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Learning Management System (LMS) WordPress Themes

7 Game-Changing Learning Management System (LMS) WordPress Themes

The eLearning market is blooming. According to research, it will be worth 325$ billion by 2025. What is also impressive is the fact that eLearning industry has grown by over 900% since 2000. These spectacular numbers speak for themselves. The main reason for this enormous growth is technology. A digital revolution has transformed traditional education in the last decade. Instead in classrooms, lectures and seminars can now be conducted online anywhere in the world. As we all live fast and have very busy schedules, online learning is more convenient than visiting schools. Thanks to online learning platforms and websites, a vast number of people can improve skills at low cost from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, large companies that promote life-long learning can provide their employees with educational support when they need it.

If you want to dive into this prosperous field, you might need a professional learning management system WordPress theme that will make the whole process more fun. Check out must-have WordPress plugins and have a look at list of our favorites LMS themes on the market.

1. eSmarts – Education & LMS Theme

eSmarts WordPress Theme

eSmarts is meticulously created to offer a smart business solution for everyone who plans to step into the fast-growing e-learning industry. Packed with versatile features made specifically for e-learning websites and communities, this theme is an ideal toolkit for every organization, school or university. What makes this theme a top pick for online learning is its lovely design. The combination of clean surfaces and vibrant, carefully thought-out details results in a theme with the potential to become the ground-breaking e-learning platform. eSmarts comes with 9 homepages, numerous course layouts and instructor post types. This means you can provide all the essential information about each of your amazing courses and give future students an overview of the complete curriculum. Moreover, you can create detailed profiles of your teachers with eSmarts’ instructor post template. A variety of gorgeous elements lets you showcase your instructors on your website in a multitude of eye-catching ways. Apart from this, eSmarts is fully compatible with the free Events Calendar plugin. Thanks to it, you can display all your classes in a modern calendar layout you can manage with ease & add info to each class for your users. Finally, you can easily start your own online store and grow revenue with eSmarts. Thanks to its striking set of shop templates, selling courses, memberships and quizzes is all fun and games.

Features that make eSmarts the best learning management system WordPress theme:

  • Instructor Post Layouts
  • Many Course Layouts
  • 9 Homepages
  • Events Calendar Plugin
  • Shop Elements

2. BuddyBoss Theme for LearnDash

BuddyBoss WordPress Theme

BuddyBoss is listed as the number one premium theme option on LearnDash’s own website for a reason. Not only does this beautifully-designed theme offer all the necessary features for the eLearning website, but it also gives you the complete freedom to customize each element to your preferences. The reason for BuddyBoss’ creation was to make things easier for every school, university or educational institution that wants to take online learning to the next level. The first thing that caught our eye when checking out the BuddyBoss theme was its impressive collection of built-in features. Secondly, it is evident that each feature is made with the end-user in mind. This, specifically, means you will be able to allow your learners to engage in Social Learning with complete ease. Simply create forums, user profiles, groups, and other great community features BuddyBoss theme comes with. Crafted with the idea to help you grow your online community, this theme enables students to connect under your brand and improve their skills through quizzes and gamified learning experiences. What is unique about this theme is that it offers the possibility to create a mobile app for your learners using their AppBoss native mobile app service. Your learners can take their courses on the go and engage with other learners, anywhere and anytime. Finally, the theme comes with lots of both written and video documentation and integrates with leading page builders such as Elementor and Beaver Builder, so you need zero coding knowledge to build your website like a professional.

With all mentioned above, it’s more than apparent that BuddyBoss is a perfect theme for any sort of e-learning website.

Features that make BuddyBoss the best learning management system WordPress theme:

  • Multi-Tier Courses
  • Advanced Quizzing
  • Forum Discussions
  • Member Groups
  • Member Profiles & User Reports
  • Appboss Native Mobile App Integration

3. Skillate – WordPress eLearning Theme

Skillate WordPress eLearning Theme

Skillate takes no code website challenge for your website. Prioritizing the students in focus, this precisely designed theme is up to give the perfect boost to all kinds of eLearning websites.

It sports all the features required for the smooth operation of any online learning platform. Whether single or multi instructor eLearning platform; with its drag & drop features you can build a winsome website within a few minutes.

What makes the theme as a special one, is its vibrant design and unique style. The responsive design, smart navigation, and modern search option have taken its bar to a whole new standard. Besides, the special mobile design, interactive and user-friendly approach, deals countdown feature makes this theme as one of a kind.

Packed with two awesome creative and classic home variations, dedicated sports pages, blog, and all other required pages this theme allows you front end course editing. Apart from these, the Gutenberg feature has added a robust power boost into its performance.

Features that make Skillate the best learning management system WordPress theme:

  • Frontend Student Dashboard
  • Multiple Video Sources
  • Quiz Builder
  • Gutenberg Compatible
  • Elearning Blog
  • Course Review and Rating System
  • Stats & Reports
  • Certification

4. Academist – Education & Learning Management System Theme

Academist WordPress Theme

Academist is another theme where design and best coding practices come together to offer a really great learning management system theme. Equipped with powerful features and numerous modern layouts, this theme will help you introduce your courses, share details about your teachers or instructors or to sell lessons and memberships online. To start with let’s first mention its set of homepages. Specifically, Courses divided layout. As an original way to share the information about your courses, this template is great if you want to try a different, modern approach. There is, as well, Professor home ideal for presenting your teachers and their expertise with style. Apart from this, Academist covers numerous course layouts, ready-made inner pages and event templates. Compatible with ground-breaking plugins for e-learningbbPress and Events Calendar – this theme will help you reach your new students with ease. Finally, the theme works with WooCommerce plugin so you can start selling your courses right away.

Features that make Academist the best learning management system WordPress theme:

  • The Events Calendar Plugin
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • bbPress Plugin
  • Many Homepages & Inner Pages
  • Learning Management System Module

5. EduPro – Professional WordPress Education Theme ‌

EduPro WordPress Theme

EduPro is another first-class e-learning theme. Integrated with turn-key learning management system out there – LearnDash, EduPro features all the necessities one educational website might need. This means you can manage your courses, lessons, users and even memberships with complete ease and without distractions. In the first place, there is a large collection of elements made particularly for universities, colleges, schools, online courses and other educational institutions. In case you need to create certificates, share advanced quizzes, set lesson timers or manage user profiles, EduPro will be your helping hand. But the list of amazing options doesn’t end here. EduPro also includes all the essential event features so you can create one or multiple day events and allow users to easily filter them. Aside from this, EduPro integrates 5 portfolio layouts, 6 header styles, and several blog pages. Use these elements to throw the light on your educational institution in a stylish fashion. Moreover, you can share the testimonials of your happy customers who have already been enrolled in the courses on your website. And, if for some reason you want to promote specific lessons or programs, place the banners at top of your pages to catch everyone’s attention. In the end, let’s also mention that EduPro is compatible with BBPress, BuddyPress and WooCommerce plugins, all of which are important for growing e-learning businesses.

Features that make EduPro the best learning management system WordPress theme:

  • 5 Portfolio Layouts & Blog Pages
  • User Profiles
  • Advanced Quizzes
  • Lesson Timers
  • Testimonials
  • BBPress & BuddyPress

6. Edubin – Education LMS WordPress Theme

Edubin WordPress Theme

To stand out from the constantly growing number of competitors, you need a reliable partner – Edubin. This modern, learning management system WordPress theme comes with a professional assortment of features for creating and selling online courses. In other words, you can create everything from courses & lessons, quizzes & results, to visually-appealing teacher’s profiles, event lists & registrations. Equipped with a modern set of homepages and numerous shortcodes, Edubin is ideal for anyone who wants to build a professional website without coding knowledge. Thanks to its easy-to-use frontend customizer, you can customize every aspect of your website interface in minutes. There is, as well, practical event registration functionality meaning you can allow your customers to join your upcoming events.

Features that make Edubin the best learning management system WordPress theme:

  • Courses & Lessons
  • Event Lists & Registrations
  • Teacher’s Profile
  • Quizzes
  • Modern Design

7. Talemy – LMS Education WordPress Theme

Talemy WordPress Theme

Talemy is another example of a perfectly crafted learning management system theme. Whether you are a school or educational organization, this theme can help you hit your goals. Equipped with the crucial features for e-learning websites, it’s one of our favorite LMS themes. Talemy integrates intelligent course builder, 20+ custom Elementor widgets, 8 header styles, and 5 footer variations. Other amenities of this theme are lesson timers, advanced quizzing options, flexible prerequisites, and detailed reporting functionality. Due to the numerous features this theme provides, you will be able to easily create professional-looking courses and online lessons. But, this is not all. Go one step further and surprise your students with certificates, badges and course points to make the learning process more engaging. You can, as well, send email notifications about your new courses so people can further improve their skills. On top of this, there is a huge collection of design elements packed with this theme. Use it to present your training and development programs in an authentic manner. With powerful Page Builder and library of Premade Templates, you will surely turn your design vision into the modern custom-made website.

Features that make Talemy the best learning management system WordPress theme:

  • Detailed Reporting Functionality
  • Advanced Quizzing Options
  • Email Notifications
  • Certificates, Badges, Points
  • A Set of Pre-Made Templates

Let’s Wrap It Up

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine education without online platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare. If you’re considering starting your own e-learning project, you will need a helping hand to do it with ease. This is where the learning management system WordPress themes enter the scene. We hope our selection will inspire you to find the perfect pick for your new, e-learning website.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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