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5 Best Hairdresser WordPress Themes

10+ Best Hairdresser WordPress Themes

The language of hair might be a complicated one, but it’s definitely universal. A hairdresser is one of our trusted companions, a true bestie who can do wonders with its ‘magic wand’. In order for any salon to get ahead of competition, a professional website is definitely a must. It’s something that can even instill trust in potential clients. Plus, it’s super helpful if your clientele can book appointments online, isn’t it? To build a remarkable website, first you’d need to decide which WordPress theme to go with, and that’s where we come to the rescue. In this article we’ve singled out 5 best hairdresser WordPress themes that can truly set you up for success!

Without knowing how to code, build and manage a compelling website that will perfectly reflect what your business is about. These hairdresser WordPress themes are definitely the ones you should go with:

1. Qi Theme for Elementor

Qi Theme for Elementor Hairdresser

Built to catch the eye and work well, Qi Theme effortlessly bridges the gap between performance and beauty. As a multipurpose theme, it will give you a world of different options when it comes to functionalities and design choices. If you’re in a hurry, however, and you just want a ready-made option for creating your hairdresser website, you’ll find a couple of demos made for hair-related sites, and plenty more you can use as the foundation for just the kind of site you need.

The first thing you should know about the Qi Theme is that it’s not a bloated theme that will slow down your website. Speed is incredibly important in the digital landscape and choosing the Qi Theme for your hairdresser website is a sound choice. All the relevant measuring tools show it.

As far as customizability is concerned, you should know that Qi Theme is fully compatible with Elementor, so you’ll be able to do a lot of fine-tuning without having to write a single line of code. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to use Qi Addons for Elementor – a bundle of Elementor widgets that are unparalleled in their applicability and the creativity they facilitate.

If you want to expand on your interests, Qi Theme also makes it easy to start a blog. Or, if you want to showcase your creations like works of art – no reason why hairdressing can’t be an art form – you can also easily create a portfolio with this theme. Finally, if you have products to sell, you should know that Qi Theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce, and it has all the features you need to run a store. Qi is all about giving you options and expanding your possibilities.

Features that make Qi Theme the best hairdresser WordPress theme:

  • 150 demos
  • Top performance
  • Elementor-ready
  • SEO-optimized
  • Video tutorials

2. Qi Templates for Gutenberg

Qi for Gutenberg

For people who want to take the beautiful design of the Qi Theme and use it with Full Site Editing, Qi Templates for Gutenberg is the solution they need. With the plugin, you can get hundreds of different elements, both pre-styled and style-free, and use them to build the hairdresser website of your dreams. You’ll need a block theme to do it, though, and the plugin is premium-only, but it can help you create magic if you give it a shot.

Features that make Qi Templates the best hairdresser WordPress theme:

  • 60 demos
  • 232 patterns
  • 311 templates
  • Beautiful design

3. PaulHair – Hair Salon and Hairdresser Theme

PaulHair WordPress theme

PaulHair is a stunning WordPress theme that is specifically designed for hair salons and hairdressers. It offers a modern and professional platform for presenting a variety of hairdresser services, including hair products, hairdo, hair extensions and other hairstylist services.

With its clean and intuitive layout, this theme is perfect for showcasing your skills and expertise in the hairdressing industry. One of the standout features of PaulHair is its easy-to-use powerful admin interface. This makes it incredibly easy for you to customize and manage your website, even if you don’t have any coding or design experience.

Additionally, the theme is fast, responsive, and compatible with all well-known plugins. This means that you can easily extend the functionality of your website, integrate with third-party services, and optimize your site for search engines.

PaulHair WP theme

Another great feature of PaulHair is its large collection of pre-designed templates. This makes it easy for you to get started and create a stunning website in no time. You can choose from a variety of layouts and designs, customize the colors and fonts to match your branding, and add your own images and content.

Features that make PaulHair the best hairdresser WordPress theme:

  • Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress plugin
  • Reservation Form shortcode
  • Instagram List shortcode
  • Responsive Design

4. Curly – A Stylish Theme for Hairdressers and Hair Salons

Curly Wordpress Theme

Curly is a modernly designed jewel among hairdresser themes. It’s got absolutely all you’ll ever need for your website. A collection of predesigned layouts just oozes sophistication and there’s an overall stylish feel throughout the entire theme. You can tell from the very first glance that the authors have been very meticulous and that they’ve paid attention even to the smallest of details.

Curly comes with a compelling assortment of 6 ready-made homepages. All are well thought out so that you can easily present every aspect of your hair salon. One homepage in particular stands out, and that’s the Vertical Showcase home. It enables you to create full screen presentations of your salon and add images that will definitely captivate your visitors. This interactive showcase will surely freshen up your website in an extraordinary way!

Curly 2

Curly is packed with an impressive set of shortcodes that are great for all hairdressing businesses. We especially liked the Pricing List shortcode which enables you to highlight the services you offer at the salon and to list the prices.

Curly 3

This attractive theme also includes the Calendar shortcode that comes in both dark and light variants. It enables you to display your working hours in a truly elegant manner. If you further install the Booked Appointments plugin, your visitors will also be able to book appointments online with utmost ease. Nowadays, when time is everything, this feature can greatly benefit your business and it’s something that clients will particularly appreciate.

Curly 4

To make your online presentation even more sophisticated, the authors of Curly have added the Stacked Images shortcode to the collection. It puts focus on your images, and it further lets you showcase your skillset in an enticing and distinct manner. Images can be displayed on the left, right or at the center of the page. Feel free to check out all of these options on your own and see the Stacked Images shortcode in action!

Curly 5

In this highly competitive industry, having a great website can make all the difference. Curly is a true stunner among hairdresser WordPress themes that enables you to set up an amazing website. It’s filled to the brim with functionalities and features that will differentiate you from the others. You can never have a bad hair day with Curly!

Features that make Curly the best hairdresser WordPress theme:

  • Pricing List Shortcode
  • Vertical Showcase Template
  • Online Tppointment Scheduling
  • Stacked Images Shortcode
  • Outstanding Support

5. Marra – Beauty WordPress Theme

Marra Hairdresser WordPress Themes

Marra is elegant, charming and professional all at the same time. This lovely WordPress theme is a good choice for hairdressers and hair salons since it comes packed with tons of practical options anyone can use with ease. For starters, it comes packed with 8 stunning homepages including Hairstylist home. This layout is equipped with everything you may need to present your business with style. From working hours, promo banners, clients’ testimonials to Instagram feed display – you can use every functionality that can benefit your business.


Apart from this, Marra is compatible with WooCommerce plugin so you can build and run your online store with complete ease. So, if you offer hair products such as shampoos, serums or hair masks, you can sell them online with Marra. Lastly, this theme is equipped with numerous blog and portfolio templates and features so you can go one step further and present your business like a true professional.

Features that make Marra the best hairdresser WordPress theme:

  • Hairstylist homepage
  • WooCommerce features
  • Elegant design

6. Hair Salon – Hairdresser WordPress

Hair Salon Wordpress Theme

When you’re trying to change up your style, oftentimes you decide to go to a hairdresser. Now, we got something for anyone in that business who wishes to promote their services in a terrific way! We’ve tried a theme called Hair Salon, that’s made for all beauty related businesses. It’s got 6 homepages, and more than 20 different layouts for header & footer. You can easily alter each template and make it perfectly fit for your hair salon.

We’d like to particularly draw your attention to the Personal – One Page Parallax Home. This layout shows an interesting way in which you can present your business and services. The one page home is not only esthetically pleasing, but it also has all you need to make a remarkable website! Add info about your services, share your vision, and furthermore set up a gallery of the finest hairstyles you’ve created. That will surely catch everyone’s eye and potentially turn the crowd to your clients. You can also add the calendar and specify your working hours, as well as the prices.

Hair Salon 1

Booking Calendar is one of the most useful features this theme has to offer. When you list the prices along with the calendar, your customers will be in for a treat with this time-saving combo. Instead of having to browse the website looking for prices, it’s useful to display them right next to the calendar. That way the clients can immediately see the cost for the appointment they’d like to book!

Hair Salon 2

Another highly practical thing this theme comes with is the already predesigned Under Construction page. This means that you don’t have to bother with installing plugins for it. The authors of the Hair Salon theme have created a pastel-colored Coming Soon page, which you can subsequently use while your website is under construction. Furthermore, there’s also a counter which counts the time until the time you launch your site. Your visitors can even subscribe here and get updates about the latest news from your Hair Salon!

Hair Salon 3

Features that make Hair Salon the best hairdresser WordPress theme:

  • Personal – One Page Parallax Home
  • Booking Calendar
  • Coming Soon Page
  • Translation Ready
  • Numerous Layouts for Header and Footer

7. Stockholm – A Genuinely Multi-Concept Theme

Stockholm Hair Salon WP Theme

The modern and stylish hair salon WP theme Stockholm comes with an impressive, niche-specific homepage layout that instantly grabs attention with a full-screen image slider that allows you to display the key info in an immersive manner and a CTA button that instantly engages the visitor. As you scroll down, excellently designed practical sections reveal many more advantages of this theme. You can showcase your products elegantly in a shop section with prices, show how you work in a video section, and display your prices neatly in a well-designed price list.

Stockholm theme instagram shortcode

The theme also comes with the Instagram functionality allowing you to attract and connect with your target audience.

Features that make Stockholm the best hairdresser WordPress theme:

  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Elementor Page Builder Compatible
  • Twitter and Instagram Feed Widgets
  • Select Membership Plugins
  • Parallax Sections

8. Bridge – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Bridge Hair Salon

Qode Interactive’s Bridge… Is there anything this outstanding theme can’t do? With more than 400 demos and tons of stellar options, Bridge is your virtual playground! You can make literally any kind of pro-grade website you like with this WordPress bestseller without knowing how to code. The only limit with this theme is your imagination, and nothing more!

As mentioned, Bridge comes with tons of demos, and one of them is the astounding Hair Salon demo. It’s simple yet effective, designed in a bold and minimal fashion. It lets you easily tailor a website as dashing as the hairstyles you create in your salon!

Bridge Hair Salon 1

When we go to a hair salon we have high expectations. We won’t let just about anyone cut our hair, won’t we? The same should apply when you decide to build a website. You shouldn’t go with just about any WordPress theme. The Bridge Hair Salon demo has been trusted by many, and we can definitely see why.

One of its many cool features is the Our Stylist section. It lets you introduce your team and specify their qualifications. This way your crew can make an excellent first impression as the visitors get to know them better.

Bridge Hair Salon 2

You can showcase all the wonders you can do with clients’ hair by setting up an image gallery. Bridge’s gallery also includes a zoom on hover effect, which can be a selling point for you. If someone wants to see how pro you are and observe the hairstyles from up close, this effect will come in handy!

Bridge Hair Salon 3

Moreover, you can display working hours and list the prices for services you offer in a voguish way. Add testimonials as well and further convince people why there’s no one like you in the game. You can also upload videos that will enchant the crowd and make the browsing experience more interesting! Integrated with Bridge are all the leading page builders including Elementor and WPBakery. Convert website visitors to your regular customers with Bridge’s amazing Hair Salon demo!

Features that make Bridge the best hairdresser WordPress theme:

  • Bold Design
  • Our Stylist Section
  • Gallery With Zoom on Hover Effect
  • Testimonials
  • Video Upload Option

9. Kendall – Spa, Hair & Beauty Salon Theme

Kendall Wordpress Theme

Kendall is an alluring theme made for spa and beauty salons. It packs 12 modern homepages, among which you can find the mesmerizing Hairstylist homepage. However, even the other homepages can be easily tweaked to fit the needs of a modern hair salon. This means that you get a set of 12 readymade templates that you can entirely customize as per your style!

Should you decide to start a blog, you can share your posts in a truly amusing way with the Blog Carousel. Furthermore you can combine them with images to create even more enthralling pages, as illustrated in this picture.

Kendall 2

What especially caught our eye was the Masonry blog list. This list is quite interesting because, when you select it, it displays featured images in various heights. It undoubtedly gives a modern vibe to your blog and makes it look fun to the visitors!

Kendall 3

If you’re also selling hair products in the salon, Kendall’s got what it takes to set up your store with ease. It’s fully compatible with the powerful WooCommerce plugin, and it includes a captivating Shop Showcase. This layout lets you present your items in a delightful way and also add descriptions for each item. Use this template to highlight your best products and to create a pleasant shopping experience for your visitors.

Kendall 4

Kendall is indeed highly versatile and it comes with an array of stunning elements and features. If you choose this theme, your hairdresser business will surely benefit from it. Impress the visitors and let them book an appointment with you!

Features that make Kendall the best hairdresser WordPress theme:

  • 12 Stunning Homepages
  • Shop Showcase Home
  • Masonry Blog List
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Extensive Documentation

10. Coiffeur – Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Coiffeur Wordpress Theme

Coiffeur is another bold and sophisticated hairdresser WordPress theme that includes a set of 6 predesigned homepages. What makes it really special is a vast and versatile set of inner pages. This means that you can provide your visitors with all the information they ever may need. For instance, you can create a separate page for each service your salon offers, add pictures and detailed descriptions, too. There’s also the Widgetized Sidebar, which enables you to easily navigate from one page to the next. If you decide to buy this theme, this is a feature you should definitely import!

Coiffeur 1

Coiffeur packs an interesting shop layout called Featured Product page. Unlike standard shop templates, this one enables you to put greater focus on your products. When trying to sell something to someone, a feature like this definitely helps!

Coiffeur 2

Authors of Coiffeur have really thought through every single detail. You can tell as much just by taking a look at Coiffeur’s custom hover, which is undoubtedly perfect for all hair salon websites.

Coiffeur 3

The hair industry is a visual one, and Coiffeur certainly enables you to create impressive showcases of what you’re best at. Display your location, enable online appointment booking, set up an online store, and much more with Coiffeur.

Features that make Coiffeur the best hairdresser WordPress theme:

  • Great Inner Pages
  • Featured Product Page
  • Custom Hover
  • Widgetized Sidebar
  • Social Media Feeds

11. Lella – Hairdresser and Beauty Salon Theme

Lella WordPress Theme

One appointment can turn a bad hair day into the hair holiday. If you’re a hair artist with a passion to transform hair, showcase your talents and introduce your salon like a real professional. Start with Lella, a refined theme made especially for hairdressers and beauty salons. This beautifully crafted WordPress theme comes equipped with all the essential features for a stunning hair salon presentation. But what makes this theme a true masterpiece is its lovely design. This is where creatives at Elated Themes did a remarkable job. The fine balance of gentle peach color and discreet, yet effective details is what Lella is all about. Besides the trendy design direction, the theme features an endless collection of layouts and features. Firstly, it’s packed with a professional set of home and inner page styles. We recommend you to check out Hair salon template, as it sums up the essence of the whole theme.

Perfect for detailed, yet stylish salon presentation, this layout will help you introduce your team of hairdressers, present hair products you would gladly recommend and showcase your services. On the other side, if you happen to prefer a different kind of presentation there is a Metro showcase, ready to turn your showcase into a little work of art. Another layout that caught our attention is Hair products. With it, you will be able to present your favorite hair products in detail. In addition to this, you can start selling them with neat layouts and shop elements.

Lella Products

Lella is packed with a fine assortment of shop page layouts, including product lists, user account, card & more. Also, this theme integrates a powerful blog and portfolio elements so you can share your latest news, stories and hairstyling tips or display your works in a modern way.

Lella Hair Stories

Apart from this, Lella includes an elegant booking calendar that is game-changing for everyone with a busy schedule. It allows you to choose the dates, select the time of your treatment and book it with a single click. In addition to this, there is a stylish subscription form, where you can join the newsletter so you can follow the latest news and offers right there in your inbox.

Lella Workin Hours

Finally, this theme comes with a refined pricing table. Use it to display your services and share the info about each treatment in a professional and fashionable way.

Features that make Lella the best hairdresser WordPress theme:

  • Pricing Table Shortcode
  • Working Hours Shortcode
  • Portfolio & Blog Elements
  • Booking & Subscription Form
  • Modern Look & Feel

12. Hair Salon – Barber & Beauty Shop WordPress Theme

Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Hair salon is another example of a great hairdresser and hair salon theme. This modern, easy-to-use theme comes with tons of options that will help you create a buzz about your business. Specifically, it’s packed with powerful features and numerous layouts. To start with, let’s firstly mention its collection of 8 stunning homepages. Each template is meticulously created to help you originally promote your hair salon. The mixture of minimal design and professional options will make sure your website covers all your customers might need. Hair salon integrates a variety of premade layouts for blogs, shops, and portfolios. This means you can not only showcase your best works, or share your latest articles on the best hair care practices, but also sell the latest hair products that can really transform hair care routine. Hair salon is powered by WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce plugin. In other words, this theme is the ideal match if you want to surprise the customers with ground-breaking products.

Hair Salon Shop Items

Mark the products that are on sale, new or out of stock. Also, you can share the price, product description or category. To make the most of your shop, you can as well use special banners that will catch the attention and highlight the best deals. Add banners anywhere on your website, depending on your needs and goals.

Hair Salon Banners

When it comes to portfolio elements, Hair salon also has much to offer. Included with the theme are portfolio layouts with 2, 3, or 4 columns and a single portfolio template. Use them to build credibility and showcase your services in an elegant, informative manner.

Features that make Hair salon the best hairdresser WordPress theme:

  • Compatibility with Woocommerce
  • Portfolio Styles
  • 8 Home Pages
  • Blog Layouts

13. Hairdresser – Hair Salon WordPress theme

Hairdresser WP theme

Hairdresser is a contemporary and stylish Hair Salon WordPress theme that comes with all the functionalities a hairdresser’s website might need and more. It comes with the famous easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder, WPBakery, which means it is very customizable, and you will be able to create and rearrange layouts with ease. Each of the four premade demos is stylish and versatile enough to serve a range of businesses. Thanks to 88 shortcodes, you will be able to set up your website quickly without any previous technical knowledge. The theme is also responsive, so you can be sure your website will look equally good on all devices regardless of screen size.

Features that make Hairdresser the best hairdresser WordPress theme:

  • Easy one click update
  • Wide and Boxed version
  • 4 predefined color schemes

14. Kitring – A Beauty & Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Kitring WP theme

The supreme style and elegance of the Kitring WordPress template give off a particularly classy and modern image. The theme is also full of practical features that allow you to set up a functional website quickly. It comes with the Booked plugin integrated that allows your customers to book your services anytime from any device. Full compatibility with WooCommerce and beautiful premade shop pages allow you to set up an online store in just a few clicks. The WPBakery page builder and header and footer builder are also included with the theme, so you will be able to customize the theme to fit your styles and needs perfectly.

Features that make Kitring the best hairdresser WordPress theme:

  • Powerful Admin Panel & Metabox
  • Revolution Slider
  • SEO Friendly
  • Responsive Design & Mobile Optimized

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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