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Best Marketplace WordPress Themes that Have it All

5 Best Marketplace WordPress Themes that Have it All

Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Etsy – these are the platforms we all visit from time to time. Whether we want to buy new clothes, find home furniture, or get a perfect gift for our loved ones, multi-vendor marketplaces can be an excellent source of possibilities. Their main advantage is versatility. A multivendor marketplace empowers multiple vendors to sell products from one storefront. Thus, customers can find everything in one place. Basically, a multi-vendor store is like a huge catalog that provides buyers with a huge base of product categories, vendors, and product collections. To put this differently, a multi-vendor platform is like a shopping mall where you can explore different stores and shop desired brands and products without a need to leave to another site. This means that different sellers have an equal chance to showcase and sell their products under one umbrella.

Unlike a traditional, regular online store, a multi-vendor marketplace has the more complex infrastructure and advanced features that can support thousands of products and a long list of sellers. So, what makes multi-vendor markets specific is a technical infrastructure that allows selling products across a vast range of categories. Plus, these platforms are flexible and easy to use, so anyone can register and start selling products without a need to build their own online shop. If you see yourself in this field, you will be happy to hear that anyone can create a multi-vendor marketplace with Dokan plugin. Although it sounds complicated at first, the truth is you only need the right marketplace WordPress theme and Dokan plugin to start and run a multi-vendor platform with ease. Once your multi-vendor market is on, just sit and wait for the new sales as each one brings a commission. Now, let’s have a look at the best marketplace WordPress themes you can use to start your multi-vendor marketplace with ease.

1. Gioia – Modern Fashion Shop

Gioia WordPress Theme

If you want to start a multi-vendor platform, but you want it to look amazing, have a look at Gioia. This beautifully designed theme covers essential Dokan functionalities so you can easily build and customize your market. Gioia comes packed with a user-friendly Dokan dashboard so vendors can easily register or log in to their accounts. Besides this, Gioia offers a Dokan store list layout where customers can easily search and find vendors based on their location. Moreover, there is a Dokan single-store template. As its name suggests it’s dedicated to one store only, so you can add product categories, location, working hours or any other useful info about one, specific store. Also, if you run a marketplace you can highlight bestselling and top-rated products since Gioia covers these options as well. Apart from these powerful multi-vendor functionalities, Gioia offers many practical options for regular online shops and stores. In the first place, it’s compatible with WooCommerce so anyone can start any kind of online store with zero effort. Packed with tons of product layouts, it’s ideal for presenting your products in detail. This actually means every product variant and bundle is covered with ten product type layouts. Apart from this, there are many other practical features that really transform the shopping experience. For instance, customers can add products to their wishlist, track their order or leave a product review. Lastly, you can show off your top-selling items or feature new arrivals or any products you choose in Gioia’s dropdown menu.

Features that make Gioia a great marketplace WordPress theme:

  • Bespoke shop elements
  • Dokan store list layout
  • Dokan single store layout
  • Compatibility with Dokan plugin

2. eLab – WooCommerce Marketplace WordPress Theme

eLab WordPress Theme

Looking to create the next big marketplace? You’re in the right place. eLab is fully compatible with two of the most popular marketplace plugins, Dokan & WC Vendor. In other words, this theme covers all the essential features you will ever need to build and run a professional marketplace. The best part is you don’t have to hire developers to assist you with setting up your multi-vendor market. The theme is designed in a modern, user-friendly style, so people can easily search and locate products they’re interested in. In the first place, there is a practical search field, where people can search for the products from different categories. This functionality shows your clients instant search results in the search box so it saves time and speeds up the shopping process. On top of this, you can mark items on sale, most popular products or special deals to grow your sales. You can even use promo banners to spread the buzz about certain vendors or brands. When used right this method brings great results. Apart from these practical options, eLab offers powerful quick view functionality. It allows your customers to see more details about a product and add it to their cart without having to go to the individual product page. Finally, this theme is compatible with WooCommerce so you can enjoy all the familiar benefits of this cutting-edge eCommerce plugin.

Features that make eLab a great marketplace WordPress theme:

  • Compatibility with Dokan
  • Compatibility with WC Vendor
  • Promo banners
  • Easy multimarket navigation

3. Dealsdot – Multi-Vendor Marketplace Theme

Dealsdot WordPress Theme

Dealsdot is tailor-made for marketplace websites. Equipped with tons of practical options, this theme allows vendors to start selling and promoting their products with zero stress. Plus, it’s fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, which guarantees a smooth and safe shopping experience. The mechanism behind this theme is simple: vendors register to your system, add their products and start selling them. This theme offers many useful tools for boosting sales. For instance, your customers not only can mark products that are on sales but also highlight special deals in different formats. For instance, they can use the percentage format to emphasize discounts and drive attention to limited, flash deals. Apart from this, you can offer special prices for specific coupon codes. Dealsdot allows visitors to copy the coupon codes with a simple click. If you want, you can let the coupon codes direct the visitors to the relevant website upon clicking while also copying the code. What we also like about this theme is the fact it allows affiliate marketing. The affiliate partnership can be set for both coupons and product pages. You can set external links on both pages to make a profit from promoting the products available on different platforms.

Features that make Dealsdot a great marketplace WordPress theme:

  • Discount codes
  • Dokan plugin
  • Affiliate marketing

4. Besa – Elementor Marketplace WooCommerce Theme

Besa WordPress Theme

Besa is an easy-to-use marketplace theme that supports Elementor page builder. This means you can customize every element with zero effort. Compatible with crucial marketplace plugins – Dokan, WCFM marketplace and WCVendors- this theme is a dream tool for everyone who wants to run a marketplace. What we especially like about this theme is its amazing mega menu. Its great organization and visual grouping of product categories prevents potential navigation problems and allows people to easily move through your content. Next, there is a great search field option that allows people to find products with complete ease. On top of this, sellers can promote their products with different tools Besa integrates. They can increase sales by using promo banners that highlight the best deals or add discount countdowns to create a sense of urgency. Also, you can create sections with product recommendations and products that shouldn’t be missed. There is, as well, an advanced product filter that allows people to choose the right product by selecting various filter options such as color, size, ratings, or price.

Features that make Besa a great marketplace WordPress theme:

  • Flash Deals
  • Discount countdown
  • Promo banners with special deals
  • Product recommendations

5. Aora – Home & Lifestyle Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Aora WordPress Theme

Amazing design, user-friendly organization, and smooth navigation make Aora one of our favorite marketplace WordPress themes. In the first place, this theme offers 3 pre-built homepages so you can choose a specific style for your multivendor marketplace. The theme is compatible with the Dokan plugin and WooCommerce, which means you will have all the shop elements at your disposal to build a professional and powerful online marketplace. Aora allows you to showcase your product collection in a stylish manner. You can also display top product recommendations to grow sales of particular products. This theme supports WooCommerce quantity mode so you can display the number of certain product categories on the homepage or on your shop page. Besides this, you can use WooCommerce catalog mode to organize your shop and products as you please. What is also interesting is that this theme is compatible with the WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro plugin. With it, you can turn product variation selection dropdown into color, button, radio, and image swatches.

Features that make Aora a great marketplace WordPress theme:

  • WooCommerce Quantity Mode
  • WooCommerce Catalog Mode
  • WC Variation Swatches Pro

Let’s Wrap It Up

Multi-vendor marketplace has many benefits. In the first place, customers can find everything they want in one place. Also, it’s easy to use, so selling or buying products is a piece of cake. If you see yourself in this lucrative field, you can turn your dream into reality with the Dokan plugin and one of marketplace WordPress themes we previously analyzed. Good luck!

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