit more versatility compared to our previous pick, making it a good choice for any kind of blog or portfolio site. For example, Cinerama can be equally useful for budding movie and theater artists, critics, journalists, writers, etc. While its visuals aren’t as lavish as those of the Leitmotif theme, they are still pretty impressive and fitting for anyone who wants to showcase their distinct visual style.

Cinerama boasts ten meticulously designed homepages, each putting something different in the limelight. You can emphasize a single project or person, or you can opt for showcasing your best works and important blog posts.

This theme is rich with super-customizable, dynamic portfolio layouts. They allow you to display your best works in the form of video carousels, showcases, or interactive timelines with images and text. You can enrich the portfolio with amazing hover effects such as text sliding, overlay, video preview & shader.

Cinerama is rich with custom shortcodes that can help you personalize the theme and add functionalities relevant to your target audience. For example, artists can make good use of the testimonials shortcode, which adds some social proof to their projects and biography. Countdown timers are a great tool to keep the audience on toes ahead of the upcoming projects.

Features that make Cinerama the best WordPress theme for film and theater:

  • Lots of creative home and inner pages
  • A large collection of custom shortcodes
  • 3 icon font packs
  • Separate typography settings for responsive
  • 800+ Google Fonts

3. Bard – A Theatre and Performing Arts Theme

Bard WordPress Theme

If you feel that the first two themes are too film-centric, here’s something entirely different. The Bard theme is all about connecting theater and performing artists with their audience. This WordPress theme shifts focus to raw visuals of performance arts and functionalities that will easily bring viewers to your live performance. This makes Bard a perfect pick for theatres, dance companies, cultural institutions, but it can also be a great WordPress theme for artists in general.

Bard translates the simplicity of live performances to the selection of 6 elegant homepages. Each sheds light on a different element of performing arts – the theater, plays, troupes or individual artists. Carefully crafted inner pages allow you to introduce the audience to your organization’s history, mission, the team on the scene and behind it.

With this WordPress theme, you can easily promote upcoming events and shows using fullscreen, interactive, and slider layouts. With simple shortcodes, you can add countdown timers and testimonials from the audience, other artists and critics.

The true value of this theater WordPress theme comes with the WooCommerce plugin that enables website visitors to buy individual and seasonal tickets for your shows.

Features that make Bard the best WordPress theme for film and theater:

  • Tickera – WordPress Event Ticketing plugin compatible
  • Pricing table shortcode
  • Customizable Google Maps
  • Working Hours widget
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • Boxed layout option

4. Silverscreen – A Theme for Movies, Filmmakers and Production Companies

Silverscreen WordPress Theme

If you feel that the previous sites are overkill in terms of design and functionalities, take a look at the Silverscreen theme. It tones down the visuals and functionalities, seeking to make things as easy as possible, both on the frontend and the backend.

Silverscreen offers a choice of 9 homepages with designs that are highly focused on specific goals in the movie and theater industry. Some of them are geared towards highlighting a single movie project or trailer, others put filmography or important events front and center.

There is added variety in the way you can showcase properties them, using regular videos, video carousels, fullscreen view and always stylish horizontal showcase.

This WordPress theme is equipped with a vast set of portfolio templates, including standard, gallery, masonry and single layouts. The single layout will give you the greatest freedom if you want to play with image sizes, gallery types, sliders, split and full screens. All of these elements are highly interactive, ensuring the pages you create are attention-grabbing and engaging.

Features that make Silverscreen the best WordPress theme for film and theater:

  • Edge slider with image and video support, zoom animations and parallax effect
  • Testimonials slider
  • 5 header types and multiple header behaviors
  • Optional separate logo and styles for mobile header
  • 8 icon font packs

5. The Movie – Cinema, Film & Series

The Movie WordPress Theme

If you want to promote multiple movies, series, documentaries, and projects, the Movie theme will provide you with a seamless website building experience. It doesn’t boast lavish design compared to the other picks on this list. However, its simplicity and practical features make it a good choice for anyone who wants to keep their audience up to date with the latest releases.

This makes The Movie a good choice for cinemas and theaters with a vast audience that visits the website for quick info and tickets, rather than flashy visuals.

There are five homepages available and you can pick between one page and multipage versions. A onepage website layout allows you to place the entire website content on a single homepage. Users can scroll the page or jump to the desired section with a single click.

You can describe your movie project in greater detail on special inner pages where you can place trailers, image galleries, and information about the movie cast.

This WordPress theme’s online shop also keeps things on the simple side, as it is incorporated as a CTA button on the list of the upcoming releases.

Features that make The Movie the best WordPress theme for film and theater:

  • Movie and series management
  • Online ticket sales & booking
  • Review system
  • MailChimp integration
  • Comment system


With these WordPress themes, you can create a film and theater website that is a small work of art in its own right. All of them are SEO friendly, so you can rest assured that your audience will find you easily. Since all of these themes come with integrated blogging functionality, you can boost your SEO additionally using content marketing.

How creative you get is entirely up to you. If you feel more comfortable with working inside existing templates, these WordPress themes offer beautiful designs. However, if you want to create something entirely new, you can play with colors, skins, headers and dozens of shortcodes for enhancing website visuals and functionalities.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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