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Free Photography WordPress Themes for Perfect Website

10+ Free Photography WordPress Themes for Perfect Website

A picture is worth a thousand words. However, if we reflect on the modern concept of a picture, I’d rephrase this one to “a picture is worth a thousand memories”. Yes, we use photographs to physically imprint some of the most important moments of our lives so that 10 years later we can look at them and relive a whole series of events.

Because of this very reason, the number of professional photographers has increased significantly, and many of them are struggling to find innovative ways to promote their work. Of course when it comes to key to success, in the end it all comes down to showcasing the artwork you and your camera create, however, if not displayed with style, even the best of photos can fail to transmit the charm and quality they were created with.

A solution to all of these problems is definitely a website that will help you arrange your photos with elegance and create a virtual art gallery where people will get the chance to have a full experience of your portfolio. Another option is to sell your photographs on websites trusted by millions. However, if you want to follow your own road and stay independent, having a website is a mandatory.

Well, lucky for you, some web designers and developers decided to help you out and created a series of free photography WordPress themes you can use, and, in order to help you even further, we have created a list of the best 15 among them we consider worthy of your attention. Wait no more, let’s see what your options are.

1. Qi Theme

Qi theme photography

If you’re a professional photographer or creative with love for photography, have a look at QI Theme since it will make your dreams come true. This amazing theme comes with 100 free demo options designed by a bestselling team of creatives.

Elegant style, authentic details and flexible features make QI a top free photography WordPress theme. As it’s packed with many photography demo options, you can choose the one that fits your style or niche the best. This theme is easy to use, compatible with Elementor page builder and created for complete beginners so you can customize everything with complete ease.

Moreover, there are premium Qi demos equipped with new options and powerful features. Specifically, it comes with 50 new demos and endless functionalities you can use to upgrade your photography website.

2. Pixagraphy


Pixagraphy is a WordPress theme made to provide you with a simple yet fully functional online place to post and publish your work. The very homepage has been designed in such a way that your clients will have an immediate insight into some of your work. However, no need to fear that this particular tab won’t give you enough space to showcase your amazing work ‘cause Pixagraphy comes with a specially designed gallery tab where you will be able to do wonders.

In addition to this, this marvelous photography WordPress theme comes with some of the most popular plugins in the WodPress world such as Contact Form 7, Polylang, bbPress and WooCommerce that will help you stay in touch with your clients or even sell some of your work online.

3. Panoramic


Panoramic is not a theme that was built solely for the purposes of representing photography related websites but, instead, it can be rather used for many different niches. This has all been made possible thanks to its high customizability that paired with its powerful drag and drop page builder will let you create layouts and pages according to your taste. In addition to this, Panoramic is a fully responsive theme, so all the photos you wish to place on your website will look equally good on any screen size or different devices.

All in all, Panoramic puts all the necessary tools at your disposal, you just need to create and choose the most representative photos of your portfolio.

4. Photolite


This one is quite a catch! Photolite will give you a sensation that you have purchased a modern premium theme that comes with a flawless design, even though it is completely free of charge. With this gorgeous photography WordPress theme, you will have the chance to display all of your photographs and divide them into “albums” based on the type of events or situations they represent, or gather them all in one place and create an all-inclusive portfolio.

Furthermore, with Photolite, you can create special pages where you’ll get to share a story behind your little business, or elaborate closely what are the services you offer to your clients. Lastly, since every photo basically tells a story of its own, with this super handy theme, you will also be able to start a blog and share with your clients what inspired you to create them.

5. Bold Photography

Bold Photography

This WordPress theme is sophisticated and bold for sure. With dark tones and a pop of yellow it will send a clear message to your clients that everything about you is professional and photography related. However, thanks to Bold Photography’s amazing customizability, you can change its colors, add different widgets or even feature some of the content you want pointed out on your site.

Of course, a special care has been dedicated to how you’ll be able to display your photos, and among many options you can choose to use a grid portfolio option that will allow you to neatly place all of your artwork. In addition to all of this, Bold Photography is built to be fully responsive so whatever you post on your site is guaranteed to look amazing on all devices.

6. Electa


Electa is a free WordPress theme which was made to help you put your artwork, or in this case photography, in the spotlight. The concept of the homepage, which biggest portion is a grid gallery, already helps you showcase who you truly are and what is it that you do. This grid, however, can be adjusted to different screen sizes given the fact that Electa is retina ready.

Another big plus is that, you get to test what exactly this photo gallery will look like on tablets and phones thanks to the special buttons that were custom made for this. This theme is also WooCommerce compatible, so you can turn it into a store and sell some of your work online if you desire to do so.

7. Idyllic


Idyllic is a multipurpose WordPress theme that will give a perfect frame to your photography website. This theme comes with 6 premade demos you get to choose from. On top of that, it is highly customizable which is why you will be able to adapt almost every element and tailor it as you wish. However, it’s not only the design that makes Idyllic so versatile.

Many plugins and features such as Contact Form 7, Jetpack by WordPress.com, Polylang, bbPress, WooCommerce etc. make it extremely functional, and these numerous options will allow you to build a site that will provide an amazing user-experience for your clients. Lastly, Idyllic is also translation ready, so you can have a multilingual site that will reach people from all around the world.

8. Fotogenic


Fotogenic is a free photography WordPress theme that was built with the aim to provide you with a creative solution for your online presentation. With layouts that have been designed for the very purpose of publishing photos to a significant choice of features that come with this theme, you won’t have to worry your site won’t look as professional just because you get it for free.

Fotogenic is highly customizable and it comes with unlimited color options so you can change and tailor your site as you wish. Finally, this theme comes with a free support that will help you out in configuring your theme or anything else you might have a problem with.

9. Photozoom


This minimalistic pastel-colored theme is a perfect solution for a photography website, but also for any kind of art related business. It comes with the possibility to choose between dark and light skin, and you can also choose the position of your header – it can either be centered or split. Furthermore, with Photozoom your posts will be displayed in 3 columns, and you can add three of your most important pages to your homepage.

Photozoom has a ready-made portfolio page you can use to showcase your work as well as a page related to services you’re offering so that your clients can know what to expect from you at all times.

10. Radcliffe


You know how sometimes you think things are too good to be true? Well that is the case with this amazing theme, only that we assure you, everything is true for sure. Radcliffe looks absolutely gorgeous and modern and it still doesn’t cost a penny. Its flawless design, beautiful typography as well as its retina-ready assets will make your photos look as effective as possible. Add tabs about who you are and what you do, archive some of your most popular posts, post your photos in full width – everything is just a couple of clicks away. Sounds just great, doesn’t it?

11. Fukasawa


Fukasawa is a photography WordPress theme that is characterized by clean, modern, minimalistic design. This theme has a masonry oriented gallery followed by blog posts you can add to a single image you post on your homepage. Fukasawa allows you to create different categories, organize your photo work and create a neatly stored website that will reflect your professionalism.

The responsive & retina-ready design is implied of course, but some of the other features Fukasawa has that we consider are worth pointing out are definitely the possibility to create a gallery slideshow, choose among four custom widgets and many more.

12. Photo Perfect

Photo Perfect

Photo Perfect is another free photography theme that will sweep you off your feet. It comes with a specially designed gallery page where you will have the opportunity to gather all of your work and present it with style to your clients. In addition to this, you will also have the possibility to store your content based on the category it belongs to and therefore create thematic online albums. Lastly, Photo Perfect is absolutely responsive and retina-ready, so the quality of your shots is guaranteed to remain the same.

13. Hitchcock


Well this one really looks like it came out of a Hitchcock movie! Its dark background with cool grey tones will leave a sensation of a misty gallery where you’ll get to exhibit your shots with elegance. However, Hitchcock has a lot more to offer than a unique beautiful design. In fact, it comes with many useful goodies such as Block Editor support, a social icon menu, support for the gallery post format, the option to always show post preview titles and many other things you can use to build a site you will love.

14. Fotografie


The first thing you’ll notice when it comes to this theme is its modern, asymmetric and minimalistic design. With a series of photos, you can place on the left side of your homepage, the right part is reserved for you to tell a story of each and every one of those photos. Furthermore, Fotografie offers a unique gallery and portfolio pages for you to display your digital work of art in the way that will leave a strong impression of professionalism and quality.

Lastly, this free photography WordPress theme is not just about what everything will look like but it was also created to be fully functional and responsive so that you can have fewer things to worry about. With Fotografie you’ll be able to create contact forms and have your clients get in touch with you easily, feature certain content you want highlighted on your site and change almost every element of the website as per your needs.

To Sum It Up

So, if you are looking for solutions to start your career as a photographer and attract as many clients as possible, creating a website is definitely your starting point. Choose any among these genius free photography WordPress themes or have a look at modern pinterest WordPress themes and start your website’s transformation. Wait no more, put that camera to work, always check out tips for great photos, and let’s create a photography website that will lead you to success.

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