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5 Best Hotel WordPress Themes

10+ Best Hotel WordPress Themes Worth Booking

The day has finally arrived. You worked hard and now the time has come to mellow out for a bit. You’ve packed your bags and you’re ready to embark on a new travel adventure. Upon choosing a dream travel destination, you also had to take care of your accommodation. Whether you’re travelling to a place that you can later write a successful travel blog about or for pure pleasure, accommodation is definitely one of the most important factors that contributes to a fully satisfying vacation. Having a strong website is an excellent way for every hotel, resort or apartment for rent out there to showcase their offer to potential guests. A website can help them drive bookings as well as revenue, and also set them apart from competition. There’s a plethora of themes to choose from, but we’ve narrowed it all down to the best hotel WordPress themes. Your business will surely skyrocket with the right theme and professional tips for increasing booking on your website.

No matter which one you decide to purchase, all of them are just perfect for creating attention-grabbing websites. Check out these amazing hotel themes that can help you grow in the hospitality industry:

1. Chalet – Travel Accommodation Booking Theme


The charming Chalet WordPress theme is a beautiful example of how well functionality can get incorporated into a captivating design. Its vintage style creates an exceptionally warm atmosphere which is great for any kind of hotel. This theme comes packed with advanced booking functionality, pricing packages shortcode, room lists and singles, reviews, and many more niche-specific features that will help you set up a full-fledged hotel website quickly. It also includes a powerful hotel module that offers everything you may ever need for an excellent online hotel presentation.

Chalet Room Side Filter

Features that make Chalet a great WordPress theme:

  • Premium images included for free
  • SEO optimized
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Room reservation filter shortcode
  • Responsive and retina ready

2. Augustine – Hotel Booking Theme

Augustine WordPress Theme

Your hotel deserves a 5 star online presentation! If you agree, have a look at Augustine, hotel-booking theme equipped with everything you may need to introduce and grow your business. From practical reservation forms and niche-specific shortcodes to the variety of flexible options and beautiful layouts, the elegant Augustine has everything you will ever need to introduce your services and to showcase every angle of your hotel, resort, apartment or holiday rental. The theme offers numerous elegant layouts, many image gallery types, room lists and singles and advanced booking functionality.

Hotel Booking Theme

It’s fully responsive, retina ready and made with the best coding practices so anyone can use it with ease.

Features that make Augustine the best hotel WordPress theme:

  • Luxurious Style
  • Advanced Booking Functionality
  • Room Lists and Single

2. Alloggio – Hotel Booking Theme

Alloggio WordPress Theme

Alloggio is not just yet another WordPress theme for hotels. It is definitely more than that, or at least when we speak about the options it provides you with. Let’s first point out that Alloggio comes with 6 predesigned homepages all of which are made to represent a different type of accommodation unit. If your business is a bed & breakfast type of service, a hostel, summer resort or a resort of any kind, Alloggio has made sure you don’t lack anything and that you have a fully functional homepage that fits your needs straight away. Furthermore, every homepage is equipped with essential tools that will provide your clients with a unique, user-friendly experience. Therefore, each homepage has an integrated booking functionality that has been additionally enriched with different filtering options that will help you get a view of the rooms that meet your requirements. All you need to do is tick the dates you want your stay to start and end with, enter the number of persons you need the room for, et voilà, you’ll be presented with a choice that was tailor-made for you.

Alloggio 1

Speaking of the room presentation, the specially designed room lists will help you showcase your rooms, and help your clients navigate through all of them. Once a room catches your client’s attention, by clicking on its link, your client will have a thorough insight into all amenities this room comes with, and, on the right side of every room page, there will also be another booking/availability form as well as the box with extra services that are included in the price. And the handiest thing of them all, reservation and payment of a room/suite can be done immediately on the site. Every user can create their own account on the site and pay for the service right there thanks to Alloggio’s WooCommerce payment integration. Lastly, every possible section of your website will look equally good on any screen size because Alloggio is a retina-ready theme that will provide you with high resolution only.

Alloggio 2

Features that make Alloggio the best hotel WordPress theme:

  • Easy-to-Use Powerful Admin Interface
  • Elementor Page Builder Plugin Compatible
  • Integrated Room Booking Management
  • Reservation Form Shortcode
  • Info Card Shortcode

3. Iver – A Modern Hotel and Booking Theme

Iver WordPress Theme

Iver is nothing short of a completely modern, fully responsive and entirely customizable hotel theme. It comes with a collection of 6 predesigned homepage layouts, all of which you can alter to fit your needs. The theme is designed in a bold manner and is sure to amaze the visitors. What we especially liked was the fact that there’s a reservation form on literally every single page. This means that your visitors can easily book rooms directly on site, without having to look for the form elsewhere. How handy is that?!


The theme also includes the fullscreen layout that we were truly impressed by. It allows you to create stunning showcases and practically immerse the visitors in the local atmosphere! You can also add short descriptions to every slide, in order to provide your guests with some extra details.

Iver Theme

Iver furthermore packs an impressive set of ready-made room templates, which allow you to perfectly show off rooms to the visitors. Regarding modernly designed room lists, guests can set various filters, and also use multiple criteria. That way they can list rooms either by date, by price (from high to low and vice versa), and by name. It’s also super easy to check room availability, simply insert the desired dates!

Iver WordPress

As for room singles, you get to not only add descriptions, but also include location and reviews. It’s also super useful to list all amenities as well as extra services you may offer. That way your guests can more easily decide to proceed with the booking which they can complete directly on the page! All it takes to make a reservation is just one mouse click!

Iver Single Room

We also liked the fact that Iver includes a collection of striking shop pages, so you can set up your online store in a flash. Not many hotel themes come with shop layouts this enchanting so that’s another feature that sets Iver apart from the competition.

Iver Shop

If you’re in quest of finding a theme that will help you put your hotel in the spotlight, than Iver should definitely be your choice #1! This contemporary theme comes with literally all the functionalities any accommodation may need! It truly empowers you to build a website that will both look and feel amazing for your users regardless of the device they view it on.

Features that make Iver the best hotel WordPress theme:

  • Stunning, Modern Design
  • Reservation Form on Each Page
  • Gorgeous Room Lists & Singles
  • Beautiful Portfolio Layouts
  • No Coding Required

4. FiveStar – Theme for Hotels and Resort Booking

Five Star WordPress Theme

When we tried this theme little did we know that we’d be in for a real treat! The authors of FiveStar have made something that will ensure a truly stellar website building experience for everyone.

The theme includes a set of 6 predesigned homepages, and each has been made for a specific accommodation type. There are home layouts for every luxury hotel, bed & breakfast, city tourism, tropical, ski and nature resort. Every page enables you to showcase what your offer in an impeccable fashion. You can add testimonials, further introduce your team, add background videos, and so much more. The templates are packed with features that are perfectly appropriate for the type of resort they’re intended for.

We especially liked the fact that on the Bed and Breakfast layout you can insert info that regards transportation. This is really useful as it means your guests will be able to reach you with ease.

Five Star WordPress

What’s also great about FiveStar is that not only it was impeccably designed, but it’s also fully customizable. This means that you can modify both home and inner pages exactly to fit your taste. You can also tweak Google Maps,depending on your preferences. Throughout entire theme you’ll notice a bunch of impressive elements, such as the amazing parallax sections. This feature is sure to make scrolling more enjoyable and fun for your users!

Five Star Theme

Reservations can be completed on the spot! Once they find the accommodation they like, guests can make bookings in just a few clicks.

As regards shortcodes, FiveStar packs an astounding collection specifically made for the accommodation industry. Not only does it feature hotel-specific shortcodes, but also shortocdes and widgets which are great for presentational purposes. The Image Gallery widget, Expanded Gallery and Stacked Images are just some of the powerful widgets and shortcodes that come with the theme. You can showcase your accommodation and create mesmerizing galleries that will surely captivate the visitors and get you more bookings!

Five Star

Features that make FiveStar the best hotel WordPress theme:

  • Intuitive Reservation Form
  • Filter by Amenities, Name and Price
  • Diverse Collection of Room Layouts
  • Flexible Hotel Templates
  • Captivating Portfolio Collection

5. Albergo – Hotel and Accommodation Booking Theme

Albergo WordPress Theme

Albergo is a true gem among hotel and accommodation themes. From the very first glance you can tell that this is a terrific theme designed in an entirely modern fashion. It includes an assortment of 8 homepages, each highly malleable, that you can adapt to fit your requirements. We were impressed from the very start, as the main home comes with the amazing parallax effect that takes up most of the page.

Every homepage has been meticulously designed in an elegant manner. There are no excess details, but practical elements that help you show off your accommodation in an all-encompassing fashion. What also caught our eye were animations used on these layouts that make scrolling all the more fun! For instance, on Summer Resort template you’ll notice that smaller images on the right side of the page move up and down while you scroll. This surely adds to creating a fun browsing experience for your visitors.


Albergo also comes with a collection of four types of room lists, each aesthetically pleasing. You can use them to showcase what accommodation you have to offer in a truly stylish way! To present your rooms in greater detail, you have Albergo’s voguish room single template. By adding more images and by highlighting what each room has to offer, you’ll help visitors easily make their decision! We liked the fact that there’s an option to include the exact location on room singles as well as reviews. This means that there’s no way anyone will get lost, plus it helps to see what other guests thought of a certain accommodation!

Albergo Booking

This theme packs an impressive portfolio assortment as well as a wide variety of inner pages. The authors have clearly thought it through as to how to satisfy everyone’s taste. One of the things that prove it, for example, is the option to choose between light and dark contact form.

Albergo Contact

Visitors can make bookings in just a few clicks, as the reservation system comes entirely intuitive. You can also set up your online shop with ease, and blog like a true star. Feel free to check out what Blog Masonry in Grid page looks like. Here you can list all the posts you wrote, but in such a lovely manner. Just look how wonderfully animated images above posts are!

From luxury hotels to hostels, camping, summer resorts, and more, Albergo is unquestionably an excellent choice for making your website.

Five things that make Albergo the best hotel WordPress theme:

  • Intuitive Booking System & Powerful Hotel Filter
  • Versatile Inner Pages
  • Blog Masonry in Grid With Animated Images
  • Captivating Portfolio Layouts
  • No Coding Knowledge Needed

6. Hotel Zante

Hotel Zante WordPress Theme

If you need a simple, fresh yet very practical bed & breakfast WordPress theme, or a theme for hotels, hostels and accommodation in general, Hotel Zante is your go-to “destination”. This modern theme comes with 4 amazing premade demos for you to choose from, all of which have a pixel-perfect design, and on top of that a powerful option panel that will let you customize the theme as per your requirements.

Ggood looks are not the only thing Hotel Zante has to offer. On the contrary, this theme was designed to incorporate many functionalities that are essential for an accommodation renting business. Therefore, it is equipped with one of the most important tools when it comes to online booking – the Eagle Booking plugin. This powerful tool will help you manage all of your bookings with the slightest of efforts. This of course, includes different payment methods as well, so your clients will have 4 built-in gateways they will be able to make their payment through.

However, if you don’t wish to have your own booking system, Hotel Zante also offers you the possibility to integrate your site with other popular booking systems such as AirBnb, Booking etc.

Furthermore, the inner pages will help you integrate other functions, so you can place your hotel’s location making it easier for your clients to find you, contact forms that will help your customers stay in touch with you and get all the necessary information regarding their chosen hotel. Lastly, even though it might seem difficult to set up a website of this sort, there is no need to worry – Hotel Zante comes with WPBakery, which means you will be able to build your site with easy and in almost no time.

Hotel Zante

Features that make Hotel Zante the best hotel WordPress theme:

  • 4 Home Pages Variations
  • Booking System
  • WPML and Polylang Compatible
  • Complete Hotel Booking System
  • Room Management

7. Marina – Hotel Resort

Marina WordPress Theme

This refreshing hotel WordPress theme was designed with seaside hotels and resorts in mind, which is why the dominant color palette is precisely that of aquamarine. With these blues and whites that intertwine endlessly and the elegant design of every single page, your hotel’s online presentation will surely allure many clients that will instantly want to experience the charms that your hotel has to offer. However, the beauty of this theme is not only in its appearance.

Marina could also be defined as a tool that will make you bring your A game at all times. And why is that? Well, for starters, Marina comes with a fully functional booking system that covers everything from the very search of the client’s perfect room, the booking process itself and finally, the checkout and payment part. The handiest tool for the clients is definitely Marine’s search function that was adapted to meet all of their possible requirements, so while searching for a room, a client can filter all the units based on their price, extra services, calendar availability etc.


On the other hand, the impeccable orders management system will be the hotel manager’s right hand, allowing him/her to have a clear view of all the reservations at any time, dividing them into 3 categories – all, pending and confirmed. This way, managers will always know with precision the availability of the hotel’s capacities.

In addition to this, a specially designed “Our rooms” tab, will definitely help you showcase all of your units in just the right way. In this tab, you will be able to create a room gallery full of photos and videos that will help the clients get an even better view of the room and, therefore, decide more easily on which one to book. Every room’s page will again be equipped with the calendar availability box, extra services that can be booked with it etc., and on top of that, you will also have the possibility to add a special seasonal price if you wish to display it as well.

Moreover, if you want your clients to have insight into various rooms that are similar to the one they are looking at, you can always place the “similar rooms” section in the bottom of the page, or even create a separate tab. Lastly, once your clients have made a decision and want to proceed to checkout and payment, they can do so by choosing one of the many payment options available on the checkout page (PayPal, credit card, or even payment on the spot, upon check-in). Nice one, right?

Five things that make Marina the best hotel WordPress theme:

  • Filtered Hotel Rooms Search
  • Block Reservations in Certains Days
  • Paypal Compatible
  • Possibility to Edit the Reservation data

8. California – Resort & Hotel

California WordPress Theme

Welcome to hotel California! This WordPress theme is a perfect fit for any type of accommodation service – it is a good match both for bed and breakfast units as well as for the five star hotels. The creators of California made sure that you have all the most common tools at your disposal and, consequently, a professional accommodation website that requires almost no effort from your side. California offers 15 samples of homepages, leaving you with a vast choice to choose from, and the best part is, all of them were created to allow faster content creation, so you can have a ready-to-be-published website in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, California also comes with 3 ready-to-use demos, so if you don’t want to spend time customizing your website, you can use one of these demos straight away and get your site up and running. Apart from these goodies, of course, there are tons of other features that make California a great choice for an accommodation business website. Every one of the aforementioned demos contains features such as, room filters, calendar availability etc. that will give your guest a clear view of the units that meet their needs. Of course, you can always have a special tab where you will showcase every room or suite with all the photos and details you want your clients to see.

In addition to all of this, there is another very handy tool this theme comes with which is a quote calculator. This goodie will help the guests calculate the cost of all the services they intend to book at your hotel/hostel/bed and breakfast in advance. Coomon things aside, if, by any chance, your hotel has its own shop with different gadgets you’d like to offer to your guests, you can also incorporate it directly into the site and create an online shop, thanks to this theme’s WooCommerce compatibility.


Lastly, this theme is translation ready so you can have your website translated in as many languages as you wish, helping the guests from all over the world get a better understanding of what you are offering.

Five things that make California the best hotel WordPress theme:

  • Responsive Design
  • One Click Demo Importer
  • Translation Ready
  • WooCommerce Support

9. Starhotel – Hotel WordPress Theme

Starhotel WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a hotel WordPress theme that will help you promote your hotel, resort, motel, spa, bed & breakfast etc. and yet be very easy to maintain, Starhotel is your match for sure. This simple theme is not one of those that will have dozens of features you wouldn’t even know what to use for, however, it is well equipped with the features that are a must if you are in the accommodation renting business. This means that your clients won’t have to spend hours to find the information they came to your site for. Therefore, the very homepage is designed in such a way that your clients can get down to finding and booking their perfect room straight away. They will be able to check the room availability on the spot, subscribe and book their holiday in seconds thanks to a responsive booking form. Furthermore, by just scrolling an inch or so, the clients will be able to see your most popular rooms and if they just place their mouse on the image of it, they will get almost a full view of all the details they need to know before booking.


In addition to this, you as hotel owner can create different room lists, then a page for every single room where you’ll include the details you wish your clients to see – add the price, photos, room amenities and extra services, testimonials of previous clients – everything is possible. Starhotel also allows you to have a blog on your hotel’s/hostel’s website where you will be able to share novelties in the services you offer, promote different destinations you have your hotel at, or anything else that comes to your mind. No need to say that building your site will be a piece of cake ‘cause you’ll just need to drag and drop the content and you’ll have any page ready in minutes. However, if you find yourself encountering some difficulties while configuring the theme, you can always contact the customer support that will always be there to help you out.

Five things that make Starhotel the best hotel WordPress theme:

  • Cross Device/Browser Compatible
  • Revolution Slider
  • 8 Predefined Theme Colors
  • PSD’s Included

10. Luxe – Hotel WordPress Theme

Luxe WordPress Theme

Nowadays, it’s basically impossible to make it in any business without an impressive website. For anyone in the accommodation industry, Hotel Luxe might be just the thing you need to make it big. The theme is fully customizable and it comes with 6 homepages, numerous sliders and header variations. Choose and combine elements the way you like it best to create a website exactly up to your taste.

It appears that the theme is intended for higher-end hotels, but there are homepages for bed & breakfast as well as for motels. To win the crowd over and make them book your accommodation, the authors have enabled you to upload not only images but also background videos. This is an excellent way to showcase what you have to offer and what sets you apart from the rest.

Luxe WordPress

As regards the booking system, guests can make reservations directly on site. We’d like to point out the fact that this theme features four payment methods – offline payment, authorize.net, PayPal, and Stripe. It’s great to offer your guests diverse ways in which they can settle a payment, they’ll surely appreciate it!


As its name suggests, this theme was designed in a luxurious manner. With its astonishing home and inner pages you can create in-depth presentations of your establishment.

When you have a special offer for your clientele, Hotel Luxe enables you to add a counter to your page. Let everyone know until when exactly they can book rooms and also save money in the process!

Luxe Booking

Hotel Luxe is definitely an appealing theme to look at and it’ll leave a lasting impression on your visitors. It’s got all you need to set up a fully functional website and to highlight what makes your accommodation stand out in this competitive market.

Five things that make Hotel Luxe the best hotel WordPress theme:

  • 4 Payment Methods
  • Bookings Can Be Made Directly on Site
  • Gorgeous Room Layouts
  • Possibility to Feature a Counter on Any Page
  • Video Backgrounds

11. Bellevue – Hotel + Bed and Breakfast Booking Calendar Theme

Bellevue WordPress Theme

Welcome to Bellevue, a terrific theme that is ideal for your hotel, bed & breakfast, vacation rentals, and far more! It is stacked full with niche-specific functionalities that’ll help you craft a professional website with utmost ease. There are 8 malleable homepages to choose from and each can be tweaked depending on your needs.

We must say that we especially liked the One Page template. It’s great because it enables you to provide your visitors with everything they need to know about your hotel. At the very bottom of the page there’s the option to check the room availability and to book the accommodation. It goes without saying that all payments can be completed online.

Bellevue Theme

As other hotel themes, Bellevue too enables you to showcase your rooms and to specify all the amenities you offer. The theme comes with a truly vast assortment of elements and shortcodes that are perfect for all accommodation businesses. The authors have even included some premium plugins free of charge. Bellevue features a custom version of WP Booking System that costs $34, as well as the Master Slider Pro ($22).

Bellevue Hotel Wordpress Theme

If you’re impatient to launch the website but not everything’s ready yet, you can use the Coming Soon page. No need to bother with creating it on your own, as Bellevue packs even this layout. Visitors can leave their email address and get a notification when website launches.

Bellevue Hotel Coming Soon

Terrific home and inner pages, stunning design, and a myriad of functionalities make Bellevue a spectacular theme. If you decide to purchase Bellevue, there’s no way you can go wrong with it! It’s time for your accommodation to steal the limelight!

Five features that make Bellevue the best hotel theme:

  • Niche-Specific Functionalities
  • One Page Template
  • Custom WP Booking Plugin
  • Master Slider
  • Live Theme Options Customizer

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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