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Impressive Luxury WordPress Themes

10+ Impressive Luxury WordPress Themes

Selling something that everyone can live without, at a very high price too, is an art of its own. But, that’s just one aspect of luxury. There is something about it that makes it hard to resist even for the most modest ones among us. It implies quality, exclusivity, perfection. Maybe the most attractive element of luxury is that it makes you feel special, if not even chosen.

Many brands are trying to solve the puzzle of luxury. Some of them succeed relying mostly on sophisticated marketing strategies. Others struggle even though their products are of high quality. One thing is sure, the implication of luxury has changed. The long-held concept of comfort, quality, and elegance has evolved into a need for a unique, personalized experience. Price is no longer taken as unquestionable evidence of top quality. Younger generations tend to associate luxury with standing out from their peers. It’s not that much about feeling privileged as it is about differentiating from the others.

If you are building your brand, and you want to earn that prestigious epithet of luxury, to even stand a chance in this highly competitive industry, you need to create a powerful business website. Considering how much time people spend online today, your web presence is an integral part of your brand’s identity, just like your logo or shop window is. Not to mention all the advertising possibilities that come with it. And the good choice of a luxury WordPress theme can make all the difference.
To help you choose wisely, we made a selection of the most appealing luxury WordPress themes that cover a wide range of industries:

1. Qi Theme

Qi theme premium Luxury demo

Is the luxurious design the best choice for your niche? If you sell luxurious jewelry, high-fashion products, perfumes, or cars, you need to make sure your online showcase leaves a lasting impression. Thanks to the Qi theme you can get tons of layouts and features suitable for elegantly showcasing products and services. From refined demo options to practical shop functionalities – Qi has it all.

Features that make Qi an excellent luxury WordPress theme:

  • Elegant layouts
  • Shop features

2. Gaspard – Restaurant and Coffee Shop Theme

Gaspard Luxury WordPress Theme

While it may seem easy to create a website for a restaurant that exudes luxury, keep in mind that high-end consumers expect much more than an exotic meal on the menu. You need to offer a unique experience. And that experience starts online when they visit your website and surf through your menus and galleries.

The Gaspard theme features an elegantly urban design with a lot of elements that enable you to show the quality of your services. Stunning gallery pages, smooth page transitions and animations underline the overall classy feel of the theme.

Integration with the OpenTable Widget plugin allows you to add a variety of reservation forms that are essential for any restaurant or coffee shop. The premade menu pages successfully tell a delicious visual story and reflect an authentic design approach.

A lot of beautiful elements wouldn’t look that good if the theme wasn’t so thoughtfully designed. Its powerful structure is also supported by the integrated search functionality which makes the theme easy to navigate.

Features that make Gaspard an excellent luxury WordPress theme:

  • A Large Collection of Layouts and Inner Pages
  • Plenty of Custom Shortcodes
  • Extensive Typography Options
  • Social Share Functionality
  • Elementor Page Builder Compatibility

3. Solene – Wedding Photography Theme

Solene WordPress Theme

There is the luxury you can buy, and then, there is the luxury of those priceless moments in your life, that are not necessarily costly. Weddings are by default special and (if you’re lucky) take place once in a lifetime. Therefore, they represent a kind of luxury of their own even when they are small, not exceptionally stylish nor glamorous in any way. We always want to remember them for how special they were to us. That’s where good photography shows the full range of its powers. If you are a wedding photographer or photography artist of any kind, you need a WP theme that bestows the magic you create with your camera.

Solene is one of those delicate themes that instantly gets you in the special, serene, and joyous wedding mood. The gentle color palette and sophisticated design create a perfect scenery for you to show off your photography skills. With 20+ portfolio layouts and a variety of beautiful gallery options, you will easily showcase your work with style. The Horizontal gallery and Split showcase style are especially impressive as they perfectly answer the need for an authentic design. You can also be sure your photos will look perfect on any device as the theme is fully responsive and retina ready.

An abundance of specific, handy features such as the stamp shortcode, photo proofing, unique graphic elements, and many more allow you to provide your visitors with really exquisite user experience.

Features that make Solene an excellent luxury WordPress theme:

  • Video Backgrounds
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Custom Widget Areas
  • WooCommerce Compatibility
  • Interactive Link Showcase Shortcode

4. Sweet Tooth – Delicious Cake Shop Theme

Sweet Tooth WordPress Theme

Chocolate, sweets, and candies were once considered luxury goods. Nowadays, even though they are widely available, they still hold their special place in many homes, secret drawers, and even hearts. We all love them, though we know that too much of that love is not good for us. That makes sweets even more irresistible. And if you want your website to look irresistible too, you can’t go wrong with the Sweet Tooth theme.

The theme’s clean and refined, yet its playful design invites you to feel the joy of that special moment when you taste a new delicacy. It features seven beautiful homepage layouts that provide a lot of room for customization too. Thanks to WPBakery, a simple drag-and-drop page builder that comes with it, you can easily modify any layout and even create a new one.

Plenty of useful presentation elements are precious for creating captivating pages – you can set up a testimonials page, carousel section, or a showcase list in just a few clicks.

This charming theme also includes premium plugins like Slider Revolution and Contact Form 7, which are bundled for free.

Features that make Sweet Tooth an excellent luxury WordPress theme:

  • WooCommerce Compatibility
  • Various Infographic Elements
  • Fullscreen Menu
  • Parallax Background Images in Content
  • Multiple Contact Form Styles

5. All4Home – Home Decoration Theme

All4home Wordpress Theme

For many people, luxury is more than a special moment, it’s their lifestyle. And that lifestyle speaks through beautiful details that instill the atmosphere of glamour and elegance into every day. That’s what luxury home decoration is about.

All4Home is not just a perfect, but also an inspiring WP theme that makes you notice details like never before. Its fullscreen layouts are great to highlight the beauty of your products, as they invite you to focus on them in a natural, least obtrusive manner. Once you catch the visitor’s attention, it will be easy to take them for a ride through captivating galleries that end up on the checkout page. The shop pages are just as beautiful, and since the theme is WooCommerce compatible you’ll have your online store up and running in a blink of an eye.

If you want to share your ideas of luxury, showcase interesting details about your products and connect with your customers on a different level, impeccable predesigned blog pages that support all the standard post formats are at your disposal. The theme also features social share functionality so that you can have a full-fledged online presence.

Features that make All4Home an excellent luxury WordPress theme:

  • Three Header Types
  • WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress Included
  • Testimonials Shortcode
  • Clients Carousel Shortcode
  • Variety of Infographic Elements

6. Kendall – Spa, Hair & Beauty Salon Theme

Kendall Girly WordPress Theme

Cosmetic, spa, hair, and similar salon’s services and products are like small road signs to where the secret of beauty lives. And it is never just about the beauty, it’s about the feeling that comes with it.

The Kendall WP theme has that delicate, gracious feminine feel. Its  contemporary design and sophisticated color palette promise a unique pampering experience. The plenitude of customization options allows you to create a truly authentic website. You can modify all the colors, choose between three header behavior styles, play with typography styles, and change any layout easily thanks to the simple drag-and-drop page builder.

Practical functionalities that come with Kendall, such as the reservation form shortcode, call to action shortcode, team shortcode, product list shortcode and many more allow you to display various information without interrupting the site’s elegant flow. The excellent structure of the theme paired with interesting navigation options adds to the quality of user experience.

Features that make Kendall an excellent luxury WordPress theme:

  • Video Backgrounds
  • Custom Widget Areas
  • Multiple Contact Form Styles
  • Parallax Background Images in the Content
  • Social Share Functionality

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7. Adorn – Minimal WooCommerce Theme

Adorn WordPress Theme

Minimalistic design, when used cleverly, can give off an impression of supreme luxury. It creates a particularly attractive contrast with the glitter and glow of jewelry shops, luxury fashion brands, and accessories stores.

Adorn is a WP template that comes with nine sophisticated home page layouts. Beautiful content entry animations highlight the luxury feel of the theme. Its sublime, minimalistic design makes it perfect for a wide variety of luxury businesses.

The theme allows you to present your products elegantly with a variety of distinct single product layout options. Lookbooks can be a powerful tool to fuel the consumers’ cravings for the latest trend items, therefore Adorn offers four distinct lookbook layouts.

The smooth shopping experience in line with the overall elegance of the theme is achieved thanks to excellent shopping features. These include the order tracking feature, wishlist functionality, quick view layout, and dropdown cart widget.
As for customization, Adorn allows you to create your own identity with ease. You can choose between five header types, change and create any layout with WPBakery Page Builder (that comes with the theme) and experiment with extensive typography options.

Features that make Adorn an excellent luxury WordPress theme:

  • Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin Included
  • Large Collection of Custom Shortcodes
  • Customizable Mega Menu
  • Social Icons Widget
  • SEO Optimized

8. Sitka – Modern WordPress Blog Theme

Sitka Modern WordPress Theme

If you need an exquisite frame to share the curiosities of your luxury lifestyle, tell stories about unique travels, or share your passion for luxury products, then Sitka WP template might be just what you are looking for.

Sitka’s modern design and certain refined flair paired with an abundance of customization options provide you with just the perfect scenery for your content.
If you believe you are pretty advanced in your field, but a total beginner when it comes to WordPress, this theme will prove to you that you can easily build an awesome blog just like a pro. With such an extensive collection of interchangeable layouts, stunning featured area designs, and a variety of color and font options you can easily set the tone of your website’s style. Plus, the theme is also responsive and retina-ready, meaning it will look good on any device.

Features that make Sitka an excellent luxury WordPress theme:

  • 900+ Google Fonts
  • WooCommerce Compatibility
  • One-Click Demo Import
  • MailChimp Compatibility
  • Custom Widgets

9. Volos – One Page Resume WordPress Theme

Volos WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a job in the luxury industry, you must know that your resume has to match not only the job requirements but also the style of your desired employer. So, by investing in a quality luxury resume WP template, you raise your chances of getting noticed by potential employers.

The Volos WordPress theme is simple yet captivating. What gives off the impression of luxury is its elegant design enriched with modern elements. The theme comes with three distinct homepages. Features like video and music background are a great way to catch the visitor’s attention and make them stay longer on the page.

When you want to create a one-page resume website, its structure needs to be perfect. The elements have to follow a natural flow of information and that’s what makes this theme stand out. It offers a great collection of infographic elements and beautiful icons that allow you to display your skills elegantly. Of course, you can customize the look and content of your website easily. The theme is bundled with the Elementor Page Builder which is a simple-to-use drag-and-drop page builder.

Features that make Volos an excellent luxury WordPress theme:

  • Portfolio Post Type
  • Loading Content Using Ajax
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Full Compatibility with All Major Browsers

10. Luxury – Responsive WordPress Theme

Luxury WordPress Theme

The words “multipurpose” and “luxury” rarely fit together, but that’s not the case with this theme.

The Luxury WP theme combines luxury elements in such a way it can easily fit any luxury industry. A lot of beautiful animations delicately highlight the classy feel of the theme. It comes with a great collection of more than ten homepage layouts, predesigned for various luxury niches from fashion to construction. It’s urban, minimalistic design and a certain air of playfulness make this theme especially attractive and reflect a more contemporary view on what luxury is.

The focus of this theme is on its customization abilities. You can choose between seven header styles and add various attractive elements, such as the slider carousel and animated typing, to create a more dynamic user experience. The testimonial and quote element is an elegant solution to showcase how your business’ philosophy reflects the customer experience. Plus, it is the most efficient, yet discrete and tasteful way to advertise your business.

The shop pages are designed with great attention. Single product pages support advanced features such as the product with video functionality which surely helps you keep the visitor’s eyes on the product.

Features that make Luxury an excellent luxury WordPress theme:

  • WooCommerce Compatibility
  • Retina and High Definition Ready
  • Facebook Login Integration
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder

11. Hotel Lux – Resort & SPA WordPress Theme

Hotel Lux WordPress Theme

What makes a hotel essentially luxurious is not its top-notch service, perfect interior design, diverse cuisine, or other similar advantages. It’s the way they personalize this service and offer you an experience tailored to your needs. That’s why you need a very customizable luxury WP theme that allows you to show how proficient you are in providing these exceptional, tailor-made experiences.

Hotel Lux WordPress template is supremely elegant and versatile enough to cover a wide range of hospitality establishments. Its homepage layouts with full-size images and slow zoom-in effect look very welcoming and gently invite you to learn more about the hotel/spa center/resort. The clean design and smart color combinations create a special, warm atmosphere, while the image of luxury is highlighted with smooth animation effects.

The theme allows for plenty of customization. You can create and use as many color schemes as you wish. Changing and creating new layouts is easy because the theme uses a simple but powerful drag-and-drop content composer. A very diverse choice of 99+ custom shortcodes allows you to add plenty of interactive and useful elements to any page.

What makes this theme stand out from others is that it comes with a variety of custom page options. You can create a different background for every page, add custom widgets to attract more attention to certain sections, and a lot more.

Features that make Hotel Lux an excellent luxury WordPress theme:

  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom Form Builder Tool
  • Two Popular Slider Plugins Included: Layer and Revolution Slider
  • Responsive and Retina Ready
  • High-Quality Code

In Conclusion

A well-chosen luxury WP theme should enable you to communicate smoothly with the consumers’ delicate need for feeling special. That’s why all the themes on this list come with plenty of customization options and an impeccable design. It is very important that you find your own definition of luxury and choose the right WP theme accordingly – while we might not agree on what luxury is, we certainly recognize it when we see it.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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