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Jewelry Shop WordPress Themes

Top 10+ Jewelry Shop WordPress Themes

For millennia jewelry has been a popular form of personal adornment and a symbol of prestige. And the global jewelry market is expanding every year. So, if you’re in the jewelry business, you better make sure to keep up with that expansion.

Necklaces, earrings, wedding or engagement rings, bracelets – all of these are status symbols of a sort. Those status symbols have helped the jewelry market reach over EUR 200 bn. in value in 2018. And it’s predicted to keep growing in the coming years. That is due in part to the elite and privileged nature of being able to afford such personal expression, the growing trend of jewelry for men, and finally, the growth of eCommerce.

So whether you are a jewelry shop owner, designer, factory representative, auctioneer, or you occupy a different role in the jewelry industry, there is no better time than the present to join the eCommerce world. Thanks to WordPress, you can get a website off the ground quickly and with no coding knowledge required. We’ve tried to ease the process even further for you by narrowing down the selection to the best jewelry shop WordPress themes for your consideration.

Given that one of the primary functions of the website you’ll be making is that of a store, all the themes we’ve chosen are WooCommerce compatible. If you haven’t worked with this popular eCommerce plugin, there’s no need to worry – creating an online store with WooCommerce can be easily done.

1. Ascellá – Jewelry Store Theme

Ascella WordPress theme

Ascellá is a premium WordPress theme designed specifically for jewelry stores. This theme boasts a plethora of carefully designed and fully flexible shop elements, making it an ideal choice for showcasing your jewelry, earrings, gold accessories, bracelet showcases, and more. Ascellá is perfect for presenting your jewelry business in a truly awe-inspiring manner.

One of the key features of Ascellá is its easy-to-use powerful admin interface, which makes it easy to customize your website and manage your online store. With this interface, you can easily change colors, fonts, backgrounds, and much more. Plus, you can easily upload your own images and logos to make your website unique and truly your own.

In terms of design, Ascellá has a lot of options. You can choose from a variety of pre-designed templates and layouts, making it easy to create a stunning website without any coding knowledge. Plus, Ascellá is compatible with all well-known plugins, so you can easily add additional functionality to your website.

Features that make Ascellá a great WordPress theme:

  • Easy-to-Use Powerful Admin Interface
  • Elementor Page Builder plugin compatible
  • Large collection of custom shortcodes
  • Integrated Search

2. Adorn – Minimal WooCommerce Theme

Adorn WordPress Theme

Adorn, a modern, elegant theme, is here to help you create a world-class online jewelry store. It has everything you need to guarantee your visitors a sublime shopping experience.

There are several predefined shop layoutsfull-width and boxed, as well as single category, carousel, masonry grid, and more. And in terms of displaying your products, this theme includes nine distinct single product layout options. And you can show your products off by creating lookbooks; four different lookbook layout choices are included with this theme.

Now, having a swell online jewelry shop doesn’t mean that you don’t have its brick-and-mortar twin someplace (or in multiple places) in the world. With Adorn’s Store Locator function, and predefined page, you can let your visitors know where to find you in person should they wish to see a piece of jewelry live or try it out. You have everything you’d need to create a streamlined online jewelry shop.

Adorn includes some great shopping features. For example, there is an order tracking feature to help shoppers count down the minutes and miles until their package arrives. Also, the single product page contains handy elements that visitors can use to calculate shipment costs (dependent on the distance for delivery) or use a coupon code.

Overall, this WordPress theme includes everything you’d need to set up your jewelry shop quickly and make it a high-end eCommerce website.

Features that make Adorn a great WordPress theme:

  • 9 Predesigned Homepages
  • Dropdown Cart Widget
  • Pop-Up Subscription
  • Vertical Social Share

3. Nillé – Elegant eCommerce Theme


Another fabulous theme to get you started off with a bang in the world of eCommerce, Nillé is lively and sophisticated. Thanks to the creative use and positioning of animated sliders, and the theme’s Slider Revolution compatibility, Nillé gives the impression of vivacity that would make for an energetic and engaging jewelry site. The use of animations along with sliders is a great way to introduce buyers to products. You can make an appealing presentation and preserve the viewers’ attention thanks to these dynamic features.

Overall, Nillé boasts an elegant, sophisticated aesthetic that can help you create a modern and classy jewelry shop website. It includes nine different home page layouts. For example, you have the Dual Product Slider home with its horizontal slider behavior, different across multiple images, and the option to add overlapping text. Another stunning home option is Floating Products that includes parallax effects, elegantly balancing background text with a smattering of overlaid images.

There is also the Interior Décor home where you can create featured hotspot images that will let visitors immediately dive into product specs. Whatever your functional preference and personal aesthetic may be, Nillé can adapt to support them and help you stand out from the competition.

Features that make Nillé a great WordPress theme:

  • WPBakery Page Builder Plugin Included (you save $45)
  • Cart Sidebar
  • Newsletter Pop-Up
  • Store Locator

4. Chandelier – Luxury Theme for Custom Brands

Chandelier WordPress Theme

Chandelier is a classy eCommerce theme with a distinctly luxurious feel. It includes many parallax effects and is marked by smooth scrolling. Despite the richness of content, the pages flow smoothly and load quickly. This is a theme designed to present a high-end, sophisticated brand, so naturally, it would be ideal for a jewelry shop.

There are multiple portfolio/gallery layout options, allowing you to display your images in a flattering manner and, hopefully, driving your visitors to make a purchase.

Moreover, there are numerous useful predesigned inner pages. Adapt any one of the predesigned “About Us”, “What We Do”, “Our Services/Clients”, “Contact”, or other pages. Insert an added flourish in the form of elements like testimonials that let past customers share their rave reviews. Moreover, elements from different homepages can be mixed and matched. So don’t miss the chance to incorporate some hard facts with counters and charts or add CTAs for any undecided customers.

Features that make Chandelier a great WordPress theme:

  • Full-Screen Elated Slider Shortcode
  • One-Click Demo Import
  • SEO Optimized
  • Hero Intro Effect

5. Custom Made – Jewelry Manufacturer and Store WordPress Theme

Custom Made WordPress Theme

Aimed at luxury jewelry and watch stores, Custom Made is a great theme to help you start your eCommerce site with WordPress. There are three home page layouts availabletwo full-width and one boxed. All three are designed with jewelry in mind so you will have a great basis to build your jewelry shop site upon.

Custom Made includes a set of handy design elements to give your online shop that special something. Use custom shortcodes to add progress bars for orders in progress, insert countdowns to let visitors know when a new collection will be launched, or attach audio/video to show your design and manufacturing process. In a word, this theme allows you to show off a bit, but without going overboard, of course.

This theme has a beautiful catalog/gallery section, so use it to display your product images. You can include a zoom effect so the potential customers can take a good look at your exquisite rings, earrings, necklaces, and more. Remember, attractive images are an important contribution to increasing sales.

Features that make Custom Made a great WordPress theme:

  • Compatible With WPML
  • Mobile-Friendly Sliders
  • Mega Menu Compatibility
  • Parallax Effect Backgrounds

6. Eola – Elegant WooCommerce Theme

Eola WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a unique and stylish multipurpose eCommerce theme, Eola is the perfect choice. This theme has 12 polished home page layouts, including one designed specifically for a jewelry shop. Besides the many home options, there are several useful predefined inner pages. Particularly interesting ones are the “Gift Vouchers” and “Payment Plans” pages. Both (or either) would make for a very nice and practical touch to any eCommerce website with their modern design and functional elements.

Speaking of useful functionalities, Eola also includes a blog option with a couple of predefined layouts and several alternatives for individual posts. Make sure to take advantage of it to engage with your visitors and charm into becoming customers. And what better way to appeal to them further than by showing off your items in your Instagram account as well? Fortunately, this theme includes Instagram integration that allows you to add an Instagram feed to your side area. Out of sight is out of mind, so make sure that your spectacular product images are always in view.

Features that make Eola a great WordPress theme:

  • Side Area Cart
  • Product Zoom
  • Several Shop Layouts
  • Fullscreen and Video Presentations

7. DiCi – Jewelry Shop WordPress Theme

Dici WordPress Theme

For an elaborate, attractive jewelry WordPress theme, look no further then DiCi – the Diamond City jewelry boutique theme. It includes a well worked-out shop layout, so it’s very clear what its emphasis is on. Among the handy features it boasts are the advanced filtering options that let your visitors browse products sorted by color, material, size… The whole shop section is clean, structured, and possesses multiple predefined options to support your jewelry selling business.

Thanks to an intuitive drag&drop editor, the theme is highly customizable. You can configure all the page elements to fit your style and scope perfectly. In addition, DiCi comes with rich typography options, meaning you can adapt every typography element to best reflect your brand image and identity.

Features that make DiCi a great WordPress theme:

  • Full Customizer Support
  • 6 Demo Sets
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Custom Elementor Widgets

8. Onea – Elegant Fashion Shop

Onea WordPress Theme

Stylish, modern, and smart, Onea is all you need for an exquisite eCommerce website experience. It will bring a special sparkle to your online jewelry store presentation, so stay stylish by picking this theme for your website.

Since displaying your products is the main goal of any online shop, Onea has several related functionalities out of the box. For one, there is a quick product view to let your visitors take a better look at a product without having to leave the current page, and decide if they want to engage further or keep browsing. For another, there is a great portfolio section with several optional layouts. This is exceptionally useful if you are a jewelry designer and want to show off, or if you want to display your limited-edition shop products, or present items that were custom orders.

Furthermore, there are over a dozen home page layouts (15 to be precise) if you want to expand your range beyond jewelry. This theme will let you mix and match features to create your ideal site. Moreover, Onea includes several carefully designed inner pages that you can take advantage of. Modify “About Us” to present your brand and yourself to visitors. Include counters to show your business off in numbers, customer testimonials sliders to give your page a human touch, or brand carousels to show all the big names that you’ve worked with.

Features that make Onea a great WordPress theme:

  • Translation-Ready
  • Great Selection of Shop Lists
  • Optional Shop Article Animations
  • Customizable Newsletter Pop-Up

9. Karo – Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Karo WordPress Theme

Karo is a powerful, all-inclusive eCommerce theme intended mainly for jewelry shops, but suitable for other businesses as well. It includes 28+ demos, all of which can be easily imported with a single click.

This theme has a number of features that can be extremely useful for any jewelry shop. For example, there is advanced product filtering, allowing your visitors to check multiple options at the same time or exclude some while selecting others. This will help them condense their browsing without wasting time. Another way you can save your buyer’s time is the Ajax search. It presents a more efficient search engine option than the native WP search, and it incorporates Google autocomplete and keyword suggestions.

Karo comes with a number of predesigned inner pages. For instance, there are a few spirited versions of the 404 page to help you with any lost or broken links. Since wandering off the path is never a fun thing, it’s up to you (and your 404 page) to mitigate the visitors’ letdown. So make sure to set the right tone by making a custom 404 page.

Features that make Karo a great WordPress theme:

  • 360° Product View
  • PSD Files Included
  • Child Theme Included
  • Social Share Buttons for Posts, Pages, Projects, and Shop

10. Jewellery – WooCommerce Responsive Theme

Jewellery WordPress Theme

Jewellery is, as its name suggests, a theme designed to help you create a remarkable jewelry shop in WordPress. It can also be adapted into a jewelry showcase or another jewelry-related website. However, its primary purpose is to help you build an eCommerce site, thanks to the compatibility with the terrific WooCommerce plugin.

For WordPress beginners, the designers have prepared video tutorials and step-by-step documentation to help with theme installation and set-up. But if those resources don’t work for you, there is tech support to help you out.

Jewellery includes many clever customization features as well. There are lots of ready-made shortcodes for you to add to your pages, improving their functionality and your site’s overall usability. Use various lists and accordions, buttons and tabs to create an incredible presentation of your items. In order to provide better customer experience, you can sort your products by type – necklaces, bracelets, rings… or divide them by elements and materials -diamond, pearl, gold, silver… The sky’s the limit!

Features that make Jewellery a great WordPress theme:

  • 360° Poduct View
  • Rich Snippets
  • 1500 + Font Awesome Icons
  • Multi-Language Support

11. Grosso – Modern WooCommerce theme for the Fashion Industry

Grosso WordPress Theme

Another neat multipurpose eCommerce theme, Grosso is ready to support you in launching your online jewelry business. It includes eight different home page designs and three different product layouts.

Grosso also incorporates some great (and extremely useful) functionalities. For one, you can enable cart notifications that involve custom animation and/or sound notifications when shoppers add products to their carts. And, during the course of shopping, buyers can easily get reminded of all the things they’ve selected to buy thanks to this theme’s animated off-canvas cart. So, there is no need to switch pages or navigate further from the shop and product selection pages and risk losing your visitors’ interest.

Another nice off-canvas touch that this WordPress theme can bring to your jewelry shop is the sidebar area. It allows you to add numerous widgets and can be customized differently for each page. That way, you can dedicate your page space to the money makers and keep relevant info tucked away but still close at hand.

Features that make Grosso a great WordPress theme:

  • Built-in deals functionality
  • Detailed stock and orders statistics module
  • Custom product attributes
  • 3 blog layouts and 3 gallery types

In Conclusion

That’s all folks! We’ve reached the end of our list, which we hope was illuminating and useful.

We’d like to share one final note on the themes we’ve selected; they all have one thing in common – they are responsive and retina-ready.

These features are increasingly relevant in today’s markets. For one, customers are more prone to viewing items on their mobile devices and while on the go. In fact, given the spread of online retailers and the ease of access to mobile devices, mobile commerce will soon likely outpace traditional shopping in brick-and-mortar stores as well as desktop-based eCommerce.

So, make sure you have a head start over the competition by creating a shop site that meets these demands. Our list is here to help with that and we hope you’ll make use of it.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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