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5+ Life Coach WordPress Themes To Get You Ahead Of The Game

5+ Life Coach WordPress Themes To Get You Ahead Of The Game

A life coach is his or her own product. And how we get to know them is via their online presence. A life coach’s website is their introduction, their reference, and their main marketing tool all in one. It is what will convert leads and bring in new clients, so your website must be appealing and easy to find. Thankfully, this is where life coach WordPress themes come into play. They will provide an excellent base to build on and if you follow some basic SEO tips, you’ll soar to online popularity in no time.

There are a few things to keep in mind when making a WordPress life coaching website. Since you are offering services, you’ll need to have clear, in-your-face calls to action to make the most of any visitors and increase your chances of turning them into clients. You might not get a second chance, so make sure your CTAs are easy to find!

However, you can also use social media platforms to capture a wider audience. WordPress themes are generally good about supporting social sharing functionality, and all the coaching themes we picked for you have it. But to make the most of it (and grab some additional options along the way) it’s best to add a social media sharing plugin. Now, speaking of sharing, let’s take a look at which themes made it to our list.

1. Everlead – Life Coach and Speaker Theme

Everlead WordPress Theme

Justifiably leading the list, we give you Everlead. This is a theme designed to present your coaching business in the best light and help you clearly communicate your message to the world. You can choose from six beautifully designed contemporary homepage layout examples. This theme can cover everything from life coaching to creative leadership, public speaking, and business and wellness coaching, so we’re sure that you’ll easily find something for your niche.

Moreover, Everlead includes numerous useful inner pages. Take advantage of them to tell your story and build trust by letting clients get to know you. Whether you’re coaching exclusively online or have brick-and-mortar offices, it’s important to make sure people can easily find you. So make sure to snag the predesigned Get In Touch and Contact Us pages. Should you need it, there is room to embed a map on the Contact page and even stylize it to match the rest of the page layout.

However, making yourself easy to contact is just the first step. You also need to keep your CTAs clear and make it dead simple for visitors to start interacting. To help with this, Everlead is integrated with the Booked plugin that will let you smoothly manage appointment booking. Visitors will be able to simply pick a date on the calendar and fill in a very brief form (or log in if they are old clients) to reserve a spot.

Other than that, they can check if there are any scheduled public events via the events calendar. All entries there can be linked to a page with more information. Set up a detailed description of a particular event along with contact information. Adding a phone number and email address will let your visitors book by their preferred means.

Features that make Everlead a great WordPress theme:

  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Several Header Types and Multiple Header Behaviors
  • Video Background Sections
  • Anchor Link Functionality for One-Page Sites

2. Celeste – Life Coach & Therapist

Celeste WordPress Theme

Clean and modern, Celeste is an excellent choice for making a coaching professional’s site. It includes four different homepage layouts that cover personal life, marriage, career, and health coaching. And this theme’s clean, modern design is accompanied by some great functionalities.

Celeste includes many elements to help you tell your story. From Twitter and Instagram elements through slider and counter to service and working hours elements. This theme also includes strategically positioned CTAs and straightforward get-in-touch forms. Another neat design feature is the addition of animations to all clickable icons, buttons, and images. This makes it easier to get oriented and keeps the UX interesting.

This theme also includes several other useful coaching website features. There is a Cost Calculator page to help visitors get informed about service options and prices. Having this kind of material ready will cut down on time needed to reply to individual price queries, and have the added benefit of showing transparency.

You can use the coaching section and predesigned pages to display all the information about available courses, share success stories, customer testimonials, and display your coaching plan and program. Content will help you build rapport with potential customers and nurture a sense of trust and liking. And who isn’t keen on working with someone they like?

Features that make Celeste a great WordPress theme:

  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • One Page Support
  • Translation Ready
  • Custom Page Builder

3. Life Coach WordPress Theme

Lifecoach WordPress Theme

As its name suggests, the Life Coach WordPress Theme is here to help you set up a brilliant life coaching website. It includes four easy-to-import demo options and each includes quite a few home and inner pages.

This theme is designed to be visually rich so it leaves a lot of room for your images to shine. On top of that, there are lots of interactive elements like carousels, slideshows, hero lists and hero boxes to help you make the most of the page real estate.

Other than surface looks, Life Coach includes some powerful and handy features. For example, it has a podcast section where you can share your audio content. This is useful twice over – it brings value to your visitors, cementing their interest, and helps you can make additional content easily. By transcribing your podcasts for the blog section you can hit two birds with one stone at only a fraction of your time and energy.

Generally, sharing content has many advantages that the Life Coach theme tries to address. It is SEO optimized so it can help you rise in SERP rankings. Or help you boost client confidence in your skills by displaying affirmative testimonials. Alternatively, charm visitors into signing up for a course or session by making the most of predefined single testimony pages with a more exhaustive review of your abilities.

Features that make Life Coach a great WordPress theme:

  • 18 Custom Shortcodes Integrated With WPBakery
  • PSD and SASS Files Provided
  • Filterable Video Gallery With Youtube and Vimeo Support
  • 1500+ Custom Icons

4. Eistruttore – Speaker and Life Coach WordPress Theme

Eistruttore WordPress Theme

The Eistruttore WordPress theme is here to help any trainers and life coaches make a fantastic website. It is a neat and contemporary theme that includes four distinct homepage demos, suitable for different types of life coaching niches.

Eistruttore includes a couple of carefully designed inner pages to get you started on making your website. For example, you might find the Courses page very useful. Its layout is clean, modern and, above all, informative. The demo page makes good use of white space to ensure relevant information remains in the spotlight. There are tabs for course overview and features, curriculum, and reviews. There is even a section intended for a short teacher intro since getting to know the lecturer can help build trust. It includes social media icons so interested visitors can follow them and learn more.

Additionally, this theme includes infographic elements like progress bars and counters. Use them to show some hard evidence of your previous successes and accomplishments.

And thanks to its WooCommerce compatibility, the Eistruttore theme allows you to create an online shop where you can sell paper books, audiobooks, online courses, and more. The predefined shop layout includes a handy feature in the form of quick view for the cart. Thanks to it you won’t have to worry about your clients leaving the page and missing out on making more purchases.

Features that make Eistruttore a great WordPress theme:

  • PHP-Ajax Contact Form
  • Video & Background Parallax (you save $12)
  • Redux Framework Theme-Options Panel
  • Optimized for High Speed

5. LifeGuide – Public Speaker & Life Coach WordPress theme

Lifeguide WordPress Theme

For an appealing, stylish theme marked by a dynamic color scheme, look no further than LifeGuide. This WordPress theme is suitable for health coaches, life coaches, public speakers, counseling services, and more.

Appealing visuals are a definitive must-have since people love them and engage with them more. The LifeGuide theme addresses that with its gallery section. Use it to show off all your success stories without swamping visitors with endless tracts of text. Let clients get to know you better and display social proof via images of happy clients or yourself with well-known public figures.

This theme also boasts a wonderful life coaching website feature in the form of its MailChimp compatibility. The usefulness of this plugin is manifold. You’ll be able to do email marketing, promotions, send newsletters, and more. On top of that, there is a “recover abandoned carts” feature. Use the compatible WooCommerce plugin to create an online store and this MailChimp feature will encourage shoppers to complete the purchase, thus helping with your website revenue.

Since being well organized is essential, the LifeGuide theme is designed to help you thanks to the integrated Booked plugin. With it (and the appointment functionality) your clients will be able to schedule a session easily. The theme includes a very straightforward calendar design. It shows available dates and times neatly and clearly. From there, visitors can choose an appointment in a suitable slot, and this will open a pop-up with just a handful of fields. The idea is to provide as pleasant a user experience as possible.

Features that make LifeGuide a great WordPress theme:

  • Powered by Unyson Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Flexible Color Customizer
  • Custom Widgets
  • Instagram Feed

6. BeTop – Coaching & Speaker WordPress Theme

Betop WordPress Theme

The BeTop theme is designed for everyone in the coaching services, be they personal trainers, health or life coaches, small business consultants, public speakers, or anything in-between. It boasts a clean, modern design with the occasional splash of color to keep it looking energetic. Now, this theme has eight demos, each with its own distinct flair and matching inner pages, so you are bound to find something that will suit you.

Also, there are many handy inner pages you can use. For example, the About page has two different layout options and the Contact page has three. Besides those, there is an FAQ page to provide answers 24/7 and keep the information available even when you’re not.

BeTop also comes with a predesigned section for courses. Single course description pages boast clean layouts and include room to display weekly class times. There is also a timetable page where you can display all the classes on offer and show them in the appropriate time slots. The layout includes the option to download the weekly plan in PDF format. It can be a useful thing to have on hand when offline. In any case, this theme offers you a complete booking system without the need to download separate, pricy plugins.

Features that make BeTop a great WordPress theme:

  • 20+ Exclusive Custom Modules for Elementor
  • Multilingual Support
  • PSD Files Included
  • WooCommerce Compatible

7. Mentor – Personal Development Coach WordPress Theme

Mentor WordPress Theme

The Mentor theme is designed for, well, mentors but also for life coaches, councilors, trainers, therapists and other professionals providing guidance services. You have the choice of two different homepage layout options along with the option to customize them thanks to the integrated Visual Composer. With easily customizable color composition and tidy layouts, this WordPress theme would be perfectly suited for coaching websites.

From the very start, i.e. the homepage, your visitors will be able to access all the information they need. The demo design allows for enough space for different and informative sections. Features like client testimonials and calendar with booking options break the flow of text blocks, meaning visitors will find it easy to navigate around and find what information they need.

Of course, no coaching site would be complete without bountiful CTAs throughout, so Mentor delivers on this. There are “Contact me” buttons, newsletter sign-up forms, and grids displaying service packages with appeals to “Buy now”. Turning visitors into clients will be made easier thanks to this theme.

And if you are a believer in the “show, don’t tell” saying, then Mentor is right for you. This theme offers the choice of background video integration as well as straight out embedding videos to your pages and posts. Or you can use the integrated revolution slider to create attractive carousels, sliders, and more.

Features that make Mentor a great WordPress theme:

  • 2 Different Footer Styles
  • Compatible with Booked Appointments Plugin
  • Flexible Shortcodes
  • Translation-Ready Using Provided PO & MO Files

In Conclusion

A coach’s goal is to help others be the best they can be. And our goal is to help them do so by picking through the multitude of WordPress themes on offer to bring you the cream of the crop. Any one of the picks from our list can help you make an amazing site and quickly get back to doing what you do best – coaching. So pick a theme and start in on your website today!

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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